damn pixels :i


[find jack’s character set here]



(Yes, I remade the post. I wanted to showcase the newer stuff I’ve been making!)


Either talk to me via private message here in Tumblr, or via my Twitter (Karvistico). After that, we can resume chatter via e-mail or Discord.

(You can also send me a message to ask me anything or just to say hi!)


— PAYMENT UPFRONT via Paypal. You get to see a quick sketch, maybe some flats and discuss the general course the drawing’s taking. After you give me your approval, I’ll start working once you pay the invoice. No refunds past this point (but we can discuss adjustments).

— I absolutely need visual reference (ie. pics) for the character. Asking me to design a character for you might (just might) be possible but it’ll obviously come for a price. It’s all about how much time it takes me to make the drawing.

— Work is exclusively for non-commercial use. This means no reselling, no using in games (unless they’re free to play. Just ask me about this one)… If they’re used for ads, or a webpage or an icon, a simple line of credit will do.

Thank you for your time!

The combination of two ‘fakes’, makes a real; Davehalsprite^2  ◥▶◀◤
- Shoutout to @jaboody for introducing me to just about the saddest character and @davspriite for ‘creating’ him. I’m in love. *robotic caw* ;y


Don’t I? I must want something.

That something is to congratulate you, @achillvs! I hope you are having a great day.
Happy birthday, Marta! May gods descend from Olympus and make it a good one!