damn pineapple

don’t trust college kids. I threw a party w plenty of food/drinks shit even weed and I wake up and you know what’s missing? my pineapple. who went to the back of my fridge and said imma take all this pineapple. damn son. take the free alcohol not my pineapple man…


“Why is there a tentacle?“ “Garnish“

so apparently it’s billdip week and I DIDN’T KNOW but luckily I managed to fix my tablet in time to contribute! :D :D :D I wanted to make something fluffy but uh… this came out instead… so I hope this works lol

also, all bill did was shake a bottle of milk and put it in a fancy glass. you know… cuz it’s a milkshake

the continuation [link]

4. “So we’re stuck with each other?”

    guys i never wanna ask much of you but pls give me some feedback bc i am super nervous about this fic idk why pls

words: 13k

warning: this will make u sad :( bc sad and scared Dan Howell

Summary: “Straight Guy Worries He’s Being Homophobic To Gay Roommate, Realizes He’s Fallen In Love With Him.”

      “You want to what?”

Dan chomped down on his crisps and held a finger up. His friend stared back at him and waited a bit impatiently for him to swallow.

“Move out.” Dan chewed another chip. “And get a roommate.” Dan said after swallowing.

Caspar was quiet before bursting into laughter which surprised Dan.


“You’re scared of people, buddy.”

Dan stuck the finger up as he ate the rest of his chips. He thought about what Caspar said and rolled his eyes. He wasn’t scared of people…. he didn’t like people he didn’t know or feel comfortable with.

Didn’t that damn Pineapple Boy know the difference?

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Name: milena;
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Fav Colour: turquoise, orange, black;
Fav Animal:  all rodents, dogs, horses;
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa:  tea;
Average Hours of Sleep: 2-4 or 12-17, there’s no in between;
Fav Fictional Character:  my ego;
Number of Blankets You Sleep With: one/two;
Dream Trip: canada and anywhere where i would meet bts or spn cast, amen;
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What do the RFA + minor trio think about pineapple on pizza? What kind of food do they like and dislike apart from what's stated in the game? I hope you guys are doing well!

A/N: I AM A FULL ADVOCATE FOR PINEAPPLES ON PIZZA AND Y'ALL CAN FIGHT ME (don’t actually fight me i respect your opinions I promise, you do you) (And I’m doing well, thank you! I hope you are as well ^^) ~Admin 404

Okay y’all I hope I did my research alright?? I hope I got the right names to the right food?? *small screaming*


               -Honestly I can see him enjoying the fruity flavour with his pizza

               -He’s just that kind of dude you know? Like he tries to be mellow and fails

               -And what better way to prove you’re mellow and cool than put some god damn fruit on your pizza??

                               American food

               -If we’re going American food, I think he’d really like hot pockets

               -I mean come on?? They’re fast?? And hot?? And come in so many different ways? Not to mention they can be chEAP

               -His favourites are the ham and cheese ones

               -12/10 burns himself EVERY SINGLE TIME. BUT THEY’RE STILL COLD IN THE MIDDLE. He hates them but still loves them so much

               -But he hates most other flavours though? He can handle the pizza one but everything else is just a bunch of blasphemy

                               Korean Food

               -Out of Korean foods I think he’d like some Bindaetteok, or Mung Bean Pancake

               -Sometimes he eats them without the vinaigrette dipping sauce

               -Just piles them into his mouth

               -Hates any sort of sour candy

               -His precious taste buds can’t handle sour

               -Actually cries?? When there’s sour??

               -His face scrunches up and he looks so childish but still sO CUTE


               -Fruit should be fruit and pizza should be pizza

               -Does not like the two intermingling together

               -Actually appalled when someone puts pineapple on their pizza

               -O V E R D R A M A T I C

               -Throws himself to the floor, curses the world, sheds a few tears

                               American Food

               -Seriously. Anything from Chipotle

               -His favourite thing to get would be a burrito bowl, so it’s got rice, chicken, beans, cheese, and sour cream

               -Which he’s like HELL YEAH IT’S HEALTHY I’M NOT CHEATING ON MY DIET

               -But, SURPRISE, BITCH. THE PORTION SIZES ARE NOT HEALTHY. Try again later

               -Does not like any form of cheeseburger though from any place

               -Always too greasy. He can literally feel his stomach churn just looking at one

               -God forbid any of that grease runs down his arm. His pERFECT SKIN. NO!

                               Korean Food


               -They’re grilled chicken skewers covered in red chili sauce

               -“It’s chicken MC, it’s always healthy” not the amount you’re inhaling them they aren’t

               -As body conscious as he is, he hates veggie crackers

               -They’re just so artificial and really salty

               -Prefers the real vegetable instead


               -Logically fruit has no reason to be on a pizza

               -It’s a conflicting taste for her mouth and she doesn’t quite know where to place it

               -All she knows is wow she does not like it

               -Maybe it’s the crunch that shouldn’t be there??

                               American Food


               -It’s freaking made up of ladyfingers, rum, and coffee. All in one custard dessert.

               -Why in the hell would she not enjoy that???

               -She hates nachos

               -Hear me out, she’s tried them once at your request and immediately despised them

               -They’re so messy and the chips get soggy

               -And the cheese just tastes so artificial, it’s gross to her

                               Korean Food

               -Her guilty pleasures are chapsal yakgwa (Korean sweet cakes)

               -They’re cakes made from honey, sesame oil, and wheat flour and they taste like glAZED DONUTS


               -She doesn’t really like Mul Naengmyeon, which is noodles in ice soup

               -It’s not that the flavour isn’t nice or anything, it’s that it’s so cold

               -Dear god if she’s already a little cold, after eating this it’s like she’s in Antarctica


               -He’s had some expensive, top notch pizza before

               -So it has a different flavour to it, right?

               -10/10 believe Jumin Han likes pineapple on his pizza solely for the reason that he’s high class

               -I bet he’s had fresh pineapple cut up in front of him and placed on his pizza

                               American Food

               -RoOt BeEr FlOaTs

               -Some of the best french vanilla bean ice cream

               -And some of the best root beer soda

               -Fancy Ass Root Beer Floats™ (Not to mention literally anything you can make into a float. Pineapple juice and dole whip, amAZING)

               -HATES HOT DOGS

               -               626: It’s probably because they make him feel submissive, isn’t it?

                               404: you fucking asSHOLE THAT’S NOT IT

               -Hates the fact that it’s a bunch of things just…. mashed together

               -And the textURE IS WEIRD. Uncooked they’re just slimy and floppy and just e w

                               Korean Food

               -He likes Dolsot Bibimbap!

               -It’s a hotpot mixed rice, with sautéed vegetables and toasted seaweed flakes, and sesame seeds!

               -Sometimes his saltiness isn’t enough to cover for his food, so he adds chili paste

               -But he doesn’t like Cold Bibimbap

               -Something about it being cold didn’t make him happy

               -Possibly because it didn’t feel like a warm loving meal which he subconsciously just wANTS

               - why did i do that to myself


               -Isn’t it like lowkey meme-y to have pineapple on your pizza nowadays??

               -He’d definitely have it on there

               -Does he like it? Yeah it doesn’t bother him, the crunch is nice

               -Definitely not the same as putting Honey Buddah chips on there but hey it works

                               American Food


               -I can see him just coming home with a large cardboard box completely stuffed with homemade tacos

               -Always trying to make some for himself at home and setting the damn tortillas on fire


               -As good as the flavours are, all he can think about is how hARD THEY ARE TO CHEW

               -Has flashbacks about the time he got his teeth practically glued shut because he put too many in his mouth at once

                               Korean Food

               -When he actually eats “real food”, he likes to snack on Hotteok!

               -They’re deep fried treats, one savory and one sweet!

               -He prefers the savory one because it’s salty, it’s filled with glass noodles and garlic pork

               -The saltiness stays in tune with his HBC so his “tongue wouldn’t get confused”


               -“Saeyoung, they could be better for you than-” “MC DON’T YOU DARE EVEN SAY IT”

               -Doesn’t care what flavour the package says, they are NOT. THE. SAME. And he HATES THEM


               -I think the random crunch on his pizza would throw him off

               -If you like it he’ll completely respect you and probably force himself to eat it for your sake

               -Otherwise I think he’d respectfully decline it

               -If they’re separate, he can handle it, just not together

                               American Food

               -Oh my god he loves literally any kind of pie

               -Searches the world during his travels to find the best little bakery shops for pies

               -His favourite is probably apple pie because he loves the cinnamon flavour as well!


               -I take it back, there is one pie he doesn’t like

               -SWEET POTATO

               -HATES IT SO MUCH. It’s just the thought that this…vegetable is now in a pie… that should be fruity…and it’s not….

               -It’s just the THOUGHT OF IT MC. He refuses to even try it, that’s how much he hates the thought

                               Korean Food

               -Yaki Mandu! Which is deep friend mandu

               -It’s filled with pork, glass noodles, and a variety of salty seasonings

               -A nice change against his sweet tooth for pies, definitely

               -But dislikes Jjinmadu, which is steamed mandu dumplings

               -They’re filled with things such as pork, onions, and mung bean noodles

               -But something about the texture of the noodle-like wrappers feels weird in his mouth

               -Cut it open and take the things out then hell yeah he’s good to go


               -Probably one of those jERKS WHO FIGHT YOU OVER LIKING PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA

               -“FRUIT. DOESN’T. BELONG. THERE. MC.”


               - IT’S AMAZING OKAY

               -Has literally walked out of the house when you told him you’ve ordered pineapple on the pizza

                               American Food

               -Honestly, he really likes s'mores

               -Something about the melting marshmallow makes him and his taste buds happy

               - that and being so close to the fire, damn pyro

               -He mixes it up and tries different chocolate flavours, like caramel or cookies and cream

               -But dear god, keep him away from those “weirdos” on Thanksgiving with the Turducken


               -It’s just so nasty to him. And it’s waaaaay too much food

               -He can be mean but thinks the people shoving two more birds into one is just w r o n g

                               Korean Food

               -He really likes to snack on Kancho Choco Biscuits

               -Which are these small little biscuits(cookies) with milk chocolate inside

               -Pours the whole box into his mouth some days because he cAN’T GET THEM IN THERE FAST ENOUGH

               -Dislikes Tornado Potatoes

               -Mainly because he thinks it’s a waste of time? People tend to like it because it “looks cool” according to him

               -It’s a fried and seasoned potato cut into a spiral and spread on a stick

               -“MC if I wanted fried potatoes I’d go get some french fries, they’re easier to eat god dammit”


Total Eclipse of the Heart

For @agentdaisymaximoff

Pairing: Bucky/Natasha

Word Count: 1051

Prompt:  ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ - Bonnie Tyler (1983)

Rating:  T

Tags:  Fluff, Feels, Established Relationship

Warnings: None

Natasha’s eyes flew open, darting around in darkness until she could discern some shape or another.  She blinked groggily, trying to remember where she was and where she’d fallen asleep.  

What country was this?  

She let her head loll to the side and relaxed once she spotted the bedside table lamp.  It was hideous.  The base looked like a pineapple.  Damn Clint for giving it to them as a housewarming gift.    

The tension left her shoulders.  She was home.  

But she knew even before looking that she wasn’t going to like what the clock told her.  

Three forty-four.  A.M.  

She huffed out a loud sigh and rolled over onto her stomach.  Her arm brushing across the cold empty expanse of mattress to her left.  Natasha wasn’t so naive to expect him to still be there.  

Bucky had an even worse time sleeping than she did.  And she wasn’t exactly holding a world record for consecutive nights without pacing.  Ever since he’d come out of the cryo-sleep in Wakanda, he’d been on edge.  His memories were coming back.  And from the looks of it, not a single good one.    

Swinging her legs over to the side of the bed, she hauled herself up and towards the door.  A glass of water was in order.  

She tried to think back to the last time she’d slept through an entire night, attempting to ignore the blaringly obvious.  That she didn’t like sleeping alone.  That Bucky getting up and leaving in the middle of the night was the cause of her insomnia.  

But it wasn’t as if she could tell him about it.  She couldn’t ask the guy to stay in bed with her at the expense of his own mental wellbeing.  

Of course, she wasn’t really sure what the steps were to ensure her own, either.  Mental well-being was not one of Natasha’s areas of expertise.  

All she knew about self-care was how she instructed other people to indulge.  She didn’t have a clue how to take her own advice.  She didn’t know what her creature comforts were.  She’d never been aware of any.  

Steve was partial to comfort food.  

Bucky liked to be active.  He liked to be moving.  Probably something to do with all that time he spent frozen.  

Natasha let out a ragged sigh and took a sip from her water glass.  When she pushed herself, she could remember her childhood before she became what she was.  She was young.  Very young.  And she wasn’t even sure if it was a memory or just wishful thinking.  

But at their core, both memories and wishful thinking were just chemical reactions in the brain.  So she supposed it didn’t matter.  

All she could feel was warm.  A blanket being tucked around her.  A toy of some kind – a doll or  a stuffed animal – being pressed in beside her.  And it had been nice.  So nice.  

One of the nicest feelings she’d ever felt.

She was still holding the glass of water when she heard his key in the door.  

The hinges squealed loudly as it swung open.  She never remembered to lubricate them until the door was open and she was either going somewhere in a hurry or coming home exhausted.  

His gait was heavy, but familiar and calming.  She immediately felt the weight in her shoulders lift.  

“You awake?” he asked.  Obviously a rhetorical question, but Natasha answered it anyway.  

“Looks that way.”  Her tone was a bit more clipped than she realized it would be.  But now it was too late to take it back.  

“Sorry…” he replied, tilting his head momentarily before sitting down to remove his shoes.  “Tried to be quiet.”  

“You were,” she reassured him.  “I just…I can’t sleep when you’re gone.”  

He was quiet for a moment.  So quiet that any regular person might have thought he left.  Or dozed off.  

But Natasha wasn’t a regular person.  And she was highly trained to hear the wheels turning in other people’s heads.  

And the wheels in Bucky’s were turning at full tilt.  

“I…” he faltered.  “It’s the nightmares, Nat…I have to get up and move…and–” 

“I know,” she interrupted him.  “I know you do.  I just…I just thought I’d be honest for once. Just trying it out, let me know how you like it.”  

He stood, leaving his shoes by the couch as he crossed the floor to stand in front of her.  Taking the glass first, depositing it safely on the counter beside them, he wrapped his arms around her waist, tugging her close so she fit right against him – her head cradled against his shoulder. Her arms linked behind his neck.  

“I’m sorry…” he murmured, swaying her slightly.  Softly.  It almost wasn’t noticeabe.  They could be sitting in a narrow treetop, being moved by the wind.  It was hypnotic and soothing.  

“It’s okay.”  

“No, it’s not.  This isn’t just about me, doll.”  His fingers dragged slowly up her spine.  Her head grew heavy against him and he must have noticed, because he bent slightly and scooped her up into his arms like she weighed nothing.  “We gotta take care of you, too.”  

“You can wake me up when you have them, you know…” she whispered, tightening her hold around his neck.  “You know I don’t mind that.”  

“I dunno if you’d want to hear about my nightmares.”  

She snorted.  “I can guarantee some of them are mine too.”  

“Right?  And ya probably don’t need my mess on top of yours.”  

“Bucky…” Natasha crooned softly against his throat.  “Your mess.  My mess.  It’s just one mess now.”  

“I know, but…”  

“If you don’t want to tell me about them, at least let me know you’re leaving.  I don’t like waking up alone and in the dark…if it wasn’t for that stupid lamp, I wouldn’t even know where I was…” She waved her hand vaguely in the direction of the bedside table.

Bucky smirked as his gaze flitted over to the lamp.  “That’s why I like it, though.  It’s so…mind-numbingly ugly…but it’s home.”  

A smile pulled at the corners of her mouth as he deposited her gently onto the mattress.  “I’m glad you’re back,” she said, stretching her legs out beneath the cool sheets.  

“Me too,” he agreed.  

“I don’t just mean tonight.”

“Me either.”  

First Time (Eating a pineapple)- Pynch Week 2017

“This is gross,” Ronan said. The yellow chunk of fruit had just put in his mouth was terrible. It was hard to describe, but every nerve and taste bud in his mouth was screaming STOP. Ronan spat the piece of pineapple in the trash can next to Adam.

Adam, on the other hand, looked delighted. “This is amazing!” he cried. “How can you not like it?”

Ronan thought about clawing out his tongue and setting his mouth on fire. It wasn’t a good idea, but Ronan was feeling desperate. “Water,” he said. “I need water.”

“Are you dying?” Adam asked, heading toward the refrigerator. The two of them were at the Barns, with a freshly massacred pineapple lying on the countertop, laughing at Ronan. “Don’t die. I’ll miss you.”

Ronan caught the water bottle that was carelessly flung at him and desperately gulped the water down. It did little to get rid of the taste in Ronan’s mouth, but it helped. “I fucking hate you,” Ronan snarled at the pineapple. “You are a fucking bastard.”

Adam laughed and cut another chunk of pineapple. Adam waved the piece of fruit at Ronan tauntingly and popped it in his mouth. “Now you can’t kiss me,” Adam teased. “I taste like pineapple. I am officially Ronan-proofed.”

Ronan groaned when he realized that. “Parrish, stop it. Go brush your teeth.”

“Hmm,” Adam said, pretending to consider that. “No?”

Ronan sighed in exasperation but wasn’t about to back down. He pushed Adam against the counter and kissed Adam’s collarbone, working his way up Adam’s neck slowly. He kept his kisses light and teasing until Adam couldn’t take it anymore. Adam grabbed Ronan’s chin and forced his head up until their mouths were only a few centimeters apart.

Adam smiled mischievously and kissed Ronan deeply. Ronan was dimly aware of the taste of that damned pineapple, but he didn’t care. All that mattered was Adam Parrish.

Adam’s tongue ran over Ronan’s bottom lip, then went on to explore the rest of Ronan’s mouth. Ronan worked his hand up Adam’s shirt and ran his fingers over Adam’s taut stomach. Adam gasped in surprise before kissing Ronan more feverishly.

The rumble of an engine distracted Ronan for a moment, but he forgot about it because Adam was slipping his fingers beneath the waistband of Ronan’s jeans- and then Ronan realized why he heard a car. Gansey.

“Why does Gansey have to show up now?” Ronan said in frustration. Adam pulled away Ronan with a visible effort.

“Gansey’s here?” Adam asked, just as the doorbell rang.

Ronan tried to look like nothing was wrong; Adam and Ronan had not been making out just seconds before; the pineapple on the counter was for decorative purposes. Ronan walked to the front door and flung it open.

“The fuck are you here for?” Ronan said.

Gansey stood in the doorway, dressed in his ridiculous salmon-colored polo and khaki cargo shorts. He held out a watermelon like it was a peace offering. “My contribution to our fruit party tonight?”

Ronan eyed the watermelon warily. Fruit was really letting him down lately. “You can bring it in,” he finally said. “Adam’s probably going to go buy another pineapple.” Ronan grimaced at the thought of eating another piece of pineapple and gestured for Gansey to come in.

“You can put that thing in the kitchen,” Ronan said. Tonight was going to be a hell of a disaster.