damn photoset


Last year, on this very same day, Jeon Jungkook gave Jimin a backhug right in front of hundreds of people.

Tonight, at Seoul Music Awards, history repeats itself.


 I know my brother like I know my own mind
You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind (x)


Jungkook does the good husband thing by wrapping his arm around jimin’s waist when he’s adjusting his belt and standing by his side and laughing together while playing with the staff’s hair.

Jungkook becomes that one playful husband when he just smacks jimin’s ass out of the blue before the song begins.

Kookmin is lovestruck.

Hey guys, 2016 is coming to a close so I thought that I would celebrate all the amazing friends I’ve made and the great people I’ve met this year! I love you guys, you’re all the best ♥♥♥ See you in 2017!

There’s a lot of people, so I put all the names below the cut! 

Mutuals are italicized, and faves are bolded.

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Unboxing The Last Guardian, Collector’s Edition.

My Christmas gift to myself, probably the only one. I think I’m limited to ten pics here, so I’m skipping the one that’s the plain black slipcase over the box.

Hardstock paper in a woodprint style. Very classy looking.

Opening up like a crate, we get the first look at the contents.

That’s the cover of the hardcover artbook, behind it you can see the steelbook case for the game. The artbook is a little over a centimeter thick, good quality. Creaked when I opened it, shiny paper. Here’s some shots from inside:

I love those watercolor concepts.


“Can I have treats?” stares off blankly

Yeah, I think it’s a cat.

Behind the book was hiding a sticker sheet:

That bottom illustration got me the Ghibli feelings.

Here’s the steelbook.

Inside is kind of neat - the internal sheet is wallpapered with Trico’s feathers.

Underneath the case is a black plastic cover. Moment of truth, here comes the statue -

holy shit, it is the size of a medium pan pizza. I’m not joking.

Because of that size and attempts to balance its heft, I must report that the base of the figure is a little weak in terms of quality. It looks fine and doesn’t bend or look too cheap, but feeling and lifting it reveals that it is a lighter plastic. The statue itself holds EXCELLENT detail quality, however. The individual feathers are beautifully done. The boy is also plastic, but looks very good and that choice gives me a great deal less fear that he’s going to snap off and break once attached.

If I had a steel spine, I would take a fuckload of polymer clay and bash up a new base. At a glance, however, it’s a solid-looking piece in general, despite the quality of the base. I can see a number of reasons why they chose to go with a slightly lower grade there - I mean, the box was already remarkably heavy as it was. An actual Pizza Hut-sized piece of even firmer plastic or art polymer would have been a high jack to cost.

If you have a Kotobukiya statue or other high-quality import, it will seem like a step back. But for the overall price point of the package, it’s definitely a nice piece and a good jump past other US collector’s offerings, such as what Bethesda offered with its Pip-Boy package. Plastic ass and thank God I didn’t buy that thing.

I’m very happy with the set in general, and will probably look closer at the artbook once I’ve beaten the game.