damn nostalgia is a powerful thing

thisoldshan  asked:

I just wanted to say you're a fucking inspiration. Like. I don't usually like smut. But damn, those incubi boys have been the highlight of my month. And this last chapter! Masterpiece. That dream sequence, that bitter nostalgia, N's attitude toward dreams & the pull to just stay in them, that's incredible writing there. I felt so many things. I'm still feeling so many things. Just like I do/did w/ Ludic & Celeb AU & that POWERFUL age gap 1-shot. I'm in absolute awe of you. You color my days. <3

asdjfklasjdfldsf gosh, being told I’m an inspiration is just the nicest thing?! t-thank you so much! <3 that is so sweet of you. 

Honestly, I’m not sure how this series evolved into what it’s become, because it is so much more than silly smut at this point.  The concept has definitely taken off and taken on a life of its own beyond a challenge month, so I’m grateful.

I had a lot of fun with the dream sequence. 8)  sometimes I worry that the things I write won’t come across with the correct emotion when people read it, so I am so glad that it had its intended effect. <3 Thank you for coming on this journey and letting me share the feels!