damn namu

OK GUYS, I just finished Yu-gi-oh The Sacred Card and I want to share with you all the best screenshot I take:                                                                          *DON’T READ IF YOU DON’T WANT SPOILERS*

P.s. Look at that cute little white bunny, ahhhh too cute even when he is upset

First of all I found Seto Kaiba’s fangirl and I think this is beautiful. She was totally obsessed with him. She could be me with the only exception I would fucking stalk Bakura or Marik

“You’re going to play a children’s card game in a dark and creepy basement and you’re risking your legs. So, relax and sit. Oh, did I tell you that you also risk your soul, sir? Sorry, I forgot it, but now you know, so let’s have fun all together”

Am I the only one who think Joey is really hot when he is evil?

That smile. That damned smile.

He is Namu by the way. Did you already know him? ‘Cause for me is the first time I see him. He seems a nice person


OH GOD NAMU IS MARIK. OH GOD SO UNEXPECTED.                                    Still, look at him. Evil makes everyone look hot

My new ship: Yami Marik x Darkness. I command you to spread the love.

Ok this is the last one. I added this beause I want all of you to see this cute scene.

After this I can say that I loved this game, if you still haven’t played it, then do it because is really beautiful.

(Also, in the duel tower Yami Marik beats Kaiba ò.ò)