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A painting for a very special someone. She’s beautiful, she’s witty, she’s the best and I love her more than words can express. Today’s her birthday and she deserves to be celebrated! Happy birthday, mum! I love you and forgive me for eating all your chocolate! ♥

Dear Genji mains...

As a Mercy main I believe many of you don’t spam healing. There are many (toxic/trolls) players that don’t specifically use genji to spam healing even if they don’t need it. I realized that most of you Genji mains have a reputation ruined because of memes :’) but I will heal you when I see your hp low or when you tell me to do so once. Also after healing just say “Thank you” (it’s not hard to be thankful) that’s all what healers ask for. ♡

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heyy so, i dug up some of my old drawings which are from the era before i started drawing HS

and i just wanted to tell people who get stressed over their art style that there’s absolutely no need to worry, because eventually your art style changes(even though it doesn’t look like it for the time being), and day by day you’ll get closer to the style you want. And even if your newly changed style isn’t your taste, it’s gonna change again over time, so no need for stress really.

Honestly, back in 2012-2013 I hated my artwork. I thought I had horrible anatomy, my coloring skills were real poor, and I just didn’t like my art style in general. I got a lot of stress because of this, and for the next couple of years it was hard for me to see my art in a good way? Cause I really, really didn’t like my style. But looking back i can see that I’ve always been changing? I’ve improved and adjusted my skills and styles slowly to my taste, and every change seems to be a good one.

So if you’re worried you won’t improve, just keep drawing. You’ll get there one day.

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songbird (its 5am i woke up cause my damn period symptoms and i had a creepy dream so I'll see it in the morning i guess haha) - mm

Send me ‘Songbird’ and I will put my music on shuffle and come up with an AU based on the first song I hear.

Stitches - Shawn Mendes

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“Where is she?” Bucky’s voice could be heard all the way down the hall and you flinched a little. 

“That’s my cue” Sam mumbled, throwing you a wink before leaving the room. 

Not a second later had the door close did it fly open again, this time your furious husband in the doorframe. 

“Have you completely lost your mind?” his voice wasn’t loud which made it all the more frightening. 

“I ha-” you started but he cut you off. 

“You ran straight into the firing line!” his voice was loud in the small hospital room. 

“I’m sorry” you mumbled, you knew it was a dumb thing to do but you had done it anyway. 

He pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration, he took a deep breath. “How many?” he asked. 

You tilted your head and quirked your brow, “how many what?” 

“Stitches” he looked you in the eyes. 

“12” you replied, touching the deep gash on your thigh. 

He moved and sat on the bed in front of you. His fingers gently skimmed the stitches. 

“Never again, do you hear me?” his eyes didn’t meet yours.

“Never again” you replied. 

Once you healed, every night you got 12 tender kisses on your thigh. 

Listen I get really pissed about this whole hiding in your room to eat as quickly as possible when you’re on your period during Ramadan, in your own home so that the men in your family don’t see like????


Happy Birthday Alec Guinness 2nd April 1914 - 5th August 2000

An actor is usually no more than an assortment of odds and ends which barely add up to a whole person. An actor is an interpreter of other men’s words, often a soul which wishes to reveal itself to the world but dare not, a craftsman, a bag of tricks, a vanity bag, a cool observer of mankind, a child, and at his best a kind of unfrocked priest who, for an hour or two, can call on heaven and hell to mesmerise a group of innocents. 

- Alec Guinness: Blessings In Disguise, 1985

My Angel

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count: 823
Warnings: Fluff
Request: ( @angelwriter3895  ) Could I get a comfort fic with lucifer? Perhaps the reader (or your own OC that is very much whatever you want) has had a shit day and kinda realizes after she goes to the bathroom that she is on her period. (Period sex in the comfort stuff is up to you.) Luce does what he can to make her feel better bc she is his favorite hunter. Perhaps a little Dean and Sam planking in retaliation for making his favorite hunter/mate upset.

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Curiosity – Part 3 (M)

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Pairing: CamBoy!Seokjin x Reader x Jungkook

Genre: some moRE FILTHY SMUT

Word Count: 3,217 words

Summary: How the fuck were you going to even look at Seokjin, let alone Jungkook in the eyes after what you’d seen last night? After all, you had seen your best friend, Seokjin, make your neighbour, Jungkook, suck him off. Heck, you were going to be so so awkward around them.

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four

How the fuck were you going to even look at Seokjin, let alone Jungkook in the eyes after what you’d seen last night? After all, you had seen your best friend, Seokjin, make your neighbour, Jungkook, suck him off. Heck, you were going to be so so awkward around them.

Was it weird you had downloaded some (and by some, you meant most) of Seokjin’s videos? The guy was attractive as hell, and he wasn’t badly built either. He knew what the viewers wanted and he gave that too them, but he also gave you a burning passion to just want to kiss him whenever you saw him.

You didn’t want to make your friendship weird, but you couldn’t dent the fact that you did like him. You always had but the thought of ruining your friendship always lingered in your mind, which is why you tried to forget it. That idea was going well until you saw his cam and well, everything went downhill from there. Your thoughts of love for him were now also blinded with lust.

“Dude,” you came running to your friend who had told you about Seokjin and his cams (and you’ll forever hate her yet be so thankful), “you know how you said Seokjin was…you know what.”

“Mhm, he’s really good holy shit. Did you see last nights though? Oh my god I promise you, my orgasms have never been better.”

“Okay, too much info there, but, yes I did watch it and here is the thing,” you began, “you know the guy that was with Jin?”

“The cute, sexy muscular one?”

“He’s my neighbour.”

“What the fuck- you’re kidding me!”

“I’m really not…” you two stood in silence before she spoke up. “Shit, you’re living the life!” you opened your mouth to protest but some blonde locks caught your attention that were approaching from behind your friend. “Morning ladies,” Jin smiled as he stopped beside your friend, holding his books in his hand. His hands…gosh they looked good. No, shit, this wasn’t the time to daydream over his hands oh god – but you weren’t the only ones staring at his hands. Your friend gulped and accidentally glanced down at Seokjin’s slender fingers, adverting her eyes quickly as a faint blush started to take over her face.

“Hey,” you say quickly, wanting the awkward atmosphere to disappear. “Is there something you need?” (you secretly prayed for him to say a bible cause boy, he’s sinning too much he would like your help for a cam because you would happily oblige).

“I was just wondering if you wanted to walk to class together? It feels like a while since I’ve seen you…” yeah, that’s because you had been avoiding him at all costs. “Oh, yeah, sure.” You replied hesitantly.

“Great!” he grins widely, the corners of his eyes crinkling up in the most cutest way that always, always, had you smiling back because of how ridiculously adorable the man looked. Your friend winked at you before giggling under her breath as you walked away with Seokjin, you were going to kill her later.

“So, why exactly have you been avoiding me?” He asked, looking down at you as you walked through campus. “I haven’t.” You walked as fast as your legs could take you and sat down on a seat towards the front of the class (at least he wasn’t able to talk to you about anything because your professor would be right in front of you both).

“Yes you have Y/N. Have I done something wrong? What can I do to fix it? Please tell me,” he sighed as he slumped down onto the spare seat beside you. “I’ve- just nothing its girl stuff.”

“It’s such private girl stuff that you can’t even tell your friend- no, your best friend?”

“Yeah because you’re not a girl, duh.”

“You haven’t killed someone have you?”

“Jin do I seriously seem like the person who would kill someone?” He shrugged, “You seem like you’re on your period because you’re mad at me so…” you hit his arm. “Ouch! What was that for?”

“Just because I’m mad, doesn’t mean I’m on my god damn period!”


01/12/16 | 9:56 PM

You sat there shamelessly, doing your assignments as you looked back up to your laptop every now and then, just to check if there was a popup link for a stream.

01/12/16 | 10:39 PM

Why were you still awake? Oh yeah, you didn’t want to miss an opportunity to see your best friend pleasure himself. Right, so logical.

01/12/16 | 11:09 PM

That’s when you gave up and just ended up going to sleep, you’ll be able to see the video tomorrow anyway. But you couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t do a stream.

The next day, Seokjin didn’t sit next to you, in fact, he didn’t even talk to you. It wasn’t like him to do that, maybe he was just sulky about the fact you refused to tell him what was wrong. That night, you sat there with your laptop open again, waiting for something, just anything. It was around eleven thirty pm when you decided to text your friend.

02/12/16 | 11:34 PM | You:

Hey, you didn’t get streams or whatever from Seokjin today did you?

02/12/16 | 11:38 PM | Y/F/N:

Ooh, you’re addicted now? Lmao why don’t you talk to him about it? And no, there wasn’t one on yesterday either, which is weird for him…

02/12/16 | 11:40 PM | You:

Cause I don’t want too, we’re not going on this topic over text.

02/12/16 | 11:41 PM | Y/F/N:

Alright whatever. Anyway…are you glad I told you about your dear friend’s secret ;)

02/12/16 | 11:43 PM | You:

Yes and no. I hate you for telling me but I really love you for telling me.

02/12/16 | 11:44 PM | Y/F/N:

Well, I for one, thoroughly enjoy watching him, and your neighbour lol that was great. Is Seokjin gay though like…?

02/12/16 | 11:44 PM | You:

I don’t know if he is but I wouldn’t be surprised? But yeah I agree, it’s super hot watching him…this is weird we’re bonding over my friend doing porn. Anyway I’m going to head to sleep before this gets weirder. Night!


It was the fourth day Seokjin had been ignoring you and you’d had enough (hypocrite much). After your class you headed to his apartment in hopes of catching him and talking about what was going on and how you could fix it, because you really missed him.

You didn’t bother knocking on his front door because he had given you a key to his place a few months back and you would let each other in to each-others apartments like it was nothing. Walking inside you saw no sign of life and thought that he wasn’t home – that was, until you heard a small whimper come from his bedroom. It didn’t occur to you that he could have been doing a stream, all you cared about was wanting to talk to him and make sure that he’s okay.

Without a second thought you opened his bedroom door only to reveal a (yet again) naked Jungkook, hands tied with a tie around his front as Seokjin’s hand wrapped around Jungkook’s shaft, a whimper falling from Jungkook’s lips again, the camera on the other side of his room catching your attention also.


“Do you not know what to call me baby boy?”

“Your…door…” Jin, confused, furrowed his brows and moved his head towards the door, going wide eyed at the sight of you standing there, staring back at them both.

“Do you want help, daddy?” What the hell did you just do? Jin stared back at you before his eyes turned darker, lust taking over. “I’d love your help. Why don’t you come on over here princess, let me introduce you to everyone.”

You shyly walked into his room, closing the door behind you as you dropped your bag onto the flood. Jin held out his hand for you which you took – he pulled you closer towards him gently. “Looks like you’re all really lucky, two guests in one day huh?” he chuckled a little, the comments going wild at the sight of you potentially joining.

“My princess here is going to be a good girl and do whatever I say yes?” you nodded, cheeks going red before adding “yes daddy, anything for you.”

“That’s my girl.” He smiled down at you (but it looked like more of a smirk) before putting a strand of hair behind your ear and leaning down and pressing his lips to yours. You couldn’t believe that this was happening, that he was actually kissing you, even if the kiss felt rough and needy, you’d been dreaming of this day since forever. He bit your lower lip earning a groan from you (he swore he’d never heard anything better in his life before) pulling it back a little before letting it go.

Even though you’d just kissed, you were left a little breathless. His hands came down to your sides, guiding them to your butt, making you gasp a little and place your hands on his chest. “Let’s put on a show for the viewers and dear Jungkook, yes princess?” he smirked as he hooked his finger into the strap of your dress, sliding it down your shoulder, kissing your bare skin making you shudder a little.

“Take this dress off for me, princess.” Seokjin stepped back, glancing and smirking over at Jungkook who’s knuckles had gone white from not being able to touch or do anything, daddy’s orders. You bit your lip but nevertheless, unzipped your dress and let it fall to the floor, feeling incredibly naked. Thousands of people were probably watching you and dissing you and your body, but the hard stares of Jungkook and Seokjin made it more nerve wrecking.

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful, isn’t that right baby boy?” Jin raised his hand and ran it down the curve of your breasts, making you suck in a sharp breath. “Yes daddy…she’s so stunning,” he whispered out, mouth going dry at the sight, his cock getting harder if possible.

Seokjin moved the cup of your bra down, his tongue coming to flick over your left nipple. You gasped and wrapped your hand in his hair, tugging slightly. He smirked before wrapping his hot, wet mouth around it and massaging your other one as a low moan escaped you. He let go of your breast with a small ‘pop’ and stood up straight before pressing his lips to yours again, his hand trailing down to your lower region and ran his fingers over your wet panties. “Fuck…

“You like that princess? I’ve barely touched you and you’re so wet.”

“Only for you, daddy,” you purred back, running a hand down his chest making him groan a little as your nails dragged down his nipples. “Do you know what I want you to do princess?”

“What can I do daddy?” You raised your head and looked up at him. “I want you to ride Jungkook’s face, let him make you cum with his tongue. You’ll let him do that, yes?” you took in a sharp breath before whispering, “Of course daddy,” and turning to face Jungkook who was looking back at you with eyes full of hunger.

Within a few moments your panties and bra were on the floor of Seokjin’s bedroom, legs either side of Jungkook’s head as his soft hair slightly tickled your thighs. He looked up at you eagerly before turning his head to face Jin, “Daddy, can I make her feel good now please? She’s so fucking wet…”

“Go ahead baby boy, daddy’s not gonna stop you.” He groaned, wrapping his own hand around his swollen cock, glancing back down at the two of you on the bed, god he could just cum at the sight. Jungkook didn’t waste a single second after Seokjin’s words, you felt his tongue flick over your clit making you involuntarily move towards him a little more.

“Move closer,” Jungkook whispered at you, making you move up his body a little more. He licked a bold strip up your folds. “How does she taste baby boy?” Jin’s voice came out airy and in a small groan, his hand pumping himself at a steady pace. “So sweet daddy, so fucking sweet.” He practically growled at the end and dove right in, wrapping his swollen lips around your folds, sucking away as he groaned at the beautiful taste of you.

You could feel his groan more than hear it, but it did enough to make you moan his name. Seokjin gritted his teeth at the sight, maybe it was out of jealousy because he could probably pleasure you more, he hated the fact that you moaned out Jungkook’s name instead of his.

You began to rock your hips against Jungkook’s mouth slightly. “Wait, wait,” he breathed out, “daddy, please untie me, I-I need to touch her.” He whimpered out, the tightness of the tie around his wrists was getting painful (but not as painful as his erection that was still waiting to be touched). He wouldn’t mind usually but the fact you were on top of him as he had a clear view of you sitting above him, and he wasn’t allowed to touch you? That was painful.

“Why don’t you ask her baby boy, maybe she’ll say yes.” Jungkook looked up at you desperately, eyes wider than usual. “Please Y/N, I’ll give you the best orgasm you’ll ever have just please.” You nodded back at him, holding back a moan from how fucking good he looked begging for you to untie his hands. You threw the tie away somehere in Seokjin’s room and Jungkook’s large hands came to rest at your hips, pulling you closer again.

He kissed your thighs gently before looking up at you and diving back into your folds again, holding your hips down against his mouth as his tongue lapped in and around your holds, his nose rubbing against your clit slightly. Your mouth opened and a string of curses and moans spewed out, a hand of yours coming down to tangle in Jungkook’s soft brown locks. “Fuck, just like that Jungkook,” you moaned out.

Seokjin gave up on pleasuring himself, thinking it wasn’t any fun for the viewers if he was just doing his own thing, it wasn’t very as you would say, dirty. He walked on over to the both of you (but you and Jungkook were caught up in doing your own thing to even realise he wasn’t standing off to the side) and sat on the bed, taking a hold of Jungkook’s hard on making him groan into you. “Shit hyung…”

“Forgotten your manners I see?”

“N-no daddy, not at all.” Jin hummed before running his tongue against Jungkook’s slit, “what are you waiting for baby boy? Don’t keep the princess waiting, you did promise her the best orgasm yes?” Jungkook turned back to you, looking into your eyes and opened his mouth to speak, “I want you to ride my face,” he spoke without faltering, flattening out his tongue for you to place your dripping centre over.

You didn’t hesitate to rock your hips against Jungkook’s tongue, desperately wanting your orgasm to approach – moans were spilling out of your mouth as whenever Jungkook groaned (from Jin giving him the good succ lmao) the vibrations shot up into your core. One of your hands came down to your clit before it was swatted away by Jungkook, replacing your hand with his and he rubbed your clit fast in small eight figures.

Seokjin’s pink lips were wrapped around Jungkook’s head, his hand pumping the rest of Jungkook’s cock quickly. It wasn’t long before Jin felt Jungkook’s cock twitch a little signalling to him that he was close. “Come on princess, you close?” Jin’s husky voice spoke up, to which you nodded back, “come no Y/N, cum all over Jungkook’s pretty little face.” That was all it took for you to be sent over the edge as your mouth opened into an ‘o’ shape and you moaned out Jungkook’s name as your orgasm hit you, hard. He groaned happily as he felt your hot juices and swallowed them as your thighs clamped around his head.

He didn’t pull away after your orgasm though, his hands were still on your hips as he continued swirling his tongue into your sensitive core. You whimpered and tugged on his hair to try and get him to pull back, “fuck! Jungkook, t-too much.”

“Be a good girl and take it, princess. He’s not going to pull away until he cums.” Seokjin spoke up. Jungkook bought a hand up, making contact with your bare ass making you groan a little, the pain on your bottom fading out into pleasure but the borderline pain Jungkook’s tongue was giving you was still there. It didn’t take long before Jin’s skilled mouth and his fingers bought Jungkook over the edge too, a deep groan leaving Jungkook’s mouth as his cum filled Seokjin’s mouth and he happily swallowed the bitter sweet cum. He finally pulled away from your core with a sheepish smile, his mouth and chin glistening with your juices. “You taste so sweet baby.”

Jin cleared his throat. “Be good and help daddy, both of you.” You looked down at Jungkook, but he was already moving you off of him, pulling you towards the ground and you both kneeled infront of Seokjin’s erection that stood there proudly against his stomach, red and pink with a few bulging veins visible around it. You made the first move and darted your tongue out, running it across a vein of his, earning a groan from above.

Jungkook bent down a little lower, taking one of Seokjin’s balls in his hands and looking up at him. You took as much of him as you could in your mouth, moving your head backwards and forwards at a steady ongoing pace as Jungkook switched from using his tongue and mouth to his hands on Jin’s balls.

It only took a minute tops to have Jin pushing you and Jungkook away from his cock, his hand coming to pump himself at a fast pace. “Open your mouths,” he groaned out, tossing his head back slightly when he came as his cum sprayed across yours and Jungkook’s mouth and chests. He looked down at the both of you, “you both look so pretty like this,” he muttered, running a hand through both of your hair, before he realised this was all live and it needed to be finished.

“Jungkook, turn it off yeah?” The younger stood up and did what he was told, waving and turning Seokjin’s camera off. Jin looked down at you silently before offering a hand for you to get up and grabbing his shirt and placing it over you gently as he grabbed his boxers and slid them on, the awkward atmosphere not going away.

a/n: this is actual filth how did i write 3.2k words omfg i’m done with myself lmao. i hope you enjoy this!

let me know if you’d like another part :) feedback is appreciated! 




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I have a pit in my stomach rn bc of everyone's 5SOS filthy talk and I can't help myself bc I'm on my period:,(

damn that sucks :/ just put in a tampon then bam your clit is all good to touch with no blood in sight. or like go in the shower or bath and do it. orgasming is actually very good for relieving period cramps in case you were wondering, you probably weren’t but oh well #drmilan is here to save the day!