damn mel

there is literally only one reason why I’ll be reading ac0war first out of four books released on that same day: to get it out of the way

Team Dominican Republic is the highest concentration of coolness in any given area

Oh. So Melwood IS a thing. I wasnt gonna believe it till I saw proof with my own eyes but damn. That was proof. That was. I just. What? My ultimate crush (from my vampire diaries days) Chris Wood is now with my girl crush and I dunno who im happier for because damn Mels a lucky bitch. (Could I be more jealous? LOL). But Chris my man you landed yourself a fucking godess so… also jealous.

Is this even real life?

  • Sole Survivor: [activates the port-a-diner]
  • Mel: Yeah, I wouldn't touch that pie. I don't trust anything that looks that perfectly preserved after 200 years.
  • Sole Survivor: well buddy i got some news for you

Since I wasn’t very pleased with my former human version of Virgil I thought I’d try and improve it a little/make a new one and WOO I ACTUALLY LIKE THIS :D
and I hope that you do too! fyi I didn’t check if any of the ideas that I used had been used before and therefore all possible similarities to other fans’ designs are unintentional

Ok but how freaking hot is it when Frank walks into Karen’s apartment and she’s holding the gun on him and he goes “Shh shh shh shh”? 

I mean I know that whole scene is hot, what with him throwing himself on top of her, but still…

  • Mel: then she just hung out with her cousin-
  • Virgil: and me.
  • Mel: whaatt?? why??
  • Virgil: because i'm her REAL best friend!
  • Mel: no you aren't. I am.
  • Virgil: I am the best-est friend she's ever gonna get!
  • Mel: no way, Ho-say, i'm her best friend, always will be-
  • Virgil: knew her since she was born-
  • Chell: ladies~ Ladies~ no need to fight over me~ there's plenty to go around-
  • Wheatley: please leave-
  • Chell: LADIES!! LADIES!! calm DoWn!! NO NEED TO FIGHT OVER ME!!! i'm brilliant and beautiful- I know~
  • Virgil: oh puh-leaasseee. Mel, we don't need her.
  • Mel: but she's my friend-
  • Mel: yeah let's leave.

Emo Kylo Ren (inspired by the twitter account) 

So this happened today. I hate to call this a quick one but I did finish it in just a few hours. My last picture of 2015. Sorry to Adam Driver lmao.

A Dance with Dragons, Pt III
  • Melisandre: can I walk Jon Snow home
  • Stannis: why would you walk Jon Snow home
  • Stannis: fine? I don't even care. why would I care
  • Melisandre:
  • Melisandre: goodbye, then
  • Stannis: have I EVER mistreated you. no. just go
  • Melisandre: I
  • Stannis: and NEVER COME BACK
  • Melisandre:
  • Melisandre: see you in 5 minutes you big drama queen

anonymous asked:

If you're having second thoughts about posting that other wincest story because you think that people won't read it, remember that I'm always gonna read literally anything you post. This applies to all the authors of this blog. You guys are amazing! And I'm sure lots of people are with me in this too!

lol no, it’s not that. I figure it’ll get hype like WTF did. As soon as people heard about it, they were asking to be on the tag list. Hell, people were asking to be on the tag list before I even wrote the damn thing XD