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“Well I deal in sugar, Sugar. And you’re the sweetest damn thing I’ve ever seen.”

Trust us Ostara, we agree 😍😍😍.

  • My friend: So you have a thing for guys rolling up their sleeves, gloves, and suspenders?
  • Me: (thinking about Ignis) yeah
Stuck With Cuffs

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, oral female and male receiving, vaginal penetration, restraints!kink, stuck in an elevator, language, drinking, very slight implied child abuse at end but nothing specific at all.

Word Count: 3600

A/N: This one was a two for one deal. Written for Amber’s @huntingandwritingthings SPN Cluedo Writing Challenge, which I chose elevator with cuffs, and written for Kris’ @kdfrqqg First Writing Challenge. My prompt was “You can’t talk me out of this.” Again, still new at smut so please be kind and if you have suggestions for my writing, let me know. Congrats on your followers’ girls. No beta so mistakes are mine and feedback always wanted and appreciated.

Summary: You get trapped in an elevator with none other than Dean Winchester. Y’all are not only stuck, but supernaturally stuck by a ghost haunting the hotel. This elevator ride gets hot in more ways than one.

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Richard Armitage + things he does which I find endearing [2/?]
↳ smile/ laugh with his teeth showing

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Wow! Loose tie Tom may have just beat out no tie Tom. Damn, that is a seriously hot man.

Seriously gorgeous, like you just got home from an event and he loosens his tie, pours you both a drink and plops on the couch, patting the space next to him…

Meet Cute - Epilogue

Author: SaffreeLove

Words: 1800+

Warnings: swearing, there will always be swearing

A/N: Here is the epilogue, my lovelies. I want to say thank you to everyone that liked and reblogged or sent me a note telling me how much they enjoyed this story. It really means a lot to me. 

Meet Cute Masterlist

The first week consisted of being with each other during any and all free time. It was how a typical visit would go. Time was precious to you and so you’d spend it all completely absorbed with the other.

Two weeks after you got home, you were waiting for Seb to arrive from the airport. He always had a car service drive him from the airport to prevent issues with fans or paps.

Once you parted ways at the end of the con, the texting began. You had had a conversation on Sunday night about the difficulties of long-distance relationships. However, at Seb’s insistence, money for travel was not an issue. You, thankfully, had a great job that was flexible and gave great vacation time. Agreeing that communication was going to be key, you both were ready to do what it would take to keep this new relationship healthy and growing.

Texting was absolutely your main form of communication. It helped keep up a constant flow of conversation, especially for the times when your daily breaks would fall during his filming. Neither of you had to wait around for the other to be free to ‘talk’, you just texted it out. This wasn’t to say that you didn’t take full advantage of the both of you having iphones and ipads. Facetime became a near nightly occurrence, and something you looked forward to every day. Sometimes the best ones were when you set up your ipad in it’s stand on your kitchen island and made dinner. Neither of you really talking about anything specific, just being together and doing mundane, everyday things together via technology.

After about six months had gone by and you and Seb were still going strong. You had managed to meet up every couple of weeks, on average. The one time it stretched to a month was hard, but you had discovered just how good at phone and video sex you both could be. There may also have been a few toy purchases that helped you get through that long month.

The ‘I love you’ moment happened during the third visit. Seb had been filming in Atlanta and you flew down over a holiday weekend, taking a day on to either side giving you almost five full days with each other. He had that holiday Monday off and you both got a blissful opportunity to sleep in with each other. Around 10 am, you slowly started to wake up. Realizing that the slight pressure you felt on your waist was Seb’s arm curled over you caused the biggest grin to cover your face, and you still hadn’t even opened your eyes. You drifted for a few more minutes, just savoring the moment. The sudden soft snore and shifting from behind you was all the warning you got before his arm tightened and pulled you in close. You knew that he wasn’t fully awake, but there was definitely a part of him that was up and raring to go. The slight grinding, groping, and soft moaning certainly woke your body up the rest of the way. You couldn’t help but send your own little hip swivel back into him. His body stilled for a second, then he gave a slight, happy sounding growl. Dipping his head to your neck, he spoke against your skin.

“Mmmm, Jules. Damn baby, I thought I was dreaming again. You have no idea how happy I am to be wrong.” Hearing his low, gravelly voice so close to your ear was doing a number on your already aroused body. “I love waking up with you. I love feeling your body heat on mine. Love hearing your little snores.” He had been moving his kisses down your neck and out to your shoulder.

You gasped in mock outrage as you rolled to your back to look at him, “Sebastian Stan! I do not snore!”

He smirked, “Wanna bet? I took a video cause it was so fucking cute, I just couldn’t help myself.” Now that he had you on your back, he was free to continue with his kissing journey, punctuated with his words. “As I was saying, I love your little snores. Love your passion for life. Love your honesty. Love how you love your friends and family.” By now, you were struggling between paying serious attention to the words coming out of his mouth and the sensations caused by his mouth. By your count, he’d just used the L word eight times. “Jules,” you turned your head just slightly to look at him. “I love you.”

Time stopped for a minute or so for you. This man, who you had started of crushing on, just confessed his love for you. This man, who constantly amazed you with his generosity and his pure heart. This man, who made your body react in ways no one ever had. He loved you. Which was good, since you were already head over heels for him.

“Again. Say it again, please,” you said with a small smile and a slight sigh.

Crawling over you to nestle his body between your legs, he raised his face back to yours. “I love you. I love you. I love you.” Each declaration was noted with a kiss of increasing heat.

“Mmmmm, that’s good, so good to hear. Especially since I love you as well.” You pulled his face back down to yours for another kiss. This one didn’t end.

Around month nine, your boss sent you to the New York City office for a project for three weeks. You were fucking ecstatic. Three weeks in New York AND Seb was on a break between filming? What the fuck? It was the best thing ever. You immediately texted Sebastian.

The first week consisted of being with each other during any and all free time. It was how a typical visit would go. Time was precious to you and so you’d spend it all completely absorbed with the other.

The second week was dotted with stupid fights. Both of you were trying to ignore your need for quiet, alone time and feeling guilty about not wanting to spend every single second wrapped up with each other.

The third week you had found your balance between time together, time alone, and the best one, time alone together. This was you actually living together. The exciting stuff and the boring stuff. Planning meals, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and even taking the trash out (that was Seb’s job). Two days before your flight home sent you both back into the week one mentality. You had passed some invisible test about whether or not this relationship could survive you living in the same city. Not only that, but you both had found out that you could even live together. To then have to pack your stuff up and go home was heartbreaking.

Two weeks after you got home, you were waiting for Seb to arrive from the airport. He always had a car service drive him from the airport to prevent issues with fans or paps.

Hearing the doorbell had you sprinting out of your home office, down the hall, and yanking open the door.

Standing there, grinning like a damn fool, was the most gorgeous man you’d ever seen. You launched yourself at him. He deftly caught you, wrapped your legs around his waist and walked through the door, dropping his bag just inside. Once the door clicked shut, he had you up against the wall with his mouth all over you. His hands slid into your leggings and squeezed your butt pulling a desperate moan from your lips. You rocked hard into him causing him to groan. He pulled you away from the wall intent on getting you to a bed as soon as fucking possible. Unfortunately, after two steps he stumbled and the two of you would have gone down in a blaze of hormones if he hadn’t grabbed onto the nearby door frame.

“What the hell?” he grumbled out, once he’d gotten his balance and set you down. Looking around, he saw the main room had boxes of varying sizes spread out all over the room. Turning, he could see the boxes in your office as well. Turning back to you, “Jules? What’s going on?”

“So, my boss called me into her office last week. Everyone was really impressed with my work while I was in the New York office, and sort of, well, offered me a promotion to head up my department in New York.

Seb’s jaw hung open. Whispering, he asked, “Jules, are you moving to New York?”

“Well, I said yes and I signed on the dotted line, so yeah, I am.” You had already been a touch nervous about the move and telling Seb, and now you couldn’t quite identify the look on his face. Was he happy and excited or had shit possibly just gotten too real?

His arms wove around your waist and as he pulled you close, you could see that Seb’s eyes were almost shining. “Are you planning to live with me?” His words could have been taken in a negative way had you not heard the love in his voice and seen the adoration in his eyes.

“I was hoping to,” you said quietly, still slightly wary.

“Ah ha ha ha!” he shouted as he spun you around, burying his face in your neck. “Do I get to help you pack? When are you moving? Have you lined up a truck service? Holy shit, baby. I can’t believe you’re moving to me.”

Your face broke out in a smile. “Hey, what are these?” Seb asked wiping a few of your tears away.

“I was a little worried that you might not actually be excited. This is bigger than me just coming to stay for a few weeks.”

Picking you back up, he said, “It is bigger,” kiss, “and better,” nibble, “and amazing,” kiss, “and fantastic,” suck, “and wonderful,” grind, “and I think I might just need to demonstrate exactly how happy I am to you, right now.”

So, that’s it for this fic. Hopefully, you have enjoyed this initial foray into Saff’s brain. Here’s all my shit, if you don’t already know, masterlist. Also, since Tumblr know how to be a royal pain in the ass, here’s my Ao3.

Side note: there are four text message images above. If you cannot see one or more, please let me know.

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blurb request: seventeen seungcheol x female reader smut, A/B/O AU, cheol as an alpha and reader as an omega please *^*

Originally posted by sevixxteen

(also a hint (well not a hint, it is) of high school au. and smut ahead)

(i’ve had this idea in my head for a while and now i finally get to use it oooh)

And there it was. All at once.

The feeling of wanting to throw up and a great, overwhelming, hunger at the same time. Sweat pouring down your face and gathering everywhere on your body, blood boiling under your skin, the great itch as if your very flesh was made of every bad sweater you couldn’t stand to wear. Your heat had hit you like a sack of bricks and you felt like you were dying.

You couldn’t stand to be in the classroom with him any longer. The boy, the man, the god damned gorgeous alpha that you could sense was your mate a mile away - the new kid on the block with his fucking pecs and gorgeous eyes and swooping hair that all the little beta girls were dying for. But he was your mate and you didn’t even have the guts to say hello to him.

You urged over the bathroom sink but nothing came up. You weren’t sure if it was because you had skipped lunch from feeling so pre-heat nauseous or because your throat was half closed off from the oncoming sickness. You had to go to the nurse; you had to call your mom to pick you up; something. 

The door swung open and you felt a slight flush of joy. Help had come. 

But then the smell hit you and you felt an instinctual sense of relief and an emotional sense of pain. It was him - Choi Seungcheol; your mate, your love. The man you hadn’t even said two words to yet.

“Are you okay?” His voice was deep. He would smell you. His body was likely already responding to yours. Your throbbing pussy, soaked over and swollen, waiting to be taken by the heady cock of your alpha. 

But he was a gentlemen. He had not crossed the threshold, dare not. He would go get the nurse if you asked, if that’s what you wanted. You were incapacitated by your hormones and he wouldn’t just bound right in and take you. Even if that’s what every fiber of his being was screaming at him to do.

“Alpha.” You moaned out pathetically. Your arms were weak holding yourself against the sink. You were fully ready to give into your instincts, get down on all fours, prepare your body to be fucked hot and heavy by him. 

He saw you in the mirror. Sweaty, red-faced, tears brimming your eyes. His heart panged and he found himself closing and locking the door. 

“(Y/N), my darling, I could take you home.” He had to make the offer verbally before he would ever be satisfied with himself. 

“Alpha, can’t, can’t, no.” You cried. The tears started pouring down your face and he rushed to scoop you into his arms. The touch was a relief. You felt a true warmth in your heart and sighed gently. 

His cock was a giant bulge through his school pants, pressing against your ass. It made you yearn. 

“Alpha, Seungcheol, please!” You begged. “Please give me your knot! Take me! Give me your pups, Alpha, please…”

“Shh, shh, I got you.” He couldn’t wait. He scented gently along your hairline, rubbing his nose against your skin from behind (having the advantage of taller than you) to take in nothing but you

He pushed up your uniform skirt and ripped down your panties, letting out a satisfied growl when the scent of your pussy hit him. He wasted no more time, freeing his cock from his pants and gently sliding into you with an arm wrapped protectively around your front, and the other hand on your hip. 

It was a satisfying burn. The heat of him spreading you open - finally being joined with your meant to be man.

“Mine.” He growled. 


Hurricane Warning - Chapter Seven


Chris Evans stared blearily into the fridge, hoping that breakfast would miraculously appear. Unfortunately, it didn’t. His phone rang, and he scratched himself through his boxers as he looked for where he had left it last night. He found it on the kitchen counter. He really should have plugged it in, but considering the pile of clothes, both his and Sutton’s, that were on the floor next to the kitchen counter where his phone resided, forgetting to plug his phone in was understandable. He was too busy plugging something else in. That’s right. He laughed like a frat boy and high fived himself before picking up his phone.

Why was Pine calling him? He thumbed it on. “Wasn’t expecting to hear from you this morning.”

“Did Dani get home okay?”

That startled him into a bit more alertness. “Wait a minute. You didn’t bring her home yourself?” He had thought Pine was a good guy, but what kind of asshole didn’t personally escort his date home?

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RG: Blended (Pietro)


this is a second part to the first part that i can’t show you yet! Yaaaaay

You stare at the water bottle lazily, palm flipping back and forth, the liquid inside a water lava lamp.

“What happens if you…” Thor trails off, gesturing to your hands and clapping unsurely and you grin widely.

“Wanna feel what happens?” You ask softly and his eyes open wide, darting looks over his shoulders before nodding excitedly.

With slow deliberation, you rose from the stool and stood before him, meeting his eyes seriously. You smirk a little, arms spreading wide while his eyes brighten and his cheeks flush. Slowly, you bring your palms together, speeding at the last second and ending in a loud clap.

In front of you, as your flesh smacks together, Thor flips, limbs splaying and his mouth falling open in an excited roar. Only lasting a second, your hands come apart and Thor falls to the floor, panting, expression joyous.

“You are a true magician, Lady Y/N, a wonder!” He cheers, clambering up and grabbing your forearm in a handshake, grin splitting his cheeks.

“What’s up?” Sam questions curiously from the doorway and you flush, Thor looking up excitedly.

“Lady Y/N has a gift! Like- like- What’re those things you Midgardians ride? Similar to your… Uh…” Thor trails off, frown lines deep in his forehead and you fight not to snicker. While not completely sure, you’re extremely sure he means a roller coaster and a train. Both. Not that you’re saying anything.

Sam watches the struggling god for a moment before shrugging and heading for the fridge, Thors shoulders slumping dejectedly.

“You must show him!” He shouts suddenly, whirling on the two of you as you watch Sam stare blankly into the appliance.

“What?” You blurt in unison, Sams voice curious and yours intensely embarrassed.

“Indeed, what is happening?” Pietro asks, appearing by your side and you flush, all eyes suddenly on you.

“Nothing.” You grit, eyeing Thor seriously, whos lips glue together suddenly. You can feel Sams eyes on you for a moment before he makes a soft noise and turns back to the fridge, grabbing a packet of raspberries. As Sam passes across the threshold, Pietro whirls on you and you jump. You’d forgotten he was there, usually he just appears then disappears.

“Show me.” He half begs and you groan softly, Thor back to grinning.

“Lady Y/N, you must.” Thor says softly and you growl, glaring at him despite the sweet expression on his face.

“Fine. Pietro, over there. And understand this is going to be a little…” You trail off, gesturing lazily to an open space a few feet away.

“Blender.” Thor pipes up, expression helpful and you frown, looking from him to Pietro, who shrugs.

“Okay. Blender. Show me.” Pietro bounces and you sigh, eyeing him a little appreciatively while you have the time to, before smacking your palms into a clap. You do it faster this time, with less of a build up. As Pietro jerks and flops through the air before falling, Thor cheers, clapping your back sportingly, his exuberance well intentioned.

A low groan escapes Pietro and you wince, eyes meeting Thors in a sideways glance as the young mans shoulders shake in a gag.

“I have matters to attend to.” Thor bursts out as Pietros vomit covers the floor. You hiss at the man, who ignores you and stalks out the door casually.

“Damn you, you gorgeous curse.” You swear at the ill man before you, sighing and heading for the sink to grab a clean cloth. “Friday, can you find one of Tonys cleaning robots? A liquid one?”

“Yes, Miss.” Friday answers and you sigh gratefully, helping Pietro away from the mess and into a chair, wiping his sweaty forehead before cleaning up around his chin and mouth.

“Oh, Maximoff. I’m sorry.” You whisper and he groans, bloodshot eyes meeting yours pathetically.

“I asked for it.” He counters weakly, sniffling a little and you sigh.

“I shouldn’t have done it, no matter.”

“No, you shouldn’t have.” He agrees readily, voice still weak and you giggle a little. Your eyes rove over his face, the colour returning to his cheeks.

“Feeling better?”

“A kiss cures all illnesses.” He answers instantly and you cringe. Sure, kissing Pietro wouldn’t be terrible but with vomit mouth? No, not today. “You’re probably right. My mouth tastes disgusting.”

Rising, you brush his hair from his sticky forehead and grab a glass from the cabinet, filling it. Kneeling back in front of Pietro, you offer him the glass and he whines.

“How about this?” You offer softly, flipping a palm beside the glass and pulling the glass itself away from the water bubble. “Fancy air water?”

A small smile quirks his lips, eyes less dazed and unfocused. “Fancy air water.”

You watch as he leans forward, trying to catch some in his mouth and a laugh bursts from your lips. Your eyes rove over his face, the dry tufts of his hair caught in your anti-gravity radius floating freely.

“Hand me the glass.” He sighs, face covered in water and a defeated look in his eye.

“Allow me.” You mumble, shuffling closer and catching as much of the water back in the glass as you can before releasing the field. Rising, you stand before him and gesture him to open his mouth. Pouring, your hand twitches between upside down and right side up, the water bubbling and slowly floating down to plop into his mouth. A laugh bursts from his lips, quickly followed by a hacking cough as Wanda rounds the corner.

“You’re disgusting, Brother.” She says with a wrinkle of her nose, eyes on the puddle across the room, the little robot working its way over.

“I did that, I’m sorry.” You apologise, a disgruntled noise sounding in front of you as a palm wraps around your leg. Your eyes move to Pietro, suddenly realising just how close the two of you are, your body standing between his knees.

“I asked you to.” He counters, eyes glued to yours and his voice entirely too soft and intimate.

“Clint is looking for me.” You blurt, stumbling back from the speedster and the mind reader. Darting out the door, you realize you’re still holding the glass and set it on a side table, practically jogging in the direction of away.

thor is just that guy. that spare guy. just being all spare.


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3) things you said too quietly with Pride? <3

“So? How do I look?”

Pride’s head rose at your question, and he was thankful the rest of the team immediately jumped into giving out compliments about your outfit, because he couldn’t talk, even if he wanted to. Dwayne’s throat was tight because damn, you looked gorgeous. Your date was a very lucky man…

“Pride?” You asked, tilting your head to your boss. “Do you like it?”

His eyes rose to yours, momentarily panicking before just putting on a smirk and nodding. “‘Course.” Dwayne replied, shifting his weight. Something Loretta noticed and eyed him about. “I hope you have a lotta fun.”

With a smile, you turned and walked out the door. While the rest of the team went back to what they were doing, Loretta approached her old friend with a look. “You can’t go on pretending.” She said, and Dwayne tightened his lips when she padded off.

He let out a low sigh, shoulders sagging with a new, unpleasant weight. “Pretendin’s all I can do.” Dwayne replied, though the words were too soft for anyone to hear.

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The Escort (Part 1)

Summary: Grad School AU! You are a grad student, one year away from completing your Master’s degree. Despite your successful life, your family won’t let go of the fact that you are single. It makes your yearly family vacation a living hell. On a whim, you call the number you find on an ad for an escort to events, and you meet Dean. He’s gorgeous, charming, and perfect to help get your family off your back. What more could you ask for?

Word Count: 2164

Warning: None for this chapter

A/N: This first chapter sets up the story. I hope you like it, and that you stick around for all the smutty, angsty, fluffy goodness I have in store for you!

You twirled the coffee stirrer between your fingers and stared at the antique clock on the wall. There were still five minutes before Jo was supposed to meet you to discuss the plans for the upcoming week, which probably meant she’d show up in fifteen. The specials board in the little coffee shop advertised several pastries, and you idly wondered if you wanted a snack to go with your drink while you waited.

Why not? You sighed and got up to place your order, ignoring the weight in your pocket as you fidgeted in line.

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*** This ones for all my fellow shy girls out there that stutter trying to order food from a drive thru and barely have social interactions, much less do the do. 😂💘 No actual smut for this one but let me know if you guys want that, this part just got too long. 🔥🔥***

“Who’s the new girl?” “I don’t know. She came with that one croweater Kozik’s been after.” Tig nodded and looked back over at you, a smirk playing on his lips. At first glance, you didn’t seem too out of place but after watching you for a couple minutes, you stuck out like a sore thumb. With everyone around you laughing and drinking, you sat on the couch, hands folded awkwardly on your lap. Jax was sitting next to you, getting a lap dance from a croweater and you stayed looking forward, smiling shyly and scooting over when Jax’s knee hits yours as he opened his legs giving her more room. You stayed still, observing everyone around you enjoying themselves but Tig stayed watching you, fascinated.

He watched as you smiled whenever someone would smile at you and then go back into your shell. You slowly sipped from your drink and politely turned down new ones from whoever offered. A croweater suddenly walked up to you, leaning down and putting her mouth by your ear softly and Tigs smile widened. It faultered a bit though as you nodded at whatever she said and she hugged you in a friendly way before sneaking off to the dorm hallway where Kozik was leaning against the wall, waiting for her.

Tig continued to sip his beer and spectate, searching around the room as he saw your face suddenly go red and you looked down at your lap. Following your eyes, he laughed to himself. Hap was sitting on the couch across the way, legs spread wide as a blonde is kneeled in front of him, her lips wrapped around him. Looking back towards you, he watched as you tried to find anywhere to look except at Happy. The innocence radiated off of you and the thought of a virgin sitting in the midst of nothing but sex had Tigs heart spreading up. Sons were scattered all around you, some making out, some receiving oral. Off in a darker corner, one of the prospects had a redhead bent over the arm of a couch and Tig’s legs seemed to have a mind of their own as they carried him over towards you.

You felt his presence and looked up, a small smile on your lips instinctively. He squatted down beside you and leaned against the arm of the couch next to your hand. “Hi Babydoll.” “Hi.” He smiled as your blush returned and brushed his thumb over the back of your hand. “Want to go outside? It’s quieter, not so much…” He motioned to Jax who was now having his belt buckle undone and you nodded quickly. Tig smiled again and stood, holding his hand out to you. Placing your smaller hand into his, you stood and began to follow him outside, your cheeks going pink once again as he continued to hold your hand.

Finding a more calm, isolated place in the lot, you sat down beside him and took a deep breath. “Better?” “Yeah. It was getting kinda stuffy in there.” “Yeah. Never seen you around here before. I’m Tig.” You nodded and took a sip of your drink, Tigs eyes on you as your lips closed around the rim and you swallowed. “Y/N. It’s my first time.” Tig nodded and couldn’t help the craving to give you a couple of other firsts tonight. “Parties aren’t really my thing. I don’t get out much.” “You came with Genevieve right?” You nodded and smiled before taking another sip and his suspicions of her being a friend were answered. He decided to play with you.

“Her and Kozik are always running off together. Fucking each other until the sun is coming back up.” You sputtered as you choked a little on your drink, Tig smirking. “You and her seem close. You should join them. I’m sure neither of them would mind.” You shook your head quickly. “Oh, no.” Even though he already knew the answer, he asked anyways. “Why not, boyfriend wouldn’t like it?” “I don’t have a boyfriend. I actually never have.” You laughed but then swallowed as Tig’s hand settled on your thigh, rubbing gently and squeezing every now and then. “That’s a damn shame. Gorgeous girl like you and no man to worship her?”

You laughed nervously, Tig on a roll. “You don’t know what you’re missing, baby. But you’re a good girl right? Are you a good girl?” The low tone of his voice and hand now moving a little higher made a shiver run down your spine. You hesitated before you nodded slowly and he smiled, his other hand coming up to smooth over your hair. “Good girls deserve rewards. They deserve to be taken care of.” Tigs hand left your thigh and came up to cup your cheek, his thumb brushing over your pout gently.

“You want me to take care of you? Want me to show you how good you can feel?” Tigs pants tightened as you looked up at him with wide, innocent eyes full of wonder. You didn’t know if it was the alcohol or the spell that he had you under but you nodded again and he smiled before leaning forward and pressing his lips against yours, slow but passionate. You found yourself kissing back, terribly no doubt, but Tig didn’t seem to mind. Being Tig, he seemed to get off on the simple detail and he stood, reaching out for you again.

He walked with you into the clubhouse, his arm securely around your waist and leading you back to his dorm. He locked the door as you walked into the room and he turned around to face you, your hands clasped together in front your body awkwardly. He made his steps towards you slow and as he got closer, you couldn’t help the weird sense of excitement you felt bubbling up to the surface. He closed the gap and lifted your head by the chin, your eyes locking with his. “You sure?” You swallowed and nodded. “I don’t want to…you know, like I don’t want…” “We won’t have sex.”

You nodded and blushed again for the hundredth time that night. Tigs arms wrapped around your waist and one hand slid down, taking a gentle but firm handful of your ass. “We can go as slow as you want. It’s all about learning. Whatever you want to know, I’ll teach you babygirl.” “Anything?” He nodded, loving the sparkle in your eyes. “Anything.”