damn look at those legs

Here he comes: the Vagabond, with his Vagabutt, and his fierce Vaga… Run.

I’m getting back into the groove of animating again. Like, damn, look at this. It’s smooth as huck. I’m super proud of it. Next is to get a feel for Geoff’s character and then maybe start storyboarding the Animated?? I dunno. First time’s the charm, as they always say. 

more coming s o o n.

Hot Summer

You and your boyfriend Kang Daniel decide to beat the heat by heading to the amusement park, and you’re looking forward to the chance to make new memories with him. However, your perfect day is ruined by events that spark Daniel’s jealousy, leading to you two fighting. 

  • non idol! au
  • kang daniel ft. somi, sohye, sejeong, daehwi, jihoon and jaehwan (i decided who was dating by who was the same age lolol)
  • i tried to do angst but it’s not too angsty
  • you lowkey teach daniel a bit abt rape culture/blaming the victim instead of the perp 

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(i chose the gif bc theyre dancing to touch my body by sistar aka the queens of summer rip, and since this is summer-themed, i thought it was fitting. my mind is a bit strange?)

in addition, i just wanted to thank everyone who has followed this blog and shown the imagines so much love! it’s been a little over a week and the blog has almost 300 followers? i’m so glad that i’m able to contribute to the new beginning of the wanna one fandom ^^. anyways, thank you again!!

You smiled up at the huge sign that showed off your local theme park’s latest attractions. You and your boyfriend Daniel had decided to go on a group date to the amusement park with a few other of your friends, and you couldn’t wait. In all the dramas you’d watched, amusement park dates were super cute and romantic, and you couldn’t wait to make new memories with your boyfriend.

“(y/n), hey!” You heard Daniel exclaim from behind you. 

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You know what really gets me?

These fuckers. Nightcrawlers.

What the evolutionary fuck. Who made this and thought ‘You know what. Legs. I’m going to make legs spooky’. This is on par with god damn cheating ghosts.

Just. Look at those legs its like when you create a char in a new game AND YOU MAKE IT LEGS. NOTHING ELSE.



anonymous asked:

(gifs please) how would the members react if they saw their girlfriend dressed up more femininely (curled hair, cute dress, heels) instead of something more casual like jeans and a t shirt?


/ends up thinking he did something wrong/

“What is this? Did I forget a date? Did we have a date today?”


/begins to ramble because he can’t think straight/

“Yup, yup, yup. That beautiful and amazing woman is my girlfriend. Cute, and glorious, and wonderful, and all you could ever think of.”


/gets flustered and speechless cause he doesn’t know how to compliment you/


“Woah pretty lady, what’s the special occasion today?”


*she knows she looks good*

“Are you trying to tease me?”


/challenges you/

“You think you’re the only one who knows how to look cute?”


“Damn, girl. Show those legs more often like that.”

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me: my art’s not improving!!!

me: *looks at old art*

me: oh

Baseball Jersey ~ Scott McCall // Teen Wolf

Request / Ask Question Here
Y/N - Your Name
L/N - Last Name
POV - Point Of View
Plot: You left your gym kit at home so the coach makes you wear one of the boys lacrosse jerseys. And nothing else.
Word Count: 1,528
Disclaimer: I published it first on wattpad for Kian Lawley but I thought it wither fitted Stiles or Scott more so I changed up bits and posted it here. So I haven’t stolen this off anyone, its my own idea and writing.
~Somewhat based off a true story (Don’t ask)


“L/N where’s your kit!” the coach yelled through the locker room in her normal loud manner, making voice me jump slightly and stop the conversation I was having with my friends. The girls and guys have different coaches for the most part but Finstock actually likes me. This devil; not so much.

“Well I thought I packed it" I started, spinning on my butt to face coach whilst still sitting down on one of the changing benches.

She shook her head and jogged off only to come back with something in her hand, forcefully she threw it at me, I leaned backwards as I caught it.

“Wear that and the shoes your wearing now” she gestured to my white trainers before leaving the room. I flattened out the fabric to see that it was one of the boys lacrosse jerseys.

“What about shorts?” I called after her,

“This isn’t a thrift store L/N” its official. I hate her.

I groaned and stood up, stripping myself from my clothes as everyone either returned back to their conversations or snickered at me.

I was the last person in the changing room, I was tying up my hair and looking at myself in the grubby school mirror. The jersey was maroon and white and went down to my middle thigh, unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to wear my jeans during gym, so I resorted with only wearing my underwear underneath and believe you me. I feel extremely awkward, naked and an extreme hatred for my gym teacher.

I sighed in annoyance at my uncooperative hair and let go of it, leaving it open and letting it do its thing. I walked out of the changing rooms and out the main gyms into the school halls, quickly passing all the blue lockers and rooms. I jogged out of the school building and around to the baseball courts where I was supposed to be.

“Only you can pull of a guys jersey” Malia said to me as I joined her, Lydia and Kira. She threw me a bat, I rolled my eyes.

“Just hope the wind doesn’t start blowing” she laughed at me before slinging her arm around my shoulder and leading me towards the already commenced game.

.   .   .

The game was almost over and I was standing around and waiting for my name to be called and finally it did but before I could walk over there Lydia pulled at my arm, “don’t look now but the guys are passing us” great! just when I thought my life couldn’t get any better!

“L/N LETS GO!” Coach yelled from the opposite end of the bleachers, smirking at me evilly before averting her eyes back down to her phone that was resting on top of her clipboard.

Scott’s POV

Me and the rest of the boys in our year were walking back to the locker rooms, past the girls who were playing baseball. For some reason girls played more baseball then lacrosse. I was in a conversation with Liam when Stiles nudged my shoulder.

“Look at the batter” I turned my head to see a girl swaying her bat with her left hand as she walked over to the batting box, her back facing me. She was wearing one of our jerseys and she actually looked good. I watched as she brushed her hair over her shoulder showing off the jersey number. Number ‘11’.

I smirked. That was my jersey.

“Damn look at those legs” the douche of our generation yelled over to her, she turned her head and smiled sweetly before showing him her finger. Me and Stiles laughed at her reaction. “L/N FOCUS” the coach yelled out of know where.

Wait. Y/N L/N was wearing my jersey! I’ve known her since grade school and she’s never shown her legs but on another note she looks really good. It would be a lie to say that I wasn’t attracted to her; pretty much everyone in this gym group was attracted to her! I mean she’s Y/N.

“Scott you’re staring” Isaac slapped my shoulder,


“STRIKE 1” the baller yelled. I stopped along with most of the other boys to watch her play.

I watched her intently as she gripped harder onto the bat and suddenly a loud thud echoed through the court as she wacked the ball. Before I even knew it I started cheering. Y/N and along with everyone else stared at me making me turn a tinge of red.



Did I actually hit that? A loud cheer sounded from behind me. I turned back to see the one and only Scott cheer for me which made butterflies erupt and I’m pretty sure I turned red. “L/N START RUNNING” I snapped out of it and started running as fast as I could, I felt my legs burn a little as the dust lifted off the floor and graze against my bare leg skin painfully. The ball was being thrown around like crazy from the other team which made me run a little faster.

I was almost there, as I ran to the last stop (?) someone caught the ball and raced against me to get me out, everything felt like it was in slow motion as I got closer.

The next thing I knew I was lying on the floor along with the runner on top of me.

“fuck” I muttered feeling not only my legs in pain but my body -mostly my shoulder- as well.

“You alright” the girl on top of me said through deep pants as she stood up, holding her hand out for me to grab which I gladly took.

“Yeah, a few pains but I’m alright, how about you?”

“A few scratches but I’ll live” she wrapped her arm around the back of my waist and I slung my arm around her shoulder loosely.

Scott’s POV

I cringed as Y/N and a girl from my homeroom collided together and fell onto the floor. That looked like it hurt! I felt my eyes turn red and a protective feeling wash over me but they both got up together and slung their arms around each other like good sports, ignoring the mixture of laughing and worried expressions.

The coach didn’t seem that interested which enraged me. “L/N FOUL! THIRTEEN LAPS ACROSS THE FIELD NOW!” Everyone started protesting loudly (mostly, me, Stiles, Liam and Isaac) but it didn’t work. Y/N patted the girls shoulder and started jogging, knowing she wasn’t going to get out of this unfair punishment.

“What a bitch” Liam referred to the girls coach.

At least we all know something; the girls coach is a bitch and has it out or Y/N.

.   .   .

Everyone including the coach left a few minutes ago yet I stayed on the bleachers watching Y/N run.

“She’s gone” I called to her and instantly she stopped running and sat down on the floor, her back pressed against the lowest bench of the bleacher. Quickly I jogged over to her and sat down next to her, listening to her pant and her fast heart rate.

“I hate coach” she said through her panting, I chuckled.

“You okay? That was quite a collision you had” she shrugged her shoulders,
“I’m fine, but these laps aren’t helping”
“I swear coach is out to get you” she looked at me and cocked her eyebrow

“Really, I’m 100% certain I’m her favorite student” she said sarcastically. We both stayed silent, the only noise was her panting which soon went back into normal breathing.

“You look good in my jersey” I said still looking at her even though she wasn’t looking at me.

“This is yours?” I hummed a yes.
“Sorry, I forgot my kit and coach threw me this”

“You don’t need to explain to me” As perverted as I sound my gaze went down to her legs to see red marks by her ankles. I stood up from my position and sat back down next to her legs, putting my hand on her ankle where the red marks were practically glowing, she hissed at the feeling of me trying to heal her.

“Scott stop its fine, they hardly hurt”

She shooed my hands away and smiled reassuringly, but I ignored her gently wrapped my hand just above her ankle once again. Watching as my veins turn black. After a few seconds she pulled away.

“Thanks Scott” she smiled before scooting closer to me.
“Are you wearing shorts?” she instantly turned red and I laughed.
“Was it obvious?”

“No, well it is now” If it was even possible she went redder and pulled my jersey lower down. I chuckled and went back to her side, feeling more confident and wrapping my arm around her shoulders and one and caressing her knee. She smiled and came closer, putting both her legs over mine lightly and her hand placed on my stomach making my heart beat go fast as well as hers.

We sat there for what felt like years in comfortable silence. A feeling of warmth flooded my body.

“This is nice” she whispered.
“Yeah it is” I whispered back.

❬ ❬  Ignite Me   ❭ ❭

Pairing: TJ Hammond/Reader/Bucky Barnes
Word Count: 6,896
Warnings: Smut, slight PWP, Praise kink, Hair pulling kink, drug use (mentioned)
Request: “ If you’re still accepting requests could you maybe do a story with TJ Hammond and Bucky Barnes as twins? ”
Summery: You’re used to TJ Hammond; you’ve hung out slightly at his club and you frequent it. But when you make his take home list, you’re not entirely sure what to do with it. Hooking up with TJ was enough, but you didn’t expect to meet his twin in the morning, one who’s so identical that you almost mistake him for TJ, but then you see his metal hand. TJ promises that there’s a lot of promises behind the metal arm that his twin Bucky has, and you’re more than willing to find out.

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