damn look at that forehead

okay hear me out: 

you know those photo series that are like “In The Running For The Next Spiderman/Young Han Solo/Bachelor/Prince Eric/Property Brother”

and it’s just like nine generically handsome brunet white men that might all be Henry Cavill or might all be Matt Bomer or might all be the photogenic runner guy from 2012 for all we know but it’s impossible to tell because they are just so generic?

and you know how nobody really remembers what Moist von Lipwig (slash Albert Spangler where applicable) actually looks like, they just remember the gold hat, or the glasses, or the bountiful ear hair?

what I want is an adaptation where Moist, whenever he’s being an anonymous face or The Man in the Golden Suit or Albert Spangler, is played by a series of generically handsome brunet white men who are swapped out shot-to-shot.

Have I talked about Seokjin’s forehead?

I don’t think so

This man looks so graceful

Like so damn graceful

Just because there is a little of his forehead popping out

And like

I don’t know

He just suddenly becomes a different man

I don’t see enough appreciation for his forehead

So here’s a spam

I mean look at him

Just look at him

Have you seen anything more perfect?

No, you haven’t

Trust me

You haven’t

You seriously haven’t


My heart is… My heart is…

What a gentleman




I am weak

But i am living

Don’t sleep on him

You’re missing out

Stan talent

Stan Kim Seokjin

Because he’s worldwide handsome

Joker from Suicide Squad - I wanted to redesign his tattoos to try illustrate his mentality/beliefs of him and B-man being parallels (Bats is on the left, Joker is to the right.) I feel the original ones only accentuate what he looks like on the outside, not what’s within (*/▽\*)♡ might finish properly some day.

One time I posted Jimins abs and someone asked me to post Yoongi’s abs. Yoongi doesn’t usually have abs so I made this 

lets start off with a little bit of ‘Fuk Me Rite Up’ Yoongi, I love this pic, his forhead is a rareity and also that HAIR IS BLACK

and here is 'Forehead Selca’ Yoongi

“DaMn Look at that NECK!’ Yoongi

this gif manages to capture "Intense Eyes’ Yoongi

'Can II Suck On Yo Lips, Please?’ Yoongi

"That One Time He Had Abs’ Yoongi

'Soft Tummy’ Yoongi

'My Hands Are More Beautiful Than Yours’ Yoongi

"Bubble Butt’ Yoongi

'I Love Those Jeans On His Legs’ Yoongi

Aaaaand more picture of Yoongi, just because I can and why not

and here are accurate pictures of me

sorry for this long AF post

Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Aigonorus x Reader

You weren’t sure if it was the uniform, or the fact that you hadn’t seen him in over a week, but something was definitely working for Aigonorus tonight. You could barely take your eyes off him the whole way home from work. He came to pick you up, and he looked even more gorgeous tonight. And his scent was intoxicatingly sexy. As he had strode over to you he lifted his hand and ran his fingers thru his hair and you had to try not to fall over. He was so handsome.

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Never Be Alone - Theo Raeken Imagine

I had this imagine idea in my mind with Theo x Reader so I decided to write it down and share it with you guys. I hope you guys like it! Enjoy!


Pairing: Theo x Reader
Note: Cuteeee
Word count: 907

You slipped on a green top with a deep neck, it covered on shoulder while the other was exposed, showing of the strap of your bra. You went over to your desk, took a rubber band and put you hair up in a messy bun, letting a few strings of hair fall free down from each side of your face.
You grabbed your laptop and made yourself comfortable on the bed, lying down on your stomach as you typed in ´movies 2016´ and then pressed the search button. As you were scrolling down and searching for a good movie to watch, you heard your phone ring. You grabber your phone that was right next to the laptop and looked at the screen. It was a text message.

[10:07pm Theo;] Are you at home?

You rolled your eyes at the message, not in the mood to deal with Theo’s bullshit right now.

[10:09pm Y/N;] No.

You tapped the send button, locked your phone and put it back next to the laptop where it was earlier. You continued with your movie search when suddenly the doorbell rang. You let out loud sigh when you roll out of bed, grab you phone and walk down the stairs to open the door. Before opening the door, you look through the window to get a glance of who it is. The male figure outside your door notices you and a huge smile appears on his face as he waves to you. It´s Theo. Again. He points at the door, telling you to open it but you shook your head and flashed him a play full smile. He reaches down for his phone and types something as you observe confused. Then your phone makes a buzzing sound.

[10:20pm Theo;] Please.

[10:20pm Theo;] :(

You look up from your screen and glance over at Theo, who´s standing there and flashing you his adorable puppy face. You open the door and let him in.

“You look very tempting.” A devilish smile appears on his face while his eyes looks up and down, studying every inch of your body.

“I told you I wasn’t at home.” You said as you turn around and walk upstairs with Theo following right behind you.

“Yeah well, I could hear your heartbeat from outside.” You turn your head to look at him, only to see a smirk playing on his lips.

You mumble ‘whatever’ under your breath as you enter your room. Theo walks over to your bed and sits down, his eyes glances over the laptop then back at you.

“Movies 2016, huh?” He chuckles and you roll your eyes.

“What are you doing here Theo?” You ask as you sit down next to him.

“I wanted to talk to you… About us.” You raised an eyebrow, confused about what he´s talking about.

“Us?” He looks down at his hands then back up at you.

“I feel like you still hate me. Like everybody has, kind of, forgiven me except for you. I´m not saying you´re rude towards me or anything, because you´re not, it just feels like you´d rather not be around me or talk to me.” You felt the guilt build up inside of you.

“I understand why it´s so hard for you. I mean I hurt you the most.” He continues as the memories of the two of you starts running in your mind.

It´s been almost a year since all the of the Theo Raeken drama, the dread doctors, the beast and so on. And since Theo has helped us with the supernatural stuff, repeatedly, the pack have started to, well not to hate him anymore. As humble as Scott is, thinks he deserves a second chance but I somehow can´t let him in, not again. Last time I did he hurt me really bad and now I´m afraid he´ll do it again. But the thing is I never hated him, I tried to but I couldn’t and the sexual tension between us didn´t really make it easier. The truth is I´d always care for him.

“You wanna know why I came back?” He asked while looking down and I nodded as response.

“I came back for you, I want to be there for you, I want to protect you. I want to be there for you like when you were there for me. You´re the only one I ever had. Scott, he has friends, family that do anything to protect each other, he has you, the pack. I- I don´t have anyone like that, not anymore, Scott does.” You´ve never seen this part of Theo before. You took his face in your hands and made him look at you.

“You have me.” You said as your right thumb caressed his cheek.

You looked deep into each other’s eyes as you both slowly moved closer, your face leaned closer to his, his nose slightly touching yours. Your lips finally met, his lips brushed against yours while your hands rested on his neck. The kiss was sweet and passionate, just like you´d imagined.
His lips left yours but slowly trailed down your neck, then to your exposed shoulder as he left wet kisses all over.

“Sorry… I´ve been dying to do that for so long and you just look so damn beautiful.” He said flashing his adorable smile as his forehead rested against yours.

“It´s okay.” You barely whispered before pulling him in for another kiss.


“I lost myself when I lost you.”


You and Ethan hadn’t seen each other since you left LA. The twins would often visit Jersey, but only Grayson would stop by to say hello to you. He’d tell you how his brother was doing, and ask how you were, despite already knowing the answer you would always give him; “Better than ever.”

You weren’t, though, and you sometimes suspected that he knew it too. You missed Ethan with all of your heart, but seeing him would be too painful; so you just avoided it altogether.

Leaving LA and returning to Jersey was harder than you thought. You built a life in LA, an amazing life. The perfect apartment, job, and boyfriend; you had it all. Until, suddenly, you didn’t.

“We’re doing good; a lot of big things are happening. I wish you could experience it with us.” Grayson frowned, shrugging his shoulders. “I hate that I only get to see my best friend every few months.” You sighed, wrapping your arms around his torso.

“I know, but I can’t move back, Gray. You know that.” You could hear his heart beat as your head rest upon his chest.

He inhaled deeply, exhaling a moment later, “I love you, Y/n, and I wish things were different.” Your heart broke into a million tiny pieces as he spoke, sounding vulnerable and heavyhearted. He sounded like this every time he visited, trying to talk you into moving back to LA. He’d even gone as far as inviting you to live with them. You declined each and every time.

“I love you too, Gray.” It took everything you had to hold the tears in. You really did miss living in LA with your best friends, but the amount of hate you were getting from their fans wasn’t worth it at the time. Sure, there were amazing fans who loved you, but too many that always hated on you.

It even got to the point where some of them would wrap your car in saran wrap and egg your apartment.

The twins asked them to stop multiple times, but they never did. They only stopped when you announced that you had broken up with Ethan and were moving back to Jersey.

“Let’s go grab some pizza or something, yeah?” Grayson asked, pulling you from your thoughts and back to reality.

You smiled and nodded. “I’m always down for some pizza.” Gray wrapped his arm around your shoulders and led you to the front door of your apartment and into the parking garage.

Soon after, you arrived at the pizza parlor. Grayson opened and held the door for you as you entered. He led you to a table where someone was already sitting; someone you knew all too well.

“Grayson, what the hell?” You tried turning away, but he pulled you towards the table.

Ethan looked up, nervously biting his lower lip. “You have to talk to him, Y/n.”

“You tricked me! You charmed me into some pizza and then you tricked me!” You whisper-shouted. Grayson had a smug little grin on his face as the two of you stood in front of the table.

“Sit, talk, make out; I really don’t care. Just work things out.” Grayson walked towards a table and sat down.

You awkwardly sat yourself down on the other side of the booth. His hazel eyes met yours, causing you to sigh; he looked so damn beautiful. His gorgeous curls fell slightly upon his forehead, his eyes sparkled as they stared into yours.

“Been a while, Y/n.” He smiled and your heart melted. It was the smile that you fell in love with, the smile that you never quite got over.

“Yea, it has been, huh?” You chuckled dryly. “How have you been?” You already knew the answer, but it felt like something you should ask.

“Honestly?” You were ready for him to tell you how amazing his life was without you. Nodding, you urged him to go on, “Not good. I’ve been a mess since you left California.” To say you were confused was an understatement. Grayson had always told you that Ethan was doing good, great even.

“Grayson said you were good.” Your eyebrows knitted together, confusion blatantly plastered on your face.

“I told him to tell you I was good. I knew if you knew I wasn’t okay, you’d come back. Because that’s just who you are; you’re such a good person. I didn’t want you to be unhappy, Y/n. I don’t want you to be unhappy.” Your heart dropped to your stomach. You suddenly felt selfish and sad. When you left, you weren’t thinking about Ethan’s happiness, only your own.

“How can you still be considerate about my feelings when I just left you like that?” Tears were welling in your eyes.

“I love you, Y/n. And just because you left like that, doesn’t mean you don’t love me. You needed to do what was best for you.” You tried blinking away the tears, but you couldn’t. “Don’t cry, Y/n. I don’t want you to cry.” He reached across the table and wiped away the droplets on your cheeks.

“You’re so good to me and we aren’t even together anymore.” You took a deep breath, trying to calm yourself.

“I haven’t been myself since you left. I lost myself when I lost you, Y/n. And I need those people back. I need to be myself again and I can’t do that without you. You’re what makes me, me.”

“They don’t like me, Ethan. Your fans, the people who helped you get to where you are now, don’t like me. I don’t want them leaving you because of me. I only want the best for you, and if I’m with you, it would be complete chaos.”

“Chaos or not, it doesn’t change the way I feel about you. It won’t change my feelings; nothing will.” Ethan was willing to lose everything to have you back, why couldn’t you just say ‘fuck it’ and be happy with him again?

You sighed, looking back to his twin brother. Gray was staring, pretending to look at the menu when you made eye contact with him. You lightly chuckled, looking back at Ethan. Staring into his amazing hazel eyes, you knew what the right thing to do was. The thing that would make both of you happy. “I love you, Ethan Dolan.”

His smile illuminated the room as you confessed your feelings, “You’re my forever, Y/n. The fans will grow up as we will. They’ll get married and have kids and be happy. We’re going to do the same.”

“You’re my forever, too, Ethan.” You stood from the booth, grabbing his hand and pulling him up too. He wrapped his arms around you, resting his chin on top of your head. “I missed you so much.” You mumbled against him.

“I missed you too.” He said as he pulled away, intertwining your fingers together. Grayson looked up from the upside down menu and smiled.

“How about we actually get some pizza?” He smirked, slinging his arm around your shoulder.

“I love you, Dolans.”

“We love you, too.”


Three. Frickin. Days. It took me three days to write this. Writers block is such a pain:((( Hope y’all like it!!

Behind the Walls (Chapter 11)

Behind the Walls Masterlist

Pairng: Professor!Bucky X Reader

Words: 1,573

Warnings: Cursing!

Summary: You are currently getting your PhD in Art History, your dissertation being about The Power of Nudity in Art. Your advisor recommends you switch from being her TA to another professor because she feels her health is declining and wants you to get the best help/advice from someone new. She recommends Dr. James Barnes and believes he will be of great help to you. Things don’t turn out as you plan.

A/N: My second round of midterms start by the end of this week. I really sometimes hate school. I know this chapter might be a bit boring but I am trying to set up the next chapter which might involve some new development in their relationship! ;D Let me know if you want to be tagged please…and comment about any errors also! And thank you to everyone for the support :)


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asari headcanons:
> no hair, brows, eyelashes; no nails! their fingers are full-length smooth and soft, even the tips
> their skin is (very) taut, they merely have any wrinkles
> and it’s like layered?? the skin. when you press it, it makes staines from light to deep blue, almost violet??
> boobies keep growing their whole looooong life (can’t stop laughin imagining granma-asari with breasts laying on the ground pfff ;”BB)
> no freaking belly button (honestly, bioware)
i bet humans don’t really enjoy looking on the smoothest and flattest belly they’ve ever seen in their lives
> the crest gives you an electric shock sometimes…. (like sea rays!)
> ummm and the youth ADORES piercing that crest and the back of the neck with stuff
> they cry by THE WHOLE DAMNED HEAD (just look at Liara’s temples and forehead after Thessia, you’ll see)
> the teeth aren’t human (OKAY, BIOWARE???), they’re tiny and round and have really (really) cutie smile
> they blush… with their tongues! it becomes really bright, almost like fuchsia if asari is confused enough (can’t stop imagining situations when liara is… i definitely need a nsfw-blog for such moments)

anonymous asked:

S coups 15

(you know what fuck it i havent written one for mah boy coops yet lets go)

S.Coups (Seungcheol) + Overstimulation

A puddle. That was the only word to describe you right now. A puddle of sweat; a puddle of weakened muscles; your cunt a puddle all in it’s own. Well it had been like that since he had walked in the room. Now you were lying on top of him, him still hard inside you, running his fingers through your sweaty hair as you came down from another orgasm. 

“You look so damn beautiful like this,” He spoke against your forehead. When he shifted his hips against you, you whined pathetically and he laughed. He fucking laughed. “Do you wanna stop?”

You shook your head weakly and he thrusted again, his pelvis rubbing raw against your clit. 

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Vine cred: jb❤️top
Made with Vine

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How would GOM + Kagami react to their S/o waking them up by giving them hickeys and neck kisses?

Akashi:  For once you got to see Akashi’s sleeping face. It turned you on. You started giving him quick kisses on his cheeks, but you wanted to do much more. The kisses on his neck became deeper and longer as you kept going. “Are you having fun? ” “How long have you been awake?” “You light kisses woke me up, but since you were having fun I wanted to see what you would do next.” “Oh.” “Now it’s my turn to have fun with you.”

Aomine: Aomine was a heavy sleeper. You left long lingering kisses on his lips. You moved down. The kisses started to last quite a while once you got to his neck. You felt Aomine stir. “Oh~ I how you want to start off the day. I’ll help you then.” “Waaah!” Aomine flipped you over. He was on top now. “Now, we can both have fun.”

Midorima: You saddled Midorima. Your kisses to his neck were sweet and simple to started off, but they got more passionate as you kept going. “W-what are you doing?!” “Kissing Shin-chan~” “W-why?!” “I wanted to make you happy. Hmm…seems like little Midorima.” Once you said that, he was beet red.

Kise:  Kise was always excited when you would wake him up with a surprise. When you pounced on Kise, your kisses became too passionate too quick. “______cchi?” Kise had woken up, but he was still rubbing his eyes. “Oh, ______cchi~! I see what you want to do.” “Huh?” “Don’t say I caught you by surprise when you started this.”

Kuroko: You loved his scent. He smelled like vanilla. His sleeping face face you want to squeal. He looked so calm and rested for once. You wanted to surprise him with kisses. You gave him light kisses on his neck. You got into it, and your kisses became longer. “What are you doing, _____-chan?” You were surprised that you didn’t feel him wake up. “Sorry, did I wake you, Tetsuya?” “No, it’s okay, I actually liked what you were doing.” His smile was too much for you that you fell over.

Murasakibara: Murasakibara has you in a bear hug; it was cute. You could only kiss his neck since you were smaller than him. Your kisses started lightly. He didn’t stir. Your kisses became fierce. He stirred. “Mmm, _____-chin? You still smell like the chocolate from last night.” “I guess that was what woke you?” You kissed his neck a few more times. “That feels nice, _____-chin~.” He rose and grabbed something. That something was a bottle of chocolate fudge. “Ready for another round?”

Kagami: You saw him asleep on the couch. “I guess he slept here after a long day.”You kissed his forehead. “Damn, Taiga look hot.” Your kisses didn’t start so softly. “_____?” As soon as he opened his eyes and sees you he starts blushing. You stop and look up. “Ohayou~ Taiga!” “W-what are you doing?” “I wanted to wake you up in a different way, and it seems that you like it.” Kagami was as red as his hair when he saw where your hand was. “C-could help me with it, ______?”

Moreeeeeee wolfstar

Other wolfstar headcannons I’ve come up with (people seemed to like be others so)

• Sirius complains about moony to James a lot
• the conversations are usually one-sided as James is also complaining about lily at the same time
• “I can’t help it Siri, her eyes are SO green!”
• “and his HAIR Jamie! HIS HAIR!”
• “and her hair is just so red and fluffy it looks so soft like…like touching a cloud! Yeah a cloud!”
• “and his eyes ugh prongs his eyes are like melting chocolate mixed with honey!”
• but when the conversation ends up on just one person- lily persay- things change
• “ugh Padfoot, lily is just simply too smart for me! That’s it! That must be why she doesn’t like me…”
• “oh shut it James she’s obviously pinning for you! What about me huh? Remus is totally straight! If he knew I was in love with him he’d run the other way!”
• “oh please Padfoot! Remus is about as straight as his hair!”
• (we all know Remus’ hair is v curly)
• once they start dating, Sirius is totally not shy about shouting these complaints out loud
• like in potions Remus and Peter sit across the isle from Sirius and James and a row up.
• one day while slughorn is going over the importance of stirring the proper direction for the proper amount of time, Sirius just raises his hand and goes “I’m sorry, professor, I can’t possibly pay attention to you because damn Remus looks good today”
• Remus face turns red and he just slaps his forehead with his hand and looks down at his desk
• slughorn ignored Sirius and just continues the lesson
• or in the great hall Sirius gets up to leave while Remus walks in and goes to sit down
• when Sirius sees him he’ll just grab his chest fall very dramatically and go
• “oh moony, moony I think I just fell for you”
• Remus just goes “that’s nice dear” and sits down with a book in hand and pours himself some tea.
• Remus however intends to make Sirius more flustered on the down-low so no one else knows why Sirius is suddenly turning very red and started stuttering
• like when Remus whispers something very inappropriate to Sirius while walking past him on the way back to his seat
• and then Sirius just so happens to be called on but he can’t answer because his face is very red and he’s just stuttering and mcgonnogall is just like “mr black are you having some sort of allergic reaction?”
• or when Sirius and Remus make eye contact from across a crowded common room and Remus does a dazzling 100 watt smile and winks
• suddenly Sirius black just swoons in the common room and no one suspects Remus who’s just quietly finishing a transfiguration essay.
• Sirius gets even though by walking around the dorm shirtless all. The. Time.
• Remus tries very hard to focus on his book but HES JUST WALKING AROUND EFFING SHIRTLESS
• James likes to contribute by going “hey Remus, whatcha blushing at”
• and after that Remus finds it much easier to focus on his book although he really doesn’t want to but his face is already the color of a tomato
• by accident, remus gets revenge though when one day his hair is in his face and he’s annoyed so he shaves the sides and leaves the top just enough to still be curly but to not get in his face and be pretty much has an undercut
• he walks into the common room like everything’s normal but Sirius actually like stops dead in his tracks and just stares at Remus everywhere he goes
• because Remus is just so. Effing. Hot.
• the same thing happens to Sirius but instead of cutting his hair, he tries a man-bun
• and Remus goes silent for five minutes when he’s supposed to be studying with lily
• when he finally regains the ability to speak he goes
• “lily I’ve just died and I need you to bury my body and hold a service”
• this was also much longer than originally intended
• but we all know Remus has an undercut and Sirius rocks a man-bun