damn look at that forehead

Joker from Suicide Squad - I wanted to redesign his tattoos to try illustrate his mentality/beliefs of him and B-man being parallels (Bats is on the left, Joker is to the right.) I feel the original ones only accentuate what he looks like on the outside, not what’s within (*/▽\*)♡ might finish properly some day.

One time I posted Jimins abs and someone asked me to post Yoongi’s abs. Yoongi doesn’t usually have abs so I made this 

lets start off with a little bit of ‘Fuk Me Rite Up’ Yoongi, I love this pic, his forhead is a rareity and also that HAIR IS BLACK

and here is 'Forehead Selca’ Yoongi

“DaMn Look at that NECK!’ Yoongi

this gif manages to capture "Intense Eyes’ Yoongi

'Can II Suck On Yo Lips, Please?’ Yoongi

"That One Time He Had Abs’ Yoongi

'Soft Tummy’ Yoongi

'My Hands Are More Beautiful Than Yours’ Yoongi

"Bubble Butt’ Yoongi

'I Love Those Jeans On His Legs’ Yoongi

Aaaaand more picture of Yoongi, just because I can and why not

and here are accurate pictures of me

sorry for this long AF post



dis isn’t a selfie tag so y'all don’t have to post a selfie (unless you want to). it’s valent*ne’s day today n i wanted to do something for some of my mutuals today! dis is just me telling y'all det i lov you all wit my big ugli heart n det y'all mean a lot to me!…unless you dun like pineapple on pizza n like raisins,, block me (just kidding sidjshshshhadhhs)

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asari headcanons:
> no hair, brows, eyelashes; no nails! their fingers are full-length smooth and soft, even the tips
> their skin is (very) taut, they merely have any wrinkles
> and it’s like layered?? the skin. when you press it, it makes staines from light to deep blue, almost violet??
> boobies keep growing their whole looooong life (can’t stop laughin imagining granma-asari with breasts laying on the ground pfff ;”BB)
> no freaking belly button (honestly, bioware)
i bet humans don’t really enjoy looking on the smoothest and flattest belly they’ve ever seen in their lives
> the crest gives you an electric shock sometimes…. (like sea rays!)
> ummm and the youth ADORES piercing that crest and the back of the neck with stuff
> they cry by THE WHOLE DAMNED HEAD (just look at Liara’s temples and forehead after Thessia, you’ll see)
> the teeth aren’t human (OKAY, BIOWARE???), they’re tiny and round and have really (really) cutie smile
> they blush… with their tongues! it becomes really bright, almost like fuchsia if asari is confused enough (can’t stop imagining situations when liara is… i definitely need a nsfw-blog for such moments)

mju  asked:

12, 18, 28, + 29!! ( sendin this from my main blog but it's @gomp3 :'^)) )

12. Favorite Dance

It’s tied between Warrior, Power, and 1004

18. Favorite moment

When they came back after their lawsuit :’) and also this honestly it still makes me laugh every time i watch it

28. Favorite picture of your Bias

TOO MANY, but here are a few because I can’t just choose one

(I know this one has Himchan and he looks really good but just look at youngjae in the back becaUSE DAMN WHAT A LOOK)

Anything with forearms/foreheads/chokers and I’m a goner

29. Favorite picture of your OTP

Bangjae is life (also Daejae but there are already so many pictures of them)

Thank you for asking!

send me B.A.P asks just because


can we take a minute to appreciate how damn good eunwoo looks in those pants. and also his hair. and his forehead. and hi- send help.