damn let me kiss you

Your Loss **Nate Maloley Imagine**

2 years. That’s how long you and Nate have been together. Lately, you feel like it was all a waste. Like it means nothing to him.

You guys have been arguing a lot more than usual. Being that you’re both stubborn as hell, neither of you have made an effort to at least talk to the other. You felt he was in the wrong because he never made an effort for you guys to move on with your lives. And he felt you were wrong for even pressuring him in the first place.

Tonight Skate was performing at some underground club. No matter what you two are going through, you were going to support him. You decided to get glammed up, just so he remembers that you do care and you want it all to work out.

After hours of getting ready, you, Sam, Stassie, John, Emily, and the Jacks drive over to the club.

“Damn y/n you look good. I guess Skate’s about to get some tonight?” Sammy says, before Stassie smacks his chest.

“Uh no. Your best friend is on nookie lockdown until he can get his shit together. All of this is just to tease him a little bit.”

You guys joke around a bit, until you get to the venue. Walking into the club, the vibe was different. Of course there was still weed and liquor, but everyone was just super chill.

Everyone went to the booth, while you walked around looking for Skate. You guys always had a pre-show ritual, where you would hype him up and make sure he was ready.

You keep walking until you see a long hallway leading to a bunch of rooms. You walk down the hallway and see a door cracked open. You look inside and see Skate, which made you smile a little. But, opening the door a little more, you could see that he had some female company. She was pretty, but not pretty enough to have her hands all over your man. She was leaned over whispering in his ear all flirty. At this point, you weren’t even mad. Since you are the queen of petty, you decide to get even.

When you walk out, you automatically see a cute guy at the bar. You make sure your cleveage is just right, before you head over to him.

“Hi is this spot taken?” ,you say with a little flirtatiousness.

“For a sexy woman like yourself, hell no.”

You talk to the guy and find out his name is Jayden. You flirt with him more and more. Then, drinks start flowing. You didn’t know what this feeling was of talking to him, but you liked it.

You continue to talk to Jayden, until you spot Skate. You decide to get even more petty, by leaning over and whispering in Jayden’s ear.

Next thing you know, Skate rushes over to you and grabs you by your arm and drags you out of the club.

“Head ass what the fuck are you doing?!” Skate yells at you.

“I’m just doing what you’re doing baby. Since you wanna act like you’re single, then I am too.”

“Yo you hoesntly need to stop being so fucking petty. Like grow the fuck up!”

“And maybe you shouldn’t treat somebody, who’s been there for you through everything ,like trash.”

You didn’t notice it, but tears of anger and pain being to run down your face.

You turn to walk away from Skate, but he pulls you into his chest.

“Ma why are you crying?” He asked holding you close.

“Because I want us to work, and it feels like we won’t.”, you finally admit.

This was something that had been bothering you for a while, but you never wanted to admit it to yourself or Skate.

He lifts your head up and kisses you deeply. This was the first time is 3 weeks that you actually enjoyed his touch and his presence.

“We will baby. I promise. I’ll do anything I can to keep you in my life. You’re my baby girl and you’ll always be mine. I love you wifey.”, he says rubbing his nose in your neck.

“Yeah yeah. I love you too ugly.” , you say kissing his cheek.

“And let me say damn baby, you look good as fuck. Have my kids?”

“You’re funny. Go get ready for your damn show, and you better kill.”

“I will just for you babygirl.”, he says kissing you lightly.

At that moment, you knew that everything with you and Skate would be fine. Couples have their ups and downs, but it’s all about how they come back from it.

BTS reaction to you in their sweatshirt with short hair

Hey how’s it going? Can I request a bts reaction to seeing their s/o with a new haircut (short shoulder length) while wearing their oversized sweatshirt? Thanks :)

Sorry its so short, i didnt have a lot of time to type today



“wait, wait y/n! stay still, i want to take a picture, you just look so cute!”

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Rap Monster:

He would smile widely and squeeze your cheeks, “you look adorable!” He would be in a good mood all day, “you can take all my sweaters if you’ll look like that all the time, you look amazing”

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“So that explains where my sweater went” He giggled “You look amazing”

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*Jimin nod of approval* “You look good in my sweater but you’ll look even better with it off” He smirks

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“Stop.Being.So.Cute! Damn you y/n”

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“Let me kiss that adorable face!”

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How Dex Overhauls the Haus
  • Jack Zimmermann after the tenth time Dex yells "fine" at him: William, how much more do you need for your dryer? Because I will literally buy you the damn thing if you let me kiss my boyfriend in peace.
  • William Pointdexter, hiding behind the couch, again, waiting for Jack and Bitty to do something fineable: I would like to get an air conditioner this Summer, too.
  • Jack: Done, just go away. Please.
  • Dex, walking away: And maybe some new light fixtures.
  • Jack, throwing his wallet at Dex's head: Good night, Dex!

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Keith's fem s/o being close to pidge as she knew pidge when she was katie. Keith doesn't know pidge is a girl so he gets jealous. Reaction + how they handled things (headcanons oe scenarios is finee~) Is that okay??

A/N: Jealous Keith is cute Keith. I dont why why but Im in the mood for writing headcannons

Keith Reaction (in his mind when seeing them) : 

  • Okay, calm down Keith. She is fine. She’s with Pidge. Pidge is her best friend. Right? …Right. 
  • Hold the phone! Why is Pidge being close to her? Pidge, what are you doing. Pidge. Why. Are. You. Touching. Her. Hips. 
  • No, no, no, no, no, no, nO, NO. 
  • Pidge, no. Stay away from her. 
  • She is my girlfriend. Not yours. 
  • You know what, let me go to her and show Pidge that I own her. She’s not yours. She’s mine.

How his s/o handled his jealously : 

  • Its actually a plan to see if he can be jealous or not.
  • Pidge’s idea. Not her’s. 
  • In the corner of her eye, she could see that Keith is jealous. Without him knowing by himself. 
  • Continue with the plan. Went smooth like silk. 
  • Oh, hey Keith- 
  • Your lips got captured by his and Pidge gave you a thumbs up. 
  • Your face got red and hot when Keith told Pidge that you are his. Not her’s. 

Keith Reaction (if you asked him if he is jealous) :

  • Crossed his arms.
  • Pout.
  • Irritated look. Like, he is going to kill the entire Galra Empire.
  • Glare.
  • Not confessing that he is jealous.
  • Won’t admit it.
  • Okay, fine. He will admit it.
  • When the both of you are alone in his room.
  • Will shyly avert his eyes away from you and show a little blush when he fINALLY admits that he is jealous.

How his s/o handled his confession : 

  • Quietly screaming at how he look when he shyly averts his eyes and blush. 
  • Try to be calm, but your brain is screaming to attack your boyfriend with kisses. And… such… 
  • Keep your cool. Just stay calm… oh no, he’s pouting. oH NO, HE’S ADORABLE. DAMN IT. DAMN THE GALRA EMPIRE. LET ME KISS MY MAN.
  • Eventually, you will reply his confession by kissing his lips. 
  • And told him that Pidge is a girl and everything was Pidge’s idea.
  • Wait for him to make a reaction. 
  • Keith’s reaction was a happy and content smile. The smile that melts you. Even melts some space ice. 
  • He will be glad and let you be buddies with Pidge. Best Buddies. 
Sirius Black Imagine: “Bets - Part 1”

Can you a SiriusXreader imagine, where the y/n is the Hufflepuff Quidditch captain so James and her has this kind of friendly rivalry going on. Sirius has a crush on y/n because she’s very fierce, funny and flirty and they start dating in the end?

Requested by anon

Notes: hufflepuff quidditch captain reader

“We are winning this match, Potter. Gryffindor doesn’t stand a chance. Stop fantasizing,” you bragged.

James pretended to be hurt by your comment and answered in a dramatic way, “I am so sorry you believe that, [y/l/n]. You’re gonna be soooo disappointed when you realize how wrong you are.”

You raised an eyebrow and challenged, “Wanna bet, Potter?”

Your hands were placed on your hips and your [y/e/c] eyes held a mischievous twinkle. By his expression, you could easily tell that he was taken aback. However, his shocked face soon turned into a cheeky one. Nothing in the world could erase the sly grin his lips had formed.

“You know what? Let’s do this.”

“Excellent. If Hufflepuff wins, you are going to leave my friend Lily alone. She doesn’t fancy you, for Merlin’s sake!”

He couldn’t help but sneer at that. “You are horrible at this, [y/l/n]. Even if I leave Lily alone, she will come to me. You are right. She doesn’t fancy me; she loves me, although she still is too damn proud to admit it.”

You rolled your eyes at his arrogant behavior and controlled the urge to face-palm.

“Whatever you say, Potter… What happens if Gryffindor wins?”

His smirk enlarged. “Why? This is the best part. If Gryffindor wins, you will go on a blind date.”

You narrowed your eyes. “Blind date? That’s all you got? Fine. Be prepared to lose, Potter.”

“Likewise, [y/l/n].”

You were cursing inside. The seeker of your team had been ill this week and she hadn’t been at her best during the match. Hence, Gryffindor had won. Why the hell did you think it was a good idea to make a bet with that conceited brat in the first place? Anyway, there was nothing you could do now. Potter had teased you to no end and told you that you should be in the Three Broomsticks for lunch for the blind date. 

A blind date. You had thought that it couldn’t be that bad, but who would come? Would you know him? Would he be a complete stranger? All you knew was that whoever he was, he was late. You had been waiting and looking at the menu for so long you had memorized it. What if it had been a trap? What if Potter just wanted to make fun of you? It wasn’t normal to wait for more than thirty minutes, was it? You were about to leave and save the little dignity you still carried with you when a voice stopped you.

“Really, [y/l/n], I thought that hufflepuffs kept their promises. You lost the wager, remember?”

You suppressed the need to groan.

“Well, Black. I have been waiting for my date for more than half an hour. I am tired. Tell your friend Potter that it wasn’t funny to make me wait for a ghost.”

Sirius raised an eyebrow and joshed, “Well, gee, [y/l/n]. Last time I checked I wasn’t a ghost. I am alive, thank you very much.”

Your eyes widened as your cheeks heated up. “Pardon me?”

There was a smug look on his face as he replied in an amused tone, “I am your date, [y/l/n].”

Now you felt butterflies in your tummy. Just what you needed. You opened your mouth, desperately trying to articulate a sentence, anything, but it was worthless.

“Shall we take a seat?” he inquired, barely hiding his amusement.

You could only nod. Once you sat down and ordered your meals, you couldn’t help but wonder, “Why were you late?”

The animagus blushed deeply and confessed, “Remus was sick and I stayed with him in the infirmary. I didn’t realize the time until it was too late. I am sorry, [y/l/n], I didn’t mean to make you wait.”

You smiled softly at that. Everybody believed that Sirius was an egotistical boy, but the way he cared for his friends told you otherwise.

“Don’t apologize, Black. You were looking for your friend.”



“You are my date. You can call me by my first name.”

You smirked and replied, “Call me [y/f/n], then.”

The grin that he offered you made you melt, even though you wouldn’t admit it.

You and Sirius were walking back to Hogwarts. The chilly wind from December made you shudder. The boy must have noticed it, since he put his jacket over your shoulders.

“There, [y/n]. You don’t have to act strong all the time and pretend you aren’t cold.”

“I’m not cold,” you countered back, but your fingers grasped the material tightly around you as a freezing gale blew.

He looked at you with an arched eyebrow, clearly not believing a word you said. Trying to dissimulate, you kept clumping, leaving footsteps on the snow. His hand snaked around your waist and for a moment, you couldn’t feel warmer, despite the icy weather.

“You liked the date, didn’t you?”

“What makes you say so?” you teased, playing hard to get. 

“I am a Black. Everybody loves me.”

“You are so full of yourself,” you said shaking your head.

“I wanna make a bet…”

You had the impulse to refute, but then you remembered than even when you lost the last wager, you had ended up winning. The date had been great, even though you wouldn’t confess it.

“A bet about what?”

“I can beat you in a snowball fight.”

You burst out laughing. Really? Now he wanted to behave like a six-year-old?

“You better laugh now, [y/n]. I will win.”

“Just you wait, Sirius,” you retorted. “If you lose, you’ll have to stay silent for a week.”

His eyes widened. “What?! How do you expect me to do that?”

“What’s wrong, Sirius? Are you afraid? Maybe the sorting hat was wrong…” you joshed with a mischievous smile. He was a boastful and talkative person, it would be fun to see him struggling.

He narrowed his eyes. “Fine. If you lose, you’ll let me kiss you.”

Your heart stopped beating. Damn this boy. Why did he have this effect on you? Now you couldn’t help but imagine what it would feel like to taste his perfect lips, to cup his face as his hands settled on your waist. All of sudden, you wanted to lose the bet.


And so the battle began. He was playing hard, and there was a part of you that didn’t want to surrender so easily, no matter how much you wanted that kiss. You flung snowballs at each other for a few minutes, filling the wintry landscape with gurgles of laughter and squeals. Your bodies were covered in slush, but you didn’t even feel it. You hunkered down to scoop up another handful of snow, when you were pushed on the white blanket under your feet. 

Sirius was on top of you, his hands on each side of your head. His nose was red from the freezing breeze, and you found yourself thinking that he had never looked so handsome. You lifted your fingers until they touched his rosy cheek. He shivered, even though you weren’t sure if it was for the cold of your hand or for something else. He bent his head down to the point that your noses were brushing. His breath was hot and it mingled with your own. Before your brain could process what was happening, his lips landed on yours, firmly. He was in no rush, and neither were you. For a moment, the world disappeared. Only Sirius existed. 

The kiss ended sooner than you would have liked. There was a goofy grin plastered on his features which made you simper. You waited for him to say something, for you were still assimilating that this was real.

“I won,” was all he said.

You rolled your eyes at this and he chuckled. “[Y/n], don’t make me bet again so that I can finally become your boyfriend. I’m tired of pretending.”

You smiled softly, your heart was fluttering. You batted your eyelashes, feeling flirty, and teased, “Well, I’ve discovered that I quite like bets, even if I keep losing them… I don’t know. Maybe we should really make another and-“

His lips were on yours before you could finish the sentence. You couldn’t help but feel thankful for losing that Hufflepuff vs Gryffindor match.

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Read Part 2 here.

YongGuk Scenario: Depending Of U.

Word Count : 1095 :D

Genre : Smutty, very smut, smut.  Okay is Smut.

Note : Is my first “smut” so I’m sorry if this is not good and the final is not that awesome too… Srry :/ Have fun! :D

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“Thousands and thousands of people died immediately, and other thousands died in the following years in the city of Hiroshima.”

I sighed, listening Himchan try to imitate the high note Daehyun, which made everyone in the room laugh extremely high.

“Listen to me, your assholes, I am not obliged to deal with you screaming and a horse imitating Dae, okay?” I yelled, making everyone recompose terrified. Being the girlfriend of Bang Yongguk is not thar bad because I know I can scare them. “Okay … So, as I was telling, after two days, another bomb was dropped on the city of Naga-”

“Snack time!”

I almost roll on the floor in frustration, listening to the bunch of idiots which I taught about the Second World War schem out aloud: “Finally, hyung” or “I could not stand it!” or even if Himchan: “I was verbally attacked by your girlfriend.” They ran freely in the direction of my boyfriend and his trays of juices and sandwiches.

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Title: Truth or Dare (Daughter of Scott! Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Summary: The reader is ready to leave Stark’s party; until Wanda decides that a game of truth or dare would be a fun experience.

Word Count: 1482

A/N: I LOVE PIETRO!!!!!! I hope you love him too. I just loove doing imagines where the reader is the daughter of someone idk guys : ) I’ll be leaving tomorrow to go visit family, so my posting may be a little slower! Okay, enough chitchat. ENJOY! 

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Seriously so romantically frustrated. I really want to be in a cute relationship and kiss someone and cuddle and all that stuff but like I feel like I’m the type of person everyone just sees as a friend. Like I can’t even really picture me dating anyone and I kind of don’t want to because of school but then I also reeally do. Like a lot. All my friends have boyfriends and I’m always that one friend who’s the third wheel like uggh I’m so sick of this.



LaFerry is so sick of Hollstein’s bullshit


Anon requested: “Can I have a Klaus imagine based on the song Strange Love by Halsey :) ❤️”

gif credit: not mine.

Warnings: a little bit swearing.

The first time you saw Klaus Mikaelson, you were singing at the bar. He kept looking at you whole night long and after you finished your song, he bought you a drink. And after that night, and that, and that.

“How is it going, love?” he asks you one night. “You and your little band?”

“It’s good,” you shrug. “Wanna come to my place tonight?”

Your fast and sorta unexpected question makes him smirk.

“Who am I to say no to a beautiful woman like you, Y/N?”

You grin and finish your scotch quickly.

Your place is kinda dark place comparing to the bar. Your stuffs are old or dirty, since you come here just for sleep, you don’t care the rest of it.

You take him to your room and he sits on your bed.

“A friend of mine,” you say as you take off your jacket, “asked me if we fucked on the bathroom sink.”

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‘We’ve come a long way from where we began’ cit. ( See You Again by WIZ KHALIFA. ) (X)

Because me & all of you have come a long way with our blogs. Of course sometimes it was difficult & others times we were ready to give up, but we didn’t. I know people who have a blog for over five years & not even for one day they got tired of roleplaying with their muse. I completely admire those people, as well as those who puts their hearts & efforts to relate to people of the community, not to mention the effort that each one takes in editing, writing & maintaining a blog, balancing the life in tumblr & their real life which, let’s face it, sometimes is pain in the ass :/ & so here we are, after a long & tiring journey, for what concerns me a year. One year of this blog, I still remember my first follower. I still remember how happy I was to start again, after a few years in a fandom full of people who had slowly ruined it bringing only superficial judgments, always based on the popularity of the characters without actually analyzing the personality & the psychology of them. Well today I can say I made the best decision of my life. The One Piece fandom made me discover what tumblr has yet to offer & God only knows how many wonderful people there are on this fandom & non.
Today more than ever I’m so proud to have over 1000 followers. By the way this doesn’t seem nothing in comparison with other blogs, but for me this is an important milestone. I think it’s a satisfaction, actually too big to explain in words but you must know that, with all my heart, I want to say thank you. Thanks for the fun times, for all the times when someone made me smile, for all the joys & tears & simply smiles that each of you offered to me every single day by opening up & talking like we were friends for a lifetime. Thank you so much.
You know many times I prefer to do this kind of speeches instead of posting a followers forever because frankly I think that each of you is important, & you know perfectly how much I care for all of you. However after this goal I feel compelled to write these words & to put on post each of my feelings, trying to let you get them in some way. Just as I feel compelled to tell you things with my heart in my hands & with all my honesty & respect.
& then after these words I hope you appreciate this & just let me give you a big kiss & a big damn hug, I hope I can spend more time with you all & to achieve ever higher goals, gaining your friendship & especially your respect.
& now without further ado we start this first followers forever by Black & his grumpy & stubborn boy called Toffy.

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boyfriend material: Michael

i need to get this off my chest. i can’t get over my ideas of what a good boyfriend michael would be

his idea of a romantic dinner would be going to a pizza parlor and he would make you laugh by tucking his napkin into his shirt but still end up somehow getting pizza sauce on his shirt and cheese stuck to his stubbly chin

and one day you’d come home early and find him taking a bubble bath and he’d just look at you and be like “what? i’m punk rock i swear” and you’d just say “do you want me to join you or should i give you some alone time” and maybe he’d throw bubbles at you and your clothes would be soaked so oops now you have to get in the tub with him but then he’d just hold out his arms to make sure you don’t slip when you get in and then cradle you or make bubble beards with the soap

and after living with him for a while you get a pet together (preferably a dog, i imagine him with a terrier or a puppy lab) and you’d be picking a name and he’d suggest things like Sausage or Daniel or Raphael. But then some days you’d walk into your bedroom and find him asleep with the dog on your bed

and if you ever fight, he’d run his fingers through his hair (whatever color it is at the time) and pace in your living room and you’d yell at him to leave if he didn’t want to stay, pointing at the door and sometimes even you’d throw his clothes at him. but mostly he’d look angry but then look half frustrated, half confused and lower his voice and tell you that that’s not what he wants, that he doesn’t want to leave. and he’d kiss you sometimes and have makeup sex with you on the couch, but other times he’d just pull you back to the bedroom and cuddle and talk so you both know where you stand or he’d sit you down at the table and pull out that pint of cookie dough ice cream that you’ve been saving for a special occasion. but no matter how the fight started, michael would always end it by saying “i don’t like fighting with you. i like it better when we love each other” and you’d say “we always love each other, mikey”

ill wrap this up bc it’s causing me extreme pleasure and pain and i dunno if i like it just yet

but yeah so then you’d go grocery shopping with michael and he’s the kind of inner kid that has to touch everything and try to put things in your cart. like you’d be bagging up some oranges or some shit and he’d come up to you and ask “can we get these?” and you’d be like “no we don’t need that” but then he’d bring back stuff and try to sneak it in the cart without you seeing it. then you’d be like “no, michael we already have pop tarts at home” or “no michael i’m not buying you a pack of pokemon cards” or “why do i need to buy a magazine with your face on it when i have the real thing to look at at home?” and when you’d finally make it out of the store after what feels like a lifetime of mikey asking for gummy worms, he’d try to take all your grocery bags in one trip or ride the shopping cart through the parking lot like it’s space mountain at disney world

last but not least i promise. i just really had to finish with this point.

sEX WITH MICHAEL GORDON CLIFFORD. i can just imagine how profusely the word “baby” would roll off his tongue. and how carefully his hands would skim up your sides, enjoying every bit of skin and curve and possibly play with your boobs a bit like level them in his hands and shit and you’d just be like “get on with it michael”. i also imagine he’s a fast undresser when it comes to sex. like if you were in the living room kissing and started to go to the bedroom he’d strip on the way down the hall. or teasingly give you a strip tease to a beat he makes but do it really silly so you laugh and tell him to come here and so he does and just kinda falls on top of you, smiling still when he starts to kiss you again. i also feel like he will always try to reassure you with his words like either saying how beautiful you look or asking how you’re doing and if you like it. and if you reached up to hold his face in your hands he’d just grin super wide bc he’s so happy to be yours and to be loved by you and make love to you. but then he’d also be into some kinky shit i think like def using handcuffs but he’d still make sure you like it and shit or he’d be into watching you pleasure yourself. and man if mikey aint good at eating da pussy then i’m the queen of england bc his lips would look damn good down there let me tell you. he’d give you kisses on your lady bits and all over your thighs and just savor tasting you. He’d surely take his sweet ass time and push your hands away if you try to touch him or yourself. and if i even think of the sight of your legs tossed over his shoulders with his mouth of your pink panther, i think i might just pass out right here. wow this part is long. lemme also address that motherfucker’s O face bc holy shit he’d look like a heavenly angel: eyes closed so tight that his face wrinkles around them and his mouth would hang open and his hands would grip tighter onto wherever he’s holding just to make sure you’re not going anywhere and when his breathing returns and he finally opens his eyes, he’d give you the laziest, appreciative smile and just say one word, either like “amazing” or your name

that’s it motherfucker i’m out.

also if you’re interested in me continuing this with more senarios or doing one for another one of the boys i’d love to. i like sharing my opinion