damn kids now days

SuperVillains are too hot!

(Internet was out for a few days and during that I came up with a Super powers Au)

Dr. Wecht’s school for the unusually talented was a fancy way of saying school for the future superheros and villains of the world.  The school is divided into two sections, Hero and Villain (morally impaired), which are divided within each other, sidekick and henchmen.  Depending on your powers and how you do on the entrance test is how you will be placed.  Naturally the two sides do not mix well and either does the idea of teaching the villains of the world.  In the mind of Dr. Wecht (SuperDad as many like to call him), there is no way to try to control the wicked while young but you can try to teach them morals and pair them with an equally matched Hero.  During graduation, you will be paired with the Hero/Villain that is best matched for you and will be with you for the rest of your life (given that you do continue to fight into old age).  But this isn’t about the school, but more about when a sidekick gets detention for the first time that will change everything.


           Walking into the West Hall detention room made Arin’s heart pound in his chest.  He had always tried his best to keep his head low, being a sidekick it wasn’t that hard. All eyes were on him as soon as his foot hit the floor, it was hard not to look when a broad built teen with a bleach blonde streak of hair and a sailor moon shirt walks in.  Most of the other students went back to what ever they were doing but one.  A skinny, wildly curly haired boy in a leather jacket and skinny jeans who sat in the back of the room liked owned the place.  With the devilish smirk he had, he might as well, Arin could just tell that looks like that could lead to nothing but trouble.  

           The only couple of seats left were in the back, near the boy, who was still staring at him.  Arin took a seat that gave him some privacy from the others and two seats from him. Detention went on as you’d expect, the teacher (who were all retired hero’s and villains) sat at the front of the room and ignored everyone as long as there as no funny business.  Arin took out his DS and started playing Smash, hoping the two hours would fly by fast.  

           Barely thirty minutes in, Arin didn’t even notice the kid sitting net to him, watching over his shoulder until he looked to his right without thinking.  He almost screamed but instead jumped and lost the match at the same time.  Sitting next to him was boy he purposely tried to keep distance from and from up close he was even more handsome then before. The boy was just his type and made a lump form the Arin’s throat.

           “Don’t stop because of me.”  Even his voice was hypnotic as his face, “It’s like I’m not even here.”

           “Um….can I help you?”  Arin finally manged to say with out sounding weird.

           The boy looked Arin up and down and shrugged. “Kinda looking for a new toy and you’re on my wish list.”  Words could not form to describe the shock on Arin’s face.  “Kidding, kinda.  Anyway, what ya here for?”  He leaned on the table, arm propping his head up and curls rolling to one side.

           “I….I cussed at a kid.”

           “That’s it?!  Damn, they’re giving detentions for no reason now a days.  If you got that, I should get expelled.”

           “What did you do?”

           “Told a kid jump into the lake.”


           “He did.”

           The calmness of that statement made Arin go cold.  He tried his best to pinpoint the kids class and power but just from that he could tell that it wasn’t going to be good. Still in the back of his mind, he thought of all the Hero’s that have slipped up and still learning to control them selves while students.  Before he even knew it, detention was over and everyone was getting up, instead of him and the other boy.  Arin was getting ready to pack up when a hand gripped his other shoulder tight. Jumping out of his skin once again, Arin turned a saw a face he wish he hadn’t.

           “Am I interrupting?”  Ross said with his usual smirk.

           Ross was a notorious Villain from Australia who couldn’t go two seconds with out pissing anyone off.  With his ability to teleport, instead of doing good or becoming henchmen like most with his power, Ross always choose to do wrong and made sure he was placed as a Villain out of pure stubborn attitude.  He was also the main reason Arin was even in detention.

           “What ya doing hanging out with Fire boy, Danny?”

           “Fire boy?  Can you like throw fire or like become fire?”  Danny’s excitement was too cute for Arin to even handle.

           “Even better,”  Ross said before Arin could even breath. “This little sidekick breaths fire when he cusses.”  The intruding boy started rustling his hair and earned himself getting swatted away.

           “And your a side kick?  Such a powerful ability like that and they made you a someones punching bag? It’s like making Colossus be Antman’s pool boy.”  Danny got up and swung his backpack over his shoulder and started heading to the door before turning back towards Arin.  “If I was you, I’d ask to retake the test.”