damn jensen

As for the Castiel of it all, Collins says he “comes back slowly,” adding, “He’s very dead … more dead than usual.“ But fear not, he will be back. At least, "the most important parts” of him will be.

Watch the video for more.

SourceSupernatural cast talks season 13: Castiel is ‘more dead than usual’


Fanfics: Jensen handed Misha a blue shirt “It brings out the colour of your eyes” he just said, shrugging.
True to Jensen’s words when Misha came back fully dressed all Jensen could do was stare at his eyes. They looked like the deep oceans and seas they crossed over in the planes, like the Texas sky on a fine morning.

Me: that looks fake but okay

*Misha wears blue*



I mean, damn I can’t even right now. I didn’t know I had a type until I saw Jensen Ackles for the first time.

Jensen is 110% attractive all day everyday.

These are the single most attractive pictures of him I have ever laid my eyes on.

Those green eyes, that hair, that scruff, those arms, those shoulders, that body. Good Lord Almighty.

“Stupid Freckles” - Digital Oil Painting

This picture wanted my soul. (See what I did there? Hehe) OMG, freckles and scruff and eyelashes… this was so difficult! But I wanted to do Jensen justice and in the end, I am super happy with how this turned out. He is just stupid pretty, ugh.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.