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Hey! Fluffy christmas present exchanges between the Uncrowned Kings and their fem s/o?

I haven’t opened my gifts yet (It’s currently 11 AM on Christmas day here) so I’m writing this and it feels super Christmassy :) 

Hanamiya: “Is this for me, Makoto?” You couldn’t hide the wide, gleeful smirk that spread across your features at the hastily wrapped present from your boyfriend. He was never one for presents, especially on anniversaries or special occasions, but he always paid whenever you went out to eat. This was something new. Your boyfriend rolled his eyes at you and crossed his pajama-clad legs together. “Just open it.” You tore away the poorly wrapped green Christmas paper to reveal a pink Victoria’s Secret box. You cocked an eyebrow at Hanamiya. “Just open it. Don’t ask how I got it… It was fucking embarassing.” You stifled a snigger as you imagined your boyfriend walking into the lingerie store, picking something out for you. As you lifted the pink lid off the box, your lips formed a gasp of surprise. It wasn’t anything extremely sexy or revealing, contrary to your expectations, but it was simple black (slightly short) satin kimono. “I expected, like, a garter or something equally kinky,” you giggled, as you leaned over to wrap your arms around your gruffly stiff boyfriend. “Thought that would be something you’d wear in the house when I’m not around,” he mutters into your ear, as his right hand presses your head into the curve of his neck. When you pulled away from his embrace, Makoto’s face had a small, strange grin on it. “Oh yeah, and thanks for the shoes, babe,” he nodded nonchalantly towards your nicely wrapped package underneath the tree. Damn him, you thought. Always one to go through your stuff. As if he could read your mind, a smirk was plastered across his features as he said, “Gotta make sure you’re not buying expensive shit for other men.” 

Kiyoshi: (Teppei’s a freakin’ troll) “Promise me you can’t shake the box,” your boyfriend said, his large hands steadying yours before you could open the gigantic square package. “Why?” you were sorely tempted to shake the box, just for the heck of it, but his hands held yours in place. “Promise me, ______!” “Fine, I won’t shake the box,” you rolled your eyes and set the item down before you between your legs. The first layer was very nicely wrapped in striped sparkly red and white paper that reminded you of candy canes. As you peeled off the gold bow, you were confronted with another layer of wrapping paper, this time in green and gold. “Are you kidding me, Teppei? GIVE ME THE SCISSORS.” You tried diving for the scissors on the edge of the table, but Kiyoshi’s hands quickly snatched them from your grasp. “You didn’t let me do that, when you made me open a box full of newspapers!” You sniggered at the thought of Kiyoshi’s expression minutes ago when you made him open a fake package. In reality, you had a stuffed stocking on the side filled with basketball-themed gifts and a matching ugly Christmas sweater. It was so worth it to see his expression, however. You sighed in relief as the wrapping paper revealed a simple brown box, which you quickly tore off the lid. Inside, however, there was a large foiled package in sandwich wrap. At this point, Teppei was on the floor laughing at your expression. He was shaking with his loud chuckles and muttered something incoherent along the lines of Vaseline. “Teppei, give me the scissors.” He willingly handed them over, as it would be impossible for you to open the sandwich-wrapped package that had extra stickiness due to the Vaseline he applied on after every layer. “Last one. I promise babe,” his hand rubs your lower thighs in anticipation as you pry open the final small box underneath the aluminum foil and sandwich-wrap. You fell speechless at the sight before you. A beautiful rose gold watch lay cradled between the fabric of a familiar basketball jersey. “You didn’t have to!” you groaned, placing the gift down to attack your boyfriend’s torso with a tight hug.  “I know. But I love you,” he chuckles, pulling you closer to him. 

Nebuya: (I feel like Nebuya and his girlfriend would go light on the presents since they eat together so much LOL) “Let’s open it together, okay?” Your feet intertwined around your boyfriend’s ankles from across the table as you both were enjoying your Christmas breakfast. He nods, and you both traded two same-sized packages across the table, careful to not let it touch the food. Funny thing was, you basically had an idea of what your present was, since you had to help Nebuya wrap his gifts and ended up wrapping your own too. Therefore, both your gifts had the same wrapping paper and were in the same boxes. Since Nebuya is useless at wrapping, he snuck into your house to steal one of your gift boxes, placed your gift inside, and made you wrap it. “Three, two, one!” you counted down, as you both tore away the red Merry Christmas paper. Your boyfriend was done before you, and he held up two pairs of Nike Elite socks with absolute glee. His smile warmed your heart. “Aw, babe…thank you.” It was quite strange for you to see sappy Nebuya, but the basketball-themed gifts really struck home in his heart, especially once he saw the basketball-shaped coffee mug you got for him. Now, it was your turn. You gasped in surprise as you saw that he had gotten you the special edition books of your favorite manga. Underneath the small stacks of books was a gift card to your favorite restaurant, and you burst out into laughter at this realization. “Was this for me or for you?” you said, as your boyfriend joined you in laughter. “It’s for us,” he finally said, continuing your footsie game from under the table. “Let’s finish our breakfast before it gets cold,” Nebuya said as you both dug into the snowmen shaped pancakes that you made that morning. 

Hayama: “You’re gonna love it!” your enthusiastic boyfriend assured you as he brought out a huge bag stuffed with a tower of tissue paper. “Wow,” you said, blinking at the impressive sight. “I didn’t know what to get you, so I just got you everything!” You facepalmed at Kotaro’s actions. If you weren’t there to keep him in check, he tended to get lost in his own enthusiasm. “This is why I have to be there when we shop,” you rolled your eyes as Hayama planted a kiss on your exasperated expression. “It’s okay, you’re worth it, ______,” he said, before settling down on the couch next to you. As you pulled out the gifts, you chuckled at the spontaneity of each: a coffee tumbler that resembled a polar bear, a Baymax key chain, a huge box of chocolates, and a pillow that resembled a donut. “Do you love it?” your boyfriend’s eyes were wide in anticipation as he judged your reaction. You pulled his face close to gently kiss his cheek. “I love it, but you’re going to love yours more~” you said in a sing-songy voice. That was enough to propel your boyfriend into action. He quickly ripped past the layer of wrapping paper and was openmouthed in surprise at the skateboard. “You’ve been pining over that thing for the past month,” you commented, wrapping your arms around his torso. “You know me so well, _______.” He hastily kisses your lips before getting the skateboard out of its box. “I’ve GOT to try this today, babe. This is the best gift ever!” 

Mibuchi: “Oooooo, is that for me?” your boyfriend daintily clapped his hands together as you placed the beautifully packaged bag in front of him. “No, it’s for me, silly,” you said, rolling your eyes. “Dear, I asked that for emphasis on the excitement,” he said, sassing you back. “You know I love you,” he added, as he began to rummage through his gifts. It was always great to see Mibuchi’s expression on anything you got him, especially since you spent so much time brainstorming the perfect gift. You ended up getting him three silk handkerchiefs for his formal wear and a nice suede scarf. Knowing Reo, he would prefer a gift he would rather use but he was always too prideful to ask you for it. “It’s lovely, ______,” your boyfriend said as he admired the gifts. “Just like you,” he added, getting out of his seat besides you. “You’re going to LOVE what I bought you, and us!” He left you confusedly sitting there for a minute, as he rummaged through his closet to reveal a simple silver bag with red tissue paper on top of it. “Merry Christmas,” he said, holding it out for you. Inside the bag was a perfume set of your favorite scent and as you dug deeper, you pulled out a beautifully handknit sweater. “I made it,” your boyfriend said, smirking slightly. He showed you the sweater he was wearing and the obvious mistakes on its hem. “I made mine first, so it’s a bit uglier than yours, but we can match now.” Your face lit up in a grateful smile - grateful for your boyfriend and his thoughtfulness…even his sass too. “Let’s match and snuggle, Reo,” you suggested, pulling him down on the comfy sofa beside you. 

CrissColfer MasterPost

Now, I have a friend who is having her doubts about Crisscolfer, so I decided to help her out ( Because I am a good friend) Now, because I’m lame, ill be posting with the help of tumblr, some gifs with their sources, but if i cant find the source I’m probably going to use google so bare with me. Just know these Gifs aren’t mine! None of them! Also I’m gonna have a read under the cut for some people who don’t ship CC and I don’t want any shit okay? So just know I warned you. Also there will be some mentions of Chill and Miarren and gifs as well. Soif this is sensitive to some people, don’t read.

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psssst do you think you can give us a list of some Voltron fic recommendations please? wink wink

Well anon you really shouldn’t have asked this because we took it a little too serious and… welp… here it goes :’))

Mod Nayo here, if you’ve been following the blog for awhile, you would know that I am the one who reads the majority of the fics here (not only… E Rated *winks a lot towards Izzy*).

A few clarifications I want to make before I start with my list

1) Because of school and me being a lazy fuck, I haven’t started reading the most recent fics that have been in the tag. I’m actually accepting recs too so if you think i’ll like somethig (COUGHTCOUGHTMERLANCECOUGHTCOUGHT) then just send us an ask or tag us ;^DDD *winks winks*.

2) This is all going to be Klance, so i guess no need to tag which pairings will be in the fic?

3) Izzy is a dirty fuck so all her part is gonna be E rated :^) don’t blame me.

4) Sorry it took so long, it seems that despite being two (functional?) adults, we spent like an eternity in Google Docs just screaming and talking shit. We apologize.


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the shower is such a magical place i stg i think of like 90% of my fic prompts while i’m showering okay so i got *dj khaled voice* anoTHER ONE-

so its a sort-of-YouTube au and in this one makki is friends with like everyone in Every Team you can think of from haikyuu okay like karasuno shiratorizawa nohebi: e v. E R Y O N E
but its a normal au (prolly college) and so like-
makki is trying to add moniwa on snapchat to show him how it works and stuff and he accidentally types in the wrong username but doesnt check it twice since moniwa is a heckin’ n00b with this stuff and makki is entirely confident in his typing skills and so he messages the person “lol okay grandpa i’m here its me”
and so mattsun, who is a v v big YouTuber in this au, responds to him like “who tf-”
and makki takes a picture of himself bc he thinks that moniwa doesnt recognize him and he’s like “its me you nerd geez” and mattsun is like lowkey freaking out bc goddAMn this random stranger is Pretty Hot so he decides to take a picture of himself too and he’s like “i’m not a grandpa, but i dont think i can say anything about that nerd comment”
and makki like falls out of his chair screaming because 1. he’s messaging a random stranger instead of his Clueless Friend and 2. said random stranger is Too Hot (Hot Damn) he might actually need to call the police and the fireman
so he’s like “okay hanamaki just 🐝 k00l” @ himself and so makki messages back “are you one of those hot nerds or smth bc-”
of course he immediately regrets it because makki what the fuck kind of smooth move was thAT
but mattsun found it funny and he’s like giggling to himself n stuff and he says “i guess, if someone as good-looking as you sees it” and makki is mcfreakin losing his shI T
so he calls up moniwa and moniwa’s like “dude wtf i’ve been staring at this dumb app for like 20 minutes did u add me or what” but makki immediately starts talking abt Random Stranger and poor moniwa is caught in the crossfire so he’s like “okay okay cool your jets, just talk to him like you would to anyone else” and makki is like “moniwa no oh my god he’s actually rlly hot i cant just Meme It Up jfc” but then mattsun sends makki the good shit meme during the call and makki has like instantly fallen in love
and so that’s how makki and mattsun started talking and they’ve even had a few snap streaks here and there but since mattsun is usually busy with college and making videos they dont keep it for that long (he always feels so bad that he doesnt keep them but makki is always there to assure him its okay)
now since makki had No Idea what mattsun did as a hobby mattsun has been making videos of him
nothing big just like little vlogs about what they were talking about that week or what interesting thing happened to them
but then his audience started going crAZY because who tf is this mystery stranger that mattsun is always talking abt ??? why dont we know him ??2? cant we at least know his name ?¿?¿??
and mattsun is just like “no u cannot know his name he is anonymous until said otherwise” (and by that he means until hanamaki finds out mattsun has a yt channel where he talks abt makki lmao)
and so moniwa, oh sweet moniwa, goes on like Every Single social media daily and he starts seeing screenshots and stuff about mattsun’s vlogs abt the “mysterious stranger” and he’s like “ooo sounds interesting I Want In™” so he goes to mattsun’s channel and watches the videos and since makki talks about the Same Exact Things to moniwa that mattsun is mentioning in his videos moniwa like totally loses his marbles
he immediately calls makki up and is like “dude you will n e v e r guess what i just found" and so moniwa links makki to mattsun’s video and makki legit screams for like three minutes straight because not only was his crush a Total Hottie but he was a Total Hottie with a youtube channel
and so makki sends mattsun the link and is like “gee i wonder who this is abt ;))))” and mattsun is highkey freaking out like “shitshitsHI T”
makki doesnt care tho he just wants to be in at least one video and so he pesters mattsun abt it for like a week and mattsun always uses the excuse “idek where u live tho” so makki just like straight up gives mattsun his address and is mattsun just like “fuck he’s actually rlly close to me”
so eventually mattsun agrees and makki is just ecstatic but at the same time totally terrified because he’s finally meeting mattsun irl and he’s finally gonna be able to touch him and clarify that he is indeed an Actual Person and not just someone on the internet and he’s just rlly overwhelmed
he doesnt get much sleep the day before mattsun picks him up because he’s too excited and when mattsun sees him for the first time he’s just like “dude what happened to you” but makki doesnt ca r e he just wraps mattsun into a tight hug and mattsun immediately hugs back and they literally Never let go of each other from then on out like there’s always at least a little physical contact between them whether makki takes mattsun’s arm or mattsun just links their pinky fingers together its always there and neither of them seemed to mind it
and so mattsun and makki film the video and makki is like “jesus that was way harder than i thought it would be” and mattsun just says “yea well i gotta do this like twice every week”
and so mattsun edits the video and uploads it to youtube with the title “Meet My Boyfriend” bc he thinks he’s smooth like that but no he’s just a dork
makki was literally the first viewer of the video and right when he saw the title he just flips his shit and starts screaming at mattsun like “heY WHY DIDNT I KNOW WE WERE TOGETHER DID YOU EVEN ASK ME” and mattsun just replies “well no but do you want to be my boyfriend?” and makki immediately says “fuck yes oh my god”
of course some of mattsun’s fans didnt take the news too well but overall they were pretty supportive of them
hanamaki turned into that one s/o that didnt have a youtube channel but he’s in like almost every one of mattsun’s videos making snarky comments or sarcastic replies and literally Everyone loves it and they ask for mo r e
one time hanamaki brought moniwa with him over to mattsun’s and moniwa was like “wait, so this all started because you got my username wrong on that app (he deleted snapchat bc he didnt know how to use it even after hanamaki explained rip moniwa). what did you spell it as?” and makki is just like “i forgot to how to spell eyebrows but apparently someone else did too” and mattsun said “wow r00d i did that on purpose” but makki didnt believe him

wow look @ me back at it again with the unnecessarily long posts jfc
sometimes i just Cant Control Myself and small ideas turn into v big ones who o p s
if you’ve read this far tysm lmao that must’ve taken A Lot™

i hope u enjoyed it tho !!!