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Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 43: Interception

Oh my god. OH. MY. GOD. The new chapter is here!!

And it. is. glorious.

It feels like ages that Eijun’s been front and center. I have held back from reading any spoilers so I can savor the chapter, and boy, it really is worth the wait. THANK YOU TDK and Mangafox!

I cannot help squealing and grinning throughout the chapter. Eijun truly has grown by leaps and bounds and I cannot be any prouder. Let’s just savor the brilliance that is Eijun shall we?

Bloody hell. Damn. I am at loss for words here. Eijun is so calm and focused. He doesn’t show any fear or worry. His control and speed are so perfect and precise that even Miyuki get chills/goosebumps. By now, I don’t think Eijun is a pitch-to-contact pitcher anymore.

Eijun got both batters three for three? Right when the bases loaded? Seriously, you’ve got nerves of steel, Eijun. His strong will and unwavering heart have always been his ultimate strength that the coach often, if not always, goes for Eijun for reliever in difficult and tense situations despite having limited pitches back then. But somehow, Kataoka and Miyuki forget that Sawamura is more than that. 

This is the person who aims for ace position, the person who overcome the yips, the person who grows and learns in an alarming rate. Yes, he is not a power pitcher like Furuya, he cannot shut out batters by force and throw fast and heavy pitches, but he has control and variety now.

I feel like that both Kataoka and Miyuki (especially the coaches, Ochiai still doesn’t have much faith on Eijun, it seems, but he is more pragmatic than Kataoka, which is actually a good complement) are missing Eijun’s growth and development as a pitcher or they won’t be so surprised. While I am happy and excited for Eijun, I feel rather sad too. Because it takes so long for him to be acknowledged, when others, including previous opponents, easily acknowledge him. It’s rather fortunate (or not) that only the coaches are watching Eijun’s excellent performance. Inashiro and Teitou will be in for a surprise next time they meet Eijun.

(The first years’ excitement and admiration are so cute and adorable btw, Asada in particular) Okumura’s expression is interesting. Somehow I feel that he can relate with Eijun’s position (being overlooked, underestimated), but again, I’m guessing wildly here. I think we need Okumura’s backstory soon.

No one’s perfect. I suppose Kataoka has been such an amazing coach (especially compared to Ochiai) that we have such a high expectation of him, but he does know how admit his mistake. For an adult and authority figure, it is not an easy thing to do, because it shows that they are not infallible. It could be both a good and bad thing. But I don’t think Eijun takes it badly, if anything he looks like that he wants to prove that any apology is not necessary. The coach has chosen him, late it might be, but he has. His reaction to the apology is truly mature and responsible, not unlike an ace, don’t you think? I might be too hopeful or optimistic, but Eijun does quite like to surprise us, doesn’t he?

I think all of us want to see more of Eijun’s growth. Shall we wait for Eijun’s fine batting in next chapter?

AU in which Apollo - either by accident or design - goes on a trip to the underworld to drag Clay back to life.


  • Apollo being So Done With This regarding many of the supernatural goings on and shit in the underworld.
  • Klavier, Trucy, Phoenix, and everyone else freaking the absolute hell out on the mortal plane.
  • Potentially, there being a way of seeing what Apollo’s up to or getting news about him on the surface.
  • Apollo accidentally adopting a hellbeast of some kind.
  • Or maybe Mikeko was a supernatural being all this time, and that’s how this is all happening - that cat liked Clay, and cats have a way of sweet-talking gods, and also they go wherever they please.
  • The underworld isn’t actually Hell, but more along the lines of the Greek interpretation, mixed with various other ideas; ‘Underworld’ is simply the term for everything, no matter what you’re referring to. 
  • In the midst of all this, Clay isn’t doing too badly. He’s actually getting on quite well with Metis Cykes and being introduced to various random people who’ve died in the course of the games… and his mother, and Apollo’s father. Who inadvertently, since they’re all dead, says who Apollo’s mother is, something that’ll mean they’re going to piece things together really quickly later on.
  • Clay hearing about Apollo being in the underworld and being like WHAT THE HELL WHY ARE YOU INSANE, ‘POLLO. And then going off out to meet him, even though it’s hella dangerous.
  • Clay getting the CHOICE as to whether or not he comes back to life.
  • Hades/God of the Underworld actually being a Really Chill Dude and being okay with all of this - mostly because Apollo is, despite being loud, respectful. And doesn’t make demands
  • Both Apollo and Clay ensuring they don’t get any ‘Orpheus and Eurydice’ moments, with Clay disappearing as soon as they get to the mortal world again.
  • Apollo finding he’s got light-based powers while in the underworld because of his namesake, and super bonus points for that being WHY he was called Apollo in the first place.
  • Maybe it’s even Maya who’s able to be the go-between for news from one realm and the other. Cue Apollo or Clay fainting ‘unconscious’ when she’s channeling his spirit, or just plain disappearing entirely, depending on which works best.
  • Apollo meets a guy at one point who hadn’t been able to move on from the first plane, where everyone waits, because he never learned what happened to his son, and no one he’s met was able to tell him, or chose to. Apollo mentions something in passing about how Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth had helped out in his last case, and the guy starts crying on him. (He mentions this one when he’s next channeled, and Miles Edgeworth has a funny turn. Phoenix gives him a worried ‘I’m there for you’ look.)

End point? Apollo goes through his trials successfully and brings Clay back, successfully, and everyone goes through character development and no one is forced back against their will, and ghosts get to move on, and Maya is this super important person the story couldn’t move on without, and everyone comes out of it a bit different - some in more ways, some in obvious ways, but all in some ways - and not in a bad way.

this white boy is walking around my neighborhood and I’m assuming he’s playing Pokemon go, with no shoes on. It’s damn near 90° how the hell is he walking on that hot ass concrete.

Haikyuu!! Fic Recs (pkmnshippings’ masterpost part 1)

@subtlyimpulsive asked me if i had any fic recs, and as i started making the list, i realised just how many fics i would recommend to people across various ships, so i decided to put it into text post format instead. i’ve arranged them by ship, in alphabetical order, for ease of reading. under the cut because damn this list is long as hell. it’s also the last fic rec list i am ever going to make for haikyuu!!, because it took me hours to put it all together, and i am tired.

tumblr does have a limit to the amount of links you’re allowed to have in one post, so i’ve split the list into two parts. there’s a link to part 2 here, and at the end of this post.

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bye i was ready 2 start livin my life like it’s golden while ridin this narry hype and now this person wana say they were lyin… i;ve gotten my hopes up so many gat damn times on this hell site and i;m tiredt bith!!!!!! i;m tiredt of the e-disrespect… the e-folk tales… the e-slander… i;m a good person i don;t deserve thi

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"Wrong Person"

“DAMN IT, DYNAMITE! WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR DEAL?! THAT HEIST WAS ALMOST A FAILURE BECAUSE YA CAN’T STOP BLOWING SHIT UP! There was civilians in the area, you idiot and there could’ve been casualties! You’re lucky I got the artifact without getting caught, take your head out of your ass and get your head in the game!”

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Your self confidence is so inspiring, like shit every time I open tumblr you're on here all "damn right I can cook, hell ya I have nice teeth, ps I made a girl cum for 6 hours no biggie" srsly the way you present yourself to the world is damn magical

Lmfao! It’s all about faking it till you make it.

Only difference is I’m not faking it anymore

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hanzo + mcdouble

???Did you mean???? McCree???? IDk akjdv

I am pretending I understood this and you mean McCree

vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell

Final Verdict: McHanzo was the ship that brought be to the fandom, tbh, not even as like “wOW THIS SHIP I HAVE TO JOIN OW” but more like “woah these characters look awesome and they’re cute together who are they and where are they from”

Pokemon go team leaders revealed summary

Team Valor: hOLY SHIT!! HOT DAMN!! CANDELA IS FINE AS HELL!! WE TOTALLY GOT THE BEST LEADER; SUCK IT!! *will not stop yelling about how gay they are for Candela*

 Team Mystic: Yo Valor you’re actually right for once, Candela is awesome. But we’ve gotta say, Blanche over here is pretty damn great!! We love them so much! Regardless of whatever their gender is they are pERFECT!

Team Instinct: Look at our sparky bOI!! WE LOVE HIM AND HIS MEMES!! DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB