damn it rick. i was trying to get it on with daryl


Rick: “I guess I owe Glenn some beats.”
Daryl: “You guys bet on us bein’ together? It weren’t no secret.”

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Request: Could you do an Imagine where the reader is Rick’s sister and she starts dating Daryl, secretly, but he find out and gives Daryl the brother speech. And it’s when they were living on the farm.

I hope you like it :)

Being Rick’s little sister isn’t always as easy as it seems.
Yes, you’re badass and everyone can see you’re related to him but being his sister comes with some kind of burden.

No matter what happens you always try to be on Rick’s side and to do what he want’s you to do.

So secretly dating Daryl Dixon isn’t something, anyone would expect you do to.

First of all, there is an age gap between the two of you that can not be denied, even though the two of you really give a damn about it. Mostly because you’re more mature than anyone else in your age.

And second of all, with Rick still trying to get along with Daryl a hundred percent and trying to figure everything out with the people in your group, it’s not a good idea to break the news to him.

But living on the farm now, with Hershel and his family around, it feels like all of you have settled for now.
Maybe it’s not permanent but it’s a safe place for now.

Luckily Carl’s back on his feet again and is recovering just fine from his gun shot wound, even though Otis still blames himself and tries to make right with Rick, Lori and you.

You let out a silent sigh as you sit on the porch of the house and watch over the field while everyone is busy doing stuff to help Maggie and Beth.
Daryl’s out on a run again, looking for Sophia and you can’t help it but smile a little bit while thinking about him.

Ever since she got missing he did everything he could to find her, just as today when he took one of the horses and left right after breakfast.

Now that you think about it, he has been out there for a while and you start to wonder if something may have gone wrong.
“Hey Maggie? Tell the others I’m on a quick run. Will be back soon.”, you look inside and she nods before you pick up your knife and start to walk into the woods, taking the direction Daryl went.

“Where the hell are you Dixon?”, you let out a sigh and walk around to find him in here.
“He really has to teach me to track.”, you look around and walk deeper into the woods.

Some walkers approach you and you’re able to take them out without hesitation but suddenly three walkers at once come near you and you’re able to take out one when another tries to get a bite from you.
Shocked you take a step back and realize you were standing on the edge of a hill because you loose your grip and fall down backwards.

“Shit!”, is the last thing escaping your mouth before you crash down on the ground and feel a sharp pain in your thigh.
As you look down you can see your knife being stuck inside of it and you gasp in pain before laying back down because your head hurts like hell as well.

Desperate and in pain you try to see where you are but all you can see is a small river and hills around you.
“Damn it.”, you punch the ground and think about pulling the knife out of your leg so you can at least try to walk.
But then you remember what you were told in med-school and decide to let it in, just in case you cut some arteries or something like that.

Annoyed you crawl over to a big rock and rest against it while trying to figure out a way to get back to the farm.
“I shouldn’t have walked away.”, you talk to yourself when you suddenly hear wood cracking behind you and look around in panic to find something to kill the walker.

“Y/N?”, a familiar voice comes up and you’re heart skips a beat when Daryl walks around the rock to look at you.
“The fuck happened? Heard you scream.”, he raises an eyebrow before he kneels down in front of you and checks out your leg.
“I was trying to find you, asshole. What do you think you’re doing being away the whole day? I was worried like shit about you.”, you snap at him now that your situation isn’t as miserable as before and you’re finally able to let out your anger towards him.

“Was trying to find the damn girl and the stupid horse threw me down. Went by foot when I heard you.”, he mumbles before he rips a piece of his shirt and wraps it around your leg to stabilize it.

“So what now? Can’t walk up there.”, you gasp out in pain when he tightens the bandage.
Without another word he picks you up and gives you a piggyback ride up the hill.
“Sorry I scared you, though.”, he suddenly says and you shrug your shoulders before you reach the end of the hill and he carefully puts you down again.

“I was just worried, Dixon. Like you too much to not worry.”, he shoots a walker and turns back to you while looking at you.
“No worries girl, not going anywhere.”, he gives you a kiss and you smile a little before he carefully gives you a piggyback ride back to the farm.
As soon as you reach it Daryl starts out yelling for Rick and he storms out of the house, right at you.

“Y/N? What happened? Are you okay? What…?”, he approaches you and Daryl carefully lets you down so Rick can pull you into a hug.
“I’m fine. Fell down a hill and Daryl found me. Need to see Hershel though.”, you point at your leg and Rick nods before helping you get inside while Daryl makes his way over to his tend.

A couple of hours later you lay in bed with a huge bandage around your thigh and some tea between your palms.
“You should take a couple of antibiotics, though. We don’t want you to get an infection.”, Hershel smiles at you and you nod before he leaves you alone.
But not for long because suddenly the door is opened again and Daryl walks in with a book in his hands.
“You doing?”, he sits down on the chair next to you and you smile a little before wiping some hair out of you face.
“Okay I guess. Hurts like shit, but I’m okay.”, you shrug your shoulders and he nods before taking one of your hands between his.
It’s a small gesture but for you it means everything.

“Y/N?”, Rick walks into your room and raises an eyebrow as he sees you and Daryl holing hands.
He coughs and sits down on your bed while looking at Daryl with crossed arms.
“Sorry she got hurt, man. Never meant for that to happen.”, he starts to explain and Rick shakes his head to make him stop talking.

“It’s not on you, Daryl. Hey. It’s not on you.
Her being back with us here, now, that’s everything.
If she’s happy with you, then let it be.
You’re my brother.”

Confession: In “Remember” when Daryl tackled Nicholas & Rick had to pull him off & hold him back, I melted. The way he paced back & forth, trying to find a way to get back at Nicholas reminded me of a tiger at the zoo, stalking the audience (if that makes sense)