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old man Snoke has the best candy on the block

As younglings, Hux dared Kylo and Poe to ring old man Snoke’s doorbell… unexpected Last Jedi twist: Snoke is a good guy! !!!! and he gives out the most expensive candy bars… “Have some treats…You boys look adorable!”

//Happy Halloween to those trick-or-treating across the galaxy!

BTS reaction to you wearing revealing clothes.

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✿ Seokjin: His mouth would instantly open the moment he saw you entering the room in nothing but an extremely tight high-waisted shorts that barely covered half a centimeter under your ass, and a top that was rather close to being a bra than an actual shirt. He thanked God that he was sitting; otherwise his legs would’ve failed him. He bit his lip, but as he noticed how suddenly quiet the other guys had become, they were uselessly trying to cover up the fact that they were staring at you; but their eyes would always return to your figure. His jaw clenched, blood boiling at the thought of someone other than him desiring you. He didn’t know if he should scold them or you for being so provocative around them. He opted for the latter, taking advantage of it as he dragged you to your room with dark eyes and a sly smirk. “You’re going to change those clothes right now” he muttered, but as you were starting to complain about it, he continued, pretending to check you out, “ah! I’ve got the perfect option for you!” and as he pulled you closer, firmly grabbing your waist with both hands, he leaned and whispered in your ear with a husky voice “how about… no clothes?” he playfully bit your earlobe as his hands started to wander off all over your body, and in no time those tiny pieces of clothing ended up on the floor, completely forgotten.

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Yoongi: “what the actual fuck” he babbled to himself when he saw you sitting next to him in nothing but an extra-mini mini-skirt and a tightly fitting shirt that took his breath away for a second before he could force himself to look other way and looking at the other six guys in the room, he noticed how they were not exactly staring at your face. “Are you trying to kill us all today, sweetheart?” he would say in your ear, trying to hide the jealousy that had took control upon his entire being and sending shivers down your spine as he slowly placed his hand on your back and started to play with your bra strips, pulling and letting go. When you bit your lip as you stared at him, he would take no time in taking your hand and driving you to his room, where he could barely close the door before attacking your lips. “Come on, kitten, scream for me, let them know who you belong to” he said almost in a groan as his lips went to harshly suck in the sensitive skin on your neck, leaving marks that would remind everyone who was the only one who got to pleasure you.

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Hoseok: the grimace that suddenly appeared on Hoseok’s face made everyone crack a laugh until they actually turned around to where he was staring and saw you confidently strutting towards where they were sitting, with a cleavage that was capable of causing more than one heart attack, making your high heels sound louder than what they should have. Hobi breathed in deeply, trying to control himself as he patted the free space on the couch next to him, and you obeyed, flashing everyone a stunning smile although probably no one saw it, rather too focused on… other parts… Hoseok noticed that too, and he wrapped his arms around you, burying your face in his chest and trying to cover you up, but stiffening when he felt your warm kisses over his shirt. “If you don’t stop now, baby girl, I might have to fuck you right here, right now” he teasingly whispered in your ear. The sly smirk that appeared on your face did nothing but force him to stand up and grab you by your wrist, dragging you to his room where he happily complied his promise.

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Namjoon: he didn’t actually show much of a reaction when he saw you in a dress that almost seemed undersized due to how much skin it showed. He was accustomed to seeing you in so much less that it didn’t strike in how provocative you were being until he saw the look in the other boys’ eyes. They were basically ripping your clothes off with in their minds and, goddamn it, they weren’t even trying to hide it. He honestly tried to tell himself that you were a grown up woman and you could wear whatever you wanted, but his overprotective side didn’t take long to overcome his common sense. His mind started to wander off to how he could punish you that night, but he couldn’t resist that long, so he just dragged you to the nearest room and made sure you screamed his name so loud that every person in the building could hear you. “Yeah, that’s right babe, scream a little louder for daddy” he whispered in your ear as he made sure you knew nobody else could pleasure you as he did.

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❀ Jimin: “damn kitty, I would hate to think you’re doing this on purpose” he playfully whispered in your ear as you sat next to him on the couch, closely followed by other six pair of eyes that seemed to find it impossible to stop staring at you and your little crop top that didn’t leave much for imagination. “Because then I might have to punish you for being such a naughty little girl” he continued, his husky, hoarse voice and his warm breathe so close to your skin sending shivers down your spine. “Punish me?” you innocently murmur in his ear, keeping up with his game, not minding the presence of the rest of the boys as he grabbed your ass in such a way that nobody could see, but they could probably figure it out from the way you bit your lip, pushing Jimin to the limit. “Excuse us” he could barely manage to voice as he desperately locked the door of his room before quickly pinning you to the wall and, as his hands wandered off all over your body, he whispered slowly in your ear “you’ve been such a bad girl, I’m gonna make sure you learn your lesson”.

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✽ Taehyung: you would raise an eyebrow at him in the moment he took his shirt off. “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought we were having a ‘who can show more skin’ competition?” he said, mocking you and making the rest of the boys chuckle, but that didn’t make the lust that was evidently seeable on their eyes disappear as they checked you out, with you only wearing a tight low-waisted shorts and a little shirt that made it seem more like you were wearing a bikini than actual clothing. “Well, I could easily win that competition, you know” you whispered in his ear, making sure to teasingly play with the edge of your shorts as you innocently winked at him. That was enough for him. He shoved you into the nearest bedroom that luckily was his and aggressively threw you onto the bed, making sure you felt his prominent bulge pressing against you as he kissed your neck and said, his warm breathing crashing against your skin and making you crave more of his heavenly lips “you don’t even know how hard it was for me not fucking you right then and there, baby girl, you’re gonna have to pay for making me go through such difficulties”.

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✿ Jungkook: his lips would immediately turn into a firmly pressed thin line when he saw the way you were dressed, his blood boiling at how the other six boys were looking at you just like a depredator would look at his prey before jumping on it and feverishly devouring it, and saying that he hated it was a clear, giant understatement.  If looks could kill, he would’ve already killed each and every one of his group partners at least a dozen times, so he grabbed you by your shoulders before you could even sit and guided you to his bedroom, quickly shutting the door with a rough kick, making a loud noise that was drowned by your little moans as he pinned both your hands above your head and as he pressed you against the wall, he started to harshly suck on your neck, making sure to pay special attention to your sweet spot, the one that made you groan over and over again. “Do you like it, baby girl?” he would say as you were trying to grasp for air, his tongue working miracles over the juncture of your neck and your shoulder.  “Don’t forget it, I am the only one that can make you feel like this, princess, am I being clear?” he would finish his sentence with a soft nib at your neck, making you moan in response. A smirk would appear on his face as he made sure you completely understood his words throughout the night.

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