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panch1008  asked:

hey you got any frat boy joshler fics pleaseeeee? :))

i found these ones for ya! -Madi

Surrounding All My Surroundings by congregationsvagrant (11/11 | 26635 | Teen and Up)

In which a prank goes wrong, Tyler knows too many frat boys and he just wants to stop getting involved in this stupid war damn it.

(A.K.A Josh is the Vice President of a rival fraternity and Tyler is totally NOT crushing on him.)

Pizza Boy Blues by justanotherpunk (1/1 | 968 | Teen and Up)

Tyler likes his job. He likes listening to Hayley sing along to the radio while she’s serving pizza. He likes the way Dallon always ends up with flour in his hair. He reallylikes his employee discount.

What he doesn’t like is how delivering pizza landed him with a crush on a dumb frat boy; and how everybody in the world seems to know.

and i swear, i couldn’t wait to get you off my chest bynodunintended (1/1 | 6659 | Teen and Up)

The guy looks over to Josh, grimacing and hopping off the counter when Josh walks over, “You’re a new face, hello,” Josh greets with a smile. He tries not to frown when the brunet raises an eyebrow, clearly not impressed with anything, “I’m Josh,” He finishes.

“Good for you,” The guy says, turning his back to Josh and pulls the laughing ginger with him out of the kitchen. Josh chugs down his beer and throws the bottle into the trash, shaking his head with a glare. How rude.

Or, Josh is part of a fraternity and Tyler does not like frat boys at all.