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On another note, either I’m way more kinky than I realize or Persona 5 is like a personal attack on me. There’s shirtlessness, implied muscle gain, lots of talk about how stuffed or hungry they are, stomach growls, eating contests, implied vore talk, and more and I’m not even that far into the game. I think if they showed actual muscle or belly, I’d die.

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♤ - V (Taehyung)

♤: Taking a bath together 
I really like this ;-;
One member, one symbol drabbles *don’t send inanymore, please?

“You know, you have really pretty eyes,” Taehyung spoke in the midst of the tranquility that floated in the air, mixed with a scent of lavender, a pinch of citrus mix of lemon and lime but with just his voice alone, so dark and deep, dripping with warmth, it was impossible to not pay attention.

You looked up to him, noticing he was staring right at you as you were in the middle of trying to play with the foam, watching it coat your whole hand before you rubbed them off with a grin, feeling his legs tangle with yours and with the water, his skin slid against yours with ease, playfully tugging for your attention.

“I do?” You started to blink in a manner that had him laughing, leaning forward to cup your cheeks, getting some of the foam on your cheeks, “You’re so cute!”

“Yah! You’re getting all the bubbles on me!” You exclaimed, trying to push his hands away and you did for a second, but in the next, he was making you a foam beard, smearing the white, light, bubbly substance on your face, shaping the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen him try to do as he seemed so focus in giving you the perfect beard.

“Ah, you look so handsome,” He admired his work but within seconds, you washed them off before you gave him a good splash, “Handsomer than you, that is!”

“Hey! No sassing me! Or splashing!” He breathed out, clenching his eyes shut as he tried to splash some water at you as well but a few times too many, a few minutes too late, the tub seemed to have decrease in water, flowing out of the tub out of the rapid water war you two had with one another that was so intense moments ago that now, it died down, growing quiet, too silent as if none of that had taken place.

He spread his legs out instead, taking note of your eyes on his, his arms widened as well, “Come here,”

With a shy grin and the lowering of your head, you shifted on the tub, spinning around before you slid all the way towards his end, stopping when you finally entered his embrace, his long arms sliding around your waist, his nose in your hair, his legs cocooning you in—Kim Taehyung was everything you love, he’s everything you need.

“Like I said,” He breathed out softly into your ears, his arms tightening by your frame, “Very pretty.”

Capricorn & Taurus Conversation
  • Capricorn: Give me about 10 more minutes to finish this real quick.
  • Taurus: What are you doing now? We're gonna miss the movie.
  • Capricorn: Something important, just 10 more minutes.
  • Taurus: Okay, well what you got to eat up in here. I'm hungry.
  • Capricorn: Again? I mean, damn you just ate.
  • Taurus: Thats was a while ago, before I called you the first time.
  • Capricorn: We can get something at the theater.
  • Taurus: So then hurry up.
  • Capricorn: Sheesh, you'd probably carry a refrigerator on your back if you could.
  • Taurus: Stop playing.
  • Capricorn: I'm not.

an idea for fanart: Vagabond making food for his crew after a heist and once it’s done he proudly announces ‘There are your sandwiches!’

Jack just looks at the three pieces of bread on his plate and says ‘But… where is the sandwich? It’s just three pieces of bread.”

Ryan, looking extremely proud of himself, declares ‘These are bread sandwiches!”

Needless to say, Gavin is exasperated, and starts arguing ‘It’s not bread sandwich! It’s not!’

Michael laughs, Geoff shakes his head, and Jeremy just eats his bread sandwich without saying a word, because damn, he’s hungry.


Jamie & Claire + Drinking from the same source
#indirectkissing #soon there will be a lot of DIRECT kissing if you know what im sayin (via approvesomuch)

ヽ( ・∀・)ノ┌┛Σ(ノ `Д´)ノ RADIO THE GAZETTE TRANSLATION (2016.05.20) #2(3-3)
  • (40: 55)*still arguing about how they are about food*
  • Uruha: You’re weird! You’ll say stuff like, “It’s sweet!”, “It’s spicy!”, and such. You plainly make food decisions based on simple aspects like that.
  • Reita: Yeah *giggles*
  • Uruha: You just say, “Ah, I’m bad with spicy food” or “Ah, I’m bad with foods with pungent smells”
  • Reita: Yeah AHAHAHAHAHA! How about you? How about you!
  • Uruha: The aroma! I try to savor the aroma and the flavor, and eat it with other delicious foods while enjoying each other’s company. You know, that kind of thing! Like, you try to drink and have fun while enjoying the delicious food together and such...
  • Reita: Ahhhhh...
  • Uruha: Like, having a meal with complimentary/ combined flavors.
  • Reita: Ohhh...So you’re basically trying to say that you are a level above me and show everyone that you’re high-class and stuff, right?
  • Uruha: AHAHAHAHA! That’s not what I mean!
  • Reita: I’m really simple. I like (potato) gratin, hamburgers, curry, and stuff like that!
  • Uruha: Yeah
  • Reita: But you’re probably like, “Oh, this aroma/flavor would go well with red wine...” or you’ll ask something like, “Is there a particular dish that would compliment this red wine?”
  • Uruha and Reita: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Reita: You’re saying that you want to enjoy food like that, right?
  • Uruha: AHAHAHAHA! Just letting you know, that doesn’t seem cool at all!
  • Reita: But, that does seem nice...
  • Uruha: No, no~
  • Reita: No, but it does sound really nice! We should try eating like this!
  • Uruha: It would be nice to eat like that...
  • Reita: Wait, but you do eat like that already! With any food *starts fumbling with his speech* th— is brou— giv— to you...
  • Uruha and Reita: AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Reita: With every food that you are given, you already eat like the way that you just described...
  • Uruha: Well, I guess...

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and can you do "just kiss me already" with Calum or Michael please? :D

“DAMMIT Y/N! JUST KISS ME ALREADY!” Calum’s voiced boomed bouncing off the concrete walls of the latest venue.

“No!” You squealed, laughing and twisting your head avoiding his mouth, “Your breath smells bad!” 

He was holding you from your waist, his hands on your back holding you as close to his body as possible. His lips were puckered and he would try to go in for a kiss.

Yet, you had your hands on his chest, pushing him away from you. “Just one kiss and I’ll leave you alone!”

“Go brush your teeth first or do something to make it smell good and I’ll kiss you!” You laughed, leaning as far as you possibly could now.

“No, I want you to kiss me like this! Kiss me with bad breath and I’ll know it’s real!” He was following your movement’s, leaning in when you leaned away or curve his head to follow your blocked lips.

You groaned, “Fine, if you promise me that you’ll go brush them after! and leave me alone!”

“Alright alright, I promise. Give me a kiss baby.” He tilted his head, his lips ghosting yours waiting for you to pucker them.

You intended to give him a small peck, but he didn’t get the hint. He caressed your cheek, taking your top lip between his and flicking his tongue quickly against yours before gently biting down onto your lip, pulling away.

You almost forgot why you didn’t want to kiss him, too caught up with controlling your breathing and staring at his plump lips; listening to your heartbeat with joy.

Then you made a disgusted face, “What did you eat? Calum… ew that’s gross.” You covered your mouth, stepping away from him.

He simply giggled, smiling widely, “I had some good tacos. A lot of onions. Also, I crossed my fingers.”

“CALUM! GO CHEW ON SOME GUM. Oh god you’re disgusting.” You shoved many mints into your mouth, wanting to get his taste out.

“Yeah, but I’m a great kisser.”  He winked.

You glared at him when a thought hit you. “Babe, give me a kiss.” You said with your mouth stuffed with mints, smirking as you grabbed for him.

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