damn it i really love this movie man

I can not translate it word by word because neither of them are my mother language but I understand it more or less, so I can explain you what they say ^^

The fan (woooww a Spideypool fanboy!!) says that Spider-man is really womanizer, you know, in each issue he has a different love interest (Tom here is like: damn right! and nodding a lot). Then the fan says that there are parallel universes where many fans ship Spider-man with Deadpool (here Tom is shyly laughing) and he asks Tom if he would like to do a movie with Deadpool, being partners, like a couple (the fan asks it in a romantic way).

Then Tom says that f*ck yes, if there’s an opportunity to do a movie wih Deadpool it would have to happen because it would be really fun. He don’t know if they can be in a couple but definitely friends.

Gregory Peck photographed on the set of The Yearling  (Clarence Brown, 1946)

‘I just do things I really enjoy. I enjoy acting. When I’m driving to the studio, I sing in the car. I love my work and my wife and my kids and my friends. And I think, “You’re a lucky man, Gregory Peck, a damn lucky man."’

Just some Spider-Man: Homecoming gushing

I loved the movie. One of my favorite from Marvel, up there with Winter Soldier, Ant-Man, and Guardians. Lots of humor, heart, and a twist that definitely shocked me–though in retrospect, made perfect sense in the context of Spider-Man mythology. I’ll definitely be watching this again. Here’s what I enjoyed!

-Tom Holland: By far the most cinnamon roll Peter Parker we’ve been treated to! I loved Tobey (I grew up with him as my Spidey), but there was something so perfect about Holland. Damn, was that some great casting. 

-I just loved that Spidey/Peter kept calling Tony “Mr. Stark”. Like, it really reinforced the generational dynamic. Also, when you remember that Peter Parker made an appearance as a little kid in Iron Man 2… the idea of Iron Man being someone the “next generation” of supers looks up to is interesting, especially for an audience that’s been treated to some very dark glimpses into Tony Starks. 

-I liked that while Tony was *trying* to be a mentor to Peter… he was kinda actually shit at it. But I really loved the mentor/mentee dynamic that drove this movie. Really great way to grow both Peter and Tony as characters. 

-Michael Keaton!!!!!!!

-The Michael Keaton and Spidey in the car seen… lordy. Haven’t been that tense during a Marvel movie in a looooooong time. Well played. 

-There was so much quipping and jokes, but it felt a lot more authentic and natural that most of the quipping in Civil War. 

-Tom Holland is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. He is my son. I must protect him. 

-I really liked that Marvel made a high-school/coming of age story. With a really authentic teenage character. Just… gah! Wonderful. :)

-High school students who looked high-school aged. :D

-The girls playing Fuck, Marry, Kill ranking Avengers… Oh my god. Hilarious.  

-I kinda liked that they didn’t need to include Harry, MJ, or Gwen. I actually really liked MJ and Harry in the original trilogy, and I was so used to MJ being Peter’s woman in the comics, and, you know, I kinda enjoyed the Goblin/Harry arc in the original trilogy. But it was totally fine that they weren’t there. And I liked Peter’s new crew, Ned especially. They were very believable and had a very entertaining dynamic. Not sure if Michelle is really “MJ”–she seemed like a completely different character? But I liked her as Michelle. She definitely got a bunch of laughs out of me. Wouldn’t mind seeing a more mature version of her ending up with Holland’s Peter. 

-Peter Parker is a Good Man. We’ve watched Cap become more morally complex, Tony’s been grey-zone since the beginning, and half the heroes in Marvel have been on the wrong side of the law or morality at one time or another. But Peter’s just a super good dude till the end. Saving Vulture? Wow. Good on ya’ Peter. (And I like that it did pay off for him, even if he don’t know it.) 

-Naive Spidey was so wonderful. Between Spidey and Wonder Woman, 2017 is the year of Adorable Naive heroes. 

-THAT scene. With the rubble. My lord. Oh, my sweet, baby Spidey. I was a bit near tears????

-I, like Peter, was sure that Tony’s proposition at the end was a “test”. 

-Captain American trolled everyone, and I couldn’t be happier. 

suicide squad as i would have written it:

cut out the enchantress entirely. totally unnecessary. we can keep rick flag. actually for the squad we should only have: harley quinn, deadshot, killer croc, captain boomerang, and el diablo. so the original setup is fine. whatever. but the villain shouldn’t be enchantress and her weird brother, but it should be: the joker

i can already hear you all groaning. remove jared leto from the equation for a moment, and bear with me. the joker cant find harley. the joker loves harley. not as person loves a person, but as a megalomaniac loves their most prizes possession. harley is his queen, the best thing he’s ever stole. he won’t let her be taken from him. so he starts just – killing people, bombing shit. he can’t find her and he’s furious. he demands her back, says he’ll destroy this whole damn world if they don’t give her back. because amanda waller is INSANE she sends the squad after him.

so rick flag has been given the leash to people he REALLY DOESN’T WANT TO HAVE LEASH FOR. but what’s to make us give a fuck about this man now that his lady love isn’t thrown up all in this mess? this is where diablo comes in.

so in the movie they have diablo be this peaceful reformed whatever. yawn. i don’t want him to be ghandi. i want him to be SUICIDAL. i want him to try killing himself day after day, i want that fireproof room there because he spends hours trying to burn himself to death, but always failing, because fire won’t be the thing that kills him. he hates himself, hate what he’s done, he killed his wife and children. there’s no coming back for him.

so the threat of death won’t keep him in line, not like it will with the others. so that’s why amanda calls in rick. rick flag, not the enchantress’s lover, but rick flag – el diablo’s brother in law. rick says you’re going to save the whole goddamn world and follow my orders, because you OWE ME. you killed my sister and my niece and my nephew, and you don’t get to just die and join them, you asshole. you have to do your penance first. and diablo agrees.

note: harley and deadshot hate diablo. there’s bad people, and then there’s bad people. and it doesn’t really matter that he didn’t mean it, he killed his wife and kids. deadshot cares about nothing in this world more than his daughter, and all harley wants is to settle down and have a family. both deadshot and harley are itching to put a bullet in this guy, and rick finds himself in the unenviable position of having to protect the superpowered asshole who killed his sister from the other assholes he’s in charge of.

so harley and deadshot become fast friends, just like in the movie. and boomerang is an asshole, but he likes a good time, he likes an adventure. this is fun. so they all go after the joker, and you bet your ass that everyone is calling amanda waller ten kinds of idiot for sending harley in after the joker. but they’ve all  got explosives in their neck, and if they don’t follow orders they die. so harley is playing this delicate game of at least giving the appearance of following orders while the joker does a lot of background shit to get her off her leash so she can come home. so in the meanwhile they’re fighting their way through joker’s traps and his goons, which is especially hilarious because at least twice they catch sight of harley and either give up or just run away screaming. hey, just like amanda says: harley does everything the joker does, but backwards and in high heels. the last thing anyone in joker’s crew (her crew) wants to do is fight her. so they run. and this goes like it does, boomerang blowing shit up and crock being silent, and diablo quietly doing as he’s told while harley and deadshot keep on helping each other out and having each other’s backs. (side note: croc and diablo develop a broship. boomerang remains the comic relief and is treated as a beloved if rabid dog)

so deadshot choosing not to kill harley was nice and all. but how about:

joker gets rid of all the kill switches, just because its easier to take them all out than one. he comes to get harley, who’s so fucking down to go. but she looks at deadshot with some regret, because it’s been so long since she’s had a real friend. this is a mistake. the joker notices and is instantly jealous, instantly furious. harley’s appeal is that she loves him more than anything else, to the exclusion of everything and everyone. so he turns the tables, points a gun a deadshot and tells harley to shoot him. she doesn’t want to, tries to convince him to let it go. but he won’t, says if she doesn’t kill deadshot, he will, and then he’ll kill her. if she loves him, she’ll kill deadshot. and deadshot gets harley, he understands her. so he says it’s okay, he wasn’t that keen to returning to prison anyway. “just take care of her for me, okay?” he says, not being specific, but she knows. he’s saying to take care of his daughter, he’s willing to die by her own hand so she can be with the man she loves and after that he’s still trusting her with his kid, the person he loves most in the world. and deadshot is her friend, but joker is her everything. so she picks up her gun and pulls the trigger and –

– shoots the joker dead.

and she’s sobbing and tries to point the gun on herself, because she just killed the love her life, but deadshot stops her and saves her, and he’s shocked and the squad is shocked and amanda waller is fucking floored. harley quinn just killed the joker. batman owes her a fucking fruit basket. and harley says “you’re not going back to prison” and pushes deadshot in to the getaway helicopter, and smooths back joker’s hair and reaches for his gun to point it at herself again but deadshot yells her name and so she leaves it all behind and gets in the chopper.

and harley quinn and deadshot escape. they don’t go far, they stay in gothem. joker’s crew was her crew too, and none of them skip a beat when she retakes her mantel, deadshot at her side. they all knew how her and the joker were, and she killed him. if any of them were willing to cross her before, they aren’t now. and deadshot straight up kidnaps his daughter from her abusive mother, sends her to the best schools and lives in a nice house with her. and during the day he’s still an assassin, still kills on command – harley’s command, specifically. and harley comes to the house, and deadshot’s daughter loves her, and harley gets what she wanted, if not who she thought she wanted it with: a life of crime and a family to come home to, the two things she loves. harley and deadshot rule the streets their way, and no one’s really sure if they’re good guys or bad guys or what. and no one stops them. because harley quinn killed the joker, and for the good guys it’s out of a sense of gratefulness and for the bad guys its from a sense of wariness, because now they know, or think they know.

god help anyone who disrespects the queen.

(then they break everyone else out and splash suicide squad across the city, because they’re not the good guys, but to quote one of my favorite shows: sometimes bad guys are the only good guys you get)

I just watched the first Iron Man Movie and it was so intense I was speechless for the hour at least

This genius is kidnapped (by his own mentor/business partner/substitute for dad at some point), literally tortured, moments away from death until this awesome guy in the cave saves him. Then he finds out that the terrorist are using his weapons to cause destruction and harm lives, rather than save, and using nothing but his intelligence and intuition, is assisted by his newfound friend and build an iron man suit prototype thing???

How. I mean he’s disgruntled, he’s a mess, he’s clearly scared. But when he sees those weapons, he channels everything into saving himself and friend, so he can prevent his name from doing any more bad. I mean??? That is drive. That is an incentive if I’ve ever seen one

And like I get it. I admit, he is an asshole in the movie, but if you think about it, it makes sense. Like at the beginning, when he wins that award, he doesn’t care. It’s a big deal, clearly anyone would love to have it, but he doesn’t and thats because he’s passionate about what he does, it was never about the praise or the trophies or whatever, it was getting the job done, helping his country, and living his life. That sort of admiration isn’t why he’s in the business, it’s quite straight foreward.

So, I mean yeah it’s rude and whatnot, but he’s an impulsive, certain and assertive person. Things for him seem really black and white, he seems to know what he’s doing. That changes as the movie progresses, but that’s just character development.

Damn, I can’t wait to watch the rest. Tony Stark is the man! (And Pepper, Rhodey, Jarvis, and friend from cave who’s name I forgot, they the real mvp’s)

Things I really loved about Spiderman: Homecoming in earnest!


1. That it felt new)
Look, it needs to be said first off that Homecoming had the added pressure of not just being a good movie, but being a new and different take on the THIRD reboot of a character in 15 years. That’s a really hard thing to do, and they nailed it. Holland’s Spiderman is distinct and his own while also feeling like the character, and the world he inhabits and the story the movie tells feels Spidery without feeling like we’ve seen it in the last two reboots.

2. World building)
The Marvel universe - when it’s not featuring in its massive collab films - always needs to find a way to feel connected, and not only did Homecoming succeed at this, it also found a great way to build on the Marvel world. The Captain America PSA’s were funny, but they also really helped shaped the idea that this is a world that has had superheroes for more than half of these kids lives. Same with Keaton’s daughter’s picture at the beginning, or the game of Fuck, Marry, Kill that the girls play with The Avengers; this is a world with superheroes that feels lived in and that was great.

3. Vulture)
Speaking of world building, I loved everything about Keaton’s Vulture. Marvel villains - beyond Loki - have always been just a little bit meh, but Vulture was perfect for the story they were telling. His whole story was a fantastic “view from the bottom” look at the Marvel Universe. A regular guy (in a tough economy) who is just trying to provide for the best life for his family, and is doing so by profiting off the “scraps” of what the Avengers leave behind. I LOVED that Vulture didn’t try to take over the world, or that it wasn’t really personal for him. Yeah, he loses a job because of Tony and didn’t like him, but he was just stealing from him because he had the stuff he could steal, and not say, building a villainous and overly complicated revenge scheme because he got stood up at a party once (side eyes Iron Man 3 just a little bit).

4. Vulture and Spidey’s dynamic)
Damn, that was a reveal done right. I’ve never jumped once at a Marvel movie, and Homecoming had me do it when Liz’s mother comes into the frame behind Peter. It’s a totally innocent moment, not even really a jump scare, and that is a true testament to the tension in that scene. Also, the fact that Vulture clearly respected Peter was great; he thanks Peter for saving his daughter, doesn’t sell Peter out in jail. I kind of felt like part of the reason Peter doesn’t take Tony’s offer was because some part of Vulture’s “little guys” speech had sunk into him, and that’s a really great dynamic between hero and villain.

5. Continuity Easter eggs)
The comic heavy hints are great (like say, Donald Glover’s character as Miles Morales uncle), but I’m a sucker for in universe Easter eggs, and Homecoming delivered. Things like principle Morita having a picture of the Howling Commando he played in Captain America; The First Avenger were fantastic little nods that you didn’t have to have any comic book knowledge about but still were really rewarding.

6. Ned)
I love Ned. I loved that he was quirky and uncool and totally cool with that. I even love that he was out of shape; it’s always great to see positive portrayals of people not just of different races but of different body types, and I love that he was never bullied or made fun of for his weight. Also, I just really loved that Peter had a friend (that wasn’t Harry Osborn). I genuinely can’t remember if the past 2 Peter Parker’s actually had a friend that wasn’t Harry (and thus weighted by the knowledge he was going to end up a villain) and it was so nice to just have Peter seem like a real kid who has friends and hobbies.

7. That Peter felt like a kid)
Homecoming nailed this in a way that the last two series never really did. Admittedly, the fact that Holland is much closer to the age of the character he’s playing than the two previous helped, but the movie did a great job of it in other ways. That he’s never driven, that he’s susceptible to peer pressure and just wants to be well liked; Peter felt like a real teen who had this situation thrust upon him and that was fantastic.

8. In media res)
You cannot know how thrilled I am that Homecoming skipped the whole death of Uncle Ben and spider bite thing. The death of Uncle Ben especially; yes, it’s important to shaping the hero and the man Peter becomes, but it’s also been done twice in recent memory, and leaving it out took guts (and not even a dream sequence like say, the recent reboot of some other dead superhero parents). Instead Homecoming treats the audience like they’re smart and just alludes to it, and the spider bite, and I’m so for it. Homecoming feels like we still get to see an origin arc without all the trappings of the origin we already know, and it works 100%.

9. MJ’s new character)
Look, there’s a bit of a pin in this one, which I’ll explain at the end, but I really liked this new adaption of MJ; the little we got to see of her at least. No, she wasn’t the same character as in the comics or the Rami films, but again, I really admire the fact that they were risky enough to try new things. Also, her little arc; “I have no friends,” to “my friends are up there,” to “my friends call me MJ” was this neat transition from loner girl to decathlon captain with friends and I found it really sweet.

10. The web in the suburbs)
HAHAHA OMG this was my biggest laugh in the movie. I’ve literally joked with my sister that Spider-Man is a hero who really only works in New York (one of the most vertical cities in the world) and having that scene play out was just perfection.

Second biggest laugh by far, but I am SO down with Aunt May knowing about Spider-Man. The “hiding my secret identity from my loved ones” is a cliche that’s worn pretty thin, and I am here for the next movie where May knows.

12. Pepper)
I don’t care what you think of Paltrow; I love Pepper Potts, and I love her relationship with Tony. I don’t even mean that on a shipper level; Tony and Pepper really have always felt to me like the best balanced, healthiest and most real MCU couple, and the fact that they were on the outs in Civil War (because of what was likely the cost of having the actress be there) sucks. Homecoming fixed that, and it did it in such a characteristic way; Tony asking for the ring as a media diversion, Happy having it for 9 years, Pepper just rolling her eyes at their antics and Tony catching the ring anyways (hinting at it being semi serious) was just this perfect 2 minute look at their dynamic.

13. Tony and Peter)
I loved that that mentoring relationship felt very true to both their characters. That at the start Tony wanted to be a mentor but didn’t really know how to and that Peter just wanted his approval and how, by the end Peter had grown into someone that deserved Tony’s respect, and that Tony had become a better mentor by being able to let him walk away and acknowledge that not joining the team was best for him. Also; “I wanted you to be better than me,” and “if you’re nothing without the suit than you shouldn’t have it,” are just great lines. A+.

14. “Come on Spiderman” and the building on top of him)
Like, that whole scene, just, perfection. Tom Holland owned that scene, and it was both agonizing to watch his pain and his desperation, and utterly uplifting to see him triumph. A+++

Thing I wasn’t so crazy about:

1 . The MJ reveal)
Look, I said there would be a pin in that and here it is. If the Vulture reveal was the perfect example of how to do a twist reveal right, this was a pretty textbook example of “a twist just for the sake of a twist.” A good twist or reveal should change the mood, the dynamics and the stakes. Finding out that the villain was the father of the girl Peter had spent the whole movie evolving his relationship did all of those things. Finding out that Zendaya’s character- who is literally called Michelle once, right before she announces herself as MJ - does none of that. Her being MJ rather than Michelle doesn’t change her arc or her impact on the movie at all, especially given how little of her we see in the movie. I honestly think it would have been much better if she’d been MJ from the beginning. Having this new iteration of MJ - who is really different from previous ones - would have given the audience time to acclimatize to her take on the character. Instead, it’s played as a reveal with utterly no stakes, and I think that’s an unfortunate sign that perhaps they didn’t believe enough in their version of the character to stand up on her own merit, which is pretty disappointing.

I just want to post this again. Tyler Hoechlins ass is amazing. Look at it! It’s perfect. As well as those back muscles. Those calves aren’t too bad either. God bless us for Everybody Wants Some. Tyler’s short shorts, crop top, and this underwear scene is one of my favorite reasons for loving him and the movie. Those underwear almost look see through!! 😱😱😱like you can maybe see the skin tone through them. Plus you can totally see the indentation of his crack. Wow… I’ve really got to get my mind out of the gutter lmao. Yay Hoechlin!!! I hope he does more things like this in the future. Or perhaps shed all the clothes. It better be a damn good role for him to shed clothes. I don’t want him to have like one line then get naked. He’s too good for that. Let it be a leading man role that gets him lots of spotlight time. Then he can get naked. That’s fine by me. And the gif is not mine. So credit to whoever did it.

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What's your favorite movie design for jason?

Oh man Jason has a lot of good designs.

But it’s a tie between Jason’s design in “Freddy vs Jason” and Jason’s design in “Friday the 13th VI: Jason lives”

I really love his mask and his outfit in “Freddy vs Jason”, which is why whenever I draw Jason it’s in this outfit.

But at the same time I also like his design in “Jason lives”, but I’m so used to draw his outfit from “Freddy vs Jason” that I would find it weird to draw him in another Jason oufit.

And eh, I also love this Jason for another reason…

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What is some good Road to El Dorado fanfiction? :)

Ohhhh man… you asked for it.

The Road Back to El Dorado and The Trials of El Dorado (sequel) - Oh man oh man this fUCKING FIC MAN. If you like TRtED at all then this fic is a must read. If you ship Migulio it just makes it better, but if you dont its still absolutely terrific. But it will absolutely murder you because it was never finished. Guys I legitimately cried for a day because I know I probably will never get an ending to this fic. So yeah. Its pretty damn good. I think its my most highly recommended fics on this list. (Slashy subtext)

Partners? Partners - Pre-movie fic about how T+M met, Its a really short one-shot, but I like it. :) (Not slash)

Mixed Signals - Post-movie fic, short one-shot, somewhat fluffy, Migulio slash, it gives me that cute fuzzy feeling at the end. (Slashhhh)

This End’s Beginning - A pre-movie one-shot fic about Tulio and Miguel’s mothers, and how the two boys ended up together. I’m not sure why, but it always manages to make me cry, and I love the idea of the story. (Not Slash)

Never Forget - A kind of one-shot AU of what happened after the “Forget Miguel” scene. Very very Migulio slashy, rated M, definitely smut. I think this might be my favorite TRtED smut fic, it’s very well-written and the perfect M fic for any Migulio fan :3 (Slash x100)

What El Dorado Should Have Been - Basically the movie, save for some parts that are rewritten so that Migulio is canon. Only 2 short chapters, unfinished. Kinda cute, fluffy. (Slash)

Ten Commandments - An AU of what could’ve happened when they were prisoners on Cortez’s ship. Angsty, unfinished, but pretty good. Worth a read. (Slashy subtext)

Promises - Post-movie, 3 chapters, Migulio fluff. So much fluff. Absolutely adorable, definitely worth reading. (Slash)

Naturally - Unfinished post-movie, rated T for suggested stuff, but no actual M stuff is specifically written about. Very angsty, Tulio and Miguel struggle with their feelings for another man, and whether or not it’s right. Tulio struggles with choosing between Miguel and Chel. (Slash)

On a Pint and a Prayer - Holy smut I love this fic. A one-shot of what might have happened during one of the celebrations in El Dorado. Its so damn awkward, but in a good way. The 2nd hand embarrassment you get is ridiculous, I have to take breaks while reading it. Its really well-written, rated M for gay stuff. (Mega Slash)

The Age of the Jaguar: Curse or Blessing - Angst angst angst, what if Miguel had been severely injured by the jaguar? Tulio has a lot of problems. (Slashy subtext)

Forget ElDorado - One-shot, Migulio smutty smut. Rated M. (Hella slash)

I Never Needed Gold - One-shot smuuuuuttttt, Rated M (Slashy slash)

Losing Control - Smutty, M-rated fic about that famous hot spring scene. You know the one. (So much slash)

I Just Dont Cut It With the Cherubium - Slash slash slash, Migulio one-shot, very well-written, no actual sex scene, but you won’t be disappointed ;D (El Slashorado)

I dont want to be that one person that recommends their own fic, but.. Better Off - Its my first fic, please dont hate me. Tulio leaves El Dorado for unknown reasons, and Miguel sets out to find him. Theres also some background on their childhood and stuff. Yay.

There were a couple more fics I remember being really good, but I cant find them ugh. I’ll add them to this post if I ever do, though. Most of the fics I suggested are from Fanfiction.net, simply because it has a larger selection. There are plenty more fics out there on other sites, you just have to be willing to search for them lol

Sorry about the extremely vague descriptions on some of these. 

Wonder Woman: A Moment

Tonight I walked into my hometown theater with my mom, little sister and some of my best friends, proudly displaying the Wonder Woman logo on my chest and with an electric feeling in my veins. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited personally for a film or any story really. Sure the return of Star Wars to the silver screen was glorious, but this was different. This was about me. For the first time in my life I was going to see a female superhero on the big screen, in surround sound, kicking ass and saving the world with a story all her own told through the eyes of a real life badass female.

Honestly I don’t think I really understood that until it was starring me in the face 30 minutes into the film and I didn’t know what to do. One moment I was cheering for the reveal of Wonder Woman in her full armored glory and the next I was in tears. Tears I didn’t know I was crying until they rolled off my face. Tears that came down streaming too quickly for me to stop. Tears that became the physical embodiment of happiness. Tears that made me realize I finally felt SEEN and HEARD and even PRAISED for nothing more than being, being a strong woman despite growing up in a world where we are told to be anything but.

This fact was so relevant that Diana’s comedic relief became my reality. Her confusion at her lack of a voice and control over herself in this new world further opened my eyes to the fact that we live in a society that finds it appropriate to allow us to think not having a place is normal and expected. Sure the film is outdated, this isn’t the 1940s, but the core sentiment is very much still present. Women struggle every day to have their stories told and opinions heard. It’s easy to believe that we live in the bubble that our movie theater creates for us, and that everyone finds it laughable that Diana can’t speak when she wants to because in reality she should be allowed to do so. The fact of the matter is that it’s quite the opposite outside of those doors. So many believe that women do not have a place next to man and that there is no reason for even a fictional story centered around an independent woman to exist.

As an immigrant woman in her early 20s who is the first in her family to attend and graduate from a private university in the United States, I have to disagree and point out that there are far too many reasons for me to list for a story like this to be told. Too many lives around the world that could be changed with just a little bit of hope and optimism about the future for women. However, I also realize that I am viewing the film through a specific lens and that, ultimately, I am not the audience that needs convincing of this fact. The audience that needs convincing doesn’t even know that THEY do. I learned this tonight as my brother and father found it all to easy to criticize Wonder Woman and compare it to the rest of the films in both the DC and Marvel universes. As someone who studied film in college, I can understand their attempt to be objective, although ultimately they were men talking about a movie that could otherwise mean nothing to them.

As I sat in the car and attempted to put into words how I felt about the film, it dawned on me. I am totally and 100% biased about Wonder Woman without even knowing I would be. It hit me when my brother compared the film to DC’s Man of Steel by saying “I mean it’s a really good DC movie but I will always love Man of Steel the best. Then again I am partial to  Man of Steel because I love Superman, he is my favorite.” That’s when I realized I don’t have the luxury to have a “favorite”. Wonder Woman is the first film of its kind and a damn good one to top it off. It and she are my favorites because they are my ONLY.

My brothers have grown up with SuperMAN, BatMAN, SpiderMAN, AquaMAN, Iron MAN and the list goes on. This is “just another superhero movie” to them. To me it is “THE superhero movie”. They’ve never had to wait years to see themselves on screen the way WE have. They couldn’t possibly comprehend what the film means to me because they have lived a different life and never once had to worry they would not be represented on the screen, in theater, in writing, in music…

Today I witnessed an amazing film with beautiful cinematography, a well thought out story, compelling characters, an incredibly moving score and a leading lady that had me at the edge of my seat whether it was by her words, her skills or her array of emotions, but in the end what I really witnessed was history.

Tonight I walked out of my hometown theater with my mom, little sister and some of my best friends, proudly displaying the Wonder Woman logo on my chest and with an electric feeling in my veins. This time with a hope that stories like this will continue to be told and that little girls like my sister will never have to ask why there are no girl hero stories as I did when I was young. There are so many emotions going through me right now, but at the end of the day I feel nothing but gratitude for the care that the cast and crew took in delivering a very special piece of movie magic. 

Thank you DC, WarnerBros, Gal, Chris and especially Patty Jenkins. You have rocked my world and that of many others with your art.

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can i have todoroki, aizawa and shinsou taking care of a so who's recovering from a surgery? I just had one a few days ago (endometriosis stuff, and those damn cramps and bleeding) :c thx bb

(I’m so sorry this took so long I’m so shitty) awwe shit man that sounds like an actual nightmare I hope you recover quickly


-          He’s never taken care of someone before so this is a whole new experience for him

-          Googles a lot of things and does a lot of research on the exact surgery and all that stuff

-          He’ll get rly into it, so into it that you’ll have to debunk some things for him cause he reads like almost every article he can find and idk that can get kinda overwhelming and being on the outside of it you don’t know what’s fact and what’s fake

-          Todoroki learns that he loves playing nurse

-          Will make you soup

-          He’s actually kinda bad at playing nurse though

-          But it’s nice to see him so often that you just go with it

Shinsou (yo I love this boy thank u)

-          Hesitant because he doesn’t want to mess up

-          If you’re stuck in bed while recovering he’ll be so weird about it,

-          He’ll always ask if he can use the washroom even after a couple days of being over

-          Never uses the glass cups cause he’s scared he’ll break them

-          Makes really good chicken noodle soup, but it’s the only thing he can make besides cereal

-          Takes a lot of naps with you and brings over tons of movies to watch

-          Prepare for lots of bob’s burgers, damn man he loves that goddamn show, brings over every single season so you can watch it together

Aizawa (I don’t usually write for him but I got you)

-          Let’s himself into the apartment one morning with a couple of cans of soup and pain meds

-          You never actually invited him over

-          He’s really good at playing nurse

-          Knows how to make multiple soups

-          But he doesn’t actually like soup so it’s a mystery how he knows how to make them all

-          Moves in for the next couple of days and sleeps on the couch

-          Cleans the apartment for you when your sleeping

-          Also does all your grocery shopping

-          He’s like your mom

-          I’m so sorry I don’t normally write him this man is a mystery to me


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I spoke about this moment before but I finally got around to making the gifs to go along with it so again, the thing I love about these moments is that at first she was like “lol you read comics how charming” and then later while she’s with Bill he asks her about Louis and she’s still mad/upset with him and yet she’s reading his favorite comic series and idk man I just think it’s really damn cute. I just love this movie entirely. That is all. 

Confession Time:

As a young 8 year old I remember watching the movie ‘The Nativity Story’ - and seeing the man who played Joseph and being like daaaaamn - like I was a good young catholic girl and this was my first real sexual awakening:

I was legit in love, and I would watch this movie all the damn time just cause he was handsome (and also the movie itself is really entertaining)  but mostly because of how beautiful I thought Joseph was — BUT now imagine 18 year old me going to see star wars and instantly 


I feel like ive been reunited with my long lost love from years ago, like, I WAS IN LOVE WITH OSACR ISAAC FOR 10 YEARS AND I DIDNT EVEN KNOW IT!!! 

i just have a hard time believing that every time bruce banner turns into the hulk that his pants just happen to stay firmly on his body

like thank god im always wearing my XXXXL elastic pants cause who knows when i might hulk out god damn thank the lord for these pants god forbid my giant green penis gets revealed and is just slapping back and fourth between my meaty green thighs 

i mean who wants to see giant sweaty green balls bouncing around crazy, him jumpin across the city, his dong just slamming into cop cars, like damn that thing is a fuckin tree trunk and is a third arm right there. you really afraid of hulks right hook? or are you afraid of his cock hook, i mean whats worse getting a fist to the face or a hairy green PENIS to your face. 

i think were missing out on some fun here with all these movies and comics keeping his iconic purple pants on. just hear me out i mean just hear me out guys

so the avengers are all together fighting, call in for bruce to fight, and youre just trying to focus on shooting your arrows or blasting bad guys but out of the corner of your eye you see this veiny veridian voracious COCK dragging at you at unknown speeds. 

do you remember watchmen??? great movie. yeah great movie, loved it. every god damn scene dr manhattan was in it i had to look right at his dong. had to. its not bothersome, nonoonno its great its just i had to look at it. i fucking counted the number of times his penis is shown 36 times. 36 times his dick is on the screen. imagine hulks penis 36 times in a movie. imagine trying to fight a guy with his dick hangin out. i just want you to imagine hulks penis

thats really what im getting at imagine a giant green penis. 

i mean him and jolly green giant green bean man would make an interesting porno cause that guy likes to wear suspiciously short togas, and i think you know where im going with this

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Hey, I'm really bored right now and I was wandering if you could give me some movie recs? Summer is a bummer lol

Hi, sweetie! Oh, how I wish I was bored in summer vacation right now (damn south hemisphere)! I don’t know which kind of movies you like, so I’ll just stick to my favorites hahah

  • In Your Eyes (romance with a touch of paranormal, I can’t really define it, anyway, this movie is awesome, I don’t know why it is so underrated)
  • Man from U.N.C.L.E. (funny and with lots of action, featuring gorgeous clothes, I love love love it)
  • Wildlike (drama! it is really good, but trigger for rape here)
  • Before Sunrise (it is basically about two strangers talking but omg it is so perfect, i don’t like the sequels that much tho)
  • The Pretty One (about a girl that takes her twin sister’s place, it is cute)
  • Howl’s Moving Castle (very different from the book, but not in a bad way, Calcifer is the light of my life and Howl is such a drama queen, you’ll love him)
  • Penelope (pig snouted girl falls for gambler, I don’t think I need to say anything else)

I tried not to include the ones everyone has seen haha, let me know if you like them!  💕

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Okay i had a really random idea that i wanted to tell you, but i know your heart is so big that even tho your requests are closed you almost always go out of your way to write things for people, b4 i tell you about the idea I just wanna say: this is not a request, i don't want you to postpone what you're doing, this was just a lil idea that made me smile so i thought of sharing it with you bc i thought it was cute: Jumin is so practical, but what if on the other hand V was actually rather naive?

Awwwww Considerate Nonny Chan! 

Thank you for sending this in sweetie- it was really lovely to read!

Mind you I did get pings of ideas for stories for it but more than anything- I just saw this as a brilliant modern day retelling of The Little Mermaid- my favourite Disney movie of all time. I love thinking Jumin as Prince Eric but damn seeing V as the Prince/Man in love with a mermaid is just as beautiful. 

And you’re completely right- Jumin would scour to the ends of the earth to find a mercat. 

“Oh look, look Mr Han- it’s in this book right here… see we can stop searching!”
“… That’s a catfish.”
“Close enough.”
“You’re fired.” 
*bookmarks the page anyways*

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The Whip Fic: III Lazy Sunday Morning

Pairing: RobxReader

Summary: Sunday Morning at the Rob/Reader household. A more… maybe fluffy thing than usual. But still smut. 

Warnings: smut, some fluff. Maybe swearing? I don’t really know anymore

Tags: @welcome-to-awesometown, @dont-hate-relate-pls, @thatone67chevyimpala, @amazinggraceinwonderland, @gabriels-trix

Drop me a DM or an ask if you wanna be on the forever tag list! 

Mornings were the absolute worst, but at least, on Sundays, you didn’t have to get up from bed to go to work. You could just stay snuggled against Rob and not let go for a while and it felt very nice. When you woke up that particular morning, Rob wasn’t there. You didn’t think much of it and just went back to a light sleep pretty quickly.

The second time you woke up, he was standing at the door , obviously hiding something behind his back. You raised a sleepy eyebrow, looking at him. He chuckled and smiled at you. He was dressed, which meant he had been outside already. Which was strange. “What you doing?” You mumbled, propping yourself on your elbows to look at him.

He shrugged. “Oh I’m just… I woke up early so I decided to get out…” He ran a hand through his hair and kicked off his shoes, shrugging. “You went outside on a Sunday morning? Wow, what’s the special occasion?” You chuckled, teasing him. He rolled his eyes at you, walking to the bed and smiling. “Well… I woke up and saw a beautiful woman in my bed… And I thought that I had to do something…” He chuckled and blushed slightly. “So… I got you flowers.” He whispered. “Good morning, babe.” He pecked your lips and gave you the bouquet of hydrangeas. You loved hydrangeas with a passion.

You grinned widely and moved to wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him deeply. “Thanks, baby.” You whispered, one had in his hair. “Come back to bed? Movie?” You asked, looking up at him and smiling. You sat up and pulled on a shirt, because you weren’t comfortable walking around the house naked. Just in case neighbors were looking in this direction. “Gonna take care of the flowers.” You told him and pecked his lips.

You were a florist, had been for a while now. That was actually how you had met him. You had started developing a big crush on that guy with blue eyes and a cute smile that came every two weeks around the same time of the day buy a bunch of phlox. You chatted with him from time to time, asking about what he did, simple things like that. You had learned he was an actor and a musician. It had taken months to actually start flirting with him because you were almost certain he had a girlfriend/wife. He always bought flowers after all. It had turned out they were for his mother. And that had been very cute.  

You took care of the flowers and put them in a vase while he made breakfast. You went back to bed, slipping in the sheets with a happy sigh. You loved lazy mornings. Rob came back after a while, holding a tray with breakfast. You grinned at him as he put it down. “You made pancakes? You’re the best!” You chuckled and pulled him in for a kiss. Fuck you were just so in love with this man. He was perfect for you, seemingly.

“What are we watching?” You asked as he took off his clothes, leaving his underwear on and coming to join you in bed. Now you had your boyfriend and pancakes and damn that made you happy. “Whatever you want.” He shrugged. “You know I don’t really mind anything.” He whispered and looked at you. “I just wanna cuddle.” He added and pulled you close, careful not to send coffee or pancakes everywhere. He pressed a kiss to your neck.

The movie started and the food was eaten. You did know this movie but it was still nice to watch it, Rob’s hand in your hair, or his fingers brushing over your shoulders or back. You just proceeded to draw patterns over his chest over and over again, in a mindless, automatic sort of way. It was so nice and relaxing to have him to yourself. He kissed your forehead tenderly, shifting so he was facing you, not really looking at the movie anymore. He kissed tenderly your nose, your lips, going to your cheek and your neck.

You kept your hand in his hair as he moved, getting you under him. You could feel his hands over your body, brushing against your hips, your thighs, coming back up and under your tshirt to gently palm over your breasts. You had a gasp. He smiled and kissed you deeper, slipping in tongue. It was so nice and slow.

His thumb brushed over your nipple and he pulled back a second to take off the tshirt you had on. You kissed him back, smiling. Your hands went down his chest, and up again, brushing over his collarbones, and neck and cupping his cheek. You wanted to touch everywhere you could touch. He looked at you in between kisses. “You’re so beautiful, Y/N.” He whispered and kissed you again. “So pretty… Can’t believe I have such a gorgeous woman in my bed…” You felt yourself blushing.

He kept on with the praises, hands gently brushing over your body. His kisses were gentle and soft and slow, and it felt just perfect and loving. You loved when he was rough and hard too, but this morning was lazy, and lazy didn’t call for your usual rough sex thing. Somehow you managed to get him out of his boxers too, leaving the two of you naked. Your hand travelled down his back, brushing over his ass lightly. Then you went back to caressing with the type of your fingers his hipbones. You knew how sensitive he was there, and the hitch in his breath when you started touching there was a clear indication.

You got an idea and flipped him over so you were on top, looking down at him. He smiled back at you, hands still over your body. You liked the way his eyes roamed over your skin, tracing every curve and straight line and just you could see how sexy he found you. Well you could feel it too. You moved slightly to kiss him, his fingers weaving through your hair. However, right before you kissed his lips, you moved slightly, only pressing your lips against the corner of his mouth. You still liked teasing him.

Rob chuckled at that, hand still in your hair as you started kissing down his throat, licking at his Adam’s apple, and nipping slightly at the skin. There was a very distinct sound coming from his mouth. Sensitive. You smirked and kissed lower, taking a moment and pausing at his collarbone, kissing and licking, even sucking a mark. You didn’t mark him often enough for your taste. After all, he was your man. Gradually you went lower and lower, past his nipple to his stomach. And then his hipbones.

You kissed and sucked slightly, tongue dipping right at that spot that made him gasp and tighten his hand in your hair. You smirked. You didn’t blame him, and you really liked tasting his hipbones too. That was one of your favorite things to do. Everytime he was in a concert and his shirt rode up, flashing the audience with a bit of skin and a hint of hip bones… You couldn’t help but suck in a sharp breath. As you changed sides to give the same treatment to the other hipbone, you wrapped your hand around his cock, stroking lightly. He moaned softly. He made such beautiful noises when he was in this kind of situation.

“Fuck you taste so good.” You whispered and sucked a hickey right under his hipbone. He moaned at the feeling and tightened his hand in your hair. He was just so sensitive there. You nipped slightly, making him gasp. You looked up and saw that he was looking at you, waiting for more. You smirked. He had a soft tender sigh and he shook his head. He pulled you back up, kissing you deeply before grabbing the remote and switching the movie off. He grabbed a condom from the nightstand, and pulled you close, laying you down.

You barely noticed that he was putting the condom on, eyes just roaming over his face memorizing every line and every sparkle of color in his eyes. You spread your legs a little and he moved closer, slowly entering you. You moaned softly, biting your lip, eyes closing a little. “You feel so good baby…” You muttered when he bottomed out, leaving you a couple of seconds to adjust. He moaned softly, kissing you deeply as he started moving. It was slow and deep and nice, making you feel every inch, and still making you moan when he went deep.

This time, what he muttered in you ear were compliments, praises, and maybe sometimes some curses, but it didn’t have the urgency and edge of usual, and it was nice in a way. He kissed softly at your pulse point, sucking the skin softly, pressing more kisses as he kept his slow, torturous pace. You moved right back against him, feeling so close and so damn intimate.

His lips were parted and he looked at you, muttering your name against your ear. You found his eyes and damn, they were so fucking beautiful, and so blue, and just… You closed your eyes and kissed him deeply, lovingly, arms around his neck. You thrusted back on him, and you could feel just right, just nice.

He started going a little faster and you didn’t really mind, because you were coming closer to your release and you knew he was too. You loved the understanding you two had of each other’s bodies, because right at this moment, you felt his teeth against your pulse point and he sucked in a hickey. He knew that made you crazy and you moaned out loudly, hand in his hair again.

He came first and you came right after him, both of you kissing the other like the world was ending, keeping each other close and riding out the last of your high with each other’s name on your lips. It wasn’t harsh or loud and it was just perfect. You felt so good, so right. “I love you.” He whispered and kissed you again, and you kissed back. “I love you too.” He pulled out and threw the condom and you snuggled against him the second he was back in bed, pulling the sheets over the both of you.

You buried your head against his neck and he wrapped his arms around you. He smelled of his soap and a bit of sweat and just like him. He smelled good. You smiled and kissed his neck and snuggled close. He kissed your forehead, one hand tangled up in your hair and the other brushing up and down your neck, as your breathing slowed down. You felt heavy and happy and at peace, and you were both intertwined in each other’s warmth and you wished that moment could last forever. Safe, in love, together. You fell asleep listening to his breathing and feeling his hands gently brushing your skin. You felt good.

Mystic Messenger Characters + Favorite Halloween Movies!



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  • It’s not too spoopy for this sweet cinnamon roll
  • There’s love! So cute
  • Perfectly festive enough to cuddle on the couch together and watch
  • “I’m not afraid of scary movies! I’m a manly MAN! I just prefer this over blood and guts…”
  • Such a romantic



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  • He’s not super into films that are fanciful, so American Psycho‘s black comedy surrounding the neurotically rich is right up his alley
  • He??actually??really??enjoyed the film?????
  • “Perhaps it’s time to redesign my business card…”
  • Sometimes you call him ‘Patrick’ jokingly
  • He doesn’t think its funny



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  • It’s a musical
  • He loves the energy of the film
  • And the musical numbers
  • After a few beers you guys sing together while you watch it
  • ♪ ♫“Damn it, Janet!”
  • “I love you!”♫ ♩ ♬ 



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  • So cheesy. So scary. So spoopy!
  • Movie marathon, anyone??!
  • A staple of horror films
  • So many classic moments
  • You guys watch these no matter what time of year it is



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  • Cute boys???
  • Plus it’s a classic
  • Jaehee is crazy about the classics
  • And vampires!
  • “I’d love to see Zen play the role of a vampire. He’s so elegant, he could easily pull it off with his chiseled face, piercing eyes and long gorgeo-”
    • “J A H E E   P L E A S E !” ‘
  • “Oh, sorry MC…” *ahem

◉ V


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  • He really enjoyed the book
  • Not a huge horror fan
  • But this is more of a psychological thriller
  • So he likes it
  • Enjoys the fact that it provokes thought
  • Creepy enough that he can still hold you close while you watch



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  • Likes how weird and unconventional it is
  • Not scary to him, really hasn’t found a movie yet that totally creeped him out
  • But he knows it makes you jumpy
  • He loves when you clutch onto him for comfort ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Usually ends up making out with you half-way through the movie anyway

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Can we talk about how Branch is a lot more stocky than every other troll in the movie? Like, what if that's why Poppy really likes him at first? This squished looking grump collecting sticks must have peaked her interest

I love his stocky build a lot, man. Strong little troll. But I don’t really know if it was his appearance that caught Poppy’s attention. I think it was more of a “Must make him smile” type thing. She recognized that he was a grump and just tried so damn hard to befriend him, cuz she wanted to make him happy.