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Right Here

Logan Howlett x Reader, angsty fluff. 

“Breath, you idiot.” Logan muttered as he cradled your body in his arms. “Come on, kid.”

Your eyes remained closed, arms limped at your side. Logan’s heart raced and he cursed under his breath just as the Blackbird appeared from the sky, landing down a few yards away.

“About damn time,” Logan stood up with you in his arms and raced toward the aircraft. He was supposed to protect you, but he had turned his back and you were hit in the chest. The bleeding hadn’t stopped and a sinking feeling came over the man. It was stupid, he had promised himself never to get close to another person again. But then you walked right into the mansion, all attitude and grace, knocked him on his ass once while dueling and he felt himself slip. After so many years, he had let you in. And now you were dying in his arms and there was nothing he could do, except hope and shit he didn’t have much of that left in him.

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Plans for Seduction

Reader x Hank McCoy
Warning: Smut. This is pretty much just smut and some cursing.

Summary: Reader attempts to seduce Hank McCoy.

A/n: My second attempt at writing smut. I think it turned out pretty well. This features blue, furry, Beast Hank. Comments are always appreciated.

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You had some serious doubts about what you were about to do. But you had needs, and right now those needs were taking priority over your better judgment.

So what if you’ve never dated or kissed the man you were currently about to seduce? He was so damn self conscious, that even if he felt attracted towards you, he’d never pursue it. You were tired of admiring him from afar.

You had asked Charles, God knows how many times, to read Hank’s mind to see if he had feelings for you. Of course he always refused, because of the principle of things.

It was always, ‘Y/n, it’s not right to invade his private thoughts like that.’ or ‘I’m sure you’d be rather upset if I read your mind without permission.’

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Pairing: Sam x daughter!Reader, Reader x Twin, Dean x niece!Reader, Zach (OC), Hank (OC)
Word count: 1,308
Warnings: Slight angst

Part 9 of Twins

The second you saw the sign for your town, your excitement caused Dean and Y/T/N to jerk awake in the back. “Wow.” Dean groaned, sitting up. “That was loud. Where’s the fire?” He yawned.

Sam laughed, shaking his head. “We’re almost to Zach’s house.” He explained, earning a nod from the occupants in the back. “Do you want to stop somewhere first? I didn’t know if you’d want to clean up since we’ve been in the car for like 14 hours…” He glanced at you.

You shook your head, grinning. “My 6 month old won’t care, and well, even if Zach did, that doesn’t bother me.” You shrugged. “I mean, he did kinda watch me give birth to his kid.” You muttered.

“To his house we go, then.” He said, letting a silence fill the car after. Your excitement seemed to buzz around all of them. Sam was a bit nervous, because well, he was about to meet his Grandson. Dean was still waking up, and Y/T/N was happy for you.

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Imagine Erik Finding Out You’re His Daughter Right When You’re About To Ask Hank Out

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(Sequel to this imagine!)

“Really? You’re free right now?” you asked, just making sure that you weren’t just hearing things.

“Y-yeah, I guess I am. Wow. That’s weird. I don’t really have free time. That’s weird, too, mostly because I don’t have much of a life,” Hank laughed awkwardly. You were smiling so wide your cheeks hurt.

“Awesome,” you shyly pushed your hair off your face, gathering up your courage. “I was thinking, would you want to-”

“Erik,” Hank breathed, looking behind you. Sure enough, when you turned around, Erik was standing in the doorway with eyes locked on you. He didn’t speak for a while, and Hank was starting to get concerned.

“Were you ever going to tell me?” Erik asked. “Either of you?”

“Peter and I agreed to wait,” you said, voice frighteningly even.

“Why wait?”

“Y/N?” Hank asked.

“Y/N is my daughter,” Erik said mater-of-factly, but he didn’t look at Hank. “She wasn’t honest with me when I asked about her family. You told me your father was dead. Do you not care if I get to be in your life?”

“I don’t want to talk about this right now,” you grumbled. You had been far more unaccepting of Peter that your father ‘simply had to go’, and it was no secret to anyone. You harbored a lot more internalized anger at Erik than Peter did.

“Y/N,” Erik said as you started to walk away, but you flicked your wrist and caught his arm with a vine, holding him in place.

“I’m going for a walk,” you declared, not sure how you would deal with either of the new men in your life.

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I have had these MCU RECS (Captain America, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, Thor) sitting in a folder for awhile and it’s been too long since I did a list, so here have some fics I remember enjoying!

This Road We Take by karuvapatta, thor & loki & odin & frigga, 1.6k
Teenage Dream by TheOtherOdinson, frigga & loki + odin & loki + nick fury + avengers, 2.3k
THORCAT AND LOKITTY by karuvapatta [ mobile ver. ], thor & loki, thorcat, lokitty, 1.2k
Lost Son: hold my hand, don’t let me fall + the quality of mercy by TheOtherOdinson, thor & loki & odin & frigga, 2.3k
untitled by karuvapatta, thor & loki, berserker!thor, 2.1k
Good Mother by TheOtherOdinson, frigga & loki + frigga & thor + odin/frigga, 7k
Small town secrets by grimmie_me, thor & loki & family, human au, werewolf au, 8.8k
Not the Best of Plans + Plans of a New Sort by bluetoast, thor & loki & odin & frigga, unaged!loki, 3.8k
Substitution by Rynfinity, thor & loki + other marvel characters, divergent timeline, 1.3k
the first twelve thousand miles by zauberer_sirin, tony & steve + tony/pepper references, 4k

Lullaby by Trumpeteer34, bruce/natasha + avengers, age of ultron, 3.4k
A Finely Honed Talent for Self-Deception by Sholio, wanda & tony, age of ultron, 3.5k
All the World’s a Stage by thecompanystore, pietro & wanda, age of ultron, ~1k
My Unshaped Form by atrata, bruce/natasha, nsfw, 26.1k
and the woman was young again by Mira_Jade, wanda & natasha + wanda & pietro + implied vision/wanda + avengers, age of ultron, 3.6k

about damn time by dirgewithoutmusic, hope & hank & jan & scott & peggy, 1.5k
Sam Wilson vs the Ants by whaleofa_time, sam & steve & scott & natasha, 1.3k
so much you can’t hide by fabrega, scott & cassie + hope + maggie, 1.4k
lost lovers’ refrain by lanyon, scott + steve/bucky + sam, 1.1k

This, You Protect by owlet, steve & bucky + sam + natasha, humor, 64.3k
Oasis by Sholio, bucky & steve & tony & pepper & avengers, fluff, 8.5k
The Goat’s Back by arsenicarcher (Arsenic), steve & avengers, corporal punishment + whipping + caning, nsfw for violence, 10.1k
By Proxy by lonelyantics, sam & bucky + steve & bucky + steve & sam, 1.1k
All The Leaves Are Brown (And the sky is gray) by AvocadoLove, bucky & tony + some tony/pepper + very mildly implied steve/bucky, 17.4k

I’d Know That Face Anywhere by Shay081793, steve/bucky, NSFW, divergent timeline, 2.7k
and we are finally home by springsoldier (ladydaredevil), sam & bucky + steve/bucky + implied sam/natasha + implied bucky/natasha, 7.3k

you might not wanna pull this string by superstarrgirl, steve/natasha + background clint/natasha + sam + fury + maria hill, 2.5k

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Hey, so how much of what went down tonight was – you know.