damn it coleman

‘I still see her, so it’s not like saying goodbye to Jenna in person, but you say goodbye to the character, and it becomes the focus of your emotion and perhaps all of the things you’d like to say to that person – like how wonderful she’s been to me.’
—  Peter Capaldi
Never forget

“You’re very beautiful how old are you?”

“She’s my priority. She’s my everything”

“She’s made me dream bigger again, she’s made me believe in myself again”

“I don’t want you to be good, you know. I want you to be incredible”

“But when she smiles at me….”

“I don’t need to be told she’s 16 all the time, I know!”

“You’re the best ever”

“My ace.”

“My pride and joy”

“Bye beautiful”

“Oh, you mean when were not together?”

I’m probably missing so many more quotes from V but you all know where I’m getting at.