damn it bryan


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ft. Bryan looking like a world class model, Chief with bangs away from the face and Johnny with a new hairstyle 

Honestly, is Bryan Fuller just going with the bromance explanation because he doesn’t want to risk sinking the show? Like, this is a damn romance. This is more than just some straight dudes feeling a connection with each other. Hannibal put together a god damn heart made out of body parts and left it there for Will. Will misses him so much he’s having arguments in his head with the ghost of his dead surrogate daughter. She represents his love for Hannibal. Like how am I, a queer woman, supposed to read these men as anything else but lovers ‘in a homosexual way?’ 

tfw you were sooooo fucking hesitant to ship Hannigram but it just evolved in the story so you legit had no choice like fuck m8 u think I woke up one day and was like yeah fuck me lets get Will Graham all up in Hannibal Lecter like nah son I used to hate that smug son of a bitch in his suits dicking about and fucking with Will but then Will got out of prison and put his Master Seduction plan into production and the s2 finale broke everyone’s hearts including mine god fucking damn it Bryan I didn’t ASK for this but thanks anyway