damn im dark

thanks to Omen trailer now i can draw mooore sad things >:D

Trying to get Jumin's bad end 2

Me: *at first feel guilty being a shameless selfish MC*

Me: *keeps choosing the insane choices but somehow keep getting +HEARTS from Jumin*

Me: ???

Me: *keeps getting plus points as Jumin actually LOVES the creepy choices*

Me: o_o




Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Me: *got bad end 2 with a special CG*

Me: i’ve abandoned my humanity and i shall embrace the eternal darkness


Where in Dipper realizes that going dark-side isn’t exactly what he’d thought it’d be like.


Because it is NOT a crossover/AU of the entire HIS DARK MATERIALS TRILOGY if the *ONLY* concept you are going to use are DAEMONS!


Like jfc I’m sick and tired of being misled by these tags. Stop tagging your non-hdm shit with the hdm tag, IT IS NOT HDM, IT IS ONLY DAEMONS IN YOUR OWN FANDOM!

Those books are so complex in its concepts and ideas and have so much world-building around it BEYOND DAEMONS, it’s SO MUCH MORE than daemons, why in GOD’S name do you think assigning daemons to your OTP on your fandom is a hdm crossover/au??!

Please tag accordingly.

but when!! will i!! see!! eclipsa!! queen!! of darkness!! again!!

How has the change in pace and road trip structure affected the relationships between Cassidy, Jesse, and Tulip?

Joe Gilgun: There was breathing space at Annville. If someone pissed you off, you can get out of there. They can be on their own. If you’re in a car, there’s nowhere you can go.

I think that they just get a little sick of one another, you know what I mean? I think the bulls**t starts to wear thin. Like Jesse’s constant mission for God gets f***ing tiresome, and also a little arrogant, you know. And Tulip starts to really suffer and go into herself and Cassidy has got this f***ing nightmare problem from his past to deal with. It’s really difficult.

The reality really starts kicking in for them. I think love is about how much you can stand from one another. All the other stuff’s a bonus. You know, the feeling good and passion and all that bulls**t. All that’s a bonus, but more than anything love and real love that lasts a long time is about how much you can bear, how much you can put up with. And, they’re really starting to find out.

They’re seeing each other, warts and all, for the first time I think. Annville was a little bit of a honeymoon period, and I think they’re getting into the reality of their friendship now. And it’s a very intense one that’s obviously going to come with a lot of drama, especially amongst each other. They f***ing get tired of one another I think more than anything. I think it’s almost a maternal irritability with one another. They get on each other’s f***ing nerves. It’s not that they don’t love each other, but it’s not to say they couldn’t kill you in that moment. You know what I mean?

Sounds a lot like they’re a family.

Joe Gilgun: Yeah, yeah it’s that.


moon's mother

ok idk if this has been discussed yet but while watching the teaser, i was wondering where moon’s mother was during the war for mewni? or where has she been in general during the duration of the show?

as several people have pointed out already, during the game of flags episode, moon doesn’t address anybody on her side of the family as mother so we can assume that her mother is either dead or just wasn’t present. i personally doubt that it wasn’t because she wasn’t present since there has never been a time within the series where moon’s mother, star’s grandmother, has been mentioned. even in the grandma room we meet celena the shy, MOON’S grandmother but not her own mother. solaria, who’s line of succession we don’t know of, and eclipsa, who’s star’s ninth-great grandmother are even introduced.

now this brings me to two points i want to make: 

1. perhaps the grandma room only denotes queens of the butterfly dynasty who have shown great power and/or have done things that were incredibly notable in changing the order of their rule. this would make sense because if we go in the order that star read their tablets:

  • celena the shy holds a TROVE OF COSMIC SECRETS THAT WILL NEVER BE TOLD. this is very ominous and doesn’t seem like it’s of great importance, but if we consider that celena knowing these secrets changed the way she ruled the butterfly kingdom, that could be notable enough for her to be in the grandma room. 
  • solaria the monster carver was a warrior princess/queen of immense power. like literally her wand is a sword made of straight energy. i think that’s enough to warrant a place in the grandma room. 
  • -next we get to the infamous eclipsa, queen of darkness. it’s very self-explanatory why she would be in the grandma room: she took a monster as a lover AND she was a powerful spell caster as we’ve learned from baby. 
  • and lastly, star gets to her mother’s tapestry. from what we know from the teaser now, the darkest spell moon casted was DARK. and it was cast during a WAR FOR MEWNI which is of GRAVE IMPORTANCE. so of course moon would have a tapestry in the grandma room as the queen (or perhaps princess) who saved the mewnans and her dynasty from certain doom as imposed by the monsters and toffee. 
  • there are two other tapestries that we briefly see but star does not go to. one is of a young princess (seen when star notices toffee’s finger) who has been argued to be the first queen of mewni, and another with diamonds as her cheek marks whose wand looks like a chalice (and who i don’t really have an explanation for why she’d be in the grandma room) 
  • star’s tapestry is also being made while she’s in the grandma room. if we go under the assumption that the grandma room is for notable queens, star would be in there because she is the rebel princess; she will be the one who completely changes the way that the kingdom will run, she may put an end to the monster-mewnan conflict (either through peace and diplomacy or war) AND possibly take a human for a husband. 

although it seems i’ve gone off on a tangent, if we think under this assumption that the grandma room is a place to reminisce queens who were very important in the butterfly dynasty, it would make some sense that moon’s mother was not mentioned. all queens are great, but not all queens do great things during their reign so it makes a lot of sense that not every single queen would have a tapestry in the grandma room with a tablet that had a rhyme to describe their reign in such few words. 

it’s been argued that the reason why moon looks so hateful in her tapestry and had to cast the darkest spell is because toffee threatened star’s safety. i don’t doubt that argument at all because to me it’s very reasonable and plausible; a mother whose only child and successor is being threatened by her greatest foe would of course do anything she could do protect that child. we know from “into the wand” that star remembers lil chauncey who rode into war with moon and died on the battlefield, so star knows that that lil chauncey was lost in a fight but why doesn’t she mention that it was a war? i think it’s because she didn’t and doesn’t know it was a war. and if she didn’t know it was a war going on when moon went into the battlefield with lil chauncey, that must mean she was not directly affected or targeted by toffee just yet. and now this brings me to the second point i want to make:

2. moon’s mother was killed during the war for mewni by toffee. the reason why moon has cast such a dark and horrible spell as a way to kill her greatest and most hated foe is because she lost her mother to toffee. we know that the butterfly queens are fierce warriors who aren’t afraid to fight. so perhaps the war for mewni began with moon’s mother and moon had to go into battle herself when her mother died at toffee’s hand. this would make her twice as angry and willing to cast such a dark spell; the death of her mother and the threat of death to her small daughter. 

i’ve seen several theories that argue that toffee and moon knew each other when they were younger and i don’t doubt those theories either because imagine if the person who killed your mother was someone you grew up with and considered a close friend? 

so that’s what i’ve got lol. of course there are lots of big holes in my theory but the biggest has to be if moon’s mother was part of the war for mewni before moon was, why doesn’t she have a tapestry? and my small answer to that is why would you want to depict the death of a queen by the hands of a monster as a victory and something to remember her by? but idk 

all i know is i can’t wait for season 3 

headcanon that Jason sometimes plays an acoustic guitar during his robin years. Another hc that he really has a good singing voice. After he reconciled with Bruce and the others, he would occasionally visit and stay especially if there’s a case. The first time he stayed the night, he was a little surprised to learn that his old room is still the way it used to be….except maybe it was cleaner. Sometimes when he wants to be alone and think, he would stay in his room lights closed and curtains open. He would play and sing as he admire the scenery.

One time Dick was passing by and he hears guitar chords playing followed by Jason singing”Tears in Heaven/Iris or Boulevard of Broken Dreams”. Dick smiles leaning on the wall beside the door. He then took out his commlink.

“Bruce? Can you hear it?”


“That’s Todd?!” Damian asked incredulously.

“-TT- tolerable enough.”