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I know there’s this misconception that if you were really into the First World War as a kid then you must be boring or only interested in the same thing as everyone else or whatever

But honestly there’s part of me that’s been emotional over it since I was reading boy’s historical fiction at 10 years old, and those people that think one must be boring for being into the First World War as opposed to other history really don’t grasp the magnitude of it and all the possible things there are to learn.

Or maybe it’s more exciting and interesting to me because, being Irish, it’s only in more recent times that the war is being talked about. For so long it was framed as a thing that happened to other people while we were trying to get independence, but there’s more light being shed now on the Irish that fought in it and on the war as a whole.

The First World War is more than the Western Front.

It’s more than any of us were taught in school.

It’s damned fascinating and as someone who’s read a lot about a lot of different history (and who has a history degree), I will Fight anyone who claims otherwise.

Name: Bendy
Age: 21
Occupation: Mechanical engineer
Hobbies: Dancing (mostly tap dancing), fiddling with tools and inventions
Extra: Flirtatious and loves hanging out with his friends.
Has a regular customer (apparently her washing machine and oven always stops working.) (will be introduced later)
When a cartoon character starts dripping ink, they feel different emotions, for Bendy, he starts dripping ink when he’s angry.

-Ink town au belongs to me

-Bendy belongs to meatly games

                                                My [BATIM] AU
                                    (bendy and the ink Machine)
                                                  Ink Town AU

Ink town. Where cartoons live in peace and carry on with normal lives… Jobs… Careers… Even school.
The Ink machine is what holds this world together. As long as it works, this world will live.


If it stops. The world will slowly fade and decay away.

Years ago, The ink machine stopped working and a few mechanics were sent to fix it. But, it was so far away. By the time they reached there, part of the world was decayed and destroyed.

So, to make sure it stays working, they built a town near the Ink Machine, where it gets regular check ups every once a month. So that’s how Ink Town was born.

So, this is my newborn AU! Ink Town! I know the story is lame xD but I gotta do something right?

@danisnotonfire My dash did a thing. I think it’s pretty accurate…