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I can do anything as long as it’s just paying for something.
—  Suho, definitely
Midsummer Night's Dream Characters Represented by @dril Tweets
  • Helena: i help every body, im not racist, i keep myself nice, and when i ask for a single re-tweet in return i am told to fuck off, fuck myself, etc
  • Hermia: my followeres, who all hate me, and wish to kick my ass, are nobodys, and they lack the combat training to injure me, because theyre infant
  • Lysander: ive heard from a reliable source that people arre putting their lips on to my girl friends avatars and going "muah muah muah." cut it out
  • Demetrius: bbeing passively aggressively retweet trolled by half wits & their beautiful girl friends just makesme say "Not before ive had damn coffee."
  • Titania: i enjoy a bit of "Humour" every now and then, but people seriously need to sotp tying me to a chair and injecting me with unknown substances
  • Duke Theseus: me and SnakeMom1956 are in love and we are laughing at all of th e people who think that our flintstones themed wedding is a sham
  • Hippolyta: 12 year slave huh? sounds like my marriage. which I dont enjoy. to the degree that it is succinctly described by that particular movie title
  • Egeus: If U Ever Contact My Daughetr Again I Will Call My Lawyer And We'll Kick Your Tiny Weird Shaped Head Around The Court Room
  • Oberon: someone please get me in touch with the little boy who died & went to heaven. i want to astral project him into my ex-wifes castle for intel
  • Puck: if it werent for the sport of hockey, nobody would give a shit about pucks
  • Titania's fairies: my repulsive cohorts and I are searching the woods for tree sap so we can rub it all over our hands and improve our golf grip
  • Bottom: months ago i dreamt about people making their ass cracks longer with surgery. i woke up & immediately put "Crack length" in my drafts folder
  • Peter Quince: #TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter im going to piss all over your car. for being a Writer.
  • Starveling: "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's amore" nope. not true "When the world seems to shine like you'v" thats bullshit too
  • Snout: 1989: the fall of the berlin wall is celebrated, historically revered 2016: i tear down the sneeze guard at old country buffet and get Booed
  • Snug: half wit bumpkin here, looking for new snacks

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To be honest, when you google "Danny Cannon gotham it could go either way", you only find things related to the first and second season and that's not about Nygmobblepot. And the actors don't know anything about season 4 yet or at least, nothing they can tell us about. Now, I don't know what will happen either. But either way... let's hope Nygma and Os at least become friends again?

Yeah, I just wish I could find the source of where that quote came from in regards to nygmob if it was ever said. Like, tbh I’m not basing all my hope on that quote because whether it was said or not, it’s still accurate lmao it can go either way. I just wanna know if someone made the quote up and spread it around as fact, cause damn they had me fooled if that’s the case.

Carmen. Joker X Carmen/Reader. (J’s perspective)

She was…everything to me. Whenever she seemed to carefully stroll into any room I became hypnotized by her, whether it be in my private booth in the clubs or into our room when coming back from her annoying three o’ clock baths. She was gentle and quiet but fierce not like the others. I hated her, despising the acidic feelings I would get from her touch or gaze that made my skin crawl and my wretched heart stutter. At night I have found myself standing above her my pistol placed on her forehead but was never able to pull the trigger.

 My eyes were first introduced to her when the pain in my neck batman threw me in Arkham and tossed away the key for the seemingly millionth time. They wheeled me in strapped to a wheelchair when I saw her. She was there sitting in her cell right a crossed from mine. Her long flowing black hair framing her pale face, dropping down ending perfectly in messy strands at her lower back. She was thin and pale as if all of the blood had been drained from her body. I knew that wasn’t the case by the long blue vein the pumped coming up from her neck and stopping just above her chin.  She was new to this facility  in for.. we well say ending, to put it nicely, the lives of 40 at her old hell hole. I smiled at her every time She was in sight cooing pet names hoping for a glance. She would show her magnificent white teeth and hiss at me like some sort of cat, the most delicious cat I had ever seen.

 Then one day she seemed to fall under my spell, as they always do. I was sitting listlessly in the  bleak white asylum cafeteria, this new privilege bestowed to me for “good behavior” A guard wheeled to around on a dolly that strapped me down, tightening the grip on my already unbearable straight jacket. “wheel me to her honey” I said spotting my princess a crossed the room, belittling the Arkham staff was one of my favorite past times during my stays.. 

The guard smirked wheeling me over “good boy” I breathed my eyes connecting with her, her pale green eyes darted around the cafeteria nervousness encircling her body. I smiled at her feeling a foreign feeling inside of me that wiped the smile off of my face. Whatever loomed inside of me wanted to protect her and slaughter whatever made her uneasy. I wanted to cure her with.. affection. I shuttered grossed out by the thought. “Hello princess, long time no see. Mind if I join you?” I sat watching her expecting for her to hiss again but she didn’t replacing it with a frantic nod. “Do what you want” I sighed at her tender voice, it had been the first time the brat had ever spoken in front of me. She seemed to have lost the fierceness she had when she first arrive which was… unfortunate to me. “hmm” I said ushering the guard to place me next to her, I would get to the center of her, she would be mine. “whats got you wacky kitten hmm? you nervous?”

 Her pink lips began to open I awaited her answer eagerly but was interrupted when two white lab coats walked in the room. I scrunched my nose at them, their smell made me nauseous. “Carmen” He said “its time for your secession" I mulled her name around in my head. ‘Carmen’ I heard them repeat inside me ‘precious Carmen, take her, shes yours, take her, kill them, make them pay. they think they own her, she was brought here for you’ I shook my head letting out a low grunt diverting my attention to my Carmen. Her body became tense a look of homicide entering her eyes. I smiled seeing the fire reignite inside of her cool body. “Don’t poke the bear doc.” An annoyed look entered the first doctors face, he squinted his brown eyes at the guard behind me. “get this scum out of here” the doctor pointed at me in disgust. I laughed I would have him and his family killed tomorrow.

 “I’m not going” she said. The guard began to wheel me away to my disliking. I could still here her honey voice from behind. She hissed glaring while arguing at the doctor, she had already gone she explained, not wanting to go again. “Carmen you will go on your own or we will help you.” The female doctor said before I was brought into out of the room. From out in the hallway I could hear her shriek in what I assumed was pain The tone in her voiced set something off causing me to become all hot and bothered. “It’s going to get messy in there” I said annoyed. The guard grunted continuing to open door and push me down endless grey hallways that led to my cell block. I began thinking of how those scum handled her, it made me sick.. I wanted to reach my hand out and touch her to soothe away the screams to cease these.. damn awful feelings. My mind became curious as to why she became upset over her session. I growled again thinking of the possibilities wishing I could destroy everyone in the hospital. 

To my delight My beautiful Carmen would handle herself killing both doctors and her therapist clawing their eyes out with her nails. When she came back to her cell she had been heavily sedated as well as bathed to remove her unfortunate victims life source of of her, their reminiscence however, still stained her finger-nails. They let her walk into her cell, the guards nervous until the slammed the barred door. Once they left I walked to the entrance of my cell pacing my hands on the metal bars. “What a naughty girl you are” I said my voice slightly quivering when she smiled at me. She brought her hand up to her perfect mouth blowing my a kiss, inside of me they screamed ‘Break out! Break out!’ I growled desire foolishly leaking from my body. She giggled turning her back to me before closing the privacy curtain they let her use. I growled wanting to see more of her. We would have so much fun together. 

 Thank you for all for reading :) To be continued Same Bat-time, Same Bat-channel :)  

Hit & Run(I.M) Pt.7

A/N: Oh boy let me know what you guys think. I don’t think you’re ready…

Request: Gangster!Changkyun

Genre: Angst/Smut

Word Count:1231

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The last couple days went exactly the same way, you were visited by Jooheon for your meals and then the two of you would talk. He was the nicest person in this whole damn place and you could get used to seeing him for a while.

“My wrists are sore as hell” you whine to Jooheon during one of your conversations.

“I’m sorry, I wish I could break you out of here but, Hyungwon would have my head for sure” Jooheon sighs and you smile.

“That’s sweet, Jooheon” He smiles back.

“Jooheon, get your ass out here right now!” Kihyun yells at the top of his lungs.

“Guess I gotta go, see ya at dinner” Jooheon jokes and you giggle. He was the only source of joy in this hell hole and you were happy you had one person to lean on while you were away from the other boys.

“What is it?” Jooheon says as he closes the door to your room.

“Explain to me why I got a text from Namjoon, saying you didn’t deliver his order, we’re known for our quick delivery. You know Namjoon is powerful and doesn’t like it when he gets fucked with” Kihyun says.

“Guess I forgot that it was supposed to be yesterday, can’t I bring it tonight?”

“No, you know what I’ll deliver it. It seems like Shownu, Hyungwon and I are the only ones who can do anything in this damn place. I don’t know why he even keeps you around” Kihyun groans. Jooheon rolls his eyes.

“Can’t you do anything else besides complain about me? You’re so loud, I bet you’d be a good drill sergeant, or maybe even a singer with those vocal chords” Jooheon snickers and Kihyun scoffs.

“You just shut up, I’m tired of listening to you talk” Kihyun yells.

“Same here, you’re such a crybaby” Jooheon retorts and Kihyun grabs Jooheon’s collar.

“I can kill you easily, you know that?” He growls in Jooheon’s face.

“Dude back off, chill out, it was a joke” Jooheon says pushing Kihyun back. Suddenly Hyungwon enters the hideout.

“What are you two doing?”

“Kihyun’s not happy with me apparently”

“What’s wrong” Hyungwon raises an eyebrow as he takes a seat in one of the lounge chairs.

“He hasn’t been doing his job right for almost two months, isn’t that a bit inexcusable?And all he does is spend time with that girl…” Kihyun says exasperated.

“I suppose that is an issue, you didn’t make the deliveries this month?” Hyungwon crosses his arms.

“No, sir”

“That’s a shame, you used to be so good to me, looks like I’ll have to find someone else” Hyungwon sighs.

“Wait…Hyungwon please I can do better!” Jooheon suddenly feels panic building up in his chest.

“Tch…I know you can” Hyungwon states as he reaches into his pocket. Jooheon feels his heart drop.


“Can’t let you go giving away information about me, can we now?” Hyungwon smirks.

“Please, I won’t say anything I swear!” Jooheon starts to cry.

“It was nice having you around, Jooheon, you had a positive energy about you” Kihyun only watched with a small smile across his lips.

“Goodbye.” Hyungwon says and the sound from his pistol rung throughout the whole building. Jooheon was now laying on the floor, blood seeping out of his body from between the eyes. It was a direct hit. Jooheon’s body twitched a couple times before becoming completely still.

“Nice shot, Boss” Kihyun smirks.

“Thank you, now you stay here. I’ll deliver Namjoon’s packages myself” Hyungwon says leaving again.

“How’d you know?”

“He called me in a complete fit. I have to take care of it personally” Hyungwon sighs.

“What about Jooheon?”

“Have Shownu take care of the body, you just stay here and make sure that _____, is okay” Hyungwon instructs. Kihyun nods. Hyungwon then leaves without another word. Kihyun looks down at Jooheon’s dead body.

“Tch, what a waste” he turns and looks at the door of your room.


“Wonho, when are we going to get, ______ back?” Changkyun groaned.

“Soon” Wonho sighs annoyed.

“You keep saying that but when is soon?” Changkyun presses.

“In the next day or to, I’m going to meet with Bobby and Hanbin about some weapons tonight so after then we should have the proper tools to conduct a raid on Hyungwon” Wonho says tapping away at his laptop.

“Really!” Changkyun’s eyes light up like a child on Christmas morning.

“Yes, really” Wonho gives a smile and Changkyun suddenly feels excitement bubble within him.


You had heard almost everything from inside your room. You felt the fear inside you rise up to your throat creating a lump. You wanted so bad to cry but you told yourself to hold it in. What kind of people were these men? You feel tears slip down your cheeks.

“So you heard didn’t you?” Kihyun says as he leans against the doorway.

“Did you…?”

“Oh god no, Hyungwon did” Kihyun smirked “I’m not that cold-hearted” he laughs.

“I’d think you were” you grit your teeth.

“Oh well, it would seem I’m your care-taker from now on, but don’t worry I won’t hurt you…or at least not too much” he chuckles.

“Don’t touch me…” You mumble in disgust.

“Oh, but who’s going to stop me? Hyungwon? He isn’t here Princess. I’m in charge and I’ll do whatever the fuck I want” Kihyun sneers as he kneels in front of you. He lets his hands trail up your bare thighs and gives your hips a squeeze.

“I see why Hyungwon had his eyes on you, you are something to look at. Any guy would be lucky to fuck you” He says and you feel a chill run up your spine.

“Please stop…” You whine.

“What you don’t like the way I touch you?” Kihyun smirks as he traces your lips with his fingers. You bite down on his digits making him yell out in pain.

“You bitch!” He screams. He recoils in pain and glares at you.

“I told you not to touch me you fucker!” You spit on his shoes.

“Oh fuck no” Kihyun says in a fit of rage. He walks past you and you can’t see what he’s doing, you hear a closet door open.

“I’ll teach you how to fucking treat me” Kihyun growls in your ear.

“Fuck you” you spit. You feel your hair being gripped again and he yanks your head back, he puts a gag in your mouth and you try to spit it out but it’s no use, he’s already secured it behind your head.  

“Kihyun!” He hears Shownu calling him.

“I’ll be back, I’m not finished, you’ll pay for disrespecting me” Kihyun growls. You glare at him as he leaves you alone again.

Title: She is looking right at me

Pairing: SasuSaku

Summary: Sakura wasn’t strong enough. Naruto and Kakashi were too late. Sasuke didn’t hesitate enough. “Everything’s still so blurry. Everything except her, it seems.”

A/N: i have had this weird AU thing in my head for a while, so i wanted to throw it out here. it takes place at the end of chapter 484/beginning of chapter 485 in the manga. it’s short, dark-ish and almost as lame as its title (it was so hard to choose one!), but anyways, here u go.

I can’t see…

He never thought this moment would come. His eyes, the main source of the power he needed in order to destroy that damned village and clean his older brother’s name, were failing. He had stupidly overused them and these were the consequences. The worst thing of all was that it happened now and here: in the middle of a battle with his former teacher, a man he secretly admired as much as he wished to kill.

I can’t fucking see…!

The hysterical thoughts swirling inside his head were too distracting. They were the reason why he sensed the presence behind him with a few seconds of delay and not right away.

You… again?

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Thoughts On Ep 10-11 of Moon Lovers

*disclaimer* cursing and spoilers ahead

FUCK THIS SHOW. This is what I was thinking when I finished the recent episode. I feel like I have already let so many fucking things slide with this show and then they basically decide to kill off Lady Oh? It breaks my heart so much because after Myung Hee died, and Chae Ryung basically doing a disappearing act, I liked that we had at least someone that was looking out for my bby gurl Hae Soo and her well being that wasn’t one of the boys— who dare I say can be selfish assholes. No matter how much I love my bby boi Wang So he is also included in that category.

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