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Man Out of Time [Part 3]

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      Part 1

      Part 2

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It was like seeing a ghost; you spend your whole life believing they exist but when you finally see one, it terrifies the hell out of you. I didn’t even know what to think. It was all happening so fast. “Aren’t you going to invite me in?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. All I could do was nod and step aside. He entered the apartment and surveyed the place; not much had changed since he had… died.

God, everything was so bloody weird!

I crossed my arms over my chest defensively when Steve turned his attention back to me. He regarded my appearance with a soft smile before holding out his arms for a hug. I reluctantly took a few steps forward. He buried his face into the crook of my neck and inhaled sharply, breathing in my scent. “Jesus, I’ve missed you so much.” He sighed before finally letting go off me. I grimaced as his hand slid down my side. “Are you okay?” His voice was filled with the same concern I remembered. He lifted the hem of my t-shirt and examined the purple bruise – obviously a result of the night before – on my hip.

“Yeah, it’s nothing. I walked into the counter. You remember what a klutz, I can be.” I lied, covering up the gash quickly. Steve chuckled before drawing me into his arms again. I still hadn’t completely processed that he was back. When he tried to kiss me, I moved my head to the side so that his lips collided with my cheek.

“Well, I think you’re still perfect.” He coaxed lovingly, the door to our bedroom opened and Bucky appeared in the doorway. Sarah was balancing on his hip and squeezing his cheeks together. There was a visible change in their features upon seeing Steve; a direct contrast. Sarah’s eyes lit up and Bucky’s expression darkened.

“Look, mommy! It’s the man from the park…” Sarah cheered, pointing at Steve. My eyes widened; I knew there was something familiar about him.

“She doesn’t know who I am?” Steve tried not to sound hurt but his eyes told a different story. He never was a very good liar.

“It’s been six months; I was in a bad place and didn’t speak about you much, do you blame her?” It came out colder than I would have liked. There was an air of awkward tension between us. Bucky whispered something in Sarah’s ear. She leapt off his hip and ran off to her bedroom with an excited smile, leaving the three of us alone. “I’ll get us some coffee.” I announced and left the two of them to their staring contest.

“What are you doing here so early, Buck?” Steve asked, regarding his best friend’s overly comfortable clothing. Bucky sat down on the couch while Steve just perched his thigh on the arm of the couch.

“I could ask you the same thing, Steve.” Bucky challenged in a hushed voice. As I poured the coffee, I tried to listen in on their conversation. I really thought Bucky would have been happier to see Steve alive and well. Heck, I should have been happier to see Steve alive and well. Whenever I fantasized about Steve returning, it always involved smiles, happy tears and never-ending hugs; all I felt was shock, guilt and a little annoyance. He had been alive all this time!  

“I took your advice and came back; seeing you and Sarah at the park made me see how much I am missing out on.” Steve leaned forward and lowered his voice when he saw me watching them. During the exchange, I noticed one thing: Bucky wasn’t surprised to see Steve. Bucky went after Steve at the park. He knew he was alive. He knew and he didn’t tell me.

I was going to kill him…

I stomped into the living room and grabbed the nearest thing I could see – a scatter cushion – and whacked Bucky upside the head as hard as I could. He groaned and massaged the back of his head.

“What was that for?” He asked and I whacked him again. He rose to his feet and pulled the cushion from me. My eyes were beginning to sting from holding back my tears. Bucky looked remorseful when he saw my anguished expression. How could you do this to me?

“You knew…” I accused, “…and last night, how could you?” Bucky raised his eyebrows incredulously when I shoved him with everything I had,

“I tried to tell you last night before we…”

Steve was watching the exchange in confusion, wondering what had happened the night before.

“I can’t believe you, Bucky! You knew how I felt about him, you knew and you didn’t tell me!” I slammed my fists into Bucky’s chest over and over again until my own wrists began to hurt. Bucky didn’t flinch. He didn’t move. He just stood there and let me hit him as many times as I wanted. The hits became harder but still it wasn’t enough to evoke a reaction out of the ‘Winter Soldier’.

“Don’t blame him, honey. I made him promise not to…” I shot a venomous glare in Steve’s direction,

“Oh, you don’t get to ‘honey’ me!” I thought about yelling at him but I wasn’t ready to rehash all the pain of the last six months. I didn’t have the strength for it. “I’m done.” I sighed before retreating to my bedroom.

I had pulled out an old suitcase and was stuffing some of my clothes inside when there was a soft knock on the door. I didn’t answer in hope that whoever it was would take the hint and go away. After a couple more knocks, the door creaked open and Steve entered cautiously.

“Honey, where are you going?” I didn’t bother to look at him, I just kept shoving whatever I could find into the suitcase. I decided that spending the night in a hotel would do me a world of good in light of everything was happening.  “Look, I understand I just got back and things aren’t the same as they were before I… well, before...” He trailed off.

“What? Before you faked your death?” I figured it would be better to rip the Band-Aid off instead of talking around it. Steve took a deep breath before he spoke again,

“…I think we need to sit down and talk about this. We can work this out, okay?” Steve blocked my path to the wardrobe.

“You wanna talk, Steve? Fine. Let’s talk about how you let me and Sarah – your daughter – think you were dead! Why’d you do it?” I snapped before breaking down into violent sobs.  

“You don’t understand, hon.” I planted myself firmly on the edge of the bed and looked at Steve expectantly. “The first time I went under I came back as ‘Captain America’ and for all this time that is who I was forced to be. This time… this time when the building came down and everyone thought I was dead, I had a second chance. I could learn to be Steve Rogers; I could find who I really am.” I shot to my feet.

“That’s the thing, Steve; we were supposed to find ourselves in each other!” I shouted, unable to hide my disgust. 

Steve looked up at me with a sad expression. “If it, this, was too much for you, you should have said something! When I told you I was pregnant I gave you an out; I told you that you didn’t have to stay with me. You didn’t have to fake your death to get away from me, for fuck’s sake!” The tears were still flowing down my face as I tried to zip up my overflowing suitcase. It just wouldn’t close. I screamed out and slammed my fist against the lid. Steve grabbed my hands before I could do it again and raised my knuckles to his lips,

“Hey, hey, listen to me, okay? It wasn’t like that and you know it! You and Sarah were the best things that ever happened to me. I just wasn’t sure I was the best thing for you…” He planted two soft kisses on my hands before using his thumbs to wipe away my tears. “You don’t know how many times in these past months I’ve thought about coming home to you.”

“Then why didn’t you?” I demanded, forcing him to sigh.

“I don’t know, hon.” He confessed and ran a hand through his hair in frustration. I loved when his hair was tousled. I had always thought it looked like he was wearing a crown. I sighed as I walked towards the door, lugging the suitcase behind me. Steve didn’t stop me except for begging me not to be mad at Bucky because it was his fault that he hadn’t told me; his words were of little comfort and all I could do was slam the bedroom door behind me.

Bucky was exactly where he was when I had left except now, Sarah was sitting on the carpet in front of him and playing with her Lego blocks. He was tapping his index finger on the side table. I set my suitcases down with a thud and pulled him out of his thoughts. He looked down at the suitcases and then brought his eyes up to mine.

“Sarah, sweetie, please go get your bag.” I spoke softly, keeping my eyes on Bucky as she ran past me. Bucky had always made me keep a packed bag for Sarah in the event we ever had to leave in a hurry.  

“I guess in all our promises, we never considered the possibility of you leaving me, huh?” He chuckled humourlessly before rising to his feet and shoving his hands inside his pockets.

“Yeah, I guess we never considered the possibility of you keeping secrets from me.” There was little I could do to hide the sadness and disappointment from my voice.

I grabbed the handle of my suitcase and dragged it towards the door when Sarah reappeared with her tiny backpack. Bucky squatted beside her and fastened her ponytail before planting a soft kiss on her cheek.

She threw arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.

“I love you, uncle Bucky.” She squeaked and Bucky looked up at me from her shoulder.  “Will you come over and read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to me tonight?” She asked hopefully, making Bucky’s eyes glisten with tears. I looked away from them and cleared my throat,

“We should go, sweetie.” She let go off Bucky and took my hand.

“I will miss you, uncle Bucky.”

“I will miss you too, Sar-bear.”  

Damn it, you two! Really tugging on my heartstrings here…

Bucky gave me his best puppy dog eyes as I turned to leave. God, I wished he wouldn’t have looked at me like that. I turned around and grabbed his face as I pressed my lips against his. I had caught him unaware and it took a moment for him to realise I was kissing him again. My hands tangled into his hair and I felt his throat rumble with a soft moan.

“Eww, mommy!” Sarah squealed in disgust before covering her eyes.

When I remembered that it wasn’t just us anymore I pushed him away, as quickly as I had kissed him but it was too late. Steve was already standing in the doorway of our bedroom. He had seen the whole thing.  

A/N: So here it is! The much requested Part 3! Who would you choose, Steve or Bucky? What did you guys think of Part 3? 

Everybody's Pregnant! - Dan Howell/danisnotonfire One Shot

broadway-baby-143 said: Can you write a Danisnotonfire one shot were y/n is in labor and giving birth to y/n first child and Dan and phil are super duper nervous? Thanks love!

A/N: Sorry, I couldn’t resist the title, I’m sorry! But yes, this is cute, I hope you like it!

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Graduated last night!!! It was amazing, I actually had such a lovely time! 

Headcanons! Because I can't help it...


- Despite completely being his father’s child, he grows up to become a combat medic on par with Tsunade and Sakura, taking over the medical corps and being a beast on the battlefield

- His Uzumaki chakra makes his healing abilities incredibly potent and the Byakugan allows him to heal people faster and with more finesse

- Has his father’s chakra capacity with his mother’s control and also inherited the Byakugan (which was activated in a similar manner to the Sharingan), though when deactivated his eyes remain blue and normal

- Has Lightning and Wind chakra which he uses to jump-start the body and perform emergency medical miracles

- Ridiculously protective of his sister and mother, and (secretly) his father

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