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Hey guys! This is just my reaction/summary post of the BTS Concert in Newark (Thursday, 3/23)! I’ll be going into a lot of detail, but bare with me. I’ve linked all the fancams I took throughout the post, so you can check that out :)

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Alright so first things first…I’ve been following BTS since ~May/June 2014, and this was the first time I was actually able to go to a live concert. I WAS LITERALLY BEYOND THE MOON when I got tickets, and I was so excited that I was badgering everyone I knew with my fangirling. BTS means so much to me, they got me through some of the hardest times in my life, and they gave me happiness and hope. So getting to go to one of their concerts, see them and support them in person, was such a blessing.

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Title: Dear Maisie (Part 6.)

Part 1. - Part 2. - Part 3. - Part 4. - Part 5.

Pairing: Denny Duquette and Maisie (original female character)
Summary: The fifth letter.
Word Count: 2,203

(GIF Source: @mypapawinchester)

Song: The Night We Met by Lord Huron

I awake today not wanting to do anything. I could feel Denny’s arms around me. I could feel the scratchy stubble running along my neck. I could hear his quiet breaths in my ear.

I thought I was making progress in grieving the right way, but I was wrong. I spend the entire morning lying on the bed, curled on my side. I know I should get up to start my day, but somehow, I feel glued to the bed.

I had taken the letters and photos from the fridge to place on the bed; it remains scattered. I glance at a few of the polaroids and shut my eyes, tears immediately falling from my eyes.

“I can’t do this, Denny…” I mumble to myself, clutching the blanket closer to my chest.

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The Flatmate

So we got this ask right here, and I thought why not. This is a male reader x Steve Rogers fic. I wasn’t entirely sure what this anon wanted so I’m hoping a little bit of bi Steve Rogers will do. I enjoyed writing it so I hope you enjoy reading it :D 

“Nat, I am not going out with your flatmate.” You protest for the fourth time that day, Nat pouting at you moodily. You and Nat had worked together for a good seven years, her having hired you in the first place. The pair of you had slowly worked your way up the company together and now Nat was boss, you second in command. She had moved in with her friend Steve about a year ago and since then she had been trying to set the pair of you up constantly.

“You’d be cute together.”

“You don’t even know if he’s bi or not!” You say, pushing the same point you’d been using every time she brought him up. Nat hadn’t realised you were gay at first, and had actually made a move on you at a party once. However when she saw you later on at the party hooking up with Tim from accounting she had moved on to matchmaking instead.

“Oh come on, how much more proof do you need.” She scoffed.

“I would like him to say to you ‘Natasha, I am bi. I would enjoy having another man kissing my lips and would consider touching his penis is he bought me dinner first’. I would also like you to record it so I have evidence, with a written transcript to go on file.”

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Rock.Pt1. Jack Maynard.

‘How are you’ he texted.

'Oh the usual’ she replied.

'What’d you mean the usual?’ he added a laughing emoji, not completely understanding.

'You know. Feeling used and abused again’ she answered the question.

'What’s happened now’ her best friend Jack asked feeling quite upset he kinda got her in this position.

'He did it again’ was all she had to say in answer. He already knew what had happened.

'Explain love’ He also knew he could treat her better.

'He told me he loved me, but I listened as he left at four o'clock this morning. I think he went to hers. I’m so tired’ she needed him at her side, for he was really the one she wanted although she’d never admit it.

'Want me to come over’ he had already began grabbing the essentials though, already got knowing the answer.

'Yes’ simple and cute he thought. She was everything he needed.

Meet Jack and (y/n). Best friends of 20 years. Lovers? Unless you count the kiss they shared when they were 13. Jack watched as she got her heart broken over and over again by the same guy, oh how he wished the purge was a thing so he could kill the man who treated his world like shit.

The situation amused his friends, mainly his brother. They had called it. Everyone had, even their parents.

'Your too close not to fall inlove’ his brother Conor had stated one evening after a few beers.

'Plus she’s hot. If she was my best friend I would’ve banged already’ Caspar had remarked, pissing Jack off as he took it the wrong way.

'You don’t just simply 'bang’ a girl like her. She’s not like the girls we meet at clubs’ Jack spoke loudly, almost defending his best friend.

'Damn right’ Mikey, jacks best friend shouted. 'Have you seen her tits’. The boys knew not to speak badly about the brunette in front of Jack nor his older brother Conor as he saw her as a sister, and they normally wouldn’t. But after a few drinks it was hard for the group of men not to.

'Shut up’ Jack and Conor both grumbled, Jack was willing to fight whoever spoke wrongly about the girl and Conor would not try to stop him.

Y/n POV.

'Thanks for watching guys. Don’t forget to check out mine and Conor’s cover of all we know by the chainsmokers and phoebe ryan on con cons channel’ I spoke loudly into my camera, wrapping my right arm around the brunette haired boy.

'What have I told you about calling me con con’ he pretended to be angry towards me, but everyone knows he never could be.

'Babe’ i side hugged him making us giggle as I had been doing that since we were 12 or so.

We finished up filming and cleaning around six thirty pm, deciding on joining the rest of our friends down stairs. It turned out Mikey, Jack and Josh were filming a series of videos for each of their channels.

'You just messed up my flow’ Mikey grumbled as he messed up his words. I’m guessing some speech jammer video.

'You had no flow’ Jack responds rather quickly to Mikey, being some what more nastier to him than he normally does during videos. It’s normally playground banter, this time not so much.

He seemed really irritated through out the filming, like something was bothering him deeply. But as the end of the video came across, Jack turned sour. He began playing on his ‭phone, singing as mikey tried speaking.

Mikey began getting pissed off at Jack and quickly ended recording, I don’t even think they did an outro. Jack ran off to his room once everything had ended.

'Mike are you okay’ I asked softly as I stood next to the board boy.

'Fine. But that boy needs to get his boxers out of a twist’ he stated getting the saying wrong.

'It’s knickers’ I stated.

'What’ he chuckled not understanding.

'The saying is “got your knickers in a twist”’ Mikey laughed, hugging me before joining Conor and josh in a FIFA match.

I hadn’t bothered to join them, as they can be so completive. Instead I went to go check on Jack.

'J’ I called as I knocked on his door, no reply. Of course. The boy is pissed off at the world. Instead of waiting ten minutes for a reply I just walked in.

He laid face down, his head actually missing under his pillows. I didn’t mistake the noise of soft sobs that flowed from his month. Rolling him over I layed next to him, cuddling the larger boy tightly.

'It’s okay babe’ although I didn’t know why he was crying. I knew he would be alright. As he was my rock and I am his.

I’m so sorry this is so short, there is a part two that I’ll post real soon. Hope you enjoyed.

Confessions pt 1 - Prologue

// Part 2 // Part 3// Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 //

Genre: eventually all of them, but for now Romance/fluff

Disclaimer: I decided to take a few elements from a book i like and twist it into a bts boarding school au bc the skt ad fucked me up. I don’t know how long it’ll take but yeah here it is :) I’m really sorry in advance if this totally sucks, i’d really appreciate feedback!!!

Where I come from everything is gray. The parks, the water in the lake at the center of town. Even the sunlight has a dim quality. We barely get spring and we never get autumn.
Neighborhoods are full of standard-issue houses each one exactly the same as the last. 

To find beauty in a place like this you have to use your imagination. All I imagined my entire eleventh grade was this: the Brentwood fine arts academy.

How I came to find myself there, in the place of my dreams, while the rest of my classmates were entering Dullness High, I’m still not totally sure. Something to do with my Dancing skills, my grades, the stellar recommendation of my teachers and I think maybe a little bit of begging on my dad’s part. But at this point, I didn’t care. I was there, and this place was everything I had dreamed it would be.

I couldn’t help but notice that everything seemed to be more colorful and somehow classier. Even the sidewalks were prettier: neat and lined with leafy trees. Under the shade of those trees, a pair of pretty girls around my age chatted their way into the campus.

As out of place as I felt in my worn out skinny jeans and my oversized white shirt I had never wanted to live anywhere more than I wanted to live here in Brentwood. I couldn’t believe that very soon I actually would. I felt something warm inside my chest. Something I had felt less and less over the last few years since my mother’s accident. I recognized it as hope.

A small wooden sign on a short stone marks the entrance to the school. BRENTWOOD ACADEMY ESTABLISHED 1852. The buildings made of brick and stone had tradition and pride oozing from every inch of them.

I was on my way to the advisor’s office when I noticed a group of boys playing around in the grass field. Their blazers were tossed aside and their cheeks were pink from running around. Sitting close to them there was a guy with minty green hair who looked at the others with an amused expression.

About a few meters away from the boys there was a group of gorgeous looking girls laughing and whispering behind their hands as one of the boys playfully winked at them. “Why does everyone here have to look like they just finished a damn photo shoot?” you looked at your clothes and sighed in defeat.

“Brentwood Academy is one of the top-ranked art schools in the country. Which is why, I assume you fought for a place here. But students who transfer from public schools find it to be a…challenging adjustment. I trust that you will not be one of those students, am I right, Miss ___?”

My counselor gave me a look that clearly said I never should have applied to Brentwood in the first place as I was completely out of my league.

“Right” I echoed, giving her a confident smile despite that I wasn’t feeling confident at all. She gave me an equally weak attempt of a smile in return and something gave me the idea that she’s not used to smile much to begin with.

“The academic programs at Brentwood are extremely advanced. Most of the students in your year are taking courses that would be considered senior level or even college by your old high school’s standards” She continued, looking down at what I assumed were my old High school records.

“You’ll need to do a lot of extra work to keep up. Are you up to the task?”

“Yeah I hope so” I said

She looked at me with a confused look on her face.

What did she expect me to say? “No”?

“We expect great things out of each and every one of our students” she said. “So I will be keeping a close eye on you, Miss ___. Here’s your schedule.”

She handed me the paper and I looked at the bronze nameplate on her desk that clearly stated her position as guidance counselor. So far all she was trying to do was guide me crying to the nearest airport.

I took the paper and took a look at it, taking in words like “art history” “Advanced music theory” and “Russian 3.” How in god’s name had I been placed into Russian 3?

“You should get going,” she said. “House meetings begin in twenty minutes. You don’t want to make a bad impression with your house mother on your first day.”

“Thank you,” I said again, and stood.
“Oh, and ___?  Good luck,” she said.

The “you’ll need it” was implied.


 I was halfway across the quad that backed the dorms when I heard someone shout “Heads up!!!”

Which, of course, made me look up instead of making me duck as I was supposed to.

I dropped my schedule and grabbed the football ball out of the air about a tenth of a second before it crushed my nose. My heart was in my throat.

“Nice reflexes.” I heard someone say underneath me.

I looked down and saw a familiar looking guy with minty hair sitting directly in my path. If the ball had not
almost rearranged my face I would have tripped right over him
with my next step.

He unfolded his legs, and stood up, picking up my schedule along the way. His minty hair fell over his forehead in a messy yet somehow totally deliberate kind of way falling right over his strikingly deep brown eyes.

“New girl,” he said, looking me up and down.

I flushed. “That obvious?”

“I know everyone that goes to this school,”
“Everyone?”  Hardly possible
“It’s a small school,” he said with a shrug, as he carefully studied me.

Didn’t feel that way to me at all. In fact, it felt pretty damn huge. But hey what would I know, it’s only my first day.

 “Min! Quit flirting and throw the ball back!” the guy who threw the ball at you yelled

this “Min” guy rolled his eyes and held his hand out for the ball but rather than handing it over, I turned, took a few steps, and pointed the ball to the guy farthest from me. It fell right into his hands. 

“y/n ___, Sophomore”


My heart skipped a beat when I realized “Min” was reading my schedule.  

“I’ll take that back now,” I said, reaching for it.
He turned it away from my grasp, holding the schedule up with
both hands.
“Hmmmm….tough schedule” “ We have a smarty on our hands.”

The way he said it, I wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or a bad

“Not really,” I replied.
“And modest too” he said sliding a glance in my direction. “You’re one of those girls, aren’t you?”

I was flaming red by this point.

“What girls?”

“Those girls who are smart but pretend they’re not. Those girls
who are absolutely model-level gorgeous but are always saying
they’re ugly,” he said.

Gorgeous? Gorgeous? Was he complimenting me? I hated compliments. I never had any idea

what to do with them. Especially ones I suspected were backhanded.

“Those girls whose very existence tortures all the other self-esteem-lacking girls around her.” He continued.

I snatched my schedule out of his hands and stuffed it into my

back pocket.

“I guess that makes you one of those obnoxious guys who thinks he knows everything and is so full of himself that he’s convinced that everyone around him wants to hear his every last unoriginal thought,” I retorted back.

He grinned. “Touché”

He didn’t even have the decency to act offended. He had that air about him that said he knew exactly who he was and didn’t care much about what I or anyone else thought of him. I envied that.

 “y/n ___, sophomore, I’m Min Yoongi, senior,” he said offering his hand.

No one even close to my age had ever offered to shake my hand before. I eyed him uncertainly as I slipped my hand into his.

 His palm was unbelievably warm and the firm assuredness of his grip sent a rush of anticipation right through me. 

As he stared directly into my eyes his smile slowly widened. Did he feel it too? or did he somehow just know that I felt it?

His cell phone rang and he finally pulled away, sliding it out of
his pocket.

“I have to take this, Business before pleasure. And trust me, it was a pleasure to meet you. y/n ___ .”

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out.

Then he strolled off, with his head up so comfortable that he may as well have owned the place. I wondered if he actually did.

A Very Supernatural Job(Part 11)

Words: 1559
Pairings: DeanxSophia, JensenxReader if you squint
Warnings: None(?)
Author’s Note: 
Tags: @moonstonemystyk (if you want to be tagged just let me know!)
Other Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
The GIFs are NOT mine.

The next morning I wake up to the sound of grown man giggling. What the hell?

I open my eyes and find Jared and Misha standing at the door, their phones on their hands and smiles plastered on their faces.

-What the fuck? –I ask, being careful to not speak too loud or to not move too much, since (Y/N) was still sleeping on top of me.

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He Just Wants You

I quietly sat on the couch, reading the newest book my sister had recommended. I was taking in as much time as possible, without Ashton. I didn’t want to be reading when he came home because I’d rather treasure our time together. Turning the page, my phone blared. The ringtone I had set for Luke.“Hey” I said cautiously. He was supposed to be in recording until twenty more minutes. “Y/N, Ashton’s upset” was all he said. “He’s having a tantrum, he says he wants you” Luke said quietly. “Give him the phone” I demanded. “Yes ma’am” Luke joked. I heard the shuffling of Luke’s iPhone being handed to my boyfriend.
“He-Hello?” I almost broke out crying by his hurt voice. “Hey baby, how ya doin’?” I asked. My voice quiet and soothing. “Y/N?” he asked, his voice brightening up. “Yeah sweetie, it’s me” I cooed, smiling. “Y/N, I really need a hug” he said softly. As if he was embarrassed to ask. “Of course sweetie, I’m on my way” I said, still on the phone with him. Grabbing a random sweatshirt, and slipping on some shoes, I left the apartment. “I’m nearing the car, love” I said, as he simply sniffed.
I got in the car, keeping the phone between my shoulder and ear. “You’re not lying, right? You’re coming?” he asked, as if scared. My heart wrenched, his voice sending sad signals throughout the body. “I’m actually on my way, I’m three minutes away” I said, speeding to get there faster. When I saw the building, I slowed down. Parking it in the side of the road. I got out of the car, speaking soothing words to my love. I ran through the doors, waving to the body guards. I opened the door of the recording station, smiling at the One Direction boys and the three others. “Y/N” Ashton whispered, throwing Luke the phone. I gathered my boyfriend in my arms, hugging him tight. “Love, what’s the matter?” I asked, looking at Michael for an answer. “We were cornered by some rude fans a while ago, and they told him that he wasn’t good enough for you. That you were going to leave him” he shrugged. His face showing concern for his friend.
“Baby, they were just jealous because you’re so damn beautiful! I bet they thought that by getting you down they felt better about themselves” I told him. The boys smiling at how he clung to you. “Pinky promise?” he asked, looking at you. “Pinky promise, times two!” I said, grinning. “Okay, so maybe they are the most adorablest couple” Niall muttered, as the boys grinned.
Ashton’s hands tightened around my waist. Kissing the side of my head. “I love you, thanks for coming” he said, loud enough for the entire place to hear him. “Well, now, if you wouldn’t mind. Do you want to go record?” Calum asked, having to yank him away from me. “You better stay, I don’t allow you to leave” he said, grinning.
“Gosh darnit!” I joked.

I sat up in bed when I heard soft sobs rocking around the apartment. “Mikey, love, you here?” I yelled into the house. “Uh, y-yeah!” he yelled back. I dashed to the living room. There sat my Smurf, head in his hands. “Babe, what’s wrong?” I asked, grabbing him in my hands. “I. I just, is my hair and piercings weird?” he asked, coughing. “I find you absolutely adorable as a smurf!” I said, excitedly. “You really think so?” he asked hopefully, putting you on his lap.
“I actually think your smurfiness is adorable” I cleared up, resting his head on my shoulder. “You look beautiful today” he whispered. “Why thank you, Sir Smurf!” I said, his frown tugging into a smile. “No problem, my Smurfette” he giggled. “I’m sorry you had to see me act like a baby” he sighed.
“I actually don’t mind. Now, I won’t mind if I come crying to you!”
He rolled his eyes. “You should feel like that without this happening. I don’t like you being upset” he said. “Likewise, my dear” you said, leaning in to kiss him. “Thank you, thanks for being here” he said, kissing my neck affectionately.

“Hi guys” I said to the four boys in my living room. “Did you see the concert?” Calum asked, eyes trailing towards Luke. “No, I’m sorry. I was at work” I apologized. “Well good. I forgot half of Gotta Get Out!” Luke exploded, tears running down his face. “It was barely noticeable” Michael said quickly. “Only because you swooped in and started for me” Luke spat. “Lucas..” I warned. “You’re supposed to take my side!” he yelled. “I am baby, it’s just. I bet that the crowd thought Michael was just filling in, like, a random solo type thing” I said softly, inching towards him slowly.
Luke sighed. “I bet they think I’m a no good f-” I cut him off with a hug. “If I were at the show then I’d cheer Michael on, and clap for your guitar playing” I said. “But what if he hadn’t have done that?!” he asked loudly. “I bet if he hadn’t, Calum or even Ashton would’ve started” I assured him. “Totally, mate!” Ashton said, as the three boys took seats on the couch. “The big thing is that I totally embarrassed our band! And they aren’t even angry at me!” he said, his head leaning down onto my shoulder.
“Baby,” I started. “Baby, it’s totally fine. If it means that much to you, then sing the song again. For me” I said, wiping his tears. “What if I forget the lyrics?” he asked, bitterly. “Then I’ll start rapping some weird song!” I said excitedly. “Fine…later though. I’m hungry” he said. I giggled. “Love youuu!” I sang. “I love your little things!” he sang back.
“Eugh. Puke worthy love,” Michael said. “Shut it, Clifford” I said feigning warning.

I was watching a twitcam of the guys, which I had been doing for the twenty minutes it had been on. “Alright, so this person asks, why is Calum so upset?” Luke reads, glancing towards my sunken boyfriend. “I bet it’s because he misses Y/N” Ashton said weakly. “He’s been waiting for her to call him all day! She called him whilst he was recording, and he’s worried since she hasn’t called back” Michael explained.
I hurriedly reached for the phone. Dialling his number, I watched as his phone rang on the other end. Playing the song, Cover Girl, by Big Time Rush. He scrambles to pick it up, as the boys silently snickered. “Y/N?” he asked hopefully. “Hey sweetheart!” I replied, laying down, leaving the computer. “Gosh, I miss you” he muttered. “I miss you too, say hey to the others for me” I said. “Yeah, let’s ignore the idiots for now. Anyways, how was your day?” he asked. “Horrid, ‘cause you weren’t there” I said childishly. “Same, I missed you too much to have fun” he sulked.
“Well, you know you come home in two weeks?!” I asked happily. “Yeah, I know right. It’s gonna be so perfect when I get to see you again” he said. “Love, do you pinky promise to never leave me?” he asked after a short pause. “Never, ever, ever, ever!” I said without hesitation. “Why didn’t you call me, if you wanted a call?” I couldn’t help, but ask.
“Well, I just, didn’t want to seem clingy” he answered.
We talked on, and on, until I couldn’t keep my eyes open. “I love you, Cal. Call me when you awake” I begged. Falling asleep.

A/N: NOT MY PREFERENCE! just wanted to post something, so everyone knows I’m still here and plan on posting a lot more next week once I get a computer!!


requested by anonymous

summary: we didn’t think unfollowing each other on twitter signified the relationship but the rest of the world did

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Nothing's fine, I'm torn (part 19)

Part 19 is here. I like this chapter, it’s very emotionally expressed (I think idk about you guys lol)
As always I hope you all enjoy this chapter. ALSO WARNING, there’s yet again some smut but hardly any detail, if you feel uncomfortable reading it, then skip it. It’s not long anyway. You’ll eventually start liking smut sooner or later. So don’t message me asking why there was smut and blah blah I don’t care. Be grown up about it. For those who don’t mind, I hope you like it. Thank you all so so so so much ❤


“Here’s some tea.” Liam says carrying out a tray from the kitchen. I’ve been a crying mess, like usual, ever since Harry walked away. Knowing that I finally opened up to him but he just simply walked away, it hurts. Does this mean Harry’s done with me? He wanted to know, he insisted and persisted only to walk away from me.

I sit knees up to my chest on my couch as I take the mug from Liam’s hand muttering a silent thank you.
I take a small sip of the hot liquid as it cascades down my throat and soothes the aftermath of my sobbing. Liam takes a seat next to me, sitting crossed legged on the couch. He’s been comforting me this whole time and I cannot thank him enough for being my sanity.

“Do you think Harry’s going to avoid me forever now?” I ask lowly, my eyes darting from the floor to Liam’s brown eyes. His expression is sincere and sympathetic.

“I’m not going to sugar coat anything love. By Harold’s reaction, it was a lot for him to take in. He looked baffled, really taken aback. It may take some time for him to process it, but forever? No babe I don’t think so. You both have too much of a strong bond,” he playfully punches my shoulder.

Though his words are echoing in my mind, part of me can’t help but think that this is it, my friendship with Harry is over. All that I have avoided happened.
“So what do you advice I do?” I look at him through my eyelashes. I want to run after him and explain to him everything that has happened.

I don’t want him to leave Kendall for me, if he ever did feel the same way for me, I want it to be in time. She can’t make him happy, she doesn’t make him happy.. Not like I could.

“Give it some time babe. He’ll come around.” He says softly half smiling.

He motions me to scoot over to him. I do as he says and wrap my arms around his torso and rest my head on his chest. The thumping of his heart increases as it travels through my ears. Sudden panic rushes through me. I lift my head and turn my head up to face him. This isn’t helping Liam’s feelings either..

“I’m sorry Liam, I wasn’t thinking-” I say truthfully.

“It’s fine.” He says assuringly with a small smile.

I skeptically put my head back on his chest as his hand runs up and down my arm. I hope his words from a few minutes are go are true and Harry doesn’t ignore completely. I wouldn’t be able to handle it.

“I love you Harry,” I murmur into his ear. My small hands hold onto his arms as he swiftly moves in and out of me, making love to me like I desired. He kisses my neck with his full lips, swiping his tongue over and over again.

“I love you Y/N, so much baby.. Oh fuck,” he groans as he quickens his pace just a little. My fingernails rake up and down his back, leaving marks along their trail.
I press my fingers at the bottom of his spine pulling him in, feeling all of him as I unravel in this sweet passionate love making.

“Harry,” I whimper. His hands move from my waist to my hips, gripping them, his fingers digging into my skin so deliciously.

“Wake up, Y/N,” he whispers into my ear. What?

“Y/N wake up!!!” His voice raises. Suddenly I’m startled, Liam’s hand is on my arm as he shook me awake.

I rub my eyes with both of my hands, lifting my head up from his chest.
“What happened?” I asked confused. Moments ago I was with Harry and he was.. Oh, fuck that was just a dream. It felt so real though. I felt his hands roam my body and his lips attached to mine. I have ever only
been with one person before, but I have never wanted to be with a man like I want to be with Harry.

“We fell asleep love, for like an hour or so.” He says sleepily yawning. I space myself from Liam’s hold. I’m still a little bit dozed off from my slumber and my very erotic dream.

“Do you want to go home?” I ask. He’s spend almost his whole day here trying to comfort me and my crying fiasco.

“Depends if you want me to go home?” He asks speculatively.

“No it’s not that I want you to leave it’s just that you must be exhausted having to deal with me,” I try to be as forward with him as possible.

“You’ve had yet another long day. You need to rest, and I don’t want to be bothersome.” He says putting his shoes on and standing up. I bite my lip and nod, accompanying him to the front door.

“For the record, you are never bothersome, Liam.” I lean up to leave a small kiss on his cheek. When I pull back, I see that beautiful smile of his plastered on his face. His cheeks turned into a deep red and I nearly giggle at adorable the gesture is.
He kisses my forehead, and then turns to walk away.
I close the door behind me. Now I have to not think about Harry and him avoiding me or it may actually kill me.

Harry’s POV

Ever since I got back from Y/N’s house, I can’t stop pacing back and forth. This shit has been on my mind for hours and I still can’t process that all of this was because she loves me.
Luckily Kendall wasn’t home when I got here because I literally let out a frustrated, loud yell. It felt like good therapy which I completely did need.
I’m sure she’s satisfied by our unruly activities this morning.

Am I really starting to feel something for Y/N? Or is this just a small thought?
Every time I look at her, the way her eyes glow and her bright smile shines, it drives me crazy. I know my best friend is beautiful, and I know for a fact I never told her enough just how much she is. She was right when she said that if she were to tell me what was going on it would change a lot, but not everything. I still care about her and even more now.
And it fucking irks me at how Liam stayed there, it makes my blood boil at how much he’s around her, but he’s my band mate and my best mate. I know Liam’s a good guy, he wouldn’t hurt Y/N, he’s been there for her. He’s helped her stay strong from all the shit I have put her through that I didn’t realize I was doing for being so ignorant. Maybe he’s the better choice for her… Or not. I have no damn clue.

I can’t avoid her forever, and I have to apologize for being a jerk and walking away. The way her pained eyes look at me as I said I had to go.. I can’t forgive myself for that, or for all that she has gone through this whole time. She’s been hurting like hell and I was being too fucking oblivious, like always. Way to go Harry, you are a fuck up.
I sit on my bed, thinking and thinking this over. I like Kendall, I really do. But Y/N, she’s.. She’s made me feel something for her too. Her sweet voice, how my name falls from her lips. Those same lips that mine have touched and caressed.
Suddenly my phone vibrates indicating that I have a new message. It’s from Y/N,

“Can we please talk? Don’t avoid me Harry, it’s already killing me enough that you walked away. I need you to hear me out. Please..”

I read the message a few more times, analyzing her text. Even the way she’s typed it shows just how much she’s broken, and I am the cause of that, all because I didn’t pick up her signals. I need to talk to her, I have to.

I think it’s evident at the way she makes me feel that there’s no reason to deny that I really may have fallen for Y/N, but I still like Kendall, she’s my girlfriend over all. And now, I’m stuck in this fucked up love triangle between very two important women in my life. I need to sort my shit out, but it’s clear to me that I have developed some sort of feelings for Y/N, as more than my best friend.