damn i want to see what it looks like

I want you to arrive uninvited to every damn thing that happens in my life. It’s fine if I lose you for a few weeks, as long as you turn up to where I work and tell me that you still want to undress me.
The thing is I see someone who looks like you in a crowd and for a split second I fall straight in love with them. It’s silly, I know. It’s just that I’m always tickled pink missing you. Let’s face it though, I missed you even when you were with me. That’s probably what loving someone is. You anticipate them leaving and feel sad before they’ve gone.
Anyway, anyone with your hair colour is immediately my favourite person. Anyone with your freckles, I’ll close my eyes and kiss them and pretend it’s you. That’s stupid, I’ve been touching mouths with a lot of boys lately. They don’t quite say my name the same way you did. I’ve been saying a lot of “ssh. No need for talking.”
Last Wednesday, I saw a boy wearing the exact same coat you wrapped me up in once. I caused a three people pile up in the middle of the high street because my legs forgot to walk.
I guess what I’m trying to say is: I’m going to keep looking for you, even though I know you won’t come back, I’m still hoping you’ll knock on my door and say “hey! I’ve been falling in love with every damn girl who looks like you and it’s an absolute nuisance so it’s probably best you let me love you all over again.”
—  Azra.T “turn left for Hope Highway”

when a hufflepuff gets mad at you you better run the fuck away

And when you finally find someone to love, I hope you find someone who you are completely comfortable being naked around. Someone who never wants you to turn the lights out because they think you are so damned beautiful, they need to see every part of you that they are touching. Someone who makes you feel like your stretch marks are what tigers wear with pride, the parts you hide away just give them more to love and your scars are a magical map to a past that makes you the amazing person you are today. I really hope you find that, and they help you love your body so much more.
—  Nikita Gill, More Midnight Thoughts

Person:  Why don’t you just brush your hair? It wouldn’t be so frizzy then.

Me:  Let me tell you a little story about how wrong you are. With pictures!

Hello all my straight and wavy haired friends.

This is my hair.  

As you can see, it’s curly.

Well except for this piece which doesn’t really know what it wants to be.


This is a brush I borrowed from my little sister. 

Okay, let’s do this.

The brush is scared.  I am scared.  This was a bad idea.

How do you do this?

It’s stuck.  My hair is trying to eat the god damned brush.

Well, let’s keep going.



This, ladies and gentlemen and nonbinary folk, THIS is why you don’t brush curly hair.

I look like a poodle.

YOI Fandom, consider this

You know what I want? Not an OVA, but a movie. Something like “Road to Grand Prix Final: The Untold Story”. Not this GPF, but the GPF BEFORE Victuri met. I want to see past Yuuri, when he was good but not yet great. I want to see the little piglet slayed the national and two other cups to make it to GPF. I want to see the Yuuri Minami idolized. I want to see the old costumes Ciao Ciao picked for him (the man has great taste, just look at Phichit). I want to see some Detroit time. I want to see Yuuri’s legendary Lohengrin. I want to see his Junior years. I want to see the top-6-skaters-in-the-world Yuuri.
And what can be better if they show Victor’s past to mirror Yuuri’s too? Like “How I Met Your Mother” and “How Your Mother Met Me” sort of thing. I just want to see more Victor’s skating damn it (long haired Victor FTW). I want to see the program Victor wore the Eros costume (you know, the one that made Yuuri gay for him). I want to see the genius before he became lonely. I want to see he met Makkachin for the first time. I want to know Victor’s back story.
All in all I want to see the long and bumpy roads those two had to travel before they found each other.

anonymous asked:

Bucky is so lucky, like, his man does it all! I can just imagine some guy saying something along the lines of 'good luck finding a gal/guy who'd do that for you, let alone enjoy it' and Bucky is just like wait do people not usually like sucking dick, taking dick, and orgasming five times in a row?

“That’s the stuff of dreams,” Dugan whistles.

“You’re damn right,” Jones sighs.

“What?” Bucky asks, and Dugan turns around the little dirty postcard for Bucky to see. 

“Huh,” he agrees.

“That don’t phase you?” Dugan demands. “Damn. You must get around.” 

“Or jerk it in the shower.” 

“Shut up,” Bucky mumbles, and shifts in his cot, looking back down to his book. “Seriously, what? Yeah, she’s a very beautiful lady.” 

“I’ve never been with a girl who wanted to do that.” 

“What, swallow?”

Jones and Dugan stare and Bucky in disbelief.

“What?” Bucky asks.

“No, suck it at all,” Jones explains. 

Bucky narrows his eyes. “What?” 

“You know, if you want a lady to – is he for real? Are you for real?” Dugan asks.

“He’s for real,” Jones affirms. 

“You mean you’ve never–?” 

“No, I have,” Dugan says. “And I know Jones has because he wouldn’t stop bragging about it back in Nice. But unless she’s a loose lady you’ve gotta be really nice, you’ve gotta take her out to dinner, you’ve gotta be sweet, you’ve gotta be engaged…” 

“No you don’t,” Bucky frowns. 

Dugan and Jones share wide-eyed looks. 

“You’re tellin’ us that you get this,” Jones says slowly, and points to the postcard, “On the regular?” 

“Hell yes,” Bucky says. 

There’s a moment of stunned silence. 

How?” Jones asks. 

“I don’t know, I ask?” Bucky says. He folds up his book. Watch the pronouns, Barnes. “She offers?” 

Blank stares. “She likes it,” Bucky tells them, equally slowly. “You know – she wants to?” 

“She wants to?” 

“What are you two, a couple of parrots? You heard me, she wants to. She likes it down her throat.” 

Jones coughs. “Jesus,” he says.

“She does,” Bucky insists. “She likes being on her knees, I don’t know.” 

“You married, Barnes?” Dugan squints.

Hah. “Nope,” Bucky says.

“You engaged?” 

“Nope,” Bucky pops the ‘p’, acting disinterested. “I just know how to take care of her right. She likes my dick, boys. It ain’t my fault.” 

Jones rolls his eyes. Dugan keeps squinting. “You never mentioned a girl before, how do we know you ain’t making it up?” 

Bucky says, “What, you wanna hear about her? You horny assholes.” 

Jones and Dugan exchange a look.

Fine,” Bucky says. “Her name’s Steph. Pretty little blonde thing, slip of nothing, ninety pounds soaking wet. Sweetest little tits you’ve ever seen. And a cute little ass to boot. As soon as I get home from work she can’t get her hands off me. One time she let me pick her up and fuck her right up against the door. About bit a chunk out of my neck trying not to scream.” 

“She let you?” 

“She loved it,” says Bucky, truthfully. “She likes getting spanked, too.” 

Dugan chokes on his own spit. Bucky bites down on his grin while Jones pounds him on the back. 

“Jesus, kid,” Dugan wheezes.

Bucky shrugs. “Speakin’ the truth.” He frowns. “She won’t wear the lacy things I buy her, though,” he says. “Gets spitting mad every time I ask.” 

“What a fucking tragedy,” says Dugan flatly. 

“His dick’s probably magic,” Jones says. “You know, witchcraft of some sort. Like a snake charmer.” 

“I got a big dick and she likes it,” Bucky admits, a little cocky now. “I’ll never fuckin’ know how she takes it all, though, I’ll be honest. She’s so goddamn little I’m always afraid I’ll break her in half.” That’s true, too. 

“Shut the fuck up, your dick is not that big,” Jones says. 

“Jones, this whole entire platoon has seen each other buck-ass naked,” Bucky says. “You both know just how big my dick is.” 

“It’s not like either of us ever really sat there staring at it, you vain motherfucker,” Dugan tells him. 

Bucky shrugs. “Well, she thinks it’s a good one.” 

Dugan squints at him. “Show us.” 


“Show us your dick.” 

“You fucking son of a –” 

“Barnes,” says Jones. “Seriously.” 

Bucky looks between them and huffs a sigh. He jumps off his cot and stands in front of them and unbuckles his belt and unzips his pants and shoves them down and puts his hands on his hips.

“Jesus motherfucking Christ,” says Jones in flat shock. 

“Did you sell your motherfucking soul?” Dugan demands. 

“Nope,” Bucky says, and zips back up and collapses back on his cot.

“You are one lucky son of a bitch, Barnes,” Jones tells him. “I hope you know that.” 

“I’m certainly learning it,” Bucky says. 

Anonymous asked: Blind!Cas where they are in high school and he wants to know what his friend Dean looks like, so Dean lets him touch his face and the fflluufff

Author’s note: It got extremely fluffy, so I apologize for that. But damn, I loved writing this. 

“I wish you could see it, Cas… It’s such a beautiful day, I don’t think the sky has ever been this blue.”

Dean spoke the words to his best friend, who was sitting right beside him on the small wooden dock, both their legs dangling off of it, their bare toes skimming the cool water. The afternoon sun made the lake sparkle in a way that was oddly magical, and Dean couldn’t imagine a better start of their summer break.

“I’m afraid that’s not going to happen.” Castiel replied dryly, although there wasn’t a trace of bitterness in his voice. “You could describe it for me… I like when you do that.”

And Dean did, as he often did, giving Cas all the details that he wasn’t able to see for himself. He told Cas about the sun, about the different shades of blue and green in the water, about the grass and wildflowers swaying in the breeze, and about the elderly couple in the distance walking their dog. Cas listened intently, a gentle smile on his face. His eyes, possibly even bluer than the sky that Dean had gushed over just now, were unfocused, as always.

They’d been friends for two years now, ever since Castiel’s family had moved to town. The two of them had taken an instant liking to each other, and Dean was amazed by how much of an impact this one person was having on his life.

After a small sexuality crisis, Dean was no longer too proud to admit to himself that he was a walking cliché, seeing as he had developed a major crush on the boy next door. Sometimes, Dean was almost relieved that Cas wouldn’t be able to catch him blushing, which was something Dean frequently did whenever Castiel was around.

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  • Even: smooth af, will do things with his mouth that??? somehow turn you on??? even though you don't know what he's doing???? his hair is fly af and he Smolders™ like there ain't no tomorrow, struts around in his fly outfits like he owns the damn place, he can make isak want to see him with the drop of one word, looks like an amazing kisser, extra tongue, Very Nice, can walk up the stairs and gaze seductively at you without tripping over
  • Also Even: can't??? wink correctly???
Important Updates on Ferguson

It feels like my body is entirely filled with fire. The anger I feel is sickening and it continues to grow as I read the tweets of what’s happening. I’m angry, hurting, and teary eyed but I’m going to try my best to channel all of that into something that makes sense. If you have any extra information please share it.

Within the last few hours a lot has happened. The residents of Ferguson began a peaceful protest that was quickly changed by the ulterior motives of the pigs. Ulterior motives being that they want to make us look as dangerous as possible. They have the guns yet they have the power to make us look like the bad ones. See how that works? 

With the help of the media this has been made possible. Tell me why the news decided to focus on the fact that people were looting nearby stores instead of focusing on what type of environment the pigs created?

I don’t give a damn if people are looting stores.
I don’t give a damn about what’s on fire.

I care about what these cops are doing to this community and I care about how what they say infects the minds of viewers at home. It is TOO easy to steer a viewers line of vision from what’s important as opposed to what isn’t. You have the pigs breaking laws that are meant to be enforced and disrupting the peace and the news is going to focus on people looting stores? Fuck that.

The pigs started shooting rubber bullets and releasing tear gas into the crowd. They have also demanded that all reporters leave the area and threatened them with arrest if they didn’t comply with their orders. One of the cops also called referred to the crowd as animals. 

Pigs out here breaking laws, taking lives, committing genocide and they have the audacity to call us animals.

Are we committing the mass murder of Black people and other people of color on a consistent basis?

Are we upholding the racist society we live in?

Take a good look at this.

Now the pigs aren’t letting anyone go home. They blocked the exit out of the god damn neighborhood.

Again, they demand that all reporters leave the area and threaten them with arrest. Why do they want the reporters to leave so badly? What don’t they want viewers at home to see?

They’re destroying our freedom of assembly that was being put into practice (important point made by @ShaunKing on twitter).

And to make things even worse, they maced a pregnant woman in her car, along with passengers, threw her to the ground, and held her at gun point (http://www.kmov.com/special-coverage-001/Pregnant-Protestor-Arrested-Claims-Police-Maced-and-Threw-Her-To-The-Ground-270840911.html) (http://vimeo.com/103109438)

You have frightened kids trying to find their way home because the fucking exit is blocked off. Luckily this woman, Patricia Bynes (@Patricialicious) is actually helping some of the kids get home. 

Now, if you don’t see the antiblackness that lives, breathes, and plagues the lives of Black people in Amerikkka then I’m left to believe that you’re forcing yourself not to see it. It is ugly and it is blatantly in your face. This country doesn’t give a damn about us. Anyone has the capability to see that. 

When I talk about this I place my own personal opinions in here because it’s my blog. I don’t expect everyone to agree with my opinions so here’s some more information that I have that will allow you to make your own judgement on the situation.



1) There isn’t too much media coverage
2) Even when there is you have to be able to see through the bullshit that they will try to throw at you. Please see through it. Pay attention to the headlines. Don’t just read. You need to comprehend what you’re reading. Ask questions.

Twitter is where you can find the most coverage because you have people who are actually there tweeting as everything unfolds. Here’s some of the people I follow/RT a lot of information from. I hope it helps.





@BrittanyNoble (DEFINITELY follow brittany_noble on instagram) 






(I’m going to keep adding to this list whenever people give me more names)

If you know of anyone one else please post their name. Any important information you have let it be known. Spread this information and any information you know yourself. Sharing what I know is the most I can do right now. If I’ve gotten any facts wrong let me know so I can correct them.

Whether it be through RTs or even writing up your opinion


a lot of fics and headcanons have tony stark making or purchasing things for his friends and sometimes its fluffy because he cares about them and sometimes it’s sad because he thinks he has to buy friendship but its almost always really useful or thoughtful gifts and I’m just like ??? because tony is canonically a horrible gift giver even - especially - when he cares and when he is trying really hard. watch iron man 3 and look at how proud he is of that damn rabbit I mean just look at him

and you know what’s even more entertaining than someone getting someone else the perfect present? hilariously bad attempts at presents

-tony seeing someone do something really often and trying to streamline the process but he just interrupts their routine and now the kitchen is taken over by a mutated AI and natasha and bruce just want to make tea, tony, the electric kettle was fine

-someone mentions liking something once and tony goes totally overboard and the reaction is just confusion because they barely remember mentioning the thing and now we have a whole room of the thing it’s a little creepy honestly

-an art studio was a really nice idea but I grew up poor in the 1930s I don’t think I’ve ever even seen an airbrush much less know how to use one where did my pencils go also the light in this room sucks you’re obviously not an artist yourself good try though

-tony goes to steve and bruce and clint for help but all of them are also terrible at gifts because of a combination of not having money and not having people to buy for

-natasha is so good at presents it actually scares people, she has to be using her spy skills, how did she know to get this?

-pepper and sam are decent at presents because they are decently observant human beings with a decent idea of how people work

-thor is wonderful at presents, everyone loves anything he brings them even if they had no idea they needed it

New Bf!Calum would include:
  • Being super shy around you and a total soft spoken gentleman.
  • Holding doors open with beaming smiles
  • Soft smiles when you’re not looking
  • “You look so beautiful today, that shade of lipstick compliments you so well honey.”
  • Skype calls with his elbows on the small hotel desk because he refuses to let you see him at unflattering angles
  • Always being so god damn nervous around you because you’re so perfect to him
  • Deep talks about music and him getting bashful when he feels like he’s gotten to passionate about something and blushing before stuttering
  • “No, don’t stop talking about it, I want to know.” “Really?” “Course I do, it’s fascinating
  • Actually melting on the inside when you pay attention to what he’s saying
  • “So when they do that it’s not actually too complicated? Hm, think you could teach me how then?”
  • The look of surprise on his face causing you to giggle and lean over to kiss him on the cheek because he’s just so damn cute
  • “Thank you for being you.” After a few dates when you’re just in amazement of this beautiful boy
  • Waiting for that first kiss because he wants you to remember everything about it down to the minute hand on the clock because it was that special.
  • Being surprised when you press your lips to his and hold his face in your smaller hands on the fifth date after he walked you up to the door
  • “I had a plan.” “But I had the element of surprise.” “You may be sassier than me.”
  • Finally getting comfortable enough to go on random day dates and hold hands with you when he’s in your city and demanding you show him things only the ‘natives’ know about
  • Inviting you to a concert and telling you that you can wear whatever and sit in the front but you insist that he put you a little farther back on his side that you can truly enjoy the stage and the entire show
  • Showing up with all of the merch you could pack into one outfit and a sign that says I prefer the bassist
  • Calum searching for you most of the night but the lights are really, really bright and it distracts him
  • Finally seeing you with your sign in the air and a CH painted on one cheek with a 96 on the other
  • Stopping in the middle of the song to just take a moment and laugh because you’re so fucking cute and he’s sure you’re going to be around for a while
  • “Calum, why the fuck did you stop playing.”
  • “I just see our number one fan, look at all that merch she’s got on. Absolutely adorable.”
  • Your heart melting as he turns towards his side of the stage in the middle of beside you because that song is so important to him and he wants to dedicate to you and when it’s over he holds up a heart and smiles so wide in your direction and you know it’s for you
  • Kissing him so passionately after he comes off stage with your hands on his cheeks and a huge smile making your teeth bump together as he holds your hips
  • “You did so great, I’m so proud.” “I expected a really tight, designer dress tonight.” “To a concert? Why buy merch if you’re not going to sport it at the concert” “I should pay you back for that, must have cost you an arm and a leg.” “Don’t even think about it, just buy me dinner tonight and we’re even.”
  • Hanging out in his hotel room when he’s in your city the first few times but after he’s been back a few times you insist he stays at your house.
  • Your first night spent together you don’t even sleep you just kiss all night and talk and giggle and listen to music in your comfiest clothes
  • Visiting calum for the first time in a random city that he flew you out to and learning about a new culture as he shows you around and explains things
  • Not having sex until you’re at least five months in because he’s determined to know you so well that when it comes to sex there’s not a chance he can fuck up because he’s in love with you
  • Realizing he’s in love with you when a native elderly couple from the city your visiting asks you to take a picture of them and you take several shots of them and start a conversation about how long the couple had been married and accepting there advice with a gracious smile
  • He doesn’t even hesitate to blurt it out when you turn back to him and hold your hand out, he just says it
  • “I love you.” “I love you, too, Calum.” “Really?” “Of course, silly boy, now come here and give me a kiss, I want to know what kissing feels like when you’re in love.”

 this is way too long, fuck

Okay, so we all know Bucky’s gonna kick Steve’s ass because “i SAID don’t do anything stupid until i come back jesus fucking christ rogers”

But that’ll be nothing compared to when Bucky sees how Steve traditionally fights now.

“Why the hell would you want to spin around in fights like a damn ballerina?”
"It looks cool, ok?”
“America’s greatest patriot, the symbol of our nation-”
“-is actually a fancy fucking rotisserie chicken.”

“I must have heard wrong. You and Thor don’t really use his hammer and your shield in battle, right? RIGHT?”
“Dammit, Natasha.”

“You…tried to knock down all of the HYRDA agents by throwing yourself into their arms.”
“Shut up, Barnes.”
“Never thought you as the damsel in distress type, Stevie.”

”You little shit, you thought you were gonna be let off the hook for throwing your motorcycle at a tank? Just ‘cause I wasn’t in Sokovia?”
“Look, it seemed like the best idea at the time.”
“Just keep telling that to your five bikes smashed up across in Europe from the war, punk.“

EXO: When his girlfriend is a kitten in bed ;)

This made me feel dirty so I have 2 that are rather innocent to make up for it lol. Thanks for the request and hope you enjoy!

Suho: I know this should be sexy and all but she looks so cute!!! *Can’t maintain himself*

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Baekhyun: Be a good kitty and I’ll see what I can do to satisfy you okay?~

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Chanyeol: *Bites lip* Damn, I would let you tear up my back anytime of the week!

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D.O: ….Are you hungry for some milk? If you want it you’re going to have to work for it. *Smirks*

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Kai: A naughty kitty like yourself is just asking for trouble aren’t you?

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Sehun: Don’t worry babe, I’ll make you purr for now… but you’ll be mewling for more later. 

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Xiumin: I can’t have this now, as your master it’s my responsibility to train you…

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Lay: But sweetie wasn’t Halloween last month??? 

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Chen: Is it just me or is someone in heat? *Licks lips* Here, I’ll help you out…

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Trailer: ’What If’ - Aug 1 (Limited)

Directed by Michael Dowse, written by Elan Mastai, starring Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan, Adam Driver, Rafe Spall, Megan Park and Mackenzie Davis.

This looks like a pretty cut and dry romantic comedy, almost to a fault, but damn if I don’t want to see Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan in a cut and dry romantic comedy. Also Adam Driver is funny here.

VIXX - seeing your bra through your wet shirt

Ayeee my starlights are so dirty~

N: “Oh it’s pink.. and so cute.” *laughs and blushes*

Leo: *sighs* “What if someone sees it? Do you want my jacket?”

Ken: “I like it… no, sorry I didn’t say that.”

Ravi: *watches you* *just watches…*

Hongbin: *gasps* *and that smirk at the end* “Um babe… you’re wet. I MEAN your shirt.”

Hyuk: “wOAH it’s all lace and dainty, it doesn’t look very comfy, but DAMN GIRL.”


KYLE: Wow, I’m sorry that I give a shit!
KYLE: I’m sorry I take time out of my life to care about someone other than myself!
KYLE: I don’t know why I bother trying to help, because this is what I get.
KYLE: This is what I always get, because nobody fucking listens to me!

KYLE: So, y'know what, fine! You can stay in your goddamn pity hovel while everyone out there is worried sick about you!
KYLE: Keep shutting everyone out, see if I care!
KYLE: I am so DONE with getting cut out like this! If you don’t want me to help you, tell me!
KYLE: I just. I don’t get why you have to be so selfish, Stan!!

CRAIG: This isn’t about me, is it.
KYLE: No, it…
KYLE: [quiet crying]
CRAIG: Oh, damn it.
CRAIG: Don’t. Don’t do that.
CRAIG: Stop. Please.
KYLE: Look, I’m sorry.
KYLE: I didn’t mean to direct that at you.

CRAIG: You have to understand. Why I left, why I’m not going back.
CRAIG: I know you get it.
CRAIG: And it’s better on them that I’m not around.
KYLE: Craig, is this about your parents?
KYLE: Because, they got divorced. Everything is fine.
CRAIG: What?
KYLE: Yeah. Your dad moved out two weeks ago.
KYLE: There’s a restraining order and everything.
KYLE: It’s just been your mom and Ruby since then.

CRAIG: Well what the fuck are we still doing here.
CRAIG: Come on. I’ll grab my shit and we can leave.
KYLE: What? I thought you weren’t going back?
CRAIG: This is different. Let’s go.
CRAIG: They’ll do another college tour right?
KYLE: Um, probably? Within the school year, I’m assu-
CRAIG: Cool, great, get your ass in the car.
CRAIG: We don’t have all day.



~Robot lives matter too~ The Holy mother of robots followers aid mechanical creatures in need. These old men walk around with their heavy machinery toolboxes and gather all the lost confused bots that have no main directives still active in their ram. It’s a controversial cult, some say they aid the bots in need but others see them as reprogrammers that take advantage of the weak. 


Ok first of all the perspective is all fucked up! damn i’m not happy at some of the scaling of the characters but that’s what I get for trying to make all of these characters walk around in a 3 point perspective. 

Did callouts for the characters, I really wanted flat shapes and not a lot of line work but again I failed and ended up sketching all of it like usual. 

The robots had to be designed to look helpless, slow or confused since the old men would take advantage of them. A church like structure would be designed as the centerpiece but it ended up looking too small … . or . . maybe the entrance is big enough just for the little robots!, yeah that’s what I wanted from the start aha! 

After callouts I sketched the whole thing freehand and followed the same procedure as some of the last posts. It was fun to try my hand at the floor reflections.- Gabo

Two girls die and go to Heaven...

They meet up there, realizing they know each other and are surprised to see the other one dead.

“Wow! What happened to you?” Asks the firs one.

“Hypothermia.. It was soo cold, but after a while I just wanted to sleep and looks like I am never waking up. How about you?”

“Heart attack”

“Whaat! You are in your twenties! What happened? ”

“Well, for a while now I’ve been suspecting that my husband cheats on me. So this one night I told him I was gonna be working late, but I came home early. I was damn sure there was a girl there. I looked everywhere, but to no avail. Under the bed, in the closet, in the bathroom, in the basement. I was so frustrated by the end, that my heart just collapsed.”

“Well” said the other one “Had you checked the fridge, we both would’ve been alive right now”

Rather than fighting for every woman’s right to feel beautiful, I would like to see the return of a kind of feminism that tells women and girls everywhere that maybe it’s all right not to be pretty and perfectly well behaved. That maybe women who are plain, or large, or old, or differently abled, or who simply don’t give a damn what they look like because they’re too busy saving the world or rearranging their sock drawer, have as much right to take up space as anyone else.

I think if we want to take care of the next generation of girls we should reassure them that power, strength and character are more important than beauty and always will be, and that even if they aren’t thin and pretty, they are still worthy of respect. That feeling is the birthright of men everywhere. It’s about time we claimed it for ourselves.