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Sooo BoruSara Fandom...


Regarding Boruto Episode 2…

No one here gonna spazz about

1.) How ChouChou teases Sarada to Boruto

ChouChou is not just any person, she’s Sarada’s BFF!!! Look at her face while teasing Sarada ohmygod hahaha How I wish she said “childhood sweethearts” instead :”>

2.) How the Uzumaki-Uchiha rivalry is starting to blossom rofl.

You know those shoujo mangas (ex: Special A, Last Game) where the male and female lead compete with each other then they’ll fall in love with each other eventually HAHAHAHAHA call me delusional but that’s how I see this. Hey I’m a BoruSara shipper so of course my shipper goggles is on :P

3.) How Sarada said “This is annoying” but watched Boruto’s fight anyway lmao

Yep, Sasuke’s tsundere genes check

4.) How Sarada clenched her fists and looked so concerned when Boruto was getting beaten by Iwabe

Of course BFF noticed right away! Damn I think ChouChou is the no.1 BoruSara shipper XD

5.) How Sarada looks so proud when Boruto won

Well everyone was happy but come on, earlier she said the fight was annoying (even Chouchou thought she was not interested with the fight haha) but after Boruto won she was relieved and looked so proud like “Yeah that’s my future husband right there shannaro!” XD



I’m sorry I just gotta let this out. It’s been a while since the last time I spazzed about an anime episode lol


It still feels like yesterday when Genin-Naruto did this move to Kakashi when he was trying to get the bells :’)

Edit: Ok, thank you for correcting me, it was Sasuke who made this move. Man Im gettiing old rofl XD that makes me more happy tho hahaha Future-Father-In-Law move

Also Im sad Sasuke wasn’t in the opening. Glad he’s in the ending with Sakura of course <3 SASUSAKU MY NO.1 OTP! CA-TO-THE-FUCKING-NON

Alright back to reality (and finishing my next BoruSara fanart)

I know this is, like, old stuff by now, but do u know what really gets me about Alex Hirch’s seemingly intense dislike for Ford?

Like… abuse is a very tricky thing to handle in kids media. The message can get muddled and misrepresented easily, because no one can really flat out say “I was abused”. I don’t think it’s a surprise at this point when I say that I was a victim of parental abuse and was abused by someone that I thought was a friend, not to mention that I was autistic and subjected to severe bullying because of it. Growing up, all cartoons fed me were messages like “forgive your friends even when they hurt you” or “family is family, no matter what” or “your bully is secretly sad so you shouldnt be mad at them”, and all these messages tricked me into thinking that I was the bad guy for hating my family, for being unable to ‘fix’ my bullies, for developing deeply rooted trust issues

Then came Ford Pines

I had caught up to Gravity Falls right before Ford’s appearance, so ‘Not What He Seems’ was the first episode I caught on air. As the episodes were released and we slowly learned more about Ford, I actually didn’t like him so much at first. He was angry, he was loud, he was distrustful, he kept to himself; he was everything that I was always told not to be. However, as the episodes continued, I realized that I saw a lot of myself in him

Like, lets look at Ford for a second. He is clearly a victim of abuse and bullying (and heavily implied parental abuse), and he’s mad at the people who wronged him, and you know what? The narrative celebrates that Ford hates his abusers (well, Bill, at least)! But guess what? He may have been angry, but he was nice. He adored the kids, and it shows. He was one of the only members of the Pines family who wasn’t always poking fun at Dipper, and its clear that Dipper appreciates that. He’s sweet, dorky, and a good guy

For the first time, I was face to face with an abuse victim who was angry, but a good guy, and you can’t understand how unreal that felt to me. I’m sure Ford’s not the first character to fit into this idea, but he’s the first cartoon character that I’ve seen that did this right

Even Journal 3, with it’s flaws, showed a pretty accurate process of an abuse victim realizing that they’re being abused (at least, from my point of view). The idolization, the distrust of actual friends, the abuser convincing him that his real friends were out to get him, and then when he realizes that he’s been played this entire time? It hits him HARD. He can’t sleep, he’s scared, he doesn’t trust anyone, and how he views reality is altered because of this. Whether they meant to or not, Journal 3 was a great book from an abuse victim’s point of view

So… yeah. At this point, you can probably tell that Ford was an important character for me (and many other abuse victims that I’ve met too). Finally, an abuse victim we could root for, who’s abuse didn’t ‘turn then into an abuser’. FINALLY, an abuse victim who was angry but was still someone we could root for. Almost every trait about Ford clearly links to some form of abuse, and it’s something that me and other abuse survivors can relate to

And Alec Herb wants us to hate him for it

He calls Ford a bad guy. He calls Ford ‘egotistical’ for daring to be proud of the things he’s good at. He says that Ford ‘deserves to be punished’ for not immediately forgiving someone who hurt him in the past. During one of his streams, he even said ‘Ford is a popular character and I just don’t see why’, implying that everything I said before was a complete accident on his part, that he wasn’t taking abuse victims into account and wanted us to think that he was a bad guy. And, of course, only us scary mentally ill abuse victims could ever relate to him

God. I just. Fuck. You can all understand why I hate him now, right?? 

Bed Hair - Oneshot

Length: 1813 words

Rating: K

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Shouto Todoroki x Momo Yaoyorozu

Summary: “So she stood there beside him, brushing her teeth, and thinking to herself that they were the king and queen of bed hair.”

Author’s Note: *walks in four months later, wearing shades and holding a frap* So, long time no see, huh? Sorry about that. I know I said that I was working on requests, and I am, but school’s started up and has left me with considerably less time to write and I’m a lazy ass. But here I am, with my first contribution to the BNHA fandom! This one-shot was inspired by @akeemi-art  ‘s art piece. I had an initial idea for this piece but I kind of strayed from it, so I’m contemplating writing a shorter version of this, following the original idea I had. Let me know if I should! Please leave a review, and enjoy~

  Momo wakes to sunlight streaming into her room, the sun well up into the sky. She blinks blearily against the light, tugging the fluffy blanket over her eyes to ward it off. She contemplates just staying in bed, but figures she’s slept in long enough. With a long and dramatic sigh, she kicks the blanket off and drags herself into a sitting position, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. It does nothing to help, of course- with exams coming up, she’s in a perpetual state of drowsiness. Momo just sits there for a moment, too tired to even care about the way she’s slouching. She stares at the wall across her bed, squinting, letting her eyes adjust to the offensive light. After a moment or two, she tosses her legs over the edge of her bed and slides off, swaying for a moment on her feet before stumbling across the room to her door. She opens it and steps out, noting that several of her classmates’ doors were still closed. They’re probably still sleeping- something she desperately wishes she was still doing.

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Would you fancast some of your favorite blogs as ACOTAR/ToG characters? :)

Yeeesssss!!!! Are you talking personality-wise or aesthetically?

Imma do both


@catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks​ is absolutely stunning and would 100% be a gorgeous and amazing and savage Manon Blackbeak

@paperbacktrash​ is also insanely beautiful and lovely and gorgeous and would be a fantastic Nesta Archeron

@highlady-casandra​ is so cute and absolutely adorable and lovely and would be a great Elain Archeron aesthetically but personality-wise I’d say Cas is very Aelin

@feysandsmut​ is also such a stunner and so so gorgeous and I would see as such an amazing Amren, except her hair isn’t entirely black but idc she just gives me strong Amren vibes

@rowan-buzzard-whitethorn​ is adorable and gorgeous and fantastic and I think she would be such a perfect Feyre Archeron with the freckles and that cute but fierce aesthetic

@aedicnS L A Y S oh my god the girl is stunning and looks like she could kill you with a look and gives me such Kaltain Rompier vibes and I love it 

@christina-dh​ is a fuckin babe and so beautiful and she’s definitely probably a combo of Lysandra and Morrigan personality-wise, but aesthetically I’d probably have to say she’s a cross between Lysandra and Hasar? 

@rowanismybae is so so cute and adorable and precious and I feel like she’d be such a cute Yrene Towers (without freckles)

Personality-wise I already did a couple, but here are a couple more :)

@propshophannah feels very Alis to me - she’s the mom of all of us kids and I love her dearly for it

@aelin-and-feyre is a very Feyre kind of girl, personality-wise imo, and I appreciate her so much for it

@greek-praetor is probably a solid mix of all three illyrians, although I feel like he’s probably the most Cassian out of the three? Or more Rhysand? Definitely more Cass or Rhys than Az though.

@stag-of-the-north is prooooobablyyyyy Nesryn? Yeah, I’d say she’s Nesryn Faliq personality-wise

@meabhdbutsexii is definitely the Suriel personality-wise lol, but like the fandom version of the Suriel, not the super scary book version

That’s about all I can think of off the top of my head she says as if she didn’t just spend like 1.5 hours working on this. And with that, I’m off to bed! So so sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone!! In my semi-defense it’s now 3 am lol. Gonna be doing tags tomorrow - or later today I guess? After I sleep lol

Thoughts on Episode Ignis

I saw a lot of you thinking of who might be the one assisting Ignis in his Episode. 

We had Cor who went with Gladio,
and Aranea who went with Prompto.

But I had this thought now… it would make a lot of sense when these situations have something to do with the old Crownsguard.

We had Cor who had a similar job like Ignis.
Gladio’s father died, so he couldn’t be there, but it makes sense that Cor took the job, because he challenged Gilgamesh as well.
And now there’s one person left from the old guard - Cid.

Cid was with them in Altissia the whole time. And I bet my ass he wouldn’t just watch when Niflheim came and tried to pick up a fight.

So what if Cid is the one who helps Ignis?

I think it would be damn amazing seeing him fighting like a badass. He used firearms like Prompto and that would be damn cool to see tbh.
Just imagine what kind of firearms he built for himself! 

omg I really want to see this now!

@blindbae (tagging u bc Ignis, I hope you don’t mind >_<)

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I love how you made weretiger arin a thing and now everyone (myself included) tags you in posts with tigers

this ask is HELLA OLD but i still think about it all the time lol I LOVE how ppl have been tagging me in damn near EVERY cat video its so fucking sweet,i love yall omg uvu

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who liked and reblogged my lasted fic, Nesting!! I love you all!

@littlegreenplasticsoldier said:


Good Lord, woman, I love you!

@seenashwrite said:

RE: “… and purchases made at Bed, Bath, &amp; Beyond without a 20% off coupon.”  Now, are you *trying* to lose readers? sweet lord, what were you thinking??? ;)

Well, you know, writing is all about taking risks. LOL!

@scarlet-soldier-in-an-impala said:

I. NEED. A. FREAKING. MINUTE. AFTER. THAT. My brain’s still processing. Angry sex AND dry humping??!! Damn, did you sneak into my wildest dreams??

I’m not usually into angry sex, but I’ve been eye fucking my husband quite hatefully the past few days. He’s sensitive, though, so I decided to take it out on Dean, instead. Dry humping is my favorite kink, though. It seeps into a lot of my fics. *sigh*

@klaineaholic said:

I don’t know why this spoke to me but yes. I am here for this!!!!! Also in fucking love with this spunky reader who doesn’t take shit from Dean.

Spunky Reader for the win!!! Thanks, my dear!

@winchesterprincessbride said:

Those shorts should be illegal!

No no no no no. Don’t make them illegal, then we’ll see them even less than we already do!!! MAKE THEM MANDATORY!!!

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I HIT 200!!!

Guys, you have no idea how much I’m freaking out right about now. I literally can’t say thank you enough. It’s so crazy to think that there are 200 people out there that actually put up with my shit. And by shit, I mean my annoying ramblings about track + other life problems, my shit-posts involving Lin, and basically everything I do on this blog. Anywho, I FREAKIN’ LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU T H A N K

Some special peeps I wanted to tag for an extra large “thank you!”: @worldseemedtoburrn @bullcrappery @always-blame-jefferson @hamlltvn @psychedemigod @puns-and-fics @god-damn-it-miranda @love-doesnt-discriminate @sunriseovertheroomwhereithappens @people-i’m-probably-forgetting-sorry

Also, this was my face when I opened tumblr three minutes ago:

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I saw that pic of Matt in the sp7 office and......... if I may............. everyone in the office flirting w him..............

im so here for this after that video

Steven slings an arm around Matt’s shoulders while they’re walking; it’s so easy, he’s so damn short, and Matt doesn’t really think anything of it.

They’re so much more forward than everyone at his office–he smiles to himself when he remembers all the skirting around it took for them to get to where they were now–they opt for gentle touches and staying too close to him. Cib rests a hand on his knee while they’re sitting on the couch, not looking at him, going back and forth with Steven about some bit that makes his head swim when he tries to understand it.

James ruffles his hair fondly when they talk, and he can’t help but smile at how not subtle it is, but he doesn’t say anything about it. If they want to all flirt with him, fine. The attention is so different than the usual that Matt’s used to and it’s almost fun for him, pretending he’s as oblivious as they think he is.

He sends a text when they all leave him alone for a few minutes:

They’re all flirting with me.

Immediately, he gets bombarded with texts telling him to go for it, and his favorite, Adam just sending !!!!!!!!! with no other context.

So when Steven wheels his chair next to him and leans over his shoulder to look what he’s fucking around with on the computer, Matt slides a hand over to rest on his knee, and looks over to see Steven staring at him incredulously.

Nothing happens, but Steven shoots him a text inviting him over again that night. He doesn’t think when he says yes.

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I fuckin love New Day. New Day vs The Usos has turned into the best rivalry. Between them and Ambrollins vs The Bar Tag wrestling is so lit right now. Need more good teams tho. These for are so good everyone else looks bad by comparison.

I think other teams would look good if A) WWE stopped FUCKIN SPLITTING ALL THE DAMN TEAMS UP and B) gave more teams more chances instead of forgetting they even exist. 

Fanfic Buddy System

I think we should have a reader buddy thing. I’m sure we’ve all had those moments where we pick a fic, we read the description, take deep breath, and stare vacantly ahead while we murmur, “I cannot do this alone….”

Because some fics just have way too many damn feels! And for those I think we should have partners. Kinda like a game of truth or dare! Except everyone has to pick dare and the dare is always to read the same fic that the other person is reading….

Good right?

Now who wants to hold my hand? >_>

I think we should make an official tag for this and it can be used for any fandom. That way you can browse the tag, see what other people are reading, and volunteer to read it too so you can have someone to cry with.

Hmm how about…

#hold me

And the way you find a certain fandom is to add your ship to the end of it. Looking for Drarry? Search :

#hold me drarry

Looking for wolfstar? Search :

#hold me wolfstar

#hold me romione #hold me merthur #hold me stucky #hold me johnlock

You get the picture. This is either a great or terrible idea.

(Also I now apologize to the random people who use the tag hold me for anything normal oops)

Heeeey guyses, I need a bit more variety on my dash, so I’m doing one of these following thingys! c: Please reblog/like if you post:

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Okay, that’s all I can think of for now, I’ll be checking everyone out/following, thank youu! <3

hello vocaloid fandom!!

so yes hello

ok so!

idk how to start this, so i’ll just kinda jump right in.

i’ve had the idea for a while to do an art series of hatsune miku, only changing her skin color, body type, hair, etc etc in each drawing to represent how the vocaloid community has so many diverse people working on art and songs and pvs and mmd and cosplay, etc and how these people make these characters who they are. like, think about it, all of the characters would literally be nothing but strings of voice samples. no songs, no drawings, no wacky headcanons, no personality traits without the fans.

but in the process of typing this out to explain to my instagram followers what my newest drawings would be, i thought, ‘damn, wouldn’t it be cool if there were lots of people on this, representing themselves and others through miku’

so, i donno, im just going to leave this here (and on IG and twitter) and see how everyone feels about it! it would be really cool in my opinion;;; if you agree, please reblog this to spread the word and see if more people will get in on it !!! 

i guess it would mostly be focused on miku (since she’s the main ‘icon’ for the software) but any vocaloid can be cool !!

right now im thinking of using the name and tag #MikuWorldProject and the main blog being mikuworldproject 

so yeah! if people show interest in this, i’ll make a more formal explanation post on the blog and it can start! (in fact you could start your’s before the formal post if you want) 

thanks for reading & please please please reblog if you like this idea, ((because that’s the only way it might catch on enough to happen!!))

I seriously think St. Patty’s day is just peoples excuse to get fuckin’ shit faced and act a fool, usin’ the ‘holiday’ as an excuse. Honestly, my ass forgot ‘bout the damn holiday until I went out with a few coworkers for dinner- which ended in me breakin’ up some fight and one of the guys in retaliation decided to break a beer bottle over my shoulder. 

His ass went straight flyin’ over the damn bar, least I offered some entertainment for the restaurant. Hope everyone had a chill night and all that—


make me choose | hawkiepawkie asked: merlin or sherlock?

sometimes you’ve got to do what you think is right, and damn the consequences.