damn i really need to do a re-read of that

listen, guys, if you’re going to reblog a list of character flaws, you REALLY need to read it first, don’t just reblog it because everyone else is

like at least skim read it first to see if it’s wildly obviously ableist, ya know

if it throws stuff around about mental illness and equates psychosis with being evil and crazy and violent and lists things like dyslexia as flaws, maybe you might want to use some of those critical thinking skills and question if it’s really the sort of post you want to pass on

you know EXACTLY which post I’m talking about, by the way

or maybe you don’t

because you didn’t read it

posting fanfiction: the cycle
  • drafted: Yay! I finished that chapter
  • re-read: Oh, ew. That...crap. that needs a lot of work.
  • edited: better. but still needs work.
  • a million edits later: bloody hell, i'm so sick of this chapter.
  • a thousand edits after THAT: okay. in decent shape. let's just post the damn thing already.
  • just before posting: ooooh, what if it's not perfect? Oh, who cares? Just post it already.
  • posted: SUCCESS!!!
  • five seconds later: who noticed it??
  • ten seconds later: I really should find something else to do other than wonder if anyone noticed it.
  • a minute later: but maybe someone has noticed it now.
  • five minutes later: you posted it at midnight. no wonder no one saw it. just go to bed already.
  • five minutes after lights out: ooh! i have an idea for the next chapter!

anonymous asked:

i feel like maybe youre reading too deep into astrology when it comes to having crushes, anything can work out if two people are dedicated enough. im not "supposed" to be astrologically compatible with my girlfriend, but we're in love and happy together anyway. i might be reading too deep into this but if youre using birth charts to decide not to try for a relationship with someone, that might just be because youre scared of a relationship regardless of astrological compatability? you can do it.

omg i dont actually do that this is actually kinda annoying even if u meant well ive been studying astrology since i was little and know damn well compatibility is subjective and really havent suggested otherwise. like u really dont need to send me a paragraph over this lmfao

So I know you’re fucking asleep which is chill cause you need some damned rest son but God damnit Rowan you’ve set off her curiosity and now she’s struggling to read up on Egyptian mythology because our only background on it is in an art history context and ffs she’s planning on bringing an art textbook over to interrogate you so heads up I guess? Lol rip