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So this might be a little weird, but before my husbands first kiss with me, instead of being smooth, he said "It's going to taste like cookies." I had baked some to try to win him over. How would the RFA+V+Saeran react in a similar situation? Like Seven saying "It's going to taste like Honey Buddha Chips." I know it's a little weird and personal but I thought it might be cute

Hey hey!! Just a little head cannon to break up the matchups! For now, I’m only doing casual story peeps because of how long they got… I’ll post the Deep Story and Minor Trio guys over the course of the next few days to keep matchups from completely taking over. I hope you understand <3
Also, there are HUGE things afoot for this blog right now guys, that’s all I’ll reveal for now but stay tuned ;) Also it’s not weird at all!! that’s super cute?? You guys are adorable oml.

-Mod Cozy <3

- Okay so you two DORKS were studying because it’s exam season!!! T-T
- And it was an EXTREMELY late night, you poor bbs were up WAY past your bedtimes and the caffeine stopped working two days ago so you were super overtired
- Instead of covering Darwin’s four conclusions and the statistical formula for figuring out whether trends were scientifically proven for the sixth time,
- You decided to bake a cake!!
- Because, when the caffeine fails, the sugar perseveres!!
- Cute matching aprons? Check.
- Tasting spoons? Check.
- Oven preheated, pan sprayed, ready to go.
- Y’all thought you were alllll professional set up and wearing your stern “chef faces”
- “Sous chef Kim, please pour the mix into the bowl.”
- “Yes, chef MC!”
- And that’s when it went to hell
- Poor yoosung tried to open the mix bag and when it wouldn’t rip properly, he pulled with all of his strength and it more or less exploded all over the kitchen
- You guys dropped the chef faces and held your sides laughing like idiots all covered in flour
- You salvaged what you could to make the cake but by the time it was finished you both were coated in a fine layer of icing, mix, and powdered sugar
- Yoosung carefully placed it in the oven and began to walk over to you when he realized a little too late that he had closed his shoe lace in the oven door???
- He tripped into the counter behind you, catching himself with his hands and successfully, accidentally trapping you in between him and it
- Poor boy was a blushy mess and tried so hard to scramble off you but due to the fact his shoelace was still in the oven door, all he managed to do was further unbalance himself and lean into you
- You two locked eyes and suddenly he wasn’t the only tomato in the room
- “I-I ahh I’m sorry MC I’ll just..” He looked away for a second and you giggled softly
- “It’s okay yoosung.” You were NOT just talking about him tripping into you
- He turned to face you again and leaned further forward until your noses were touching, obviously getting the (mystic) message
- “A-are you sure MC? It’s going to t-taste like cake mix a-and..”
- You smiled at him and he lightly smiled back before closing his eyes and the space between the two of you
- You guys burnt the damn cake nice going

- You guessed it:
- Café taste-testing session!!
- Presently, all you sold were pastries and beverages but you were trying to branch into savory territory by developing a nice selection of paninis
- Unfortunately
- Paninis were one of the few projects C&R had never pursued so even jaehee knew nothing about how to make them well???
- You had all the ingredients laid out and were testing a new flavor combination when jaehee walked up next to you and motioned for you to take a bite of the one she had made a few seconds prior
- And we all know that jaehee is good at basically
- Well, everything
- But lordie was that hot sandwich delicious beyond compare
- She looked at you with anticipation and burst into a grin when you shot her a thumbs up followed by a muffled “It’s soo good.”
- You swallowed the remainder of her sandwich and handed her your most recent creation
- She chewed a small bite for a few seconds before turning to face you with a grin “Oh my god MC, I could kiss you right now.”
- Okay well shit that put you guys in a bit of a bind because you were pretty damn close already and neither of you knew what to say after that comment so it was left hanging in the air which was getting pretty?? Hot?? For some reason??
- Nope just you blushing
- You guys actually partook in an unspoken staring contest before jaehee blinked a looked at her feet with a blush to match yours
- “Hah! I won! Yes, and I was starting to think you were good at everything, jaehee.”
- “It’s gonna taste like panini but fuck it.” Jaehee said half to herself
- “What was that jae-“ Oh, oh
- The minimal space between the two of you decreased to nothing almost immediately when jaehee grabbed your wrist pulled you into a kiss
- She expertly moved her hand up the side of your arm and tangled her fingers in your hair before pulling away so the both of you could breath.
- She smiled at you with a coat of red dusting her cheeks before turning back to the press
- “I’d take that over a sandwich any day.” She hummed which only deepened your blush

- Zen was trying to recreate a cute little cliché breakfast-in-bed scene he saw in a movie the other day by bringing you a lovely little meal
- Do you remember the word “trying”? keep that in mind.
- Burnt eggs, burnt toast, and cold tea???
- What?? Zen do you not know how to-
- Oh shit
- Newsflash: rising star Zen has never before even touched a damn toaster oven
- You now take it upon yourself to teach this boy how to cook and the easiest thing you could think of was French toast!
- “Okay zen, all you have to do is coat the bread in eggs, simple? I already beat them so just, dip the bread.”
- “Why would you beat an egg? What did it ever do to you MC?”
- Sigh
- You guys FINALLY finish up making the French toast and around halfway through your second piece, you decide to get some orange juice!!
- Because what’s a cliché breakfast without orange juice?
- WELL what you didn’t expect was for that floor to be so slippery??
- You spilled two full glasses of orange juice directly onto your clothes
- The ONLY clothes you had left because of your and Zen’s mutual refusal to do laundry due to the insistence that it was the other’s turn
- Zen was by your side so quickly and offered to let you borrow HIS clothes to which you accepted, anything to get out of the citrus suit you were currently wearing
- You walked out wearing only one of Zen’s shirts and, of course, your respective undergarments and poor Hyun turned bright red
- “MC, you can’t do this to the beast c’mon now.”
- “I didn’t state that you had to keep him in check, just saying…”
- And you broke the fucking dam great job MC
- Zen had you kabedonned soooo fast and hovered his lips close to yours
- “It’s g-going to probably taste like French toast Zen…”
- “I can’t wait to find out.”