damn i love those times

Soooo I was bored and wanted to draw, and I was looking a bit through @hasanasofficeatfreddys’s blog and ended up deciding that I would fight my art-block with this wonderful bun. =v=
Hasana, I’ve been a fan of your work ever since Monster High, and I love seeing your drawings on my dash. Keep up the amazing work, hon. ❤

Btw I’m sorry for the shitty quality and lighting, but I only had my phone and a small lamp, so… xD

I need to give Bonnie more love, he’s my favorite animatronic and I don’t draw him as much as I’d like to. ;A;

Happy Birthday @nnaruto!


chu learns how to gif: lauren lewis in 3x13

Thing that periodically gets me really emotional in SM: Two of the purest hearts in the universe are held by lesbians. 

how to make a Successful* foxhole court edit/aesthetic

  • a picture of that bag that says “a bunch of shit i basically can’t live without” (you know what i’m talking about)
  • bloody knuckles (alternatively, bloody bandaged knuckles, a bloody fist)
  • a white boy smoking a cigarrette, his face conviently away from the camera
    • could be blonde or brown-haired, depends if u want to represent andrew or neil (despite the fact that neil doesn’t smoke)
  • that one scene from troye sivan’s music video where the two guys are making out
    • actually anything from troye sivan’s music video series you know which one im talking about
    • if u dont have this, its fine, just use any picture of a boy with blonde hair kissing a boy with dark hair just make sure their faces aren’t too obvious u gotta leave something up to the imagination
    • or a picture of just super close up lips touching that look vaguely male
  • can’t go wrong with a row of knives
  • quotes from the book over muted pictures of stadium or rooftops or landscapes of small towns or cities
    • extra points for  iconic andreil quotes  (“You’re a pipe dream”, “You want nothing” “93%”) or anything about neil choosing to not run away or about how they were all a dysfunctional family that chose each other
  • seriously make everything muted and dark and faded to emphasize that Darkness™ and Tragedy™ of the books
    • make it as bleak as neil’s future
  • if u dont wanna go for quotes, some muted text screenshots always do the trick
    • ex. “ur a mess wanna date”
  • some lacrosse pics that look vaguely like exy like the sticks (idk how lacrosse works) or some distance shots of a random team

congratulations, u have a foxhole court edit!! the result should be vaguely dismal and cliche and yet hopeful and uplifting. and just. just filled with teenage angst. if the angst ain’t there u did something wrong.