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OMG I just read your headcanons about a few of the bots getting their s/o pregnant and AHHHHHHHH. I HAVE MAJOR BABY FEVER RIGHT NOW. Can you do more please! Thank you SO much!

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Since you didn’t specify a canon or characters for this request, I’ll be doing two of my favourite IDW characters. You can find more headcanons of this type here and here! )


✦ Is shocked to learn about these turn of events when his human approaches him about their results. The relationship Optimus and the human have is more friends-with-benefits than anything else. The two looking for ways to blow off steam with how he’s working so hard to help Earth enter the intergalactic stage while the human is focusing on helping Marissa Faireborne prepare for her spot in the Council of Worlds. The pair have a long discussion about what they should do and, in the end, agree to keep the baby and raise them to the best of their abilities. They tell their closest companions about the turn of events and make them swear to secrecy in order to keep the media from finding out.

✦ The media finds out anyway. Probably for the best that his human is out of the public’s eye while they go through the pregnancy. The news circuit flips out when they learn Optimus Prime’s human lover is pregnant with his child and try to get any shot of them in the following months, running think piece after think piece about this revelation and how this could affect humans-Cybertronian relations. This is one of the most stressful periods in the human’s life and Optimus tries to be there for them when he’s not away on missions or activities. Often enough it’s Jazz and Arcee who keeps the human company the most. Arcee is… awkward at best though she does her best to protect the human. Jazz helps smooth out tensions and ruffled feathers and helps the human laugh more often. Over-all this time could be better and it could have been worse.

✦ When they break their water, the human is taken to a hospital and has to be under an alias to keep the media off them. Alas Optimus is not there when the human is going through the motions of childbirth, having to deal with a crisis. He could have delegated the mission to someone else but thought it would be better he’s there on the field, finding the idea of being useless as his partner screams and labours in pain too much for him. He’s apologetic when he comes see them much, much later when all is said and done. Optimus promises he’ll try to be the best sire and provider for the two long as his spark runs and the human thinks that’s enough. It’ll have to be. This is no fairy tale romance and they both knew it when going in.

✦ The baby is a cute and sturdy little bitlet, communicating through low and serious-sounding beeps with those around them. The bean may seem aloof at first, preferring the hold and attentions of their sire and carrier, but they will practically melt in the arms of whoever is holding them if you scratch their tummy juuuuust right. They have Optimus’ antenna finials which wiggle and twitch about to show how happy/annoyed they are and the antennas are another good spot to scratch if you want to have a purring sparkling cuddling up against you. They absolutely love Arcee for some reason and tries copycat her movements whenever they’re together, something everyone thinks is not the best of ideas.

✦ Pyra Magna and her Torchbearers adore the little one’s presence when the human brings them along into meetings, with Skyburst, Dustup, and Jumpstream being the most intrigued by the baby’s presence. The baby, in return, adores the Torchbearers for their interest in them and the fact they are so very colourful. Not that the baby’s arrival makes Pyra Magna feel more lenient with Optimus. If anything she’s become more critical of him, observing him now that he has to act in the role of a sire and how fares as that. (Hint: Not well. Don’t get him wrong. He’s not trying to be an awful parent on purpose. It’s just he’s been at war for so long and has been looked up to as a leader by so many people that he finds it difficult to not be practical and firm. Despite the best solution with his sparkling is to sometimes act softer and kinder.)

✦ More worried than ever about the prophecy he’s had. Never once did it show his partner or child in his visions, making him wonder what happened to them. He shudders at the possibilities and does whatever he can to keep them by his side. As a result he can be a bit controlling about his human’s movements and decisions, especially if it involves the baby. The human will have Words with him on his actions and a lot of fights happen between them. The relationship they have is sometimes fraught, often exhausting, but one they’re determined to see through. If only for the sake of the baby.


✦ Since he’s never met a human before the liaison, he presumes that the morning sickness and tenderness of their body as signs of them having the flu or cold. He only realises what’s going on when they start to see Ratchet for check ups and tests on the side, having seen their open planner by accident when tidying up the liaison’s office one day. At first he’s a little miffed that they went to Ratchet instead of him and then he thinks something terrible must have happened and they’re trying to hide it for his sake and oh no P a n i c T i m e. He makes his poor human lose at least twenty years off their lifespan when he barges into the officers’ meeting out of the blue, yelling about how he’s there to support them and see them though whatever he’s ailing them okay? The liaison realises what he must have realised by accident and awkwardly explains what’s really going on. This is how First Aid (and everyone in the room) learns about the pregnancy. Rodimus pulls out a party popper from his subspace and pops it in celebrations. Ultra Magnus scolds Rodimus for his behaviour. Megatron wonders if he should have stayed in his cell. (A question haunts First Aid for the rest of his days regarding that fateful meeting: Why did Rodimus have that party popper in the first place? A mystery.)

✦ The pregnancy months are a wild ride for the couple and everyone on the Lost Light. Everyone has to actually hide their weapons and keep high-grade energon out of reach. Ultra Magnus is cracking down on serial cussers so they don’t negatively influence the child’s first word. Nautica, Brainstorm, and Perceptor are helping babyproof most of the ship with the aid of Megatron and Rodimus. First Aid tries to learn everything he can about human pregnancies and Swerve, Tailgate, and Rewind offer to help him out by going through the human internet with him and looking up videos. Big mistake - They may have freaked themselves out by accident when learning what could go wrong during the pregnancy and during the delivery because there is a lot of ways it can go wrong. The poor liaison needs to assure the four that they’re fine. Really. There’s no need to try and put them in a plastic bubble or carry them all around the ship if they have to be somewhere. Please you guys. They need to finish this report by tonight. You guys-

✦ The day his human’s water break First Aid surprisingly keeps himself together. The liaison was worried he would go into hysterics or something and yet there he is, calm and cool and collected as he helps them out of their shared habsuite and into the medbay. He tells the medical crew what’s going on and leaves it to their capable servos, trusting Ratchet and Velocity to handle the procedures. He focuses all his attentions on his human as they go through contractions and the pains and the dreaded crowning, telling them how wonderful they are and how strong they are and yes he will never touch them again if that’s what they want. There’s a reason why Ratchet realised he could be the next Chief Medical Officer.

✦ Their baby is a box. That’s a very rude way to describe a babe and yet that is the truth. It is a box that hops around and beeps/chirrups if they want something and is still somehow the cutest bean to ever exist. It might have to do with the fact the baby is so soft and squishy, always up for cuddling sessions. The baby is fussy however and, ironically enough, hates going to the medbay whether its to see their sire or get a much loathed checkup. Remember how it’s mentioned the baby beeps/chirrups in communicating? Well not in the case of them going to the medbay. The baby box screeches and this is when everyone learns the importance of lowering their audials’ sensitivity or noise cancelling plugs. At least Siren gets a taste of his own medicine.

✦ There is not shortage of babysitters for the bean since everyone wants to help take care of the first ever recorded human-Cybertronian sparkling in history. Rung looks after them in his office, the room having been turned into a nursery of sorts as he helps in the child’s development and looks after them when the parents are busy. Swerve shows the baby educational cartoons and sneaks them the actual fun cartoons when First Aid isn’t looking. Even Whirl volunteers to give a hand/claw but he’s stricken off the list when the couple learn he tried to use them as a coaster at Swerve’s. The baby box loves their family and the attention they get though there is no denying the fact they love love love their parents the most. The baby all but leaps out their sitter’s arms when First Aid or the liaison come to pick them up at the end of the day, purring and beeping up a storm while they’re being carried away for recharge. (Sometimes, when in their habsuite and he thinks they’re already asleep, the human will heard First Aid whispering to the sparkling all sorts stories during his time on Delphi. Most of the tales focusing on his time spent with ‘Uncle Ambulon’ like how he helped the ‘bot get a new paintjob or how, one time, he transformed into a leg by accident and was so embarrassed he hopped away. ‘I think you would have loved him,’ First Aid always sighs whenever he finishes telling his stories.)

✦ Oddly First Aid is a stickler for proper terms. He will get annoyed if someone calls his child a ‘bean’ or ‘blob’ and will not hesitate to tersely remind the individual that his child is a protoform or baby, thank you very much. The only ones who get away with calling his child a bean is his human partner, Velocity, and Ratchet. The first two are obvious choices due to how close they became over time. Ratchet is only allowed because there’s something hilarious in seeing how his old boss cooing over a baby and using a high-pitched voice and kissy noises to keep the child’s attention on him. This is Ratchet at his best and his most shameless.

Anyways after two years in this fandom I still think that

“낮에는 lil hamster,

밤에 사랑은 나눌 땐 gangster”

(During the day I’m a lil hamster, but at night when I’m making love, a gangster)

Are the best lyrics Jiyong ever wrote

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(I'm sending so mssg drabbles but I love yours so much I'm so damn sorry) but what would hamster stilettos be like meeting your entire family, extended and all for the first time, especially if you have big uncles ??

He’d be extremely nervous.

Palms all sweaty and he keeps messing with the collar of his dress shirt, which he’d insisted on buttoning up all the way even though you voted for him exposing his chest.

“None of that, love. Need to make a good impression.”

He’s fidgeting with all of his chunky rings, picking at the iron petals of the rose one and thumbing over the jewel of the ruby one. His fingers instinctively go to his hair every couple of minutes, raking through the tousled curls to make sure they stay in place (he’d worked too damn hard to make them look neat and fluffy; his arm still aches from how long he spent blow drying).

The guests haven’t started arriving yet, but they could waltz in at any minute. Your mother had assured Harry that everything would be fine and he’d returned her polite comfort with a shy, nervous smile, convinced that she was just saying it so he didn’t become a puddle of anxiety sweat.

Harry slumps on the couch beside you, squirming in his seat as he goes through the steps of a handshake video he’d found on YouTube. It had taught him how to do a firm, confident handshake when greeting people in order to establish an aura of assurance, which he definitely needs to get your family members to like him. One can never be too safe.

As he’s going over the motions distractedly, lips repeatedly mouthing out the procedure (“Squeeze, hold, release. Squeeze, hold, release.”), the doorbell to the house rings across the still atmosphere of the room.

Harry’s head jerks to the side, body shooting up from the backrest of the plush couch. He sits with his legs spread out slightly in order to give an air of dominance (the video had bonus tips on body language), back straight and shoulders squared. But you can see right through his textbook façade– his hands are shaking slightly and he can’t stop bobbing his knee.

“Har…” Your voice nudges gently, hand sliding across his thigh and taking his fingers in between your own.

He snaps his gaze to you, eyes full of worry and fear, the muscle in his jaw ticking as he swallows nervously.

You gift him a soft, assuring smile, thumbing soothingly over his twitching knuckles and leaning in to press a warm kiss to the center of his forehead, attempting to smooth the rough creases between his furrowed brows. “You’re gonna be just fine, baby. Everyone’s gonna love you and your monkey bread cake.”

“Y'think so?” His eyes are slowly dialing down on the anxiety, his shakiness wearing away as your touch eases his hyperactive conscious.

But everything goes awry when footsteps start to echo down the corridor to the front door.

Harry’s entire body starts shuddering when he hears the sound approaching the living room, breathing stuttering and throwing him into a fit of hyperventilation. He’s starting to go haywire, all do to the fact that he doesn’t really fancy not knowing what’s going to happen in stressful situations. He’s the type of person who likes to know the outcome of a certain circumstance and right now, this is about the most unassured moment in his life.

He grips your hand harder, lips quivering as his gaze stays glued to the arch of the hallway. “What if I put too much sugar in the cake? What if I put too much cinnamon?! Oh God, you’re family’s gonna think I can’t cook. They’re gonna choke because it’s too spicy and wish I were–”

You pry your hand out of his iron grip, reaching up and grasping the sides of his head, palms cupping his strong jaw. You turn his face so it’s directly in front of yours, noses brushing lightly and you can feel his quick huffs of air against your Cupid’s bow. Your eyes lock with his, stern yet lovingly reassuring. “Listen to me, Harry. You’re going to be just fine. You’re an amazing guy with an amazing heart and everyone is going to be falling head-over-heels for you, just as they always do. I love you, and that’s all that matters right now. Nothing anyone else thinks will change that.”

Harry gulps thickly and nods, breathing mellowing out the lightest bit. His voice is quiet with fond awe. “Alright…I love you.”

“I love you, too.” You press your lips to his to fill him with confidence, feeling his fingers go to grip at your upper arm, squeezing it with care and affection.

He whimpers into your mouth when you bite down on the center of his bottom lip, melting as he feels your smirk spread across his sensitive skin.

You pull back from his swollen mouth with a wet pop, running your forefinger lightly down the bridge of his nose and winking. “You’re gonna do great.”

Harry suckles his swollen lips, blinking at you all starry-eyed and dopey, his voice barely above a whisper. “Promise?”

You find his hand again, tugging him up to stand beside you as the footsteps patter just outside the entrance of the living room.

You hook one of your pinky fingers with his, pecking his cheek one more time for finality.

“Pinky swear it.”

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