damn i love this album so much

harry styles in the middle of flowers because that’s what he deserve? yes.

exo’s albums are constantly SO varied and unique and look i literally stanned exo for this very reason but since the beginning theyve not only tried different sounds, genres, chord progressions, etc…but they make it sound GOOD. they make it cohesive and catchy and theyre not only unique individually but come together to harmonize so perfectly, so they add so much color to an otherwise good song and make it unimagineably great-there’s always that extra something in their songs that pushes it past previously explored boundaries like can you already feel how interesting yet palatable and wonderful the war album is gonna be because from these 20 second teasers i can already tell how hard everyone involved has worked on this damn album and im gonna cry now


Kwon Minsik for H1GHR MUSIC

  • ily: i love you
  • ilysm: i love you you so much
  • ybswodtwshfiadtw: you better support wanna one's debut they worked so hard for it and deserve the world

Can I just say I really love how Dan said they had at least 20 songs written for Wild World and we were blessed with 19 of them. And then they decide to release Final hour, The Descent, Comfort of Strangers and even at one point let us hear Grip and Hangin’ while they were touring before the album dropped. I’m just amazed with how much Bastille has given us with this Wild World era and I love this band so damn much.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i'm so fucking sick of people disregarding 5sos like i see all these people praising all these other artists for their albums and like that's great a i love all those artists but the only people i see praising 5sos is their fans, they wrote one of the best goddamn albums of the year they put so much passion into what they do and are constantly trying to better themselves, like fucking ashton, countless people have said he's one the best damn drummers in the industry but no one takes him seriously because he's in 5sos, calum is a killer bass player and receives the same treatment,fucking mike dirnt posted a photo of him on ig and said he reminded him of himself when he was younger, luke's fucking voice is heavenly and the way he drags certain words out when singing live, like he makes the live version sound better than the studio man who the fuck does that, michael kills it on the guitar and puts so much emotion into what he sings and really brings out the rock vibe they're going for, they write beautiful fucking lyrics,calum wrote beside you when he was sixteen years old, they created characters for fans to relate to and beautiful artwork for each one of their songs of sgfg like they're so passionate about music and they genuinely love it so much, and they're so humble like when asked about their success they're always like 'oh all we wanna do is play live and get better' even though they're already fucking amazing and damn i just want people to take them more seriously

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I was rewatching the Elvis Duran interviews with Louis, Harry & Niall & it became obvious that they love music & the music process so much. They love songwriting and being in the studio creating songs. Harry said he fell in love with being in the studio. Niall keeps postponing his album because he keeps wanting to change this & that & adding more songs etc, & Louis always wants perfection so keeps tweaking everything. Our boys are so hardworking. Love they get to spend time on their solo albums.

This ask is so lovely and made my morning. They’re pretty damn great, aren’t they?

hello. it is i. all i  can say is that i listened to the entirety of nct’s album for like… 5 hours now and i love my life. i reached my ….i guess …..”goal” (2.5k) i don’t even have a goal for followers bc i don’t care that much about tumblr i’m just here for nct but. i mean. i wanna celebrate the fact that i got out of 2.4k crisis (i kept on gaining and losing followers so it always stayed in the same place since january this year ksdsjhdasd!!!!!) and uh. damn i really don’t know why so many people follow me it means alot…..i love all of you! every single bot

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the signs as reasons to love + support seventeen
  • aries: seventeen composes and produces and choreographs some if not most of all their songs!! genius composer woozi
  • taurus: they started with very little - the majority of adore u was dancing in a large room with simple white outfits - but now we're onto #seventeen5thwin :) dreams come true
  • gemini: all the members are so close and they're hella funny on variety. it's like a huge family tbh imagine living with 12 of your best friends
  • cancer: they spend like all their free time gushing about carats...they do the Most.......Mingyu cried listening to carats sing 'When I Grow Up' together
  • leo: every unit plays a huge part in seventeen and all of them are super multi-talented wtf seventeen's organization + leadership is honestly amazing
  • virgo: their individual personalities are all so captivating; variety star boo + impulsive cheater yoon jeonghan,, remember when we all thought joshua was a shy and polite gentleman?????? biggest fucking meme istg
  • libra: most of their songs are bops especially their latest albums. and all the members got a chance to shine??
  • scorpio: their choreography!!! damn!!! wtf! all those people...all that creativity...michael chankson......
  • sagittarius: they have so many talents like jun w/ his martial arts, hoshi w/ choreographing, jeonghan w/ sleeping, etc.!
  • capricorn: listen they love their parents so much seungkwan introduced his mother as the "prettiest lady in the world" i SOBBED and btw watch seventeen project if you haven't already
  • aquarius: wonwoo
  • pisces: they had to go through years of seventeentv + losing members and gaining members and not knowing when they'd debut or if they'd have the funds to debut i'm so proud tbh
When [the Two Virgins] cover was forwarded to Sir Joseph Lockwood, he refused to believe that John actually intended to manufacture an album with such a cover. ‘Why do you want to do something like this?’ he asked. Yoko said it was art. 'Well, then, why not show Paul in the nude? He’s so much prettier!’
—  The Love You Make: An Insider’s Story of the Beatles

I hate that they had to say this I feel so bad about the outcome. They worked so hard for this album and they honestly deserve to be appreciated more THEY DESERVE THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD. I wish there was more I could do for them but there’s only so much I could do I love them so much and I seriously hope they don’t beat themselves up over the outcome honestly I blame jyp for the unecessary ass dating scandal 😑