damn i had so much coffee today

Damn Good Coffee

pairing ; chris x reader (!!!)

summary ; “i have to get a damn good coffee kiss.”

words ; 1699  ─ so close

warnings ; fluff!



You were slowly brought to consciousness as the light of the morning peaking through the dark curtains. You took a deep breath through your nose and let it out as a sigh, snuggling into the warmth behind you. One arm was tucked underneath your neck, the hand connected to it resting gently against your shoulder. There was no doubt in your mind that your husband had woken up before and tightened the grip he had on you, because normally that arm would just be laying limply underneath your face for you to use as a pillow.

Bringing it a little closer, you felt Chris stir a slight bit behind you, snuggling his face into your neck and wrapping his other arm a little more around your waist. It seemed as though he were awake, but judging by the still even breaths and the steady movement of his chest on your back, you knew better.

Yet another sigh escaped your lips as you opened your eyes and blinked away the blurriness of sleep. Your eyes drifted down to Chris’ hand, still resting against your shoulder, and noticed that he hadn’t even taken his wedding ring off when he came in last night. Though, you weren’t surprised.

He had come in extremely late from a meeting with some people producing the show Bull, and although he tried to make it seem like he was perky and awake, you knew that he was just about ready to collapse in his recliner that he had dubbed his “second home, away from you, of course.” The most you had gotten him to do in his tired reverie was take off his jacket and dress shirt to exchange it for a more comfortable, Got Hamilton? t-shirt and basketball shorts.

After that, he really did collapse in his recliner, and as amazing as it is, fell asleep. He rarely got good sleep, no matter what was happening in his life, so to see him be able to fall into a rather deep slumber, it was relieving. But, as the good wife you were, you didn’t want him waking up with some crick in his neck or anything, so you woke him up by kissing his forehead a couple times and gently shaking his shoulder.

“Chris, baby,” you whispered, watching his thick eyebrows furrow for a second. “C’mon baby,” you whispered again. This time he stirred, taking in a deep breath and opening his brown eyes just enough to squint at you.

“What time is it?”

“Time for you and I to go to bed,” you joked, cupping his cheek with your palm. He naturally rested against your hand, his eyelids fluttering closed at the comfort. “Don’t go to sleep, baby. You gotta get to the bed, first.”

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Unsteady Yuri wearing his MTV Unplugged outfit and holding a coffee a little awkwardly because I still very much suck at drawing hands. I was waiting at the hair salon for like two hours earlier today and decided to start this drawing on a whim (smart as I was I forgot my stylus at home so you know I had to improvise) and finished it once I was back at home. 

One day I will learn how to draw faces and stop avoiding doing it at all cost, but today is not that day, obviously haha.


Lol at my personal life lately

So yesterday I DID ask out the trainer at my gym. We exchanged digits. We’re going hiking sometime. I found out he’s vegetarian and largely vegan 🙌😍
And I ran three miles and did some ab work

Then after the gym I met a different guy for drinks and he was very cute and very British and we had a great time and I drank too much and stayed at his place. So today I got to show up to work in yesterday’s clothes looking hungover as fuck. Struggled through the day with the help of lots of coffee.

Then when I got home my brother and I went exploring in our backyard for about four miles then I ran one mile and I feel much better now

So yah moral of the story is I have no damn clue what I’m doing with my personal life anymore but I do know I am really FEELING my abs lately, even with the excessive alcohol

And yah basically all I’m trying to say is do stupid young dumb shit and drink too much and adventure too hard and be messy and enjoy every damn second of it because life is such a disaster but it’s also beautiful and amazing and just so so great

i’m so annoyed because i had coffee with a guy who works for amc networks today and he started talking to me about humans. like wtf why can’t i escape colin morgan he is ubiquitous in my life i can’t even get through a damn cup of coffee without hearing about something involving him what the fuck what the actual fuck i can’t believe