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Friends?? - Chapter One.

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Fic requested by Jen.

Hi guys, I hope you enjoy the first Chapter of this fic. Sorry I haven’t wrote in a while, my course and work destroyed me. Anywho, this fic will be three parts in it’s entirety, so just a small one, but hopefully equally as enjoyable as the longer ones. Thank you again for the continuing support.

Cast: Jimin, Tae, Jungkook, Reader.

Warnings: Cursing.

Word count: 4701

Part List:

Chapter One.      Chapter Two.        Chapter Three.     Chapter Four. (in process)


Your eyes first met across a crowded room. They were so deep and enticing as they connected with yours, a smiling tugging at one corner of his lips. You felt your cheeks heat a little, at the sight of him. You smiled back at him meekly, and watched as his smile grew wide, his eyes screwed up at the corners, his nose crinkled. He swayed a little and took a step forward. The loud music suddenly seemed silent in your head, replaced only by your inner monologue screaming at you nervously.

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Fic Rec #3

Fic Rec #1  

Fic Rec #2

Dusted by Hyliare (2k) Rated T complete Zoro/Sanji

The summary is just gorgeous, I kinda just went, huh,  and was completely compelled to take a read. As a person with a light spattering of freckles myself, I totally approve of a freckled Sanji (I also turn into a lobster in the sun, a nice boiled one that screeches upon contact).

Prison Blues by donutsandcoffee (3k) Rated T complete Zoro/Sanji

I like the third perspective here. I really like it, cause like, if this nobody from nowhere can see something’s amiss between the Strawhat cook and the swordsman, well then, it’s love ain’t it? I always get chills when Zoro shows guarded affection. Always lovely work from an always lovely author. 

when you say by bluewalk (2k) Rated T complete Zoro/Sanji

Usopp’s mind is beautiful. And terribly bittersweet. The last sentence was the best, I kinda felt like I was in the middle of taking this great big breath and then just left to hang there utterly suspended. I love Usopp, truly, I do. Only he can steal the show from a zosan ficlet. 

did it touch your heart by cuethe_pulse (0.5k) Rated T complete Zoro/Sanji, Usopp/Nami

I don’t generally care for dialogue prominent text, but I really enjoyed this little ditty. A jealous Sanji and a nosy duo stand to create a nice atmosphere. Honestly, I went in for the zosan, but left with the usonami. Nami’s growing on me, that gorgeous woman.

Weak in the Knees by Stark_Black (6k) Rated T complete Sanji/Usopp

I was rummaging through the author’s works when I stumbled across this and thought, well, why not? Ah I love Usopp, what a dear. What a darling boy. My little sunshine. He deserves all the happiness he can get. So I give Sanji my blessing, and a little love tap to the head for misunderstanding so brilliantly the situation at hand. These two fools really do deserve each other, I just feel like Usopp would make Sanji really happy, y’know?

Believe in Magic by cuethe_pulse, pennysparkle (13k) Rated T collection Zoro/Sanji

Ohoho. Me and my Hogwarts affections. I’m just going to go ahead and rec the entire collection. I can neither say it’s complete nor incomplete, for the ficlets included are complete, but in a universe that leaves room for more. With that said, it was last updated in 2013 so, yeah, your call. Wonderful though, just, wonderful. Sanji is in Slytherin and Zoro is in Gryffindor, and there are howlers involved.

Sweet Talk by pennysparkle (4k) Rated T complete Zoro/Sanji

Such a neat premise. Sanji is the grumpy phone guy at this restaurant, and Zoro, a regular that always orders delivery, seemingly appreciates that. I don’t usually go for Christmas fics, but this one was well worth it and totally won me over damn you.

Convenience Store Blues by pennysparkle (1k) Rated T complete Zoro/Sanji

I apparently binged this author or something idk. Third one in a row, you deserve a medal or something. I would love to see more of this. But it’s beautiful on its own as well, and by beautiful I mean completely and utterly entertaining. Sanji works part time at a convenience store and Zoro tries to bully his way into buying beer. Sanji’s not having any of that. 

Wrong Number by Stark_Black (3k) Rated G complete Zoro/Sanji

I did not expect Daz Bones to make an appearance. I never expect Daz Bones to make an appearance. But Daz Bones makes an appearance. And he apparently gives Zoro the wrong number, so when the poor little mossbaby is left stranded at a club with some tipsy girls, he’s left only with a phone number that belongs to our charming Sanji as an escape. I’m loving these anonymous phone fics. Let’s see more of these in the future, yeah?

By Heart by kongaragirl (cosmicApproach) (1k) Rated G complete Zoro/Sanji

Cute. Zoro seems to know Sanji’s measurements well enough to induce some light teasing. The girls are out to buy our cook a new suit, and Zoro’s the man to surprise them. I like the subtleness here, just enough that you understand their relationship without it being blatantly suggested. Tasteful.

one for the money, two for the show by donutsandcoffee (2k) Rated G complete Zoro/Sanji

YES. This was embarrassingly brilliant. I love it. I grinned. Probably unnervingly so. I mean, like seriously, just go and check the summary out, that alone should please you. Usopp (my darling little boy) pulls a prank on barista Sanji, and a good percentage of the guys visiting the shop slip Sanji their number because of it. 

Lupine by dollcewrites, itsmylifekay (11k) Not Rated collection Zoro/Sanji

So this is going to be a collection. The first one alone is pretty long woohoo. As you can probably infer from the title, there’s going to be some werewolf action going on. As usual, I say I’m not really into something (werewolves, vampires) and dollce and itsmylifekay prove me wrong. I’m excited to see where this goes, and from what I can remember this one wasn’t explicit, for those of you that want a hint at the rating.

Blue Crush by featheredtips (3k) Rated T complete Law/Luffy

So I heard there might be fillers before Zhou, idk the authenticity of this, but if so, then I better steel up my lawlu feels to help ease my poor zosan heart. And this fic is just the way to go. Surfer Luffy, umf, grumpy Law, umf, some embarrassing wipe-outs, umf. I never knew I needed instructor Luffy until feather came along like thank you, thank you for this glorious revelation. There’s actually something quite nice about Luffy excelling at something that Law can only fail terrible at (and seeing him be amused by such the little devil). Also, the author is a sweetheart, I love sweetheart authors.

My fics

Princess and the Froglamy

Dedicated to forevergingeratheart because you deserve a birthday fic even if it’s over a week late. Hannah I love you and *kisses*

Thanks to keywordlydia for making it readable ;)


She’d been through a lot with this idiot, but this was… Really fucking bonkers.

Staring down at the slimy - okay, mucusy, she’d seen the Disney movie - creature on her desk, she resisted the urge to ignore its calls. Maybe she was still sleeping. Could people start hallucinating after watching too many fantasy movies? Or was it the lack of sleep because of all the damn studying for finals she’d done? (Thank God that was over)

Either way, definitely a hallucination.

“Clarke,” the thing croaked and she just about hit the roof.

This was just not medically possible. One second she’d been looking over applications for grad school, and the next she was being accosted by a fucking talking frog. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the damn thing claimed he was her best friend.

Yes, Bellamy was stupid enough to attempt to pull a prank on her, but would he go this far? Doubtful. Seriously doubtful.

“Bellamy?” she called out into the room, pointedly not staring at the animal. “You can come out now. You’ve had your fun. I have better things to do than cleaning up fucking mucus from my desk.”

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