damn i cannot wait for the album


gorillaz lockscreens in celebration of their new album ‘HUMANZ’
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PS: i cannot wait for this damn album😭🎉

I honestly cannot wait for Ryan to release his album. I know we’ve been waiting for AGES and sometimes I’m like boy u better not be messin with my poor worn heart 😒 But honestly, tell me one fucking time he’s disappointed us with his music??? Like?? I cannot think of anything?? He’s obviously putting a lot of time and effort into this new project. Whenever he’s ready with it, it’ll be a masterpiece and I’ll be damn proud of him. ❤🙌

I am so happy with Amber. That girl is doing the damn thing post Glee. I cannot wait to see Lady Marmalade. That was my jam back in the day and to have Patti, Kim, and Amber on the same stage singing that classic is a dream come true. Ad she is on a track with Boyz to Men…These icons know how special her voice is and they are all fans of hers and she them…I cannot wait for that Album to drop….I am so happy about Amber.