damn i cannot wait for the album

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I just wanna thank this man name Min Yoongi a.k.a Suga, for producing some of the best music I have ever heard. You guys don’t even understand how much I love his producing and composing skills. It hits my soul so much, because they are so freakin’ damn amazing! Let Me Know, JUMP, Tomorrow, and their new upcoming song ‘BANGTAN DISS’ is just so fuckin’ amazing! Like bruhh…bae bruhh….SUGAA BEAR…. ;A; <3 XD klkfnlashlkafjklgjfnvlkvhagklad; BANGTAN DISS IS MA JAM RIGHT NOW! CANNOT FREAKIN’ WAIT UNTIL THEIR NEW ALBUM COMES OUT! YASS! SLAY BANGTAN! MIN SUGA (swag) I love you man. <3 Continue on producing some amazing songs for BANGTAN! <3 :D

I honestly cannot wait for Ryan to release his album. I know we’ve been waiting for AGES and sometimes I’m like boy u better not be messin with my poor worn heart 😒 But honestly, tell me one fucking time he’s disappointed us with his music??? Like?? I cannot think of anything?? He’s obviously putting a lot of time and effort into this new project. Whenever he’s ready with it, it’ll be a masterpiece and I’ll be damn proud of him. ❤🙌

What the fuck is wrong with people? Literally all Taylor has done is confirm that she wrote a song but now there are headlines asking if she’s really a ‘mean girl’ and people saying she’s horrible and fake and even fans saying they’re not sure about her anymore. Like, what?? I don’t understand how people can be so fickle, so easily swayed by the media and by Calvin Harris, a man who blocked one of his ex-girlfriends from performing the songs they worked on together, but is now acting as though butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth and going on about how you should leave your ex-partners alone (despite the fact that Taylor hasn’t once commented on Calvin since they broke up, while he keeps swinging backwards and forwards in what he says about Taylor). And it’s like any time Taylor does ANYTHING which someone doesn’t like (and that doesn’t mean its a bad thing that she’s done, but simply something that people twist into being bad) everyone forgets all the millions of wonderful things sh does ALL. THE. TIME. They forget the children’s hospitals she visits. They forget the fans – and random people – she helps out. They forget all of the many, MANY people who have met her (including other celebrities) who talk about how lovely and genuine she is in person, how kind, how easy to talk to. They forget all the stories from people who have talked about the wonderful things she’s done specifically avoiding the press. They forget about all the money she’s donated, all the words of encouragement and support she’s given out. They forget who she is

I honestly can’t wait for Taylor to release another album, because every time she does, everyone suddenly and miraculously remembers how much they love her music, and they see what a wonderful person she is again. I mean frankly the hater’s opinions aren’t worth a damn, but I cannot wait for everyone who’s claiming her career is finished to see her succeed, AGAIN. Because she always does, and it’s the haters who end up bitter, frustrated and jealous, every damn time, while Taylor just soars on to greater heights.

My MITAM thoughts

I first have to say that I absolutely love this album.  It seriously surpassed all of my expectations.  If I weren’t a 1D fan and I heard these songs, I’d be pretty shocked.  Every song is so unique and so special.  I can see why they are so proud of this album.  It truly seems to represent them and who they are now as adults.  This album 100% shows off each of their strengths as vocalists.  I honestly love it so, so much and I am so incredibly proud.  Now onto my initial thoughts on the tunes:

*This doesn’t include the singles/songs that were officially released early because they each got their own special post when they first came out*

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I am so happy with Amber. That girl is doing the damn thing post Glee. I cannot wait to see Lady Marmalade. That was my jam back in the day and to have Patti, Kim, and Amber on the same stage singing that classic is a dream come true. Ad she is on a track with Boyz to Men…These icons know how special her voice is and they are all fans of hers and she them…I cannot wait for that Album to drop….I am so happy about Amber.