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Silent Treatment

Summary: You get into a fight with Dean and give him the silent treatment.  

Pairing: Dean x Reader 

“Babe, babe…babe. Baby, [Y/N]..” Dean said for what seemed like the billionth time today trying to get my attention as I kept my gaze fixed on the book laid out in front of me ignoring the pleading man sitting beside me by the table. “Would you just look at meee..” He said in a whiny tone, but I refused. I bit the inside of my cheek to keep myself from smiling; it was nice to see Dean like this every once in a while begging for my attention. But I was going to try to keep this going for as long as I could because he knew he was wrong this time and now he should suffer for it. “Baby I’m sorry okay! You were right and I was wrong! Would you just talk to me…?” He said in a quieter voice. I just rolled my eyes not looking at him. “[Y/N]…” He said in a gentler tone but his voice sounding deep and husky. Damn him! He knew what his voice did to me. “Look at me…” He said grabbing my chin gently making me look at him, I tried to look away but he grabbed my cheeks with both of his hands smiling at me. “Come on…” He said in a whisper leaning in closer his warm breath hitting my lips. I looked down at his lips biting my own but I refused to give in. “I’m sorry…” He said “Forgive me? Please baby…” He said bumping his nose against mine in an adorable way that I couldn’t resist. “Damn you Winchester you are not getting off the hook that easily!” I said getting up suddenly the chair underneath me scraping against the floor as I closed the book that was laid out on the table. I turned away from Dean about to walk away when I felt him grab my wrist turning me towards him as he grabbed on to my waist picking me up and placing me on the table like it was nothing. He stood in between my legs hands still on my waist. “You talked to me” he said with a smirk looking down at me. I was about to open my mouth and say something to him but he grabbed the back of my neck pulling me in for a kiss not letting me speak this time. I couldn’t help but kiss him back when his hand on my neck pulled me closer to deepen the kiss. We pulled away after a couple of seconds breathing hard as I placed my hands on his chest looking up at him. “That’s playing dirty Winchester”.  I said looking up at him. “The only way I know how babe” he said smiling at me. “But seriously… am I forgiven?” he said with a hopeful look. I didn’t say anything as I gripped on his shirt pulling him in for another kiss. I felt him smirk into the kiss knowing that he has won.

I originally wrote this as a One direction preference, bit i changed it up a little bit on this. Let me know what you think!

New Dance (M)

He’ll be the death of you and he knows it.

Hoseok X Reader

Word count: 3,032

Warnings: Smut (kinda dirty) and horse jokes

New Dance

“God, I hate you.” Your fingers danced along the rim of the porcelain sink, knuckles clenching around the edges as your forehead fell dully against the surface of the mirror. Your eyes were closed, eyebrows knitted, though in your distress, the corner of your lip was turned. Amazing, really. You found amusement in the very feeling of hatred that brought a tightening to your chest. Your eyes fluttered open, glaring daggers or short swords or fucking katanas into the very orbs you despised most. 

You see, the thing with eyes is… they allow you to SEE things. See many things, truly. And when you see certain things, you may end up feeling certain ways. Ways you’re not meant to feel. You blinked once, twice, backed away from the mirror before teething your own bottom lip until it was bleeding. Smiling, softly chuckling, WOW YOU SEEM LIKE A MANIAC, you opened the door and left, muttering, “I fucking hate you so much.” 

You were talking to yourself, by the way.

 Back in the studio, you willed yourself to continue what you had been doing before your sudden escape to the restroom. Hoseok met your eye briefly, curiously, surely wondering why you had gone… but you looked away. IF ONLY YOU KNEW

It was his damn fault. You were great friends with all of Bangtan, having been their wardrobe specialist for nearly three years now. It also helped you were in their age range, and that only brought you closer to the boys. You were definitely closest to Hobi, though. With all you had in common, it was no wonder you two were always confused as being best guy friends since elementary. Dammit, you’re not a guy, but you all got along as though you were. 

Hoseok, JHope, Hobi, Horse, whatever you preferred to call him, you considered him to be your closest friend… until being in the same room with him had you heaving. Actually, this is the first time it’s happened. You had to excuse yourself in the middle of their practice for a new dance. 

And the feeling you had was sudden and questionable. Behind them, you were assisting with music controls, but you could see their reflections in the studio mirror before them. And that one move… J-Hope took the center of the group with a dangerous point move that involved hip thrusts that could crack the Sistine chapel.

You were shocked, not only because of how natural and exotic it seemed with fluid dancing body, but with the menacing look on his face. You had tensed so dramatically, your breath stopping in the midst of an exhale, nearly dropping Namjoon’s phone that plugged into the aux input. The plump bottom lip he caught between teeth, eyes dark as though rehearsed to seduce some future audience and receive their succulent squeals of appreciation…You gulped, and that’s when your fingers were moving on their own, one hand fisting the material of your shirt against your racing heart, the other hitting the pause button on the phone.

When the music stopped, you were out of the door, shooting an unintelligible apology over your shoulder as you raced down the hall. 

The pit of your stomach was burning, a hellfire that would spread if not quenched. You thought about his eyes again, the look in them, his body rolls, the size of his hands… You were a goner, and so was the pair of now soiled undergarments you had on. 

When you returned from your bathroom trip, Taehyung announced your entry with a whine of displeasure, and you apologized again. You resumed your spot behind the boys, face still flushed, body still hot beneath your sweats, and ordered them back to position, however refusing to look up. You were definitely being watched, and the fact your imagination was working magic on who it may have been observing you only made you hotter. 

You gulped, and cued the music back at the top. 

Throughout the routine, you watched only the movement of their feet, but nothing more. You didn’t dare look up. Somewhere deep within you, where the fires burned most, you were anticipating that solo. You mentally smacked yourself. Your best friend. Hah. You wanted to fuck your best friend. 

Seconds passed, and finally, your actions betrayed you. You were glancing up, eyes meeting the reflection of a groin flexing against the thin shorts the idiot always wore. Mid-process of a body roll. 

Your core dripped, sopping wet, and your face flushed when your eyes traced his body all the way up to the same dark eyes from before. Except… now, they’re looking right back at you. Staring, intent, his lip back in between those teeth. You gulped, instinctually crossing your arms over your chest as a sign of defense against the torment inflicted upon your body. 

He WAS watching you.

You hightailed out of there as soon as time was called. “See you guys tomorrow!” You shouted over a shoulder, your bag bouncing with you as you bounded out of the door.

Jungkook’s voice called out behind you, “Are you coming over to the dorm for dinner?” Your feet met a sudden halt. Shit, was that the plan? You debated it briefly, turning to meet the maknae’s eyes when you ended up meeting those belonging to the horse behind him. 

You then looked at the ground, suddenly tongue tied. Your body refused to chill, your face had been flushed for the last thirty minutes, and you were absolutely positive you were in dire need of a few panty changes at this point. 

“I’ll pass on this one, sorry. I’ll see you guys later!” You didn’t wait for a response before tearing through the exit, evading the building before you did anything sexily stupid to Hobi. 

You were in the clear for the evening, or so you believed until your apartment was being infiltrated some hours later. 

The door opened when you were fresh out of the shower, robe tied tightly around your waist as you gasped and nearly dropped the carton of orange juice you were pouring. He eyed you for a moment, it hadn’t been the first time he saw you like that, but it was the first time you grew hot under his gaze. J-Hope then cracked a smile, but not his usual goofy one. It was… dare you say, seductive. You couldn’t tell if he was doing it on purpose, only that you would melt if he looked at you any longer. Control, Y/N, he’s your best friend.

You fake-pumped the carton at him, and he flinched. Yes, joke around, do as you must to take your mind off of what magic things lay beyond his shorts.

You laughed at his response, and then it suddenly felt normal. Good, normal is good.

He had come bearing the gift of mother Jin’s food, the stuff you missed out on earlier because you were afraid of being in a room with him any longer. 

As you merrily downed what you could of the rice and chicken, Hoseok talked with you about album promotions and movies. This was usual for the two of you, to just sit on the couch, lights almost all out, and just talk. Or watch something. Or just sleep, honestly. It still felt weird looking in his eyes now, though. 

“Do you like the new dance choreo?” He asked suddenly, feeling much closer on the couch than he actually was. Your chopsticks fell into your lap, war flashbacks swarming your mind like a storm. The body roll. The lip biting. 

It all came back to you, and you flushed harder than you had before. But you couldn’t verbalize an answer, or meet his eyes at that point. So you just nodded, setting the food contents onto the coffee table. 

Hoseok moved so he could see your face better, scooting closer so you shared the same cushion. You cursed under your breath and looked away, hoping your hair would conceal your features. He didn’t realize what he was doing to you, simply by limiting the proximity. 

“Which part did you like the most?” His voice was deep and rich, unlike his usual high-pitched rasps, but like the caramel toffee you had earlier in the day. You gulped, feeling yourself dampen beneath the robe. The dimness of the lights masked your discomfort, and you were thankful in that moment he could only see your silhouette. 

You realized it had been nearly ten seconds since he asked, and you didn’t yet answer him. But you couldn’t find the words to say. 

“You okay?” You vigorously nodded, standing up suddenly when the heat off him was too much to bear. For fuck’s sake, he was thin and lean, but he radiated heat like a grizzly. 

You were surely sweating, and you had to move away. “Y/N, what’s wrong?” Genuine concern in his eyes, maybe a little mischief- unless your imagination was playing tricks on you.

“Nothing, nothing, I think I’ll go change.” You hurriedly turned, tightening your robe around you, but given your haste and faulty vision in the dim lighting, you tripped, robe revealing far more than intended as you groaned in pain. 

“Aiiishh… Ah, don’t look!” You scrambled to cover yourself, only managing to fuck up even more by loosening the tie around your waist. You saw him watching bemusedly, making no move to cover his eyes. “What the hell, Hope?!” You gritted out, his chuckling fueling your sudden flit of anger. He saw you naked, but he wasn’t going to do anything about it. That was like a girl offering her vegetarian crush a medium-rare steak. He wouldn’t take the bait; he saw you as his friend, and you saw him as a friend you wanted to do. 

You recovered to the best of your ability, fumbling fingers attempting to tie the robe again, but you noticed Hope was no longer sitting on the couch, rather he was standing on the other side of it, close to where you were kneeled. 

“Why are you covering yourself?” There was a devious glint in his eyes, and you were confused by the smile on his face. He looked like he was up to something. 

“Sorry, I’d like not to be ass naked in front of you.” You stood hurriedly, pivoting on your heel like you were ready to march down the hall. But a hand on your hip halted you, and you gasped under your breath. 

“I think you’re lying.” The voice in your ear was damned close and damned husky, and if you were wearing panties at the time, you knew they’d be sopping. The tease in the tone of his words did exactly what you weren’t expecting, and you felt the beast within you take control. There was no going back after your mind was made. 

“This is definitely your fault. And I am lying.” Your fingers let the robe flutter to the floor, and you turned your darkened eyes to peek at him over your shoulder, where you were met with an even darker gaze. All your second guesses went out the window as you gauged the look on his face. He obviously wanted to do more than look, too. Okay, not a mistake. 

Hoseok’s hands gripped your sides from behind, immediately bringing your back to his chest as he ran his fingers up and down the expanse of your smooth skin. You were moaning very suddenly, louder than you thought you would, and it had only just started.

Your hips rolled back, ass grinding meticulously against his manhood, and he released a very sensual moan, one hand cupping an ample breast and flicking his thumb over your nipple. 

“Why do I feel like you’ve been torturing me all day just to do this now?” You asked, your tone caught between pleasured and joking. 

“Because that was the plan, you dirty-minded girl.” He ground his growing member against your bum, teeth coming in to snarl his words in your ear. “You seemed to really like the new dance moves. Want me to try them out?” 

You didn’t need to answer, he was already rolling his body against yours like he had in the studio, only this time focused on dryly grinding against your soaking, exposed clit. You groaned inhumanly, and he pushed your front against a wall, continuing his ministrations from behind all the while adding in breast groping and ear biting. That hadn’t been part of the dance, right? It was a nice addition, though. 

Hoseok gently peeled your heaving form from the wall, stuck with slick sweat, sitting you down on the couch as he unclothed himself completely. 

You were giggling suddenly, because you thought the situation was entirely odd. And long overdue. He gave you a crooked , very JHope-y grin, eyes twinkling, then trailed a finger from your cheek, popping it into your mouth to hush your gleeful noises. You didn’t hesitate to lick his index majestically, eyes slanting into daring slits as you sucked from knuckle to nail. 

Then, he was biting his lip, and you knew your work had done magic. “Why have we not done this earlier?” He swirled his finger around in your mouth, coarsely passing over and under your tongue until you pulled away with a resounding ‘pop’, exclaiming, “normal friends generally don’t have sex and tease each other on a daily.” 

He shot you a disbelieving look, eyes in mischievous slits as he licked his finger clean of your saliva. It seemed weird, but hot damn it was HOT. 

“We aren’t really normal friends though. I think this was inevitable.” I laughed after he said that, scooting to the side as he motioned me out of the way. When he was sat, he turned, his poised member glaring at me, glinted in the dim lights. 

“Get on.” He ordered, sly smile despite his demanding tone. There was no time for foreplay. 

“Oh, pushy. I don’t usually do it on top for the first time with a new partner. I see why they call you horse, though.” You rose and positioned yourself over him, fingers passing over his lean chest and abdomen. He grabbed your wrists and moved them to the cushion supporting his head, his own fingers wrapping firmly around your hips, guiding you to him. 

“But the difference is…” You slid down easily, teeth clenching and eyes rolling back. “You’re actually able to walk after you finish riding a horse.” He brought you down again, an intake of air immediately filling your lungs, like the unexpected action was better than you imagined it’d be. And it was. His quick pace sent you flailing. It wasn’t hard to determine his speed and endurance was a plus from his dancing ability. 

Not only that, though; the stallion beneath you was not lacking grace in his bucking hips, forcing you down on to him again and again without break, occasionally rolling you atop him. You were spewing his name sweetly, the sweat dripping from your brow to your neck, where he’d lift himself to suck it off. 

He squeezed your ass, and you cried out, your own hands raking up and down his back as you bounced your way to an assaulting climax. “Damn, you’ve still got a lot to do, huh?” You shook as your motion faltered, quietly joking. It was true, though. He was still hard, twitching within you. 

“Don’t worry about it. Let me have a go on top.” You smiled, deciding this whole event was not just sexy, but also fun and very much like the both of you. 

He lifted you, pulling out slickly, your womanhood dripping down your legs. Gross, you’ve never been so wet. 

He stood behind you, off the couch, and moved your tired limbs for you so your knees were spread, digging into the cushions. Your palms clutched the back of the couch in front, and you bit your lip, anticipating his next action. 

With one lanky leg bent up sharing a cushion with you, the other standing straight on the floor, he pummeled into you, a laugh escaping his lips like he’d forgotten how friggin’ awesome it was. 

Your head fell forward, and you caught a pillow in your teeth, the dying flame from your first orgasm being struck ferociously by the new angle. 

His lengthy member was pulsating, almost like it had its own vibrating function, and he was deeper than before. You milked him with your tight walls, and he was grunting and groaning as he rammed into you, your bottom met with his bony pelvis like some painfully pleasing addition. 

“Okay, now I’m almost there—” He said, fingers wrapping around your breasts as they bobbed to and fro with his rhythm. “Ah, not… on the couch… I’m safe, just do it inside.” It was hard to speak with how light heading you were becoming, a second orgasm approaching faster than it had ever before. 

“Fuck, Hobi.” You breathed out, body falling forward slightly. He wrapped his arms around you, muscles comfortably holding you up. “Say my name, Y/N.” Oh, this crap? you never pegged him for that manly aggressive type, but his dick was doing incredible things. You hadn’t answered right away, only slurring slightly as he paused his movement to build up the strength for an extraordinary thrust, his balls literally sounding against your skin like a clap. 

“Oh, my god. Shit, fuck, JHo—” 

“Nope. What is it?” He had slowed down again, this time stopping entirely. You whined, wiggling against him, turning to look back. 

“Ah, you little shit" 

“This little shit will leave you hanging~" 

"Hoseokkk!” You finally caved. His grin was like a sunshine in the dark room, and he gave one final string of bucking hips, both of you reaching your ends simultaneously before collapsing into a heap of sodden limbs. 

“Whose idea was it to include that part into the new dance?” You asked after a while, still joined with him at the hip. He pecked your forehead, pinching your back. 

“Mine. Genius, right?”

You scoffed, and playfully slapped him. This friendship just became a lot more fun.

It Must Be Fate - Part 3

(Part 1) (Part 2)


Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Summary: You spend a night out with Lydia and meet a handsome stranger. The next day you get hired at your dream company, to only find out the guy you had a fling with is the CEO.

20 minutes. That is how long you intentionally locked yourself in the bathroom to avoid being in close proximity of Isaac. After that long, glazing stare it was risky to stay in his office. So you made up an excuse, a lame one, but it worked and brought you some time to think.

Splashing cold water on your heated cheeks, it provided some relief. “You can’t think of him like that, his your boss. What have I gotten myself into?”. Scolding yourself and all these different emotions rushing through your body.

Leaving the bathroom, Isaac was probably wondering what you were doing in there for so long. You were stuck in an empty building, black out keeping the elevators from operating. There was no way you couldn’t avoid seeing him.

“I thought you’d gotten lost, was just about to go and look for you”. He spoke, as he watched you enter his office.

You said nothing. Purely out of fear that you’d say the wrong thing or dig a deeper hole. So resuming your seat on the couch, checking the time, playing with the leather material the couch was made of. Anything to distract you from the tall, athletic man standing before you.

Although it only lasted 5 seconds. Isaac’s top two buttons on his white collar shirt had come undone. His sleeve rolled up and his hair quite the mess, but it suited him greatly.

“Is that what you’re going to be doing for the rest of the night, giving me the silent treatment?”. His damn husky voice. It made you reminisce about that night. How his voice stuttered your name, how it whispered all those dirty words in your ear.

Pulling out the file of your first case. “Nope, I’m going to put this time to good use and get started on this divorce case”. 

He walked around the coffee table and sat as close to you but made sure to leave a tiny gap. “Good, you work on that and I’ll work on these files”. Referring to the stack he brought over with him.

It was a test. Or it could of easily been a move he made to tease the shit out of you. Either way it wasn’t going to work. You were determined to get through this black out without repeating the actions of that night.

An Hour Later

The news had been silently playing in the background on Isaac’s computer. They informed residents to stay indoors and that the electric companies were going to resolve the issue, power was going to be restored as soon possible.

Isaac had stopped working on his case a few minutes ago, he was just lounging against the couch, eyes on you.

“Do you mind?”. Asking him, not taking your eyes off the documents.

He smirked, knowing the affect his presences had. “Mind what?”.

“Staring and sitting so damn close”.

To irritate you further he closed the gap, legs now touching. Isaac sneaked an arm over the couch. You could smell his cologne. “You want me this close and you want me to keep staring”. His hand grabbed the file and threw it onto the desk, not caring where it landed. “I meant what I said, how every time I walk past your office all I want to do is kiss you. I still do, want to kiss you that is”.

Isaac and you hadn’t even been on a proper date yet. Was this just a physically attraction or could it be on some level more than that?. “It was just meant to be one night with some cute stranger at a bar, you weren’t-I wasn’t meant to see you again. This would have never of happened if you told me who you were!”. Standing up, you needed distance to stop your brain from getting all fuzzy, which would no doubt lead to some incredibly stupid decision.

“I did, I said my name was Isaac”. He stated, amused.

“Don’t play dumb, you know what I mean! How hard was it to add, oh by the way I’m the CEO of Lahey Law Firm!”. Feeling your knees grow weaker, you leaned on Isaac’s desk.

Isaac stood up and in a matter of seconds reached his own desk. “Because as soon as I say those words that’s all people see me as, the CEO of a multi-million dollar law firm. Can you blame me if I wanted one night of being just Isaac?”.

Staring in his chocolate brown eyes, you could see the struggle of carrying such a prestigious name. The thought of being used or worse only liked because of that name, is something that made you feel sick. “I’m sorry Isaac, I didn’t know that”. Without thinking, you touched his cheek. “Just for the record I would have still seen you as Isaac”. Here you were digging a bigger hole and it was about to come collapsing in.

Getting caught up in this moment, flashes from the hotel room entered your mind and no doubt Isaac was thinking the same thing. He licked his lips, then, crashed them against yours. Lifting you up on the desk, Isaac pushed the objects and papers that were in the way.

Then it happened, your brain went fuzzy.

Tearing his shirt open, he attacked your neck. Biting, sucking, licking. Grabbing his hair, you moaned. Isaac kissed you again, this time harder and left your lips swollen as he ripped apart your blouse.

The news women had begun talking again and the words “power” and “is now restored”, hit you like a truck. Breaking out of the trance you felt every time Isaac was near or touched you even, your brain registered what the hell you were doing.

Isaac was kissing your jaw when you hopped off the desk. Feeling flustered, turned on and highly stupid for giving in.

“What, what’s wrong?”. His chest, bare, exposed. He wasn’t bothering with buttoning up his shirt.

“All of this was a-a mistake…I’m sorry”. Running towards the elevators, pressing the down button repeatedly. 

“Y/N?”. Isaac reached the elevator just as it made the ding sound. Stepping in you pushed the first floor. “Y/N, wait!”. The doors closed and you pressed your back against the wall, letting what occurred sink further in.

Returning home felt like the biggest walk of shame you’d ever done in your life. The bathroom mirror confirmed that. Your hair, tangled and the curls were no longer there. Your neck, showing off the love bite Isaac left. Your blouse, had lost most of it’s buttons and your lipstick smudged, completely faded.

Letting the water run down your naked body, there was only one way to fix it all.

The Next Morning

Stepping into the building, your eyes immediately glanced towards his office. His door closed, but that didn’t stop the flashbacks.

“You’re late”. Lauren, his assistant spoke. Looking rather angry at your lack of being punctual.

“I need to see Isa-Mr Lahey”. Correctly yourself, before you did any more damage.

She gave you this look. Like in the movies when the rich, bitchy girl meets the outsider. “His taking a very important conference call, you’re going to have to wait”.

Not liking that answer, you marched past her desk, Lauren protesting quite loudly for you to come back. Barging into his office Isaac look startled, but recovered.

“Sir, I tried to stop her”. Lauren running beside you.

“It’s fine Lauren, give us a minute”. She gave that look again and closed the door. Isaac leaned back on his chair. “Mind telling me why you barged into my office?”.

Giving him the piece of paper in your hands, his eyes scanned it and his reaction didn’t change. “I’m quitting. It says I have to give you a 2 week notice, so here it is. After those 2 weeks I’m going to go work at another law firm”.

Heading for the door, Isaac finally spoke. “Y/N”. It wasn’t an request, it was an order for you to turn back around. Doing so, Isaac ripped the paper in two.

“What the hell, Isaac!”. Shouting as your resignation was tossed in the bin.

Sitting back down on his chair, he calmly replied. “Your not quitting, I’m not letting a fantastic lawyer go. I hired you because I liked all the work you did back at your old firm. You’re passionate, driven and smart. So whatever is going on between us in our personal lives, isn’t going to interfere in our professional one”.

Shaking your head, this was absurd. “It already has! Or don’t you remember last night?. I have every right to quit if I want too”.

A tiny smirk appeared on his lips, making you even more irritated. “What happened last night was after hours, so technically it doesn’t count. I can keep it professional during work, you need to find a way to do the same. Because I’m not accepting your resignation”.

Throwing your hands up. “You seem to be having a short term memory problem, because admitting that you want to kiss me every time you walk past my office, isn’t keeping it professional”.

Isaac casually walked on over, his cologne hitting your senses. “Fine, from now on I’ll keep it professional. I’ll make a deal with you. Stay here until the end of the month, if by then you want to quit, I won’t stop you. But please don’t leave yet, I’m asking you solely as Isaac not the CEO of Lahey Law Firm”.

You shouldn’t of, but once again you did. Resting a hand on his chest, he breathed in and then out. His eyes not leaving you, his heart beating quite fast. “One month, then I’m quitting”.

Taking your hand off his chest, you reached for the door. Walking down the well furnished hallway, you blocked out all the sounds coming from other lawyers, the tapping of keyboards or the click clack of high heels.

Closing your office door, you blindly stared out the window. The one sound you couldn’t block still in your head - Isaac’s voice. He was the one face that was hard to erase, his touch even harder to forget.

A Cruise

Originally posted by vexedmikxyla

You laid out on the middle deck of the cruise ship basking in the sun, enjoying the cool breeze and chatter of the people around you. It was your final night on the ship, and though you were going to miss the relaxation you were happy that you would be home soon. You had met many kind people on the cruise, and had a lot of fun memories to go back with.
“Mind if I sit here?” I mans voice asked you and you opened your eyes, the sun burning them slightly as the adjusted.
The man had brown hair and bight eyes. He was stunning with flawless skin and long features.
You nodded offering himself a simple sure and slid up you seat a little. He stretched out on the long chair and held his hand out with a smile that took over his whole face.
“Hoseok. You can call me Hobi though.” He said as you shook his hand and felt butterflies in your stomach as you offered up your name making you stammer a little.
You two sat there for about an hour making small talk about the wonderful food that had been served, and the kind staff eventually talking about how single you both were. It seemed clear to both of you what the other one wanted, but neither seemed to make any kind of move towards the other. After sometime you both headed back to your rooms finding that you were walking in the same direction, though when you reached the inside of the doorway off the deck you took opposite turns, you going right and Hobi going left.
As you sauntered farther down you looked over your shoulder seeing him look back as well and a smile tugged at both of you. You turned your face away and bit your lip fighting with your smile. When your hand reached out for the door knob you could see someone walked towards you and stepped closer to your door to let the person pass before turning your eyes upward. Hobi approached you, his bright eyes seeming darker, and your stomach tightened. Instinctively your body turned towards him and his hands grabbed your face pulling your lips to his.
He turned you, pressing your back to the door, and deepened the kiss. Everything around you began to spin, but you didn’t want to stop, you wanted it to keep going. You hands gripped his shirt tugging at it and he reached for the handle to your room and opened it pushing you inside.
The door clicked closed as your lips fought with his and he bit at your lip claiming dominance. You let out a heavy sigh when he nipped his way across your jaw to your neck letting his hands slide down your sides until they reached your hips. Hobi pulled your hips against him letting you feel his grown member. He pressed you against the closest door and lifted your legs around him attacking your lips again.
“You’re so damn beautiful.” His husky voice nearly moaned as you rocked your hips against him. He let out a groan and spun on his heels effortlessly and carried you to the bed.
Your back was laid on the bed Hoseok’s chest pressing you into the mattress. Hands ran up your legs and sides feeling you till the reached your top. His fingers wrapped around the swimming suit top and pulled it aside to look at your breasts. He waisted no time sucking your nipple into his mouth and worked to extract a deeper more desperate moan from you.
“That’s it kitten. Let me know how much you like it.” He growled  and bit your side as his body slid down yours.
Hoseok’s fingers slipped under your bottoms and pulled them down, lifting you legs over his shoulders as he did. Your legs rested over his shoulder and he turned you just enough to spank you. You let out a yelp and he smiled.
“Like that don’t you.” He cooed and you nodded. “No tell me the right way kitten.”
“Y-yes. I like it so much Daddy.”
His smile pulled over his teeth and he bit your thigh gently. Again his hands felt you, moving to your heat and his fingers rubbed between your folds making you gasp. Hobi’s fingers teased you as his dark eyes watched you, the sinful grin still plastered across his face. You’re brows were pressed together as you tried to watch his face, but the waves of pleasure made you want to close your eyes. Quickly he rolled your legs off him and stepped back from you a little.
“So wet for me already.” His voice was almost evil as he fiddled with his shorts.
The fabrics fell to the floor and you sat up wanting to get a look at him, but as soon as you did his shirt was wrapped around your eyes.
“Feel me before you see me.” He hummed in your ear pulling at your shoulders till you were on your knees.
His member touched your lips and you opened your mouth obediently letting your tongue flick his head. A groan filled the room and you quickly took control. Your fingers wrapped around his base and you licked up him counting the inches in your mind. The sighs that filled your room poured out into the hall and gave you confidence that made your heart pound. Showing off your abilities you took all of him into your mouth till your nose touched his stomach and he growled.
“Damn kitten.” He moaned holding his shirt tightly around your eyes. “Choke on me.” Hoseok ordered before pushing your head down farther on him making it impossible for you to breath.
He let your head go and let you continue bobbing it /at a quick pace. Your tongue teased him and you let him slip down your throat, enjoying every sound that broke from his throat. You could hear his excitement growing more and more as time passed, and you jaws began to ache. As you started to slow Hobi pulled the shirt off your eyes.
“Look at me.” He ordered as your eyes adjusted to the light again.
You looked up at his deep dark eyes and slowed your movements further wanting to examine every inch of his face. His mouth hung open just enough for you to see his tongue tapping the top teeth, and his eyes were glossy with lust. Sweat beaded across his face and neck and his abdomen was flexing with your movements.
Suddenly Hoseok had you lifted back to your feet and his lips laid on yours, hands in you hair pulling at it as you moaned. You’re hands explored his body and his tongue traced your lips. Instantly you opened your mouth and let him in making him move closer to you. It felt as though your bodies were molding into your another as he turned sitting on the edge of the bed and let you climb onto of him. His lips pulled away from your and ran across your chest leaving your skin to burn. Air that touched you made you feel like you were in a sauna.
Your hips grinded on him as he teased you, but soon his fingers gripped you as he positions himself under you. Excitement rushed over you, but when you looked at his eyes your body felt frozen. Though they were full of lust they were affectionate, wanting, needing of only you. As he pressed you down on him filling you slowly his lips kissed your neck, nipping when he reached all the way inside you. You inhaled long and slow wrapping your arms around him and pulsed around him unable to control yourself.
“Go kitten.” He directed you.
Your hips shook at first, anxious, but soon they were in a steady pace that was making Hoseok’s teeth bit harder and harder. His blunt nails dug into your back and scratched down you as his body flexed under you. He grunted, wrapping his arms around you tightly and stood to turn around. He dropped your body on the bed, pulling himself out of you in the process. You whined at the empty feeling, but soon his body was over yours again and he thrust back inside you.
“Whine again kitten.” He growled in your ear as your back lifted off the bed.
He twisted your nipples between his fingers as your body struggled to let your muscles relax. You back refused to rest, keep itself bowed off the bed as each of his rough thrust built you up. He’s thrusts seemed to have a rhythm you have never experienced, hard and fast, than long drawn out movements. Your trembling hands gripped his arms as you fought to work with him.
“Moan louder. Lets make sure everyone knows.” He smirked before thrusting deeper into you.
You legs flexed, wrapping around him and you moaned loudly. “Hobi! Please!” The tone of your voice was more than pleading, almost sobbing. “Please I need to cum so bad.”
Hobi’s chest pressed to you, his arms wrapping under you to grip your body. His lips touched your ear letting you hear his struggled breathing better now. Holding you tightly he thrust harder and deeper moving his hips in a new direction hitting the bundle of nerves he had only been teasing. Your nails drug across his back and the new sensation. Ever muscle in you body tensed and burned under Hobi and you felt his smirk.
“Cum Kitten. Cum on me. Let me make you feel good.”
You hugged the man’s body tightly as you came undone under him and screamed as he continued to hit your gspot. As you came back down he hit inside of you harder pushing you back into another powerful orgasm. As you tighten around him he groaned loudly thrusting sloppily as he reached his climax with you. His lips places soft cool kisses behind you ear each melted into your kiss with a hot breath that fallowed.
“Thank you kitten.”


Missed You Too

Title: Missed You Too

Read the drabble leading up to this: Missed You 

Paring: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,654

Warning: This is literally all tender, sweet, mind blowing (in my opinion) smut

A/N: This took a while to write because I had to keep calming myself down. Enjoy!!!

Just as you moaned his name his hands pulled away.

“But I guess you didn’t miss me.”

“Seriously?!” you turned to find Jensen giving you his best innocent look.

“Did I do something wrong?!” You shook your head as a smile spread across your face.

“You sassy bastard!” Jensen laughed as he cupped your face, bringing your lips to his. The kiss was bumpy as both of you laughed, but these were some of your favorite kisses.

“Wanna do it in front of the fire?” Jensen murmured against your lips.

Pulling back you gave him a surprised look. “Now who’s the one wanting a chick flick moment?”

“Oh shut up woman.” This time his kiss was deep, passionate and wanting.

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The Fantasy Castle (Rated M for sexual content)

10:30 pm.

This is utterly stupid. How could Regina have been talked into /this/? It’s tacky, it’s gaudy, not to mention crude and ridiculous altogether. How her friend Mal talked her into coming to a strip club, she will never know.
Mal says its for her bachelorette party, but Regina just scoffed at that. It’s Mal’s third marriage in ten years, it’s not for a party, it’s for future preferences.

No. Regina will not judge Mal. Not so early in the night. Especially when she has these two other shoddy women with them. Ursula was so uptight from being so overprotected as a child, but once she was free from the judgement of her father, she let go completely. That’s how Regina and Mal met her, it was at a karaoke bar after Ursula ran away the first time from her father’s estate.
Then, there’s Ella. Regina never had a strong liking for the woman. She was always showing off her, what looked like, costume jewelry and expensive fur coats.

And yet, here Regina is, sitting in a male strip club, drinking out of a penis shaped straw, and watching her friend spend her last night as, a somewhat single woman, throwing singles at a man with nothing on except a piece of cloth. They call him Tarzan, because of his long locks, well built chest, and the loin cloth.

All Regina can think about is the fact that she could be home with her son, watching a movie with him, while she does some of the much needed paperwork for her new business.


That snaps her out of her thoughts, she turns to the bride to be, putting on a smile for her friend’s benefit.
“Yes?” She asks, trying to talk over the loud music.

“Regina, please enjoy this night. For once in your life, have fun! Let a man at least dance for you!” Mal begs.

Regina rolls her eyes at that.
“Mal, I have fun-”

“No, Regina, you don’t. You watch Disney movies and play Candy Land with a seven year old. You do not have good, raunchy, adult fun.”

And, well, she has a point. Regina hasn’t had an orgasm from something other than her vibrator in who knows how long. She knows she needs a good and proper pounding. It would do her quite a bit of good, but nonetheless, she’s a mother to a seven year old boy, and it’s not easy to raise a child, run your own business, visit your elderly father in the nursing home (at least once a week), and find time to find a man to do such naughty things with.

“Well, what do you suggest then? Forget about my dignity and get dry humped by some man named after a Disney character?” Regina asks with her perfectly arched brow raised.

“Yes!” The blonde says immediately. “Regina, it’s been five years since Daniel’s death, it’s been two years since you ended things with Graham, and then you only went out on two dates with that doctor guy… When was the last time you actually got laid?” Mal asks bluntly.

Regina sighs when Mal brings up Daniel. It was still touch subject for her, after he died from a stab wound straight to his heart by some idiot teenager who was trying to join a gang, she never thought she could even look at another man. Then she found Graham, they were together a year, then she found him in bed with her slutty, blonde neighbor, Emma Swan. Once bitten, twice shy, Regina supposes. She went out on a couple of dates since then, but nothing serious. Not serious enough for sex.

With a sigh, Regina answers, “Two years…”

“Two years?!” Mal says over the music. “Did I hear that correctly?! Regina!”

“Shut up. I know. I’m sorry for not being sluttier.” She states bitterly.

The blonde sighs and shakes her head. “That’s it. You’re getting laid tonight.”

10:45 pm
Shit. He’s running late.
No, Killian or Arthur will cover for him. Shit shit shit. If the owner, finds out, Robin’s job will be toast. It’s the second time in a month that he’s running late. Finally he arrives at the building with a neon sign flashing, ‘The Fantasy Castle’. After rushing in the back entrance, ridding of his shirt and jeans, he’s now slipping in his attire for this evening. Forest green pouch shorts, and a quiver on his back with arrows in them. Time to be 'Robin Hood’. As he gets ready to go into the club floor, his buddy in a black, leather speedo stops him. “Where the hell have you been, mate? There’s a bachelorette party at table three, table five, and table nine! Not to mention a few college girls that are new in town.” The man wearing guyliner states.

Robin sighs. “Killian, I’m sorry. Roland’s sitter was late, what was I supposed to do? Leave my six year old all alone?” He asks.

And Killian can’t argue to that. So, he just shakes his head and walks to the back to get a few props. When Robin finally walks out, his eyes immediately meet hers.

Bloody hell, who the hell is that gorgeous creature and what is she doing here? No.. She can’t be the one getting married. If she is, Robin just might kill himself with one of his arrows. He sighs relieved when he sees the woman next to her wearing the 'bride to be’ sash. Not that he has a chance with sexy brunette, but it’s fun to think so.

He walks over slowly and takes Regina’s hand, lifting it slowly to meet his lips. He presses his mouth to her soft skin, letting his slight stubble rub against her hand as he lets go.

“Robin Hood, at your service, M'lady.” He says in a raspy, deep voice.

11:00 pm.

She can feel her cheeks redden, she can practically hear her heartbeat in her ears, despite the loud bass of the stereos in the club.

Robin Hood. Of course his name is Robin Hood. But, unlike with the rest of the awful names she’s heard and laughed at tonight, she can’t seem to laugh. Not with this man in front of her, she can still feel his stubble against her skin. Her mind begins to drift, thinking of how it might feel elsewhere.

Mal and the two other women smirk at each other, they could see the hunger in her eyes begin to reestablish after years of it being hidden from the world.

She almost makes an excuse to leave the table, she couldn’t do this. But, then she hears his voice again. At first all she can think about is how her name might sound in that tempo. Then she hears something about a dance, and before she can decline, Mal is already throwing money at him, screaming, “Yes! She needs it!”

Regina could honestly kill her friend at the moment. Needn’t matter that Mal was her only friend, she would still kill her if this man hadn’t stepped even closer to her.

His eyes never leave hers, and vice versa. The song 'In the Air Tonight’ by Phil Collins starts up, and all of a sudden, it was like they were the only two in the entire club.

He starts off slowly, his hips starting to roll against her chest once he’s close enough. And she can feel him. Can feel the one thing she’s in desperate need of.

His ass finds her lap, then he’s moving back up again. His eyes still never leaving hers, he leans down, and whispers a few of the lyrics in her ear, “I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life..”

When she feels his breath against her neck, it sends shivers up her spine. She swallows hard, can feel her hands move up his torso, despite what her right mind is telling her. She smirks to herself when she feels his torso shake a bit from the tip of her fingers gliding so swiftly against him.

The bridge kicks in, she can hear the drums, then strobe lights begin flashing rapidly. And no, she doesn’t want that, she wants to see everything happening.

But, she quickly thanks the heavens since, now she doesn’t have the women staring at her, cheering her on.

And then she feels him drop against her. Right now, she desperately hates herself for wearing this dress. It goes to her knees when she really wished it was above her thighs at the moment. Yet, she can still feel him against her. Rolling his hips, and oh- ohh…. A chill runs up her spine as she feels him hardening against her.

Her mind goes blank, she becomes soaked, and the song ends.

What?! That song has to be longer than that! She remembers it being at least five minutes! And it couldn’t have been five minutes. There’s no way. But, she looks at the clock and cure enough, it has been.

He stands up, she can see he’s half hard through the material he’s wearing. Her eyes find his once the strobe lights stop.

“Well, hot damn!”

Regina sends herself a mental note to kill Mal for ruining the most wonderful moment she’s had in years.
11:07 pm

Robin’s shorts were growing tighter the more he was around this woman. Could feel his heart about to pound out of his chest when he caught her looking at his half hard dick.

“May I suggest a private dance?” He asks Regina in that damn husky voice again.
His heart sinks when she shakes her head. He could tell she was embarrassed by the way she looked at the ground. This had to have been her first time at a club.

He lifts her chin up with his finger and says, “Let me know if and when you change your mind, M'lady.”

He then walks away to the back, getting in his costume for the act coming up.

“Well, I haven’t seen that look before.” His friend Arthur says to him.

And he’s right. Robin never had that look after dancing for a woman. But, the woman he danced with, she wasn’t like any other that’s been there before. She wasn’t there to gawk at naked men, she was obviously just here for her friend’s party.

As Robin got dressed in his black pouch shorts, and tying his bow tie around his neck, he couldn’t help but to wonder if he would be lucky enough to take her into one of the back rooms.

Since that dance, Regina has downed five shots of whiskey, and is now working on her second gin and tonic.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy there, tiger. I know it was nice dance and all, but you might want to pace yourself.” Ursula says. She only says that, because she knows Regina will regret that in the morning.

Regina was completely dazed though. She had actually considered going into a private room with a man she didn’t even know until a few minutes prior.

But, she couldn’t.

Could she…?

She sighs and nods, thanks Ursula for being a nice friend. She begins to relax, and after five shots, who couldn’t?

She began letting go little by little, drink by drink, now she was definitely buzzed. She was still aware of her surroundings, and wasn’t completely drunk.

About another half an hour later, she orders a beer, she normally hates drinking out of a bottle, but she wasn’t going to complain.

A loud set of drums start and an announcer begins speaking, “My my my, do we have some eager ladies tonight?” The women begin to scream as the lights dim.

“Maybe we should get some gentlemen to settle you naughty gals down.”

The women scream even louder. Then everything goes black.

Regina is definitely not okay with this. Not one bit.

That is.. Until she sees him again as a few lights shine towards the stage.

She smiles to herself when she hears the beginning of 'Pour Some Sugar On Me’ by Def Leppard starts playing.

She watches him like when an animal hunts its prey. She examines every muscle movement, watches his crotch, hoping and praying that the leather speedo he’s wearing tears in half.

Her stomach tightens with anticipation when she sees that his looking at her as he dances on stage.

Once the song ended, she watches as he goes to the back, yet again. She figured that heh was probably changing into something else. Which he was. She found that out when he walked to a smaller stage with a pole on it, in his first outfit she saw him in.

The girls were playing a game, some kind of sex question game, but her eyes kept wandering over to the attractive man on the pole.

For the first time in her life, Regina wished to be a metal pole.

He couldn’t help how much he smiled after the dance on stage. He could still see her eyes roaming around his body.

Now he’s fighting his smile once again when he catches her eyes wandering over to him grinding on this pole.

And oh shit, is she coming over here? She’s walking a little tipsy, but he’s seen the empty glasses on the table, and she’s wearing heels, no wonder she’s not walking completely straight.

He smirks when she settles in a chair at the station he was at, still grinding against the pole. She sips on her beer, stares up at him.

“Well, hello there, M'lady.” He states with a grin.

She rolls her eyes, bites down on her bottom lip from embarrassment that she even walked over here. And oh how much he wants to drag that lip between his own teeth….

She stays quiet, he can tell though, that she’s thinking of what to say or do.

But, it comes quite clear how flirtatious she was getting, and a bit drunk. He watches at her lips close around the top of her beer bottle, and travels down the neck of it, just slightly.

No, Robin, there’s no way she’s dropping that sort of hint. You’re just dreaming.

She does it a second time, and by the third time, he finally gets the message.

He crouched down to get closer to her and says, “I’m only going to ask you this one more time, if you say no, you won’t see me for the rest of the night… Can I offer you a private dance?”

His smirks when she swallows hard and nods softly.

She ignores the whistles and screams of the three women she came with while Robin brings her to the back where there were a few rooms. He takes her into the last room on the right, it was nice sized room, there was a long couch, a pole in the corner, and radio.

She turns to look at him when she hears the door closing and locked.

“I- I don’t normally do this sort of thing.” She says and he just simply nods. He slowly leads her to the couch. Once she’s seated, he walks away.

At first, she was confused; but now she sees him turning the radio on. A soft song titled, 'Stay’ by Sara Bareilles comes on, and then he’s back to her again. He sits in her laps, rolls his hips, his eyes haven’t left hers since they arrived in the room.

“What’s your name?” He asks.

“Regina.” She whispers, still a bit shy.

He smiles then, drops even further into her lap. “Well, Regina, tell me I you want me to stop.” He whispers and the way he says her name is better than how she thought.

She nods, and he takes that okay to move her dress up just a little further to the top of her thighs. He starts rolling his hips again, his flaccid member beginning to harden once again when he feels her damp underwear.

Her stomach quivers and she bites down on her lip. She didn’t know how far strippers could go with clients, she didn’t really know anything about them. But, right now, all she could think about was how could he felt against her. His member growing and growing, she couldn’t stop herself from rolling her own hips to meet his.

That’s when he lets out a whimper of his own.

He couldn’t believe he just made that boyish noise, but the way she felt against him had him throbbing.

He hoped that she wasn’t turned off by that, but then he hears her let out a moan of her own when he rubs against her clit. He honestly didn’t mean to get so close to her, but he couldn’t help it. He looked deep into her brown eyes, wanted nothing more than to kiss her right then and there, but what would she do? Would she reject him? Would she be frightened and run away? He didn’t want that. He needed her to stay right here.
Her throbbing clit was aching to be touched again, she finally let loose and grabbed his hips, moving him where she needed him to be. She kept him there as she moved against him. She moaned as she slid up and down his erection. She was getting so close, she could feel her stomach tighten, her eyes closed tightly as she felt her climax building up. She needed it, she thrived for it as she began moving quicker against him.

Moans from the both of them echoed throughout the room. Finally, when the tip of his cock brushed against her clit at just the right moment, she came harder than she has in a long time. She lets out a high pitched moan, and looks away sheepishly.

Embarrassment overcame her. She was dignified and a sophisticated woman. Yet, here she was in a strip club, dry humping a complete stranger. She was ashamed of what Daniel would think if he saw her, what her father would think, or the disappointed look Henry gets when she forgets to put his favorite juice in his lunchbox.

She was about to leave, but then she felt his hand on her cheek.

He turns her head to face him and he rubs her cheek gently with his thumb. “You shouldn’t be embarrassed. Not with me.” He whispers in a softer tone than she’s heard from him.

“I know that you’re thinking that I think you’re just another horny girl that is desperate. But, I don’t think that. I’ve learned the difference between the women who are here to shove their hands down my pants, and the women who aren’t.” He states and well, that makes her feel somewhat better.

She swallows thickly and looks at him. “But, I’m a mother…” She whispers sadly. “What kind of example am I setting?” She asks.

She frowns when the man sighs sadly.

“I ask myself that same question every night before I leave my son with the sitter.” He says sadly.

Her eyes widen. “Wait. You have a son?! Oh please tell me you aren’t married!” She says.

He shakes his head. “No. The mother ran off with some guy after dropping my son off at my doorstep.” He says sadly.

That has her heart aching. How could someone leave their child?

“Well, why are you stripper if you’re a father?” She asks, then she feels guilty for that comment. “I’m sorry, I’m just honestly curious.” She says.

He nods, let’s her know he understands.

“I’m a bit of a cliché, and no I’m not doing this to become a doctor or whatever. I’m saving up to pay off my student loans though. You see, I already went to school, but had to drop out when I got my son. And once I dropped out, I had to start paying my loans. I didn’t want my son to live in a dump and go to school in a bad district, so…”

“So, you became a stripper to pay off your debts and still pay to give your son a nice life..” She finishes his sentence and he nods.

For the rest of the night, they stay in that room, just talking, she throws him a hundred dollar bill at the beginning of every hour. He tries declining, but she just makes jokes by putting them in his speedo, telling him that he’s worked /hard/ for his money. For the first time in a very long time, the both of them share some of their most darkest secrets, just to get off their chest. They both figured that they wouldn’t see each other again, so why not?
When Robin looks at the clock and sees that his shift was over, he was a bit disappointed, so was Regina. When they walked out to the club floor, her group had already left.

“Hey, wait right here, I’ll go get dressed, then I can find you a cab.” He says, and before she could say no, he was already walking to get dressed.

Once all was said and done, he walks out with her to get her a cab. She groans and chuckles when she realizes she has to be awake in an hour. Robin explains that he always takes a quick nap before getting his son ready for school and such, then he’s off the bed until it’s time to pick him up. Regina explains that she can’t, because she owns her own business and has to be there everyday.

After a few minutes and he finally whistles over a cab, he opens her door for her. “Well, M'lady, you’ve certainly given me a night to remember.” He says and grins when he sees her rolling eyes.

“Farewell, Robin Hood.” She coos teasingly.

“Farewell, M'lady.”

anonymous asked:

Hey I recently started listening to exo and now I'm slowly becoming obsessed with them.... yeah so could you maybe give me some basic background info about the different members


(note: I am mentioning all OT12 and if any complaints are made you better prepare for a foot up your ass)


  • Leader of EXO - Main Vocalist
  • Is an actual living breathing meme
  • Everyone loves him even if you don’t love him you love him
  • Cute as heck is the self proclaimed mum of EXO
  • Embarrassing mum like he is the embodiment of second hand embarrassment
  • Loves his kids to death will protect EXO with his god damn life (also very sweet like so fukign sweet he’s an angel)


  • Main Dancer
  • I’m like 99.9% sure he has the most fans in EXO like my cat and my fish are probably Jongin stans
  • Don’t be fooled by his sexy he’s fukign dumb
  • Grabs his dick a lot
  • Boy loves to love
  • He’s rlly sweet rlly nice always caring hugging a lot
  • Always embarrassed by Suho probably because he’s embarrassed for Suho since he loves his mum a lot


  • Main Dancer - Maknae
  • He’s dumb too him and Jongin are dumb together
  • Has a lithp but it’s cute
  • Pretends to hate Suho but actually legitimately loves him to death
  • He has a nice face vry nice
  • “YEHET!” “OHORAT!!”
  • Loves his hyungs to the moon and back he may have that neutral asshole expression but he’s so very sweet literally so nice


  • Main Vocalist
  • Squishy penguin
  • He isn’t glaring he just has bad eyesight
  • Pretty savage tbh but loves his members a lot
  • The harder he slaps you the more he loves you (Baekhyun is his favourite)
  • He’s precious and incredibly kind hearted and sweet like tbh he’s pretty perfect
  • Also cooks wOAH!!


  • Rapper - Songwriter
  • ngl shoulda been a vocalist too cause damn husky af voice
  • his voice so deep it reaches the pits of hell
  • so tall fuking tal l
  • smiling is his natural state
  • he’s that one guy old ladies smile at and say “what a fine young man”
  • pretty fukin talented and so very kind and sweet he will make you melt


  • Main Vocalist - Eyeliner King
  • I don’t think he really exists he’s literally the cutest human being I have ever seen
  • Precious pREcious fUKigN PRECIOUS!! ! ! !
  • His smile turns everything into rainbows and flowers
  • It’s been reported people who’ve seen him live have gone blinde because he’s such a ray of sunshine
  • !!SMOLL!!
  • is fukin so kind hearted and cares about everyone in exo so deeply like really so deeply he probably wants to marry all of them I’m not even jk
  • high notes will slay you


  • Previous Rapper - Previous EXO M Leader
  • Left EXO because of health problems, personal problems and SM. People hate him for it and come up with conspiracy shit on why he left but I still love him and so should you because he’s actually a sweet dork who couldn’t harm a fly
  • Is Chinese and speaks like a billion languages
  • Boy fine af literally so fine
  • Mr. Galaxy
  • (was) Known as the dad of EXO (apparently because he’s tall ???)
  • He’s also a living breathing meme like he says a lot of dumb shit
  • “Chicken is not my style”
  • Lookin so sharp he could cut you but is actually so dumb and vry clumsy he needs to be protected he really does


  • Main Dancer - Main Vocalist - Rapper - Composer
  • Shit man he’s just so talented like honest to god he’s Chinese Jesus
  • The fluffiest, cutest, sweetest, adorable-est, kindest, most wonderful, fantastic and beautiful person you will ever see on this earth
  • There are people that hate this man??? Tf???
  • He has a cute laugh and a cute smile and a cute everything he’s cute
  • Likes EXO’s asses will probably write a book about them
  • Speaking of books he actually wrote a book fuck me he’s talented
  • Dancing on point af boost his dancing appreciation


  • Previous Main Vocalist
  • Left EXO because of health reasons, personal reasons and SM. Just like Kris people hate him because of it but no need for hate he’s precious and no.1 bae
  • Chinese Deer
  • Broke some record for most amount of people wearing deer antlers in one place like what’s there to hate about him??
  • Angelic af voice so ffukign angelic
  • He’s so pretty you’ll cry
  • Manly apparently idk
  • Very kind very sweet the world doesn’t deserve him
  • Go listen to his song Lu it’s lit


  • Rapper - Main Dancer
  • Amazing singing voice hits high notes like a pro but doesn’t sing much???
  • He’s the oldest in EXO don’t even question it
  • Will deal with no one’s shit absolutely no one’s he’s ruthless af
  • Absolute cutie, baozii bun, normally quite quiet but when he speaks everyone will stfu and he is always so kind and gorgeous and wow I love him a lot
  • So precious very precious absolutely precious the brightest ray of sunshine
  • Has abs and an inner stripper


  • Previous Rapper - Previous Main Dancer
  • Left EXO because of health reasons, personal reasons and SM. Again is hated because of it but really doesn’t deserve it because he’s a cinnamon roll
  • Tao is an angel, an actual angel, he is a blessing to this world
  • Absolutely adores every EXO member and like idk why that would ever change???
  • Knows martial arts and shit and would probably be real fukin deadly if he wasn’t so cute
  • Like Sehun, he loves Suho to death
  • He’s the Chinese Gucci King
  • Super emotional, cries a lot, has a very soft, kind and sweet heart
  • He’s fukin fabulous the most fabulous fashion sense on point


  • Main Vocal
  • Holy FUCK he is attractive
  • His high notes will hit your ovaries so hard you’ll die no I am not joking
  • He’s so god damn gorgeous and sweet and wonderful sweet jesus I love him
  • hIGH NOT ES!!!!
  • His arms mmm good shit good shit right ther e
  • Cheekbones so sharp they’ll cut you

THERE YOU GO SWEETIE!! I hope this was helpful!!

-sigh- guess who had a hand in tearing up toilet paper and eating my sandals?

If you said the blue eyed bandit in front of me, you would be correct.

His name is obi. He’s a white male husky that’s just over a year old and he’s got a rap sheet as long as my arm.