damn hes annoying

Tony Stark is the type of person who would meticulously research corny dad jokes on the internet just so he can recite them to Peter during Superhero Outings and embarrass him.

Bitty is short. There’s nothing wrong with calling him short. I keep seeing posts acting like calling him short is offensive in some way and my 5′1″ ass is like ??? let him be short?? 

He’s 3″ shorter than the American average for white males. He’s particularly short for the sport he plays. He’s far shorter than anyone else on his team/in his friend group except Lardo. Considering his environment, he’s short. It doesn’t matter that he’s half a foot taller than me, saying “I’m shorter than Bitty and I can reach things” doesn’t change the fact that he is significantly smaller than would be expected in his sport or the fact that he’s significantly smaller than most of his friends

like yeah the “he can’t reach stuff” jokes get old but really people there’s no harm in calling him short, y’all need to calm down and just enjoy the glory of the Jack/Bitty height difference

if there’s a next season it’ll consist entirely of Yuuri’s frustrated attempts to win a gold medal so that he can marry Viktor


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Tony working on something when he hears someone say "math tutor" and he whips around, stars in his eyes. "Did someone say MATH?!" "It's just pre-algebra," his nephew says awkwardly. "I think you mean the BEST ALGEBRA!" By the time Tony's finished helping him figure out pre-algebra, his nephew actually understands math and is excited to go to class. Tony has this way about him to make learning fun even when you're confused. (Honestly a guy that blows himself up that often needs that.)

To Tony everything is the best math so he might not be very representative, but yes.

His nephew is so incredibly ashamed that he doesn’t understand something Tony is a genius about and he is aboslutely not comfortable with asking him for help.

But now Tony heard about his problems and he is already right there, obviously excited about this whole thing, but not mean about it in any way.

Tony is just so enthusiastic about it that it’s really hard to hate math, and to everyone’s surprise he is also very good at explaining stuff.

He uses a very visual way of explaing, using lots of examples, and making it so very easy to get it.

Word about this makes the round with all of the kids (all his nieces and nephews and probably also on the day care floor) and soon he is holding whole classes.

Tony enjoyes it, the kids enjoy it and actually learn and like to learn, in math and physics and chemistery. Tony brushed up on that just for these classes.

Whenever the kids get good grades he is more excited about this than the parents themselves, and when they get bad grades, he doesn’t get all disappointed, he just tries to figure out where the problem is and how he can help.

A lot of the kids discover their love for science like this and decide to pursuit a degree in math or engineering or something like this.

And then imagine, because reioka and I talked about this already, one day one of the kids Tony teached all about math comes back to him to show him their degree in art or philosophy or something.

They are terribly nervous, because they fear that Tony might be disappointed or something. But Tony is so incredibly proud and he makes a copy of the degree just to keep it forever, and let’s go with the art thing here, because Tony so definitely decides that all art must go into the tower.

He buys it off the kid, and keeps some on his personal floors but he also displays a lot of the pieces on the work floors where everyone can see them.

He most likely hooks the kid up with some connections, not buying them in but just gently pointing the right people into the kid’s direction, and when they have their first exhibition Tony is all over everyone, telling them all that he was the first to hang up their art, and he tutored that kid, did you see how amazing their work is, Tony is sure there has never been anything better.

Tony is proud of all of his kids, no matter what career they choose and he always remembers what any of them are doing career wise. He feels like the proudest dad ever.

I'm sorry but

I’m pretty sure Lance has experienced telling a story to someone and being very excited and enthusiastic about it at first but soon after awhile realises the person is barely listening, just doesn’t care in general and his face just falls because damn he was being annoying again and he awkwardly leaves the one sided conversation wishing that he never existed


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Both Coco and The Book of Life are based on Mexican holiday Día de Muertos. The difference between the two is the director. Coco is directed by Lee Unkrich creator of Toy Story and The Book of Life is directed by Jorge Gutierrez who known for ¡Mucha Lucha!, and El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera

interesting, no wonder there are parallels!

I have finally joined Voltron hell.


Every organisation needs a designated asshole. That is my gift to the Killjoy collective. The asshole may not be liked, but he will always be necessary. Cause he does what’s needed.


ya lit meme - 2/7 friendships
aelin galathynius, dorian havilliard and chaol westfall  throne of glass

Dorian said, “So here we are.”
“The end of the road,” Aelin said with a half smile.
“No,” Chaol said, his own smile faint, tentative. “The beginning of the next.”

Week four: Smile/Sun
“Why do you love Miyuki?”

Behind that overwhelmingly perfect persona, there’s warmth and fragility of a human being.


Once again I remade my old draft because after that “Seiko thingy” aired on the anime, I feel the need to add some angst. I knew this was coming all along from the manga, but the anime… it just gave a deeper and no less intense feeling to it, if that’s possible at all. Ugh, Miyuki’s just awesome and I want to see everyone around him appreciate his presence more and not just the “team captain and star player” but as “just Miyuki”. Yea.

Bandages and Dates

Fandom: Star Trek
Characters: Pavel Chekov, James Kirk
Relationship: Chekov/reader
Request: please could you write a startrek one your Kirks little sister and you feelings for Chekov and one day Kirk is teasing you about it without Chekov is in the same room.

“Kirk, fuck off.” You say while you hands were busing themselves tidying up the medical cupboard. You worked in the medical bay under the watchful eye of Bones. Kirk, your older brother, had managed to became captain of the enterprise which was the same ship you worked on. Granted, you had a good relationship with him, but damn, he was annoying.
“Admit it.” He walked over to you and leaned on the counter beside you. “You are in love with the Russian boy.” He smiles and shoves you in the shoulder. This was the 50th time he has brought this subject in Les than a month. You sign and grab a couple of misplaced utensils and walked over to one of the many other cupboards.
“Chekov! Hes name is Chekov.” You snap at Kirk.
“Oh, I bet you know his name.” Kirk winks at you and you sigh in frustration.
“I like him.” You try to say but your brother wraps his hands around your waist and lifts you up.
“Aw, my little sisters in love.” He laughs as you kick your legs furiously.
“James, put me down!” You scream, hitting his shoulders. He gently puts you down. You straighten yourself up.
“James, if you don’t get out, I will call Bones.” You turn and wave a scalpel threateningly at him. He raises his hands in defence and turns to walk out.
You lean against the counter and close your eyes. He could be an ass but he was right. Okay, maybe you weren’t in love, but you really liked him. His cute smile, curly blond hair and amazing adorable accent. Whenever you hear him make announcements, you feel like your going to faint from cuteness.
Smiling fondly to yourself, and turned to continue tidying. Only to see Kirk still standing in front of you looking towards the door. You follow his eyes eyes and at the moment, you could have killed Kirk. There, in the open door, stood a blushing Pavel Chekov.
And by the burning red blush on his cheeks, he had heard everything. For a moment, all if you stand there, staring at each other. You heart was hammering in your chest. Chekov was the first to speak.
“I-errrz- I thinkz I need help.” He raises his right hand to show a nasty gash right across his palm. You quickly hurried over to him and took his hand in yours, examining the wound. You were too busy trying to see how deep the wound went and if it would need stitches to see the wink Kirk gave Chekov as he walked past you both.
“I’ll speak to you later, sis.” He shouted as he walked away. You acknowledge his departure with a nod and a muttered bye.
You pull Chekov over to a bed and ask him to take a seat. While he gets comfy, you gather up a couple of things like disinfectant, numbing cream, bandages and wound tape (tape that holds the wound together while it heals when stitches aren’t needed). While you do this, Chekov watches you, his mind racing about what he had just hear. True, you didn’t say you loved him, but you didn’t say you didn’t either and that was a good start.
You wheeled a chair over so you could sit while you were working. Holding your hand out, he pulled his hand away slightly. You frowned slightly and realised he was scared.
“I promise I won’t hurt you, Mr Chekov.” You say softly, placing one hand on his knee as a form of comfort. He took a couple of seconds then gave you his hand.
You began to regret your choice of words because the disinfectant would sting a bit.
“You can call me Pavel, mizz [l/n]."You look up surprised. He was looking at his hand, avoiding your eyes.
"Well, in that case, you can call me [y/n].” You smile at him. He looks at you and grins from ear to ear.
“Er, this might sting slightly, but it will only be for a couple of second.” You tell him, dropping your gaze to his hand. Pavel brings his good hand up and lifts your chin using two fingers and looks into your eyes.
“It'z okay. I trust you.” His sweet voice makes you forget the job at hand. Literally.
You smile at him and soak a rag, dabbing at the cut. He hisses a little but, like you said, the pain wore off fast. After that you applied the numbing cream. While you waited for that to numb the skin, you ask Pavel how he managed to get the wound.
He explained that he had been shadowing Mr Scott in engendering and while trying to mend a broken pipe, the screwdriver had slipped and cut his free hand. By this point you were glad you had used disinfectant. Who knows what’s on those tool. But you listened and patterned his knee.
You started tending to the wound and when you were happy with your work, you started to bandage it up. When you were done, you sat back and admired your work, smiling as you look up, seeing Pavel smiling at you. You attempt to stand up, but it appeared Pavel had the same idea and both knocked into each other. His free placed on your hip to make sure you were steady. A blush reaches your cheeks as you look into his beautiful eyes. You saw him begin to lean in and you mirrored the action, waiting for the moment your lips were to meet.
“What the hell are you kids doing?” Bones shouted as he walked through the door.
“Nothing, Mr Chekov cut his hand and he came here and I fixed him, well, I didn’t fix him, I just bandaged the wound.” You rambled on, taking a step away from Pavel.
“Uh, okay. Just make sure you clean that up.” Bones nods to the items that had been used. “Chekov, captain wants you on the bridge.” He continues and walks towards the office in the back.
“Right away, sir.” Pavel answers then turns to you. “I vas wandering if you would like to have dinner with me sometime?”
Your heart leaps and you nod eagerly.
“Great!” He exclaims. “Tomorrow?”
“How about tonight?” You take step closer to him as he smiles like a Cheshire Cat.
“Tonight’s better. See you around 7?” His eyes are now dancing with excitement as you nod in agreement.
He was just about to turn and walk away when you grab him by his good and and spin him back around. You gently press a kiss to his soft lips but before he has a chance to respond, you pull away.
“See you then.” You whisper against his lip and turn away. As you start to clean up, you glance over your shoulder to see Pavel still standing there, staring at nothing, a finger ghosting over his lips. Touching the place where you had kissed him.
“Pavel?” You laugh, snapping him out of his trance. “The bridge.” You nod to the door. He sudden to jumps to life and makes quickly towards the bridge.
You laugh fondly and watch him leave.
Then the sense of dread hit you.
You were going to have to tell Kirk he was right.

overtone, undertone, or how keith messed up (but not really). - saudade (WindedDreams) - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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Additional Tags: First Kiss, Keith isn’t actually oblivious he’s just half in denial, Lance isn’t actually an asshole like keith thinks he’s just awkward w/ dealing w/ his crush, keith’s pov, light angst at one stage, Stolen Hoody, Getting Together, Friends to Lovers

When Keith steals Lance’s hoody as revenge for how god damn annoying he is, he certainly doesn’t expect it to backfire like this.