damn he's trying to kill the fandom

“Black Siren deserves a redemption arc.” 


“Black Siren wants to be redeemed.” 

Absolutely not

“Villains need redemption arcs!!!!!” 

Shut up 

My biggest pet peeve when it comes to writing is the villain redemption arc. I have never seen it done well and it drives me crazy. You want to take this perfectly good villain and throw away everything they are for what? I can’t think of a single good reason for Black Siren to become a “hero” Let villains be fucking villains. 

She is literally an unapologetic murderer. BS enjoys being a villain. She wanted to kill Felicity and Oliver and everyone in that damn room. She would have happily screamed Cisco’s face off when he locked her away. This is not a character that wants to be good. Let her be bad. Let her play sides and do as she pleases. Let her do what she wants and stop trying to act like she’s some redeemable angel. You’re taking away everything that character is. 

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I'd be happy if they used the time gem to erase Civil War and give Cap a proper 3rd movie.

Same. I have so much resentment towards the MCU Civil War. Being a fan of the comics I can think of a dozen Cap storylines off the top of my head that would have been better. Including better uses for both Crossbones and Zemo. I hate that the Cap tag became unbearable with all the hate following that goddamn movie. And you know what gets me? Half the hate isn’t even based on anything real. Like I read a post just this morning that claimed Steve and Bucky were trying to kill Tony in that final fight when both the directors AND the writers stated the exact opposite as being true in the directors commentary for the bluray. What the hell fandom?! Like if you’re going to make hate posts the VERY least you can do is check your facts first. I hate that Sam and Sharon were sidelined in their own damn franchise. I hate that STEVE, our Steve, Cap himself, still doesn’t get to come into his own, he still hasn’t found a family or acceptance like he did in the comics. Hasn’t discovered that it wasn’t the serum that made him a hero, but Steve, himself. He hasn’t had that moment in the MCU, he’s still floundering. If they kill him in IW I’m going to be pissed because he hasn’t been able to find any happiness and as a fan I want at LEAST that, and honestly, that’s not a lot to ask for. But I digress.

But yeah, Anon, I hear you. The more time passes the more I grow to resent that freakin movie. I would have taken the Madbomb story in a heartbeat over Civil War. :(

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001 | sormik obviously !

(For this ask meme!)

When I started shipping it, if I did:

I actually resisted shipping them when I started playing Zestiria - the cues were there, I could feel the narrative slapping me in the face with it, but I resisted it anyway.  Why?  Because it was the one thing I assumed would never actually happen.  I mean, an actual canonical mlm ship in my favorite JRPG series?  Come on, that was never going to happen.  Hell, I did the opening hours of the game with two of my friends who knew my shipping tendencies and even they were giving me the “Are you shipping them yet?” look.  Real Life happened and schedules weren’t lining up either, and I ended up starting up a playthrough on my own, and I still resisted it … although my will to resist was crumbling a little after that lovely inn skit where Sorey calls Mikleo a babe.

Then I saw the second epilogue, saw that look on Mikleo’s face, gave up and jumped in with both feet because damn it, if that isn’t the look of someone reuniting with their long lost lover I don’t know what is.  And I’m a sucker for it.

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im going to fight the entire supernatural fandom with my bare hands the show could EXPLICITLY say 'dean you're abusing jack he's just a kid' ( and its come!! pretty damn fucking close!!! ) and people would still be like :/// i think deans justified though :/// jack Could be evil or omg destiel child!!!!

and one of the seriously stupidest things is that there’s so many parallels between dean and other characters this fandom hates too?

like, the whole “oh but jack isn’t human and has powers so he must be inherently evil so best kill him now” explanation is the exact same fucking logic that gordon used to try to kill sam. yet gordon is (rightfully) vilified by the fandom for having that viewpoint but meanwhile dean sharing the exact same viewpoint now is completely justifiable? like, what!? and even a shitload of people who have problems with dean’s behavior are saying “idk i see both sides" placating bullshit too. even though, yeah, pretty much everyone in this fandom is capable of recognizing that gordon’s black and white view on anything not human (which is the one dean has with jack NOW) is wrong.

or take max miller. this fandom uses dean’s reaction to sam saying at least they didn’t have max miller’s childhood as evidence that john abused dean. the fandom is clearly capable of understanding that max’s dad abused him; that if dean was under the same circumstances with john, then john abused him; but meanwhile it’s *crickets* when dean treats jack the same way that max’s dad canonly did!? (and that’s also the best case scenario. the worst case scenario is the fandom romanticizing the idea of dean abusing jack, cas’s kid, because cas died and using that as shipping fodder and proof of how totes canon destiel is.)

and while the last episode ultimately failed at holding dean accountable for his actions, it did also literally compare the way dean’s acting to john?!? so if you think john’s abusive (which virtually everyone excusing dean now does) and dean is behaving like john… ERGO DEAN IS ABUSIVE. but somehow dean is still getting excuse after defense after justification. -_-

here’s the thing, though. i’m really not a pro-accords, pro-SRA person.

let’s stick to mcu for this particular rant. yes, i absolutely refuse to ignore the fact that t’chaka and rhodey are arguably the soundest and most objective moral centers of the film, i categorically reject anti-accords discourse that indiscriminately demonizes all parties involved in the accords based on the premise that the pro-accountability stance is somehow morally deplorable, i myself agree with the pro-accountability stance, and i think that if 117 countries are talking, you need to listen.

however. it does come down to the old “flawed execution” argument for me, which i personally don’t take lightly in this case. speaking as a non-american citizen and a latina with… relevant personal/familial baggage that i’m certainly not about to publicly discuss on this shitty blogging platform: you show me a scenario where people can be imprisoned while their right to a lawyer and fair trial is reduced to snickering by martin freeman in a suit? nope. absolute, instant, glaring NO in my book. like, no matter how good the concept is, this sort of thing is the negative number multiplied into a however endless string of positives, the final result will be a negative anyway. there’s no getting around that for me, no amount of tony stark desperately promising that “documents can be amended” that can make something like this feel even remotely comfortable.

so yes, i do understand and i can relate to all that stuff about the accords being bad. what i don’t understand is whatever logic that leads people to categorize tony stark as a malicious or naïve/privileged perpetrator of this Bad System, when he’s deliberately, and at great personal expense, putting himself out there as a political buffer between the avengers and said system

my god, speaking as someone who’s very familiar with Deportation ~Paranoia, yes, yes, there is something immensely satisfying in the escapist fantasy that the superhero genre provides, the whole “standing up for what you think is right, no matter what,” very steve rogers concept. you disagree with something in a visceral level? middle finger it. fight it. i do appreciate watching that in characters who are acting out of a fundamentally good drive. even if and when i don’t agree with what they’re doing. if my little brother fucking came home to me with some story about how he mouthed off to an authority figure who was being unfair to him, i would be fucking furious at him first thing, because rule number fucking one is DO NOT ARGUE IN A WAY THAT’S GONNA GIVE THEM RELEVANT REASON TO GET YOU IN LEGAL TROUBLE, because how fucking stupid can you be, but like. like. i would certainly god damn watch the entire episode

(by the way, that’s why the steve/tony dialog that goes “when i see a situation pointed south, i can’t ignore that. sometimes i wish i could” “no, you don’t” “no, i don’t” “sometimes i want to punch you in your perfect teeth” rings so true and compelling to me, and i particularly relate to it on tony’s end, because what i read into it is really not something i can quite verbalize, it’s just. honestly. that feeling when your little brother insists on doing something stupidly misguided out of a stupidly reckless drive that is nonetheless heroic, and you just eye-twitch into infinity because you wish he would chill but at the same time you’re glad it’s still him, that’s the feeling.)

anyway, yes. the whole “no, you move” thing speaks to my fantasies. but what spoke to me, personally, in this whole civil war construct? this thing where tony cannot move. tony having to act while politically and legally restrained – not in the “this is how cops and people with guns should be supervised” sense, but in the sense where he’s dealing with threats of unjust incarceration for his friends, and even threats against their lives

that’s what lives at the heart of my unhealthy fascination with the berlin sequence, i guess? everybody and their mothers know that i’m obsessed with tony being stressed out as fuck while still having to hold his own, self-restrained and beyond possible reproach, in atmospheres that are hostile and biased against him. hell, surprise, i relate. i still insist that at that point in the movie, the hold that the accords had on tony had more to do with his fear than his principles. their initial discussion is the only time we see tony actively argue using principles of accountability as a basis, after that, when trying to persuade steve, he keeps harping on the same point about consequences that he had already touched on during the first discussion. from berlin onward, he tells steve he’s doing what’s necessary to stop something worse, he says he’s trying to protect wanda because she’s politically vulnerable, he tries to convince steve and the rest of team cap to come with him “because it’s us” and not a damn killing squad. and then in the end, we do see the manifestation of “something worse,” what tony was trying to avoid, when we see the avengers locked up in the raft.

i said it once, i’ll say it again: when push comes to shove, tony’s not going after steve because he thinks steve’s position is morally reproachable and because the accords are Justice, he’s going after steve because steve running off after not signing the accords is actively making their situation worse

and i suppose that this kind of thing just invites the sort of reductive argument fandom has been indulging in, the whole like. who’s Right, who’s Wrong, tony’s taking the ~path of least resistance of the accords out of cowardice/malicious intent/naivety, or because that’s the path that saves his ass, etc etc etc. well, speaking again from my personal life perspective: when somebody subjects themself to a system out of fear of consequences for noncompliance that their family, friends, and self might be exposed to, and someone else jumps in and says that person must be a coward or lazy or bigoted or whatever because they didn’t explicitly middle-finger @ The System, it’s hard for me not to assume that the second person isn’t pretty much like one of those white american fratboys smoking weed in public because “fuck the system” am i right? like. clearly this sort of person doesn’t know what it’s like to sit your little brother the fuck down and tell him to fucking chill and endure a measure of injustice because you’re scared of what will happen if he doesn’t          

and like. give me a break, every day of my life i need to make a conscious effort not to call myself a coward for not Taking A Stand. even in a tony level, i have indeed tortured myself by briefly considering the possibility that tony may not have been heroic in cap 3 up until he rebelled, told ross to fuck off in not so many words, and went after steve, but hey you know what? nah. that’s not true. tony’s drive was heroic from the very get-go, and it gets especially so when steve steps into the room and tony’s already on the phone with ross, trying to alleviate the situation and basically offering up himself and his name as collateral. he’s heroic even as he tells ross “thank you, sir” after ross gives him 36 hours, instead of the requested 72, to apprehend bucky/team cap without resorting to lethal force – why? because he’s subjected to inhumane levels of pressure and fear and he still won’t “fuck off” out of the situation because he’s scared of what rocking this particular boat will mean to the avengers. 

it baffles me that people don’t seem to understand how huge this is, but then again, i don’t know, maybe it’s just a perspective thing. in the narrative itself, i don’t think steve & co really acknowledge, appreciate, or maybe even comprehend the level at which tony is acting in his attempts to protect them, so like?? this is probably a lost battle

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Crowley appreciation post :

Favorite line #1 : Hello boys

Favorite line #2 : No one in the history of torture has been tortured with torture like the torture you’ll be tortured with

Favorite line #3 : Maybe you should try plan D for Dumbass

Favorite line #3 : All nicknames so far

Favorire Episode: King of the Damned 9X21


I love Crowley’s character so much , they better not kill him off cause the show needs him .

He is so damn hilarious and i find him very underappreciated .

It’s clear he likes the boys , he’s always there when they need help , and yet they hate him and it hurts me

He’s one of my favorite characters ever !

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T'Challa tries to kill Bucky for 3/4 of the movie because he thought he killed his father, which he didn't do, and everyone is riding the panther's dick ( rightfully so ). Tony lashes out at Bucky for killing his parents, which he did, for 5 minutes and suddenly he is worse than Hitler and is responsible for everything wrong in the world, including children starving in Africa and global warming. It's amazing how far haters can go to protect their gay ship or "precious cinnamon roll"

Hey, sorry for the wait (to everyone really) I had to get off tumblr for a few days, for… reasons. But yeah, pretty much this exactly. The strangest thing is that I just saw CACW again, and no one actually brings up that Bucky was brainwashed to T'Challa on screen. And the thing is, he has to know it, because Bucky gets his psychiatric evaluation right after he gets back to the base, so T'Challa is either deaf and dumb to what happens to Bucky after he gets brought in (unlikely, considering his obsession with killing him) or he finds out about Bucky’s situation off screen. It’s just the most bizarre thing considering that Steve literally is in a closed environment with this man who just tried to kill his best friend… and we never see him speak up to try to explain Bucky’s situation. Not once. I don’t know, it was just weird.


So again, T'Challa either knows or is unobservant and oblivious (two things he isn’t in all other parts of the movie, so I will assume he knows). And yet… he still tries to kill Bucky. And I mean, seriously tries to kill him. In their first fight, he is about ready to bring his claws down on Bucky’s face. In their second, at the airport, he literally has his claws at Bucky’s neck before he’s yanked away. And these aren’t the, ‘I’m going to knead tiny sharp needle points of agony into your skin as a gesture of my affection.’ type of claws. These are the claws that managed to gouge through metal and scratch up Steve’s shield. They are literally as dangerous as razor sharp knives, and T'Challa had every intention of using them to tear open Bucky’s face or throat. Considering that the second time he does this is after he has to know about Bucky’s situation, I find it really fucking ironic that he’s allowed to do his damned best to try to kill Bucky up until the time that he overhears someone else basically confessing to his father’s death.


Don’t get me wrong, I am damn glad that tumblr isn’t going after T'Challa like they do Tony. If I saw T'Challa hate, I would be pissed as hell. But it makes me angry that fandom chooses to be understanding for one character while Tony is hated for having an emotional reaction for 5 minutes after spending the movie trying to clean up after the Avengers’ mess and watching Rhodey be paralyzed. After being judged, harshly, for every single choice he makes even when he’s trying to help people. After having been emotionally attacked by Clint, who has worked for the government and knows that they don’t play when it comes to what they consider threats. (If Tony hadn’t been the one bringing them in, it would have been agents just like Clint was or even past coworkers who would have been sent. Ross implies that they would have been given kill orders. I wonder if Clint considered THAT before making his accusations.) After going through all that, Tony still goes to the facility to try to help Steve. And yet, people act like Tony is the worst villain ever for reacting like a human being. For having emotion. For not being able to watch the murder of his parents, the parents that he had previously believed had died in a car crash, and be able to be completely rational, because hey, everyone knows that people are able to be completely rational while watching their parents be killed on video, especially while the person shown murdering their parents is STANDING THERE WATCHING THE VIDEO WITH YOU.


It’s not Bucky’s fault that Tony’s parents died, but it’s not Tony’s fault that he reacted like he did to watching them die. I will never be able to stress this enough. It’s possible to be empathetic to more than one character’s situation. It’s possible to not hate one character for what you excuse other characters for. And if some fans can get off their ‘let’s villainize this character to woobify this one’ mindset that keeps them from seeing that, that would be really great.

And lets not even talk about tumblr’s convenient amnesia to the fact that after this fight, Tony not only doesn’t go after them again, he allows Team Cap to escape without even trying to stop them from escaping or hunting them down after they escape. Because that would give Tony to much credit as a person, and we can’t have that, now can we?

It was so hard trying not to laugh like a weirdo during class today just thinking about people’s reactions to Kishi’s interview. I’m sorry, I know its cruel, but damn this guy either loves creating shitstorms or he has no idea and I find that so hilarious.

I mean for the past few days the fandom has been slowly going back to some semblance of peace, with NH/SS happy about being canon, and NS with their child and their delusion that Kishi did it all for money and last minute. Then Kishi comes in saying fuck that shit and kills any sense of doubt left. Intentional or not, its magnificent what this guy can do just pointing out the obvious.

How did you get into BNHA?

I started reading BNHA on May 19th. Man, let me tell you I caught up at a very stressful time within the manga. There were 91 chapters out at the time. I read 45 chapters that day then the other 46 the next day. All for One and All Might were just beginning their battle. And so began my anxiety for the next month. 

I’d spend every morning on the way to class talking about All Might with my brother. How cool he was and that he was my favorite hero. I told him about how All Might was in a pinch and that he was fighting one of the most powerful guys in the series. My brother was convinced that All Might was going to die, but I kept saying he was going to live. With each chapter that came out, I explained what was going on to my brother.

I was so nervous I succumbed to reading spoilers before the chapters came out. That was my mistake. I read fake spoilers that showed All Might’s death. It was horrible and honestly it felt like my heart had been ripped from my chest. My brother was sympathetic when I told him about what I’d read. I said “He can’t die! I just spent all this time getting to know him! He’s All Might damn it!” I considered dropping the series right then and there because my favorite character was about to be killed off and I honestly didn’t know if I could take it. 

Luckily the spoilers turned out to be fake and here I am today 6 months later. 

Anyway that’s the story of how I got into BNHA, I’d love to hear yours! (still trying to get my brother to read it. He still hears all about it though haha)