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Seven Minutes - Bucky

Seven Minutes

Bucky Barnes x Reader


Sequel to the first Bucky chapter because damn you guys wanted a sequel.

Smutty smut.

Bucky Barnes

Part Two

A/N: Wow you guys really wanted a sequel.

       The game eventually died and everyone returned to their own rooms – or each other’s. You and Bucky had been making eyes at each other all night, wanting nothing more than an excuse to retire to one of your rooms and continue what had begun in the closet.

       When the final pair of prying eyes left the room, Bucky stood before you and offered his hand. You took it eagerly, biting your lip as he pulled you from your seat and led you down the hall. His room was closer, so he took you there and led you inside before closing and locking the door.

       As soon as the door closed, you were pinned against it. Bucky’s hands held yours by your head as he lavished your lips, nipping and pulling with his teeth. You gasped into his mouth, spurring him on and leading him to suck on your lower lip. When he finally let go, you struck back, enticing his tongue into your mouth so you could capture it between your teeth.

       He held your hands in his metal one, his flesh hand sliding down your side. It slid under the hem of your shirt, running across your bare skin. You hummed and leaned into his touch, causing him to grin against your lips. He rubbed soft circles with his thumb, his rough, calloused hand leaving goose bumps on your skin.

       Distracting him with your teeth and tongue, you managed to wriggle your hands free. He was about to protest when you placed them on his chest, prying apart the two sides of his button down shirt so that you could run your hands over his bare skin. He hummed into your mouth as your nails raked through his chest hair, leaving a pleasant sting behind.

       He dropped his hands to your ass, pulling you roughly against him. You jumped, wrapping your legs around his waist, and his hands supported your thighs. Your hands held his neck as he backed away from the door, carrying you to the bed. He dropped you on the mattress, breaking the kiss to hover above you, his bright blue eyes glazed over with lust.

       You panted as you grinned up at him, resting your hands by your head submissively. He smirked at the gesure, grasping the hem of your shirt and pulling it up. He tore it over your head, nearly ripping it apart, before discarding it on the floor. He bit his lip as he ran his flesh hand over your exposed skin, dipping between your breasts before taking one in hand and squeezing it.

       You grabbed his metal hand to place it on your side, and his eyes widened in alarm. Your other hand reached up to caress his face soothingly.

       “I trust you,” you murmured, holding his hand to your hip. He nodded slowly, his hands joining together to knead your breasts. Your eyes fluttered closed at the sensation, only snapping open with a gasp on your lips when you felt his cold metal against your bare skin. He had torn off your bra, and one breast had skin-to-skin contact while the other had a delicious contrast being held by his metal appendage.

       He settled between your legs, lying atop you, holding his weight up by his arms as to not crush you. His mouth replaced his flesh hand, nipping and sucking at your breast, running his tongue over your hardened nipple. You gasped and arched your chest into him, tangling a hand in his hair.

       He continued his assault down your chest, kissing and nipping across your skin. His mouth entertained your belly while his fingers fumbled with the button and zipper of your jeans, sliding his fingers under the waistband and pulling them down your legs along with your panties. You gasped as the cold air hit your dampening heat and your legs spread of their own accord.

       Bucky growled low in his throat, his own arousal growing at the sight of your soaked sex. He loved the effect he had on you. He took one of your thighs in each hand and without warning, he plunged his face between your legs, lapping at your clit and circling your entrance. At your moans of approval, he wrapped his lips around your clit and sucked, moaning softly into your core. It was almost enough to push you over the edge. Your legs trembled on either side of his head, your hands gripping the sheets beneath you. Moans fell from your lips like prayer, morphing into screams of pleasure as he thrust a metal finger inside you. It was thicker than you expected and it hit your spot perfectly with every thrust. As he curled his finger and sucked at your clit, you came undone, your first orgasm washing over you. You screamed his name as he pulled back, crawling up to hover over you. You reached up and pushed his shirt from his shoulders, wanting more of him. Part of you was worn out from that first round, but once you saw his chiseled chest and the lusty gaze in his eye, you were ready to go again. You reached for the buckle of his pants and he happily assisted, ripping the fly open and shimmying out of his jeans. You kicked his boxers off before wrapping your legs around his waist, returning your arms to their previous position by your head.

       He rocked his hips against yours, his arousal pressing against your soaked entrance. You whimpered at the contact, lifting your hips to entice him into you. He could hold back no longer, jerking his hips forward and sliding into you in one solid movement. You both moaned in unison, and he reached up to pin your hands by your head. He angled his hips when he pulled out and plunged back in, hitting every pleasure spot insife you perfectly. He buried his face in your neck, moaning your name as he built up his own orgasm. You were quick to chase your second, your senses still heightened from earlier.

       His thrust became sloppy and erratic but no less pleasurable, slamming in and out of you at inhuman speeds. You moaned with every breath, unable to hold anything back.

       His grip on your hands weakened, allowing you use of your arms. You ran your hands down his side, raking your nails across his hips, knowing it drew him closer. He moaned into your neck as you did so, his thrusts speeding up if possible.

       You moaned his name as your secone release washed over you, and moments later, he was moaning yours, his hips finally slowing. With one final thrust, he stopped, panting against your skin as he laid atop you, still nestled inside you. He collapsed, laying all of his weight on you. You wrapped your arms around him, running your fingers through his hair.

       “I love you,” he murmured.

       You chuckled. “I love you too.”

       After some time, he pulled out and moved to lie beside you, taking you in his arms. You spent that night and the better part of the next day lying in bed.

Garrus v Cullen

So, I was thinking about Garrus and Cullen (like wow, that never happens), and holy shit the parallels between the two.

First game: Idealistic, naive. Wants to serve and protect people. Part of a force to do so.

Second game: Dealing with survivor’s guilt, and struggling with hate and vengeance while also trying to do their damn job and help make the world a little less awful.

Third game: Appears as a Commander in the fight against an ancient enemy, settled down from the first game, definitely a return to more of who he was in the first game.

Other traits: Pretty awkward off the battlefield. Calibrations. Big scar on the right side of their face. Soldier to the core. Tense relationship with family. LI to a woman who’s being told she’s the only one who can save the galaxy/world, and never treat them with anything less than the respect and honor they deserve. Not a fan of politicians.

Did I miss anything?

mystic-delecation  asked:

How would Mikazuki react to a Saniwa who steps up their flirting game after they had dropped a MILLION hints that they like him?? From light lingering touches during test time, well timed winks, surprise hugs from behind and playful conversations.

• Jiji is a damn troll, no matter how direct you are with flirting he won’t act on it even if he flirts back.
• And his return flirting would mostly be subtle.
• Unless you directly confirmed how you felt nothing would change.
• This is mostly because he would want you to be certain of how you feel about him.
• He’d have his mind made up once he noticed your feelings.

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After spending almost all year travelling the world with Ford, Stan is happy to be back in the comfort of his home. Retired and looking forward to a week of blissful domestic relaxation before the twins return to stay for the summer, the last thing he expected to turn up on his doorstep was Rick Sanchez. No seriously, just who is this guy? Can he help Stan remember that large gap in his long-term memories that Ford and the kids couldn’t fill? Does Stan even want to remember?

To be continued…

I’m both sorry and not sorry for putting Rick (and all of you) through my terrible sense of music related humor.