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Tooth Be Told | Hoseok

“Dude, you’re being like… super uncool right now.” Hoseok says, a glare marring his handsome face.

“My heart is breaking at the prospect of not being deemed cool by you, Jung Hoseok.” You roll your eyes at him and he yanks the phone from your hands so he can look at you properly.

“Did I or did I not cover your rent this month when you were short?” He seethes and you jump to your feet, jabbing a finger at his chest.

“I didn’t get paid until 2 o’clock and rent was due at 12 you ass hat I literally gave it right back to you!” You hiss.

“Yes, okay, good but it’s the principle of the matter. You needed me for something and I came through.” He retorts.

“Yeah because it’s my month to pay rent and we’d both be on our asses if I hadn’t.” You snort.

“Dude its a free dental exam what is there to protest? You don’t even have dental insurance so you can’t get routine cleanings, anyway, your teeth probably look like—“

“I refuse to let you anywhere near my mouth. You’re not a dentist and it’s very clean inside there thank you very much!” You say indignantly and it’s Hoseok’s turn to roll his eyes at you.

“I’m almost a dentist, one that’s offering to give you a free exam while my degree is pending.” He sniffs.

“What a nice way to phrase it—your degree is pending. You mean you’re not certified yet and if you think for one second that just because we’re friends or roommates or whatever that I’m going to—“

“If you don’t I’ll tell Jungkook it was you who accidentally washed your red shirt with his laundry.” Hoseok threatens and you gasp, a hand clutched to your chest.

“You wouldn’t.” You hiss.

“Try me.” He smirks.


“You know,” Hoseok begins, and you’re propped up on his bed, it’s all very unprofessional and half assed. His iPhone is macguivered onto a selfie stick he’s duct taped to the wall so he could have a light while he works and he’s wearing yellow dish washing gloves that you hope are new as he prods and pokes at your mouth, “you actually have really really clean teeth like there’s slight decalcification and some areas that are high risk for cavities but it’s nothing you couldn’t fix with some PreviDent—it’s like eight bucks at the store down the street. Pretty damn good for someone who hasn’t had dental insurance for like four years now.”

Hoseok pauses when he feels your tongue move against his gloved fingers and he frowns, ignoring the slight tingling sensation in crotch—very slight because any shot of arousal is quickly tamped down with the fact that your mouth was stretched open in an unflattering way and he had ample view of your double chin from this angle. He tugs his hands out with a, “sorry what were you saying?”

You inhale, making a gross slurping noise as you attempted to suck residual drool back in, because Hoseok was messy and your jaw fucking hurt.

“For the record you’re a terrible fucking dentist, just drop out now. Jesus,” you say, swiping at your face, and making Hoseok glare, “and also why dentist do that?”

“Do what?” Hoseok asks dryly.

“Ask you questions when their in the middle of fisting your goddamn mouth!” You snap, narrowing your eyes at him, and rubbing your face, “Are you trying to make my jaw come unhinged like y—oof!”

Hoseok shoves you back down with a glare, roughly opening your mouth as he shoves the mirror back in, letting it clank as he goes, “Like I was saying, slight decalcification but back here—“

Your eyes widen when the metal instrument treks back, far from any teeth and Hoseok’s eyebrows raise as he sends you an almost pleasantly surprised look.

“The most impressive part about this entire thing,” he murmurs and he’s long since shed the mirror as he ventured in your mouth, making you wonder just what exactly he was doing in there, “is that you have like literally no gag reflex like—look.”

The noise you make is somewhere between a squeal and a gasp as he presses his finger back, and you grip his wrist sending him a wild look. “Hoshrkdk fuduckek eurdj!”

“What?” He frowns and you yank his hand from your mouth.

“Hoseok, you fucking perv!” You spit, swiping the leftover drool from your mouth and he laughs, loudly, letting the gloves snap as he tugs them from his hands.

“I’m just saying I had my entire finger down your throat and wow just… wow. how is it that you can’t keep a boyfriend?” He snickers and you kick him til he’s tumbling off the bed.

“I hate you!” You sneer, sitting cross legged so you can chuck a pillow at him. “And for the record I would never in my entire life sleep with you, so you can wonder all you want.”

“Why? Because I could give you something to gag around?” He retorts and the words are off his tongue before his brain has time to catch up. Still, he plays it off as a joke, sending you a grin and hoping you don’t notice the way it falters.

He nearly deflates when throw another pillow.


Hoseok only laughs, perching himself on his elbows so he can see you better from the floor. It rubs you the wrong (or maybe right) way that he looks so good even like that—hair messy and pushed off his forehead and eyes red rimmed from lack of sleep. He’s wearing those stupid fake glasses he insists make him look smarter—more “denitisty”

“Well for the record, it wasn’t offered, you missed your window of opportunity in the pre roommate stage when we met at that party,” he nods.

“God, you still remember that?” You grumble, but your cheeks are heated and Hoseok sees.

He grins.

“It’s not everyday I almost drill my roommate through a goddamn wall,” he snickers, using one hand to push his hair back in thought, “I don’t think I’ve ever had a worst case of blue balls before or since.”

“Do you think if Jungkook,“ you bite your lip and shake your head, but he only raises his eyebrows for you to continue, “it’s dumb.”

“Do I think if Jungkook hadn’t interrupted that night,” he says, reading your mind, or really voicing his own thoughts, “do I think it would’ve been a mistake—is that what you were gonna ask?”

You nod.

“Honestly, I don’t know,” he murmurs in contemplation, “I mean… I wouldn’t have someone to split half of rent with so there’s that. We probably wouldn’t be friends either so that would’ve sucked.”

“Why do you say that?” You frown.

“Because you were a naive little freshman who I would’ve plowed and then never called back,” he says honestly and you wince at his honest words but you asked, “Not that you’re not hot or almost stupidly funny and cute. Because you’re all of that and I bet you’d even be a good lay, I’m into that real cute inexperienced type and from living with you I could tell you’re prime girlfriend material.”

“I don’t know where you’re going with this but I would like to know how you made all of that sound like an insult.” You say dryly, opting for a light tone despite the pang in your chest.

“Things happen for a reason and I’m a strong believer in—“

“Not this bullshit again,” you roll your eyes before dropping your voice an octave to mimic him, “Im a strong believer in the Universe and the stars and anything that’s not meant for you won’t find it’s way to you blah blah blah. Give it a rest alright?”

Hoseok is quiet for a beat before meeting your gaze, “Are you sad things didn’t work out between us? Or like just sad about how they are now?”

“And how is that?” You implore, wondering where the sudden turn of conversation came from.

“Platonic.” He says honestly.

“I don’t know.” You murmur, and as though there was a force pulling you towards him, you meet his gaze head on, unable to look away.

A silence fills the room before Hoseok asks a question—the question.

“Do you still want to have sex with me?” He asks and your gaze flutters back down to his comforter.

“I don’t know.” You say quietly.

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what would each of the chocobros' reaction be to their s/o applying makeup on them in their sleep?


  • He wakes up long after the damage is already done
  • Lopsided winged eyeliner, cherry red lipstick, the works
  • Of course he doesn’t even notice any of it until halfway through the day, when Prompto can’t even look him in the eyes without laughing and you refuse to let him kiss you
  • “What’s going on? Did I do something?”
  • “No Noct you just….. have something…… on your face…….”
  • So he goes to wipe his face and just smears his lipstick right across his cheeks
  • Makes you help him take it off immediately
  • “I can’t believe you let me go in public like this”
  • “I trusted you”
  • “Noct, it was just some makeup”
  • Gladio tells him he was a pretty girl
  • “Damn right I was”
  • “Highness, it was a good shade of red for you. I believe that Y/N truly had your best interests in mind”
  • wtf Ignis you can’t take their side”
  • He vows to never fall asleep near you again
  • You’re sleeping together again within the week

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Close as Strangers: Chapter 13

Close as Strangers: Chapter 13

Word Count: 3.7k

Genre: High School au, fluff, angst

Paring: Jungkook x Reader

If anyone out there is still reading this. I love you.

Parts: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven |eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve 

You’d gotten back from Florida yesterday evening and now it was time for school. You felt like it had been forever since you had been in class. Either way, you hated it. You were in anthropology with all the the boys, except Jungkook, when Yoongi leaned over to you during the lesson. “Can you believe we basically have less than two months of school left?”

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Imagine...Dressing Alike

Originally posted by mygreeneyedhunter

Pairing: Jensen x reader

“It’s about time you showed up sleepyhead!” said Jared. “We’ve been out there stalling and goofing around for ever.”

“Hey, it’s not my fault you guys decided to show up early the one time I’m running late,” you said. “Blame Jay. He’s the one that came down without me.”

“He said you were taking forever in the bathroom,” said Jared, obviously no longer in any rush when you saw you were still two minutes early.

“I was braiding my hair, again, after he went and messed it up, again. That man loves to play with it,” you said, cocking an eyebrow. “This isn’t the morning panel where I can show up looking like a zombie.”

“I hear Y/N back there. I guess someone decided to come to work today,” you heard Jensen tease from on stage. You grabbed a mic and hopped up the step to get up there, Jared right on your tail. 

“Don’t even get me started mister,” you said, taking your normal seat next to him. Jared started laughing to himself as he walked past and you saw a few people start to snicker as well. “He did not mess up my hair again, did he?”

“Nope, but you two certainly are coordinated today,” said Jared, biting back a smile. You glanced down at your pretty light blue dress shirt with rolled up sleeves. You had a simple pair of dark skinny jeans on with some tall brown boots. 

“Oh,” you heard Jensen say at the same time as you. He had on a light blue dress shirt, dark jeans and brown boots, albeit his were under his pant leg but still…you looked like twins.

“Did I miss the memo?” teased Jared, a small blush creeping over your face. But Jensen threw his arm around your shoulders, those damn long fingers playing with the ends of your hair again. 

“We happen to have excellent taste,” said Jensen. “Right baby?”

“Obviously. We chose each other after all,” you said, Jared rolling his eyes as you heard an ‘aw’ rise up in the room. 

“Alright, we got a whole hour for you two to be cute. Let’s get this thing started, shall we?”

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Words: 1247
A/N: I would like to apologise for me taking so long, im just way to lazy to start on imagines, but when i first get started… yeah. love you xx

You kicked the demon in the stomach before rolling onto the concrete, taking the seraph sword you dropped a minute ago, jumping up to put the sword right into the demon. As you saw it disappear, you heard another scream. Before you could react the sword in your hand was gone. The demon had knocked it out of your hand, which meant you no longer had a weapon. You tried to kick the demon but missed and instead it grabbed your leg pulling you towards it.

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Family, Friends, Feelings (part 2)

pt. 1

Genre: fluff/romance

pairing: Jaebum x Reader

summary: You wake up after spending your first night in the dorm. When you wake up all the other members are asleep except Jaebum. 

Last night you had given out all the presents and you remember feeling exhausted after all the thank you’s and you’re welcomes. “Hey, guys I am going to go to bed the flight was just really exhausting.” “Oh my god we’re being so inconsiderate you must feel like dying,” Jinyoung said. You like him a lot already since he was the same age as Jackson and treating you like his own sister “I should probably go anyways it’s getting late.” Youngjae said. Jackson put his arm around you as the maknaes cleaned off the table “Come on ________ you need to rest. I have some organic tea if you want?” “No maybe in the morning. I’m pretty tired.” “Okay but promise we get to talk all day tomorrow?” Jackson said sticking out his pinky finger. You wrapped your around it and rested your head on his shoulder “Promise.” 

You didn’t even remember falling asleep after Jackson showed you the mattress he had laid out for you on the floor. But now you were wide awake but noticed the light from the window was barely there. Your phone read 6:03 am. “Damn jetlag.” You say sitting up. You managed to quietly manoeuvre yourself off the mattress and grab one of Jackson’s sweaters from the floor, putting over your pyjama dress. You left the room deciding and fumbled around the kitchen finding the tea Jackson mentioned last night, a funny mug with a moose on it and a kettle. 

You wanted to sit out on the balcony and take in the cool summer breeze. But as you opened the sliding door a figure sat silhouetted by the morning light. It was Jaebum who was sitting with a pencil, notebook, some sheets of paper and drinking a coffee. “Oh ______,” He said with surprise as he shuffled all his papers together. “Sorry I was just coming to…well anyways,” You said turning around to leave, feeling embarrassed you interrupted him. “No, stay. I don’t mind the company. It gets boring out here.” He said nonchalantly scribbling more into his book.  “Umm okay.” You took a seat across from him and sat your cup of tea next to his coffee. Even though the morning air was chilly you still feel your face getting warm with a blush. “So what are you doing? If you don’t mind me asking.” “Working on some stuff so I can start using that music pad.” He said smiling as he wrote. He looked different than the stage version of himself. Laid back, still serious but in a charismatic way. Every once in awhile he would scratch out something or write over it and for some reason, all his movements were fascinating to you. “Well I’m glad it will get some use” you say half talking to him and half to yourself. You stared at his hand free hand as it tapped the side of his chair. But Jaebum suddenly broke your concentration “Hey, can I ask you something?” He said only glancing at you for a moment. “Uh, sure?” He pointed at you with his pencil “Where’d you get the sweater?” “Oh it’s not mine, I found it on Jackson’s floor, I was a little cold” You nervously laughed. “Oh I see,” He said nodding slightly, pursing his lips. And that was the last of your conversation for awhile.

 Occasionally he would bite his pencil or tap it against the book which you found delightfully cute. You looked away from him so you could stop blushing, you didn’t like how flustered he made you feel. Usually, you were the type to be the charmer but for some reason, Jaebum was an exception and these new circumstances made you feel nervous, You stared off at the cityscape admiring the new place you called home. 

When the sliding door to the balcony opened Jaebum was genuinely shocked. None of the members would ever wake up at this time if they didn’t have to. But when he saw her walk through his heart jumped. And right away he noticed she were wearing his sweater. But he had no idea how ________ got it. He ushered her to stay because he didn’t want to lose the opportunity to talk but he also wanted to know why she was wearing his favourite sweater. Which he thought looked amazing on her, just for the record. Regardless, he kept shaking his head at all the different ways to bring it up and each one worse than the last but eventually, Jaebum worked the courage up to ask about her clothes, trying to act as casual as possible. 

 “…found it on Jackson’s floor…” as soon as she said it Jaebum remembered lending the sweater to Jackson when he went to the airport yesterday. A strange feeling of disappointment waved over him; which Jaebum tried to disregard because the thought of him enjoying ________ borrowing the sweater from him made Jaebum feel embarrassed. He could tell she were staring at him which made his heart flutter but he was doing his best not to make it obvious he was looking at her back. When he was confident she was looking at the skyline he took in the sight. Her pyjama dress went to just above her knee and Jaebum took in her long legs and the way her hair cascaded down her shoulders. The early morning light kissed her features and made her look like a dream. It was even more attractive to Jaebum that she didn’t make any comment about her morning appearance like “Oh no I should go you can’t my face like this” or “no no no my hair is a mess”. It was just her being herself and being real, and it had been a long time since Jaebum had met a girl like that. 

You must be a little cold,” He said as he took the blanket off his lap and reached over to lay it on top of your legs. But in the process, he jostled the stack of papers and some of them fell at your feet. “Oh thank you,” she said shyly but also holding back laughter as she picked up the paper. Jaebum knew his ears were red and pulled the snapback he was wearing a little backwards hoping it would conceal them better. “Oh is this something you’re working on?” She held a sheet of paper staring at it intently. Jaebum’s chest tightened, usually he hated it when people read his music before it was done. But this feeling was more out of anticipating her reaction. “Oh wait I shouldn’t just look at these sorry,” She said rubbing her neck and heading over the small stack “Oh it’s okay. Yeah, I’m hoping this will make onto the next album.” He said embarrassingly tucking the paper in a folder next to him. “Didn’t you say you wrote music? I wouldn’t mind your opinion some time” he said now looking at ________ with hopeful eyes. “Oh yeah. Well, I guess. I mean I learned piano, guitar and ukulele. I write songs ad stuff but just for fun or when I’m bored.” Jaebum thought this shy side of Jackson’s sister was adorable. Her chic charm from last night had drawn him in but seeing this vulnerable and real version of her made him want to know her even more. “Maybe I can hear something sometime.” He said, trying to sound cool.If you’re lucky.” She replied as she raised her glass to sip some tea. God she is tricky.  He thought as you conjured your charming nature again. 

The way he was looking at you gave you a rush. It was like you were playing a game of personality chess. There was a spark in the air when your gazes collided, but the rush of that feeling always made you both break away. You gazed at the clock on Jaebum’s phone sitting on the table and somehow an hour had passed. It had only felt like a minute. “I think I’m going to go in. You coming?” Jaebum said gathering his stuff. “Yeah, I am.” You picked up both your mug and then your hand and Jaebum’s grazed each other’s as you both reach for his mug.  “I don’t mind bringing mine to the Kitchen,” He said pulling his hand away from yours, but he did so rather slowly. “No it’s just one extra mug, I’ll be fine, ” You said walking back into the living room first so he couldn’t see how much you were smiling. “Okay, thanks.” You watchedJaebum disappear into the hallway to his room. 

“Ugh what am I doing?” You said sighing and shaking your head as you walked into the kitchen “I don’t know _________ you tell me.” Jinyoung said stirring some sugar into his coffee staring at the doorway. He had been nice to you but his face conveyed this I know more than you know kind of smirk at all times. “Oh, I was just being really dumb and was going to leave them in the living room for some reason.” “Weren’t you outside?” He replied placing the milk back in the fridge. “Yeah, that’s what I meant. Like the balcony attached to the living room.” “Oh okay…” He said, not even a bit convinced. “Hey, so I was thinking I could make breakfast for you guys.” “Did you want some help?” “Yeah, that would be lovely! Since I don’t know what you guys like and-” “Well let me go get Jaebum, I think he’s awake. He’s the best cook out of all of us.” “Well-I uh….” Jinyoung was already leaving the kitchen. And what you didn’t see was the devilish smirk plastered across his face.  


Requested by the lovely @girl-next-door-writes

“Bones! Have Med Bay ready immediately. She’s been hit. ”Jim yelled into the communicator as he lifted you into his arms, giving the orders to be beamed back up to the Enterprise. Your vision was blurred, as Jim held you tightly.

“Hold on (Y/N). Bones will fix you.”

The last thing you see are Jim’s dark blue eyes before you passed out.

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Light fluff of Cal and Kandros???

If you insist (she said, as her rubber arm was effortlessly twisted).


After the day he’d had, it took one full drink–and not a weak one at that–and most of a second for Tiran to stop running scenarios and worrying about strike teams and regretting poor decisions. Sending Quebec out on the kett thing? Bad. It was only pure luck and maybe some damn watchful Spirits that had gotten them all back alive, and he was pretty sure they’d need to be retired, leaving a gap in his roster he didn’t know how he’d fill at such short notice. 

Maybe two drinks wasn’t going to be enough.

Drinks or no drinks, he still glanced at his omni-tool every time it vibrated, and winced at the ever-increasing list of notifications all, of course, marked ASAP or Urgent! or Immediate Reply Requested.

He didn’t quite groan when he looked up from the last perfect sip of his relaxation in a cup and found Cal Ryder standing beside his table. At least she wasn’t in armor; armor would most certainly have translated to Immediate Reply Requested. She shifted from one foot to the other, and he thought her expression was supposed to be a human smile but it mostly just looked pained.

“Hi,” she said. “Uh. Sorry to bother you? I was just… here? And I was wondering if we could, um, talk?”

He sighed. “No rest for the Pathfinder, I guess. What do you need, Ryder?”

She blinked at him. Her eyes were almost the same color as his; he’d never noticed that before. He almost managed to convince himself it was the second drink that made him stare a little too long and a little too hard, nearly missing her reply entirely.

“Oh. Actually. It wasn’t about APEX. Or work. Or Pathfinding. I promise. Vetra said I should just–well. It doesn’t matter. I don’t want to bother you.” Even the flickering, colored lights from the dance floor behind her couldn’t mask the way she blushed beneath her freckles. She ducked her head, her loose hair falling to cover half her face. He had the strangest urge to push it out of the way. Maybe let his hand linger.

Tiran chuckled to cover his own discomfiture. “Well, if it’s not work, it’s no bother. By all means, pull up a seat. Drink?”

“Yes, please,” she said, slipping into the seat opposite him. One hand–one strange, human hand with all its fingers–toyed absently with the fabric wound around her neck. “Whatever Dutch makes is fine.”

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take this burden - part 32

(I had to post this again because the first one wasn’t working on mobile.)


[ seven - rainbow kitten surprise ]


mentions of sexual abuse


Right before three, Julio has stopped the music again, opting for something softer.

‘Closing time, open all the doors and let you put into the world.’

The crowd protested weakly, making their way to the door or to the bar to close their tabs or take them up on that one last call for alcohol

‘Closing time, turn all of the lights off over every boy and every girl.’

He Tian, Mo Guan Shan, and Jian Yi met by the door. Zhengxi had to go back to the bar for his things.

‘You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.’
They all managed to sneak out before they were roped into helping close.

Zhengxi and Jian Yi followed He Tian and Mo Guan Shan home and sang their way into the apartment.

‘I know who I want to take me home.’

‘‘I need to go to my place and feed my fish.’ He Tian told him, stopping in front of his door.

‘You have a fish?’

‘His name is dumpling. Jian Yi gave him to me as a present so I wouldn’t be alone but couldn’t be trusted to take care of anything that needed any more attention or effort. Thinking about now, I’m thinking it might have been more of a stab at my competence than a gift…’

Mo Guan Shan laughed.

‘Ah, yes, the good old passive aggression fish.’

‘Do you want me to come over after?’

‘You know I do.’

He Tian let himself into his dark, cold, apartment.

He flicked the light on.

Dumpling stared at him from the bookcase.

He experienced a sudden jolt of unexpected guilt.

Damn it.
He showered quickly, brushed his teeth, changed into comfortable clothes and stood in front of the fish as it silently judged him.

‘Don’t look at me like that, buddy. I didn’t ask for this responsibility.’

The fish didn’t respond.

He sprinkled some unnecessarily expensive flakes of food into his bowl.

‘Am I supposed to leave a light on for you? Or the tv?’

Dumpling swam in circles around the bowl, eating quickly and ignoring He Tian.

‘Look, I don’t know how to properly nurture a fish emotionally, alright-’

His phone went off in his pocket.

He Tian’s that is.

Fish are sadly lacking in both pockets and handheld electronics.

‘Is your fish in a bowl or a tank?’

‘Bowl. Why?’

‘You should bring him with you.’

‘You want me to bring my fish?’

‘See above message.’

‘Alright, crazy.’

He Tian grabbed his phone charger, keys, and fishbowl and headed down the hall, nearly running into a man he’d never seen as he left the apartment next door.

He looked He Tian up and down, taking in his disheveled hair, fish, pajama pants, and lack of shoes.

The man said nothing.

‘You a friend of Mandy’s?’

‘Her boyfriend.’

‘Nice. Tell her she still has my lemon zester.’

‘I…will do that.’

He Tian winked and continued on his way, leaving the young man confused on the doorstep.

It it actually Zhengxi’s lemon zester and He Tian was the one that had it.

He’d just thought it would make for an interesting conversation.

Something along the lines of-

‘I met your neighbor in the hall. He was wearing pajamas and carrying a fish. He said you have his lemon zester.’

He let himself into the other apartment.

The three men watched him as he crossed the living room, sat Dumpling down on the table, grabbed a drink from the fridge, and joined them.

‘It’s going to be a damn zoo in here by the time the dog comes back.’

Jian Yi rolled his eyes.

‘A dog, a cat, and a goldfish. We should advertise for the world’s most boring zoo.’

‘Don’t forget He Tian.’

The man accused of being an attraction covered his heart and gasped.

‘Xixi, you wound me.’

Zhengxi blushed.

‘Xixi?’ Mo Guan Shan asked.

‘That’s what Jian Yi called called him when they were kids, Zhan Xixi.’

‘Why do you tell people that?’ Zhengxi asked Jian Yi, taking a drink.

‘Because it’s funny.’

‘Shut up.’ Zhengxi grumbled.

Mo Guan Shan laughed.

‘I think it’s sweet.’

They talked for awhile.

They all gave Mo Guan Shan bits and pieces of interesting trivia about the bar.

Jian Yi told him that the first picture on the kissing was was of Zhengxi and himself.

He Tian told him about the gun they kept behind the bar, and the other in his desk drawer.

‘Christ, is it really that dangerous here?’ He’d asked incredulously.

‘It certainly can be.’ Zhengxi confirmed.

‘Fremont attracts a certain crowd.’

‘It’s like Frenchman street vs. Bourbon street in New Orleans.’ Jian Yi explained.

‘I’ve never been to New Orleans.’ Mo Guan Shan admitted.

‘Well, that was my only comparison.’

He Tian chuckled.

‘It was a really bad one. Just stick with me and I’ll teach you everything you need to know.’

Zhengxi cleared his throat.

Jian Yi raised his eyebrows.

He Tian waved his hand dismissively.

‘They can be useful.’

‘I, for one, think you’re all pretty damn heroic.’

Mo Guan Shan told them, sincerity clear on his face.

Jian Yi smiled.

Zhengxi flushed.

He Tian’s heart stuttered.

‘Well, now I feel like a dick.’ He joked.

‘You ARE a dick.’ Zhengxi informed him.

He Tian raised his drink in either agreement or surrender.

Mo Guan Shan loved the fact that they could talk like that and keep the atmosphere light and teasing.

He’d never had friends like this.

He’d had the kind of friends that would come over after work or school, drink a few, play some videogames and barely talk.

As they got older everyone coupled up, leaving them all with less and less time together, save for the occasional ‘guys night’ or double date.

It clearly wasn’t like that with these three.

He Tian didn’t seem like a third wheel.

They clearly had their own, unique, friendships and all needed each other in different ways.

It was endearing and, quite frankly, beautiful.

Content, he half-listened as they recounted stories about the bar, about their friends, about how things had changed over the last few years.

He thought back on what Jian Yi had said a few days ago.

About waiting for a final puzzle piece.

He wondered if he still thought that.

He wondered if He Tian felt that way too.

He finished his drink, hit with a sudden wave of exhaustion and apparently wasn’t the only one.

Jian Yi, sat up stretching his arms above his head.

‘I’m going to crash. Mo Guan Shan, come let me check you out real quick.’

He Tian and Zhengxi watched them go.

They closed the door behind them and Zhengxi laughed softly.

‘I wouldn’t mind watching that.’

‘I’d pay money to watch that.’ He Tian raised.

Mo Guan Shan followed Jian Yi into the sparsely decorated room and pulled his shirt over his head.

‘Everything is looking good. How’s your pain level?’

‘I’m still a little sore, but it’s not too bad.’

Jian Yi poked and prodded at his ribs, his cheek, his lip.

Lastly, he checked the scars on his thigh, nodding his approval.

‘Take the cream with you. Put it on once a day and they’ll keep fading. They’ll never go away completely, but they’re already looking better.’

‘Thanks, Jian Yi.’

‘Of course. Go get some sleep.’

Jian Yi looked like he had something to say, but stayed silent and Mo Guan Shan was grateful.

He didn’t think he had it in him to do any more talking tonight.

They said their goodnights and Mo Guan Shan left the room.

‘I’m going to go follow his example. It’s been a long day.’ He told He Tian and Zhengxi.

‘I’ll be right behind you.’ He Tian told him with a smile.

Zhengxi snorted a laugh.

Mo Guan Shan winked, opening the door slowly, making sure the cat wasn’t going to bolt.

It was unnecessary considering he was still under the dresser.

He Tian sighed.

‘So…what’s with the fish?’ Zhengxi asked.

‘That’s Dumpling.’

‘…I’m almost positive that’s a fish.’

‘Dumpling is his name.’

‘That’s a stupid name.’

‘Shut up.’

‘Right. So why is Dumpling here?’

‘Mo Guan Shan told me I should bring him over.’

‘Any particular reason?’

‘I’m sure, but I don’t know what it is.’

‘Story of my life, friend.’


Mo Guan Shan lowered himself to the floor and reached under the dresser in an attempt to pet Felix but was met with a hiss.

‘Stop being so dramatic.’

He took a longer shower than normal, easing the tap slowly until the water was as hot as he could stand it and let it beat down on his back as he lathered the washcloth with soap.

He ran his fingers over his hips and pelvis, he felt He Tian’s dried saliva reliquify and wash away.

Leaning his head back, closing his eyes and wetting his hair, he thought back to the look on He Tian’s face when he finally cracked.

The way he’d looked at him like he’d never wanted anything more.

The way he’d tightened his fingers painfully on his hip.

The way his tongue had felt as it dipped into the crease of his thigh.

The way he’d gotten so, SO, close to…

He wrapped his fingers around his cock and the the scene he was playing back in his head twisted.

He was back in that apartment, bent over the side of the bed, held down by one of She Li’s friends with a man he’d never met behind him.

The man moved, none too gently, and reached underneath him to touch him the way he was touching himself now as Mo Guan Shan sobbed quietly into the mattress.

His eyes snapped open and he yanked his hand away, his erection long gone.


bubbitlife  asked:

YOU BEAUTIFUL CREATURE, I LOVE YOUR BLOG THANK YOU FOR EXIST 💕 Can you write something for me?I was thinking about the band making a new video(you can choose the song;) and they wanted a dancer in this one, the whole video focusing in the band and in one magnificent choreography and they found the ballerina by accident. How did they find the dancer? how would it be if 2D and the ballerina(with the passage of time,after weeks of rehearsing the choreography) start to fall in lov with each other?


The band had been getting the idea to do a new music video for their song: She’s my collar, but they didnt really know how to approach it. They decided to spend the day in the city, hoping to find some inspiration. Noodle was bouncing around, looking at all the stores and buying herself an ice cream cone, while the boys silently followed her. Suddenly, they all stopped when they heard one of their songs. Charger started to play out of some big boxes and a big dancing crew came up on the square they were standing on. The band were all wearing hoodies and sunglasses, so they didnt expect someone to recognize them, but hearing their new song out of the sudden, kind of made them on edge. They had to admit that the dancing was pretty good and they assumed it was a flash mob of some sorts. People were starting to film it, but once the group parted and a person was suddenly standing alone in the middle, everyone pretty much grabbed their phone. The movements of them were mesmerizing and Noodle said to the boys she thought they were a modern dancer. Murdoc suddenly grabbed 2D by the arm and looked him dead serious in the eye. 

‘I want you to dance with them in the new music video’ he said. 2D looked at them, dancing in the middle and he didnt disagree. They were amazing and the video would get a lot of views. He just nodded and Russel and Noodle agreed with it as well. 

As soon as the dance was over and the people of the flash mob went back to their original places, Murdoc went straight to them. They were sitting at a table at a cafe and were breathing heavily. A smile was on their face, but faded a bit when Murdoc grabbed a chair and sat in front of them. Noodle stood next to him and 2D and Russel grabbed chairs to sit next to them.

‘Excuse me,’ you said. ‘But can I help you with something?’

Murdoc took off his glasses and looked them in the eye. You recognized the green skin and black and salmon eye from the pictures from the band and gasped. 

‘No way’ you whispered, as you looked at the other band members.

‘Listen up love,’ Murdoc said. ‘We want you to be in our new music video. Arrange a choreography that you will dance with faceache over here. Want the job or not?’

Your jaw had dropped open and you looked at 2D who gave you a bright smile.

‘Fuck yes!’ you said.

‘Great,’ Noodle said as she gave you her phone. ‘Put your number in here and then I will text you how, what and when. I promise I won’t give your number to any of the boys.’

She winked at you and laughed when she saw you slightly turning red. The band got up and walked away, Noodle waving at you.

‘Wait!’ you suddenly said. ‘To what song?’

2D looked back and he had a cheeky grin on his face.

‘She’s my collar’ he said back and you leaned back in your chair as you saw them walking around the corner. 

‘Holy shit’ you whispered.

The first day you got to the studio, you were totally ready to dance. You knew the song in and out and knew every move. You jumped a little when Noodle was suddenly standing next to you, smiling brightly. 

‘Are you ready?’ she asked and you smiled like a little kid and nodded. The day went by smoothly. You showed them the dance and danced your part and the part of 2D. Murdoc was a bit complaining that he actually wanted to be in the video, but Noodle told him to: “Shut it.”

2D got a hang of it quickly and sometimes looked at you like you were the only two persons in the whole fucking world. It made you feel kind of nervous and almost tripped once due to this. 

When you were in three weeks of rehearsal, you started working on the lifts you had planned. It was weird a first, 2D suddenly touching you, but after a few hours of awkward laughter it go normal for 2D to touch your amazing body.

At some point he put his hand on your upper leg at one of the lifts and you felt the heat rising up to your head. He gave you a cheeky smile and put you down on the floor again.

‘Thought that would look cool,’ he said. ‘You know, it needs to look like you are my collar.’

The day of the shooting was here and Noodle was helping you with your outfit. She had bought this bright, yellow choker and put it around your neck as the big finish. You came out of your dressing room and saw everyone running around, someone for the camera and other people were adjusting the lights. But as soon as you walked on the set, your eyes were just focused on 2D. He was wearing this black, leather jacket and black pants. His hair was all messy and as soon as he saw you, his jaw dropped.

‘Damn love,’ he said as he greeted you with a kiss on the cheek. ‘You look fucking gorgeous.’ You smiled and chuckled.

‘Looking not bad yourself Stu’ you said. 

Soon the music was starting and 2D and you performed the dance you had been working on for so long. But something had changed. Somehow you two were way more intimate then normal. The pants weren’t just from the song, but also from 2D, as one of his fingers stroke your yellow collar. You were yellow and he was blue. As soon as the music stopped, you felt his arm on your upper leg, almost touching your private area and you both could feel the shiver that was send down your spine. 

‘Take a 20 minute break everyone’ one of the directors yelled as he started to look at the footage he had. You smiled softly at 2D, and made your way back to your dressing room quickly. You closed the door and looked at yourself in the mirror.

‘Shit’ you whispered as you looked at yourself in the mirror. You jumped when 2D suddenly stormed in and closed the door behind him, locking it. His jacket came flying off as he grabbed you and put you up on your dressing table, your legs wrapped around his waist. 

‘Think you can tease me like that?’ he said as he ripped open your shirt. You grabbed his neck and you pulled him in for a kiss that was passionate beyond words. You started to take you clothes off, but once you wanted to take of you collar, 2D stopped you.

‘Not the collar’ he panted. You two ended up having seks on the couch, not really scared anyone would hear you. You bet everyone saw the sexual tension between you two, so you actually really didnt care. Once you were done, you went back outside again and you two needed to perform the dance again. The dance got more passionate and intimate every time you performed it and in the end you had over 15 takes. You looked at the footage and was amazed by the movements you two were making and smiled at 2D. 

‘So,’ he said, once everyone was cleaning up the studio. ‘How about we go on a proper date, I mean, if you want to.’

You chuckled and wrapped your arms around his neck.

‘Would love to’ you said.

A few months later you were all dressed up nicely next to 2D and the other members of the band. The video had been nominated for a grammy for best music video and you were all pretty nervous. You held the hand of your boyfriend tight as you gave him a smile while they opened the envelope with the winning name in it.

‘The winner is’ the guy on the stage said as he paused for a moment.

‘Oh for fuck sake’ Murdoc whispered and you laughed softly, feeling just as nervous as the others.

Gorillaz with their song: She’s my collar!’ 

The band jumped up and 2D placed a loving kiss on your lips. You pushed him towards the stage and applaud like a the damn idiot you were.

Everyone had prepared a short speech and 2D was the last one to give his. He held the award in his left hand and looked for you in the crowd, which was pretty damn hard due to all the lights and cameras. 

‘I want to thank my loving partner for teaching me how to dance,’ he said as a big grin appeared on his face. ‘They are my everything. I love you Y/N’

You laughed as you felt some tears of joy coming up. You saw Murdoc rolling his eyes about the whole “I love you part” but even he smiled like an idiot. 

‘Love you too Stu’ you yelled as you saw how he threw his left hand in the air, showing the award to everyone.

But especially to you.

After Hours

Some Alex/Eliza smut for the Lounge AU me and  @minky-for-short have been playing around with for a while. If you haven’t read her fic for it, you really need to go do that, it’s so good. But here is a short, sexy drabble from the same AU! Enjoy!

Alex had heard a lot of people in movies and television shows, the kind he avoided with a ten-foot bargepole for the most part, go on about how secrecy added a tantalising thrill to relationships. How the whole tragic, star crossed lovers’ thing was so romantic and exciting and exhilarating.

But after a few weeks of experiencing it himself, in real life, he’d firmly decided that that was bullshit.

Okay so he and Eliza were hardly Romeo and Juliet but still. He felt pretty damn close to challenging some of the rowdier, asshole customers to a Shakespearean duel when he had to spend his shift watching Eliza. Watching her sway and sashay up on the stage, the soft lighting catching the rhinestone edging of her dress where it hugged her full hips, highlighting the delicate curves of her arms through the sheer sleeves, illuminating her skin. Her long fingers trailing up the microphone stand as she purred and rolled her way through her songs, hitting each note perfectly and sounding like an angel, Alex couldn’t tear his eyes away as her fingers brushed and trailed and suddenly grasped hard at the stand in time with the music, making his knees feel weak. She was always sure to smile just a little and catch his amber eyes in her sweet dark ones whenever there was a particularly racy lyric or low note or growl in her voice, just so he knew that it was meant for him, no one else in the bar or the whole damn world. Just him.

More than once John had been required to tap him lightly on the shoulder to remind him that he was supposed to be pouring that whiskey in his hand into the glass, rather than just into a puddle on the bar top. Alex would jump a little defensively, mutter that he was just enjoying the song and be silently thankful that the bar covered him from the waist down.

So yeah. The whole secret relationship thing was turning out to be a lot of frustration and fidgeting and really, really wanting to run up and kiss her in front of everyone in the place. Or even just at least hug her when he saw her walk in, after having to take two train rides to hide the fact that she was spending every night at his apartment. That just an hour ago she’d been so tangled up in his arms, curled around him so tightly that he’d felt all the empty places in him healing just from her warm touch.

To hide the fact that for the first time he could remember, he was happy.

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Someone had come up with it, a moment of final irony, the number of the beast because that’s what they were - not just the shambles, but the breathers too, the things they’d done. If it wasn’t for Steve, if it wasn’t for his deep red thread of loyalty and love and belief tying them all together, he was pretty sure they’d be dead, or taken, or (him, mostly him) followed Rumlow and gone beast.

(He was scared, some days. He still might.)

The little green light on the top of the radio was all that was keeping Barnes on his feet, any more. Jury-rigged and falling apart and held together with rotting rubber bands, tuned to the frequency but only held there by sheer bloodymindedness; Steve had taken to calling the damned thing Bucky.

He was pretty sure it was gonna last longer than he was, though. Barnes emptied the last of the rusty tasting water into his mouth and settled himself against the support of a road sign that was somehow still standing.

“And this is Bucky Barnes signing off,” he said into the still-silent radio, its little green light fading and flickering in the last evening light. “And I leave you with this medley of ‘90s banjolele Christian funk, in the last fuck you to a uncaring universe. Thanks for listening.”

He’d start back towards camp any minute, he thought, sliding down the pole and resting his arms on his hitched up knees. He’d shove himself to his feet, and walk back through the waiting and hungry darkness, and hope to whatever gods were left to watch over this place that the other scouts had had more luck.

Any minute.

The crackle of the radio almost stopped his heart.

“Hey,” a voice said, low and kinda amused and unfamiliar, fuck, someone new. “Long time listener, first time caller.”

And that. Fuck. That humour and that level of asshole in the midst of the goddamn zombie apocalypse made Bucky choke out a laugh and choke on the lump in his goddamn throat all at once.

“Where the fuck are you?” He said into the radio, listening to his voice shake and not giving a damn.

“Hey pretty,” the voice came back. There was a thud and a shower of dust; the ground by Bucky’s foot had sprouted an arrow of all fucking things. “Look up.”

                                                       First Kiss

Request: “!! could you do a au where the reader and ben solo share their first kiss, lots of fluff please? thank uuu !!”

A/N: I’m sorry the title is so generic, I had no idea what else to name it…anyways, this is a ben x reader (i just enjoy it so much); thanks for the request anon and feel free to send more! Please enjoy :) [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.3K+

Warning: Like one curse word?


It was quite the sentimental moment for Han and Leia–especially Han. He was about to pass down his life long possession of the Millennium Falcon to his son, believing his time was soon to be up. Of course, Han and Chewie would eventually find ways to go back on their little journeys, but for now, Han had trustfully left the ship in the hands of his son and best friend. “Alright, stay safe…” Han said out loud, only causing Ben to roll his eyes as he hugged his mother goodbye, earning a rather tight hug from her small figure.

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Rarely Pure, Never Simple (1 / 2)

by Morgan D. (morgandeeyue)


Shadowhunter fic. Jalec. Pre-series. Angst. Canon Divergence. Mental torture.


Summary: An unexpected guest shows up for Jace and Alec’s parabatai ceremony.

Read it here or on AO3.



What are you wearing?”

For a moment, Alec thought the person at his bedroom door was Isabelle. The question and the disapproving tone on this particular issue were typical of his little sister. But while their voices were similar, Alec could not mistake the commanding tone as belonging to anyone but their mother.

Alec looks down at his clothes. The question is clearly rhetorical, as Maryse can clearly see what he is wearing. Gray tank top, black trousers, black belt, all clean and relatively new. Black boots, polished the day before. “Something wrong with it?”

“It’s your parabatai ceremony, Alec! Don’t you think that’s too casual?”

“I’m pretty sure Jace is wearing something similar.”

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He’s not my boyfriend

Kurt Wagner X Fem!Reader

Characters: Kurt Wagner, Warren Worthington III, mentions of Peter Maximoff

Fandom: X-Men

Prompt/plot: Right below

Requested: yes, by @mysteriouscrystalnomad. The request was: “could you maybe write a kurtxreader where he thinks the reader is dating warren cuz they’re best friends and exactly alike (leather jacket, idgaf attitude…) and he freaks out but the reader comforts him? thank youuuu.” \

Warning(s): none

A/N: Surprise surprise, I’m still alive. School has been crazy busy and my laptop had some problems but I’m going to try to write more because I genuinely felt bad about not updating.

He watched over when he heard them walk in, making a lot of noise, as usual. He couldn’t help but feel envious when she laughed at something Warren said. He hated that feeling, but he couldn’t help it. He hasn’t spoken to her a lot, considering he tends to get nervous around her. Not only because he’s head over heels for her, but also because she has a vibe that immediately tells people not to mess with her. And the same goes for Warren, which makes them the absolute power couple. He looked away from the two, knowing it would only upset him. He tried to focus on his homework again, but with the two of them loudly talking with Peter made it a lot harder. He decided to put his stuff away and go to his room. As soon as he stood up, Peter decided to call him over, a big smirk on his face. He knew Kurt had a thing for the bad girl, much to Kurt’s annoyance. He walked towards the little group, already getting nervous again. 

“I got some stuff to do, so I guess I’ll see you later yeah?” Warren said, quickly pecking Y/N’s cheek. He shot her a quick wink that made her blush. Kurt had never seen her blush before, and even though it made him feel gloomy it was Warren who made her blush, he thought she looked adorable. The reason why Y/N blushed was because she knew Warren was trying to set her up with Kurt. He was very well aware of his best friend liking the German mutant, and it was pretty damn obvious he liked her as well. 

“Hey Kurt.” She smiled, giving a small wave. 

“H-Hello Y/N.” Kurt managed to stutter out, his cheeks turning a light shade of purple. Peter grinned and just sped off to God knows where. 

“V-Vhere vere you during s-science?” Kurt nervously asked her, making a small smirk form on her lips. 

“I skipped with Warren. We both hate it and he ran out of cigarettes, so we had to get some anyways.” She answered, letting herself fall down on the couch. She chuckled as she saw the blue boy’s eyes widen. She sat up a little, patting the spot next to her for him to sit down. 

“But it is so important! And smoking is bad for you!” He told her, making her laugh a little. 

“I’ll be fine Kurt, but I appreciate the concern though.” She giggled, a sound that sounded beautiful to Kurt. She moved so she could rest her head against is shoulder. He looked down at her, blushing furiously while she gave him a flirty smile. She moved her hand so it was rested on his cheek and slowly leaned it. As much as Kurt wanted this, he couldn’t kiss her while she was with Warren. He shot up from the couch, making Y/N frown.

“I-I am sorry, but I c-can’t kiss you vhile you a-are v-vith Warren!” He stammered. To his surprise, the frown disappeared from her face and was replaced by her loud laughter. The confusion was clear on his face, so she stood up and stepped to him until she was right in front of him.

“Kurt, he’s not my boyfriend. We’re just best friends.” She smiled, cupping his cheeks with both hands. Before he could react, she put her lips upon his. The feeling was euphoric, and his first reaction was to put his hands on her waist and kiss her back, making her smirk into the kiss.

Damn Stool

Yes okay the picture is bad but the point is Yoongi looks slightly official and Jimin is clinging to him.


“I hate tall people.  I hate tall people everywhere.  I hate tall people in offices, I hate tall people as my roommate (fucking Taehyung), and most of all” Jimin grunted as he shifted his body weight to an even more uncomfortable position “I hate every single goddamn tall person who has ever worked at this godforsaken grocery store.”

He gasped quietly from over-exertion as he settled back down on his feet, an exasperated sigh leaving his mouth and sucking all the fight out of him.  He was so done.  Done with this entire thing.  Jimin swore to god the next paycheck he got was being spent on 4-inch thick insoles because he never wanted to go through this again.

Every single time he had to get something from the tall shelves at the small, family-owned grocery store that he worked at, he wanted to scream.  He was not made for this!  He, Park Jimin, standing at 177 cm, was not made to reach things on shelves that reached heights of 210 cm!  This was not the way of the world!

Working at Min’s Meat & More (we have everything you need – and more!) was supposed to be an easy side job to pay for his simple meals of instant ramen and any damage one Kim Taehyung caused to their apartment.  It was not supposed to be the source of all his stress in life.

However, when he had been told to take over the late-night stocking shift, his employer (who hadn’t even bothered to tell him in person, instead choosing to hid behind an carefully formal e-mail) had failed to mention that he would spend half of his shift struggling to push boxes onto shelves that were even higher than the grades he was expected to achieve.  

“Sounds like some kind of deep shit Tae would say after hitting up a blunt.”  He muttered, regretting that last thought the second it crossed his mind.  Taehyung high was not something he ever wanted to see again – or hear, because wow he did not know that microwaves could make that kind of sound but putting both Jimins sweatbands and Taehyungs rubber duckin one and turning it up to see how long it would take to ‘make the ducky swim in Jimins sweat’ would wrench that kind of noise from anything.

“Fucking Taehyung.”  He groaned, rolling his muscles in an attempt to get himself worked up enough to shift the next box onto the shelf.

“Who’s Taehyung?”  A rough voice asked, the sound scaring Jimin almost as much as that time he caught Namjoon getting off to pictures of Converse.

“Holy shit!”  He jumped, turning to the source of the voice beside him, almost falling over in surprise when he saw who had uttered the question.

The guy was pretty.  Like, seriously pretty.  He had pale skin, creamy and really soft looking, with sleepy brown eyes and a mouth that curled just the tiniest bit in the corners, his delicate features making him look almost like a fairy out of some fantastical story.  Not to mention the messy, light pink hair, swept under a beanie but showing just enough that the tips of his ears peeked out and damn if ears could be considered attractive, this man was attractive as all get out.

Realizing that he had been staring for longer than was considered socially acceptable (thanks to a light cough and small smirk from the stranger) he straightened up and fixed a smile on his face.

“I’m sorry sir, but we are past closing hours.  You can come back tomorrow – we open at 7 and close at 9!”  He stated cheerfully.  No matter how cute this guys was, he was not getting fired because some random guy managed to get inside their grocery store past hours.  

Wait, what?  “Um, sir, how did you get in?”  He asked, immediately disregarding the mans lack of response to his previous question in light of his new discovery.

The man just smirked, his eyes twinkling.  “Do you need a little help with that?”  He nodded at the boxes in Jimin’s cart – obviously he had been there when Jimin was struggling with the height of the shelf.

Jimin bristled with both his ignorance of Jimin’s question and the implied insult to Jimin’s height.  He drew himself up, feeling his face flushing and hoping that the storeroom was dark enough to hide it.  “I don’t need any help.  And even if I did, you wouldn’t be much help.  You don’t even look that much taller than me.”  A frown drew itself across his face – he didn’t normally get this mad, but his height was not something to joke about.

The man’s smirk deepened.  “That’s hyung to you.  And I’ll bet I can get that box up there in half the time it took you.”  He crossed his arms, waiting for Jimin to retaliate.

“You don’t even look older than me, hyung. And it’s a deal.”  He stuck his hand out firmly, a sneer of his own stuck on his face.  He was pretty sure that this delicate woodland elf wasn’t going to be able to lift the box up from the cart, let alone over his head and onto a shelf much taller than him.

The man shook his hand, and Jimin blushed even harder with the contact, yanking his hand away before he could get lost in the feeling.

“You’re up.”  He said, stepping back and briefly wondering why he was challenging a stranger in a dark warehouse in the middle of the night, but the thought was lost in his confusion as he watched the man bend down and rummage in the dark space underneath the shelf.

Jimin snorted.  “What’re you doing?  The shelf’s up there.”  This entire thing was a lau-

His jaw dropped as he watched the stranger pull out a stool from underneath the shelving unit and easily transfer a box from the cart to the shelf.

“O-oh my god.”  He pouted as soon as he realized that he had been tricked.  “You cheater!”

The guy was practically in tears laughing so hard.  If Jimin hadn’t been so mad at him he would’ve thought his gummy smile and crescent eyes were cute.

“You are SUCH a cheater!  I can’t believe you!”  Jimin was actually less upset about the fact that he had lost and more by the fact that he had been struggling for the past 2 months when that stupid little stool had been hiding there the entire time.

“I didn’t cheat!  I won fair and square, and now I you have to pay up.”  Mister Evil, as Jimin had named him, had straightened up from clutching his stomach and was now looking at Jimin expectantly.

“W-what?! We didn’t even agree on anything!” Jimin flushed as he realized he didn’t even have his wallet on him.  ‘Genius.  Just embarrass yourself even more.’

“Actually, we shook on it.  So now you HAVE to do what I say.”  Jimin was too busy mentally berating himself to notice how close Mister Evil was, his head snapping up when he heard his voice again, this time close enough to feel his breath curling around him.

He only looked up in time to see a split second of Mister Evil’s grinning face before he was kissing him.  His lips were soft, the edges slightly chapped as they pressed against his.  He could feel Mister Evil’s hand coming up to cup his cheek, deepening the kiss but only slightly.  It was sweet and soft, and Jimin found himself leaning forward after the other man had pulled away.

He was wearing a self-satisfied smirk as he looked at Jimin, his hand still resting by his cheek, and Jimin could only blurt out a bewildered “What?”

“That was the bet.  I won, so you had to give me what I wanted.”  The man said, finally stepping back to look at Jimin, a careful look hiding from beneath his laughing gaze.  “I wanted a kiss.”

“I-I … well.  That was nice, but I don’t even know your name.”  He sighed, accepting that this guy was very cute and that Jimin was very okay with being kissed by him.  He figured that if that was going to happen a lot, he might as well get this guy’s name.

And there was the cute smile again, his gums peeking out from just underneath the curl of his lips.  “I’m Yoongi, but everybody just calls me Suga.”

“Sugar?” Jimin teased, having forgotten all about his anger now – the kiss and the comfort of being in the company of this ‘Suga’ was strangely familiar, and he had settled into the state of mind that he only slipped into when he was around his closest friends.

“No, brat.” Yoongi reached over to swat the back of his head, the action almost too friendly considering that they had just kissed. “Suga.  You better learn it.  It’s not nice to forget your date’s name.”

“Yeah, okay.  All you did was pull a stool out of your sleeve and suddenly I’m supposed to date you?” Jimin paused.  “Actually, how did you know the stool was there?”

“Uh.” Yoongi shifted his weight, smiling a bit before looking Jimin in the eye and saying “Well, I kinda put it there.”

“What? When?  Only employees can get in here.”  Jimin was suddenly very confused.  He knew all the employees here – he would’ve remembered someone as cute as Yoongi.

“Yeah. I mean, technically I don’t count as an employee, but I still have the key.”  He replied, the beginnings of a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

“Ummm… should I be reporting you to Mr. Min?”  Jimin had never actually met the boss but he figured that he was the best figure of authority he could threaten this Yoongi character with.

And suddenly Yoongi was laughing ridiculously hard again, doubling over as he wiped fake tears from his eyes.  “O-oh my god.  Are you serious?  You really don’t know?”

“What do you mean ‘I don’t know’ what do I not know?”  Jimin was panicking.  He felt like there was a hidden camera somewhere.

“I’m sorry. I should’ve introduced myself properly.” Yoongi extended his hand to Jimin, a broad smile spreading across his face.  “I’m Min Yoongi, founder of ‘Min’s Meat & More’.”

“Fuck.” Were the only words out of his mouth as he stared at the cute boy in front of him.  “Fuck.  I’m so sorry sir, I didn’t mean to kiss you, please don’t fire me.”

“Woah woah, calm down, I’m not going to fire you.  Besides, I kissed you.”  Yoongi – Mr. Min – he corrected himself, slung an arm around Jimin’s shoulders.  “But I mean, if you really want to make it up to me, you can go for coffee with me after your shift tomorrow.”

“Hyung~ Really?”  And Jimin was happy-go-lucky once more, wrapping his arms around Yoongi’s middle and looking up at him hopefully.  “Are you buying?”

“First I pay you for working at my store and now you want me to pay for your food too?” Yoongi scoffed.  “Brat.  Maybe I should just fire you.”

“But hyung~” Jimin cuddled into Yoongi’s side.  “You love me~”

“I regret it.  Go back to work.”  Yoongi said, shoving Jimin off of him and pressing a quick kiss to his cheek before sauntering away, weaving through the shelves with a practiced precision.

“Bye hyung~”  He called out cheerily, turning back to his boxes after a cheery wave in Yoongi’s direction.

He took one look around and almost cried.

Yoongi had taken the stool with him.


Ye okay so this is my first post on here.  I hope you guys enjoy it.  I feel like I kind of botched up Jimin’s character, but anyways.

InuKag Week 4: “AU”

A/N: The idea came to me while listening to Met at Work…1500 words.

Traveling in a fried-out Kombi

On a hippie trail, head full of zombie

I met a strange lady, she made me nervous

She took me in and gave me breakfast

And she said


The awareness that Inuyasha required water sooner than later buzzed in his ears, annoying and persistent like the gnats that hovered his head.

But he hadn’t a drop of it, and he had traded his last horse for the rifle that burned hot steel against his back. Useless and unprovoked since the second he threw down his saddle for it.

He’d see her again…eventually. The mare was his and always would be, so he needed to find a temporary job, build up his savings again, and buy her back.

Although none of those things would happen first without his finding water.

And seeing as he was shoulders deep under a crushing weight of orange desert sand, head pushed to the side to sizzle under the unpitying sun- he was sooner fated to die of dehydration than apply for any open career positions.

“Oh my God!”

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