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Ice Cream

This is a part of the Dog Days of Summer Writing Challenge started by @fan-fiction-galore and @sammiielli . Thank you two for this amazing idea and that I could participate. 

Fandango x Reader

word count: 3441

Quote #13: “…is that my shirt?” “Um… kinda?”

Location #11: The beach/some place tropical

Situation #20: We don’t cry over spilt milk. I sure as fuck am gonna cry over the ice cream cone you knocked out of my hand

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This day hadn’t turned out how I would have liked it to. It all began when I went way too late to bed and then, of course,  slept in. I woke up totally disoriantated, my hair a mess and dried suliver on the edges of my mouth. Not that unusual, not that bad. When I looked on my phone I almost fell out of my bed. It was already 9.30am… ’Fuck, fuck, fuck! I forgot to set my alarm! I’m 3 hours too late!’ I panicked.

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