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Fuck Boy (Johnny x Reader)

Rating: M

(A/N) Ayyy it’s ya gorl, Ry, back at it again with those AUs. This time around I introduce you to Fuckboy Johnny, a backward hat wearing frat president on a personal vendetta to get your ass in his hands. viwevopwv jk or am I?? No I’m not lol Have fun kiddies!!!

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You don’t really remember how you ended up in the shitty nice frat house, but here you were, pressed against the sticky wall by some boy who you met five minutes ago. You don’t even remember what his face looked like, your eyes are sealed shut and imagining it’s someone else. Maybe it was your subconscious making you forget everything, or all the Jungle Juice you’ve been chugging on top of the pregaming you’d done at a friend’s apartment. At this point your body was ninety percent alcohol and ten percent water, you weren’t even sure how you were still sweating from all the dancing.

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Amazing imagines!! I love them so much!! ❤❤ I think you've even written enough to start a masterlist soon! If you ever need any ideas/ideas for a rainy day here's a couple. However, please don't feel like I'm expecting you to write all these right now!! It's more of a compiled list of ideas for you if you're having a slow request day/just want to write them -Jealous Betty -Beach day for the gang/Betty in a swimsuit/Jughead in a swimsuit -Bughead napping together -Betty's parents walk in on them

Hey! These are all awesome! I think I’m gonna go with the hickey role reversal for today! Let’s give it a try!

School was ending in about a week, and summer was so close Jughead could practically smell the sunscreen and taste the countless milkshakes he would be devouring.
That being said…

It was hot.

And by hot he didn’t mean, warm with a light breeze, he meant crack an egg on it, it was smoking. He was sweating almost all the time and even with the windows open the Riverdale classrooms were boiling. Unfortunately for him that meant his typical wardrobe of flannels and jeans just wasn’t gonna cut it, and he most definitely was not gonna show up to school in one of those ridiculous tank tops with the sleeves cut down all the way to the bottom, he would leave that to Reggie and chuck. Tools.

Anyway, figuring out what to wear, that was still comfortable for him but also kept him cool enough so he didn’t pass out was a struggle. He wasn’t a shorts guy, unless they were bathing suit bottoms and he was at the beach, so he stuck to his jeans, these ones had a few holes so that should help atleast a little, digging in his drawer he pulled out the only light weight t shirt he had, it was a simple white v neck, nothing too crazy, but also something he normally wouldn’t wear without something else to cover it up, at this point he couldn’t care less, it was too damn hot.

“Looking good” he turned with a smile, meeting the eyes of the gorgeous blonde who had come out of nowhere. Okay so maybe there was one positive thing about the heat, Betty’s wardrobe had to adjust accordingly as well and man was he grateful for the tiny dresses that showed off her gorgeous long legs. Today she had on a white sundress covered in pink and red flowers, it skimmed her mid thigh and he fought the urge to run his fingers along the bare skin. As soon as he was about to retort with a witty comeback, her eyes got wide

“Oh my god” she looked horrified.

Whipping around to look behind him, confused as to what had her in such a state of panic she repeated a little more panicky

“Oh my god.”

“Betty? what the hell? What’s the matter?” She seemed to be at a loss for words and suddenly two more of the gang had arrived, both wearing Similar expressions to Bettys.

“What in sexy time?!” Veronica was practically bouncing she seemed so excited.

Kevin was moving his hands to jugheads neck, before he dodged them with a glare

“What are you all talking about.”

Suddenly Archie was rounding the corner zeroing in on Jughead

“Hey ma… hey! Nice hickey dude! Way to go” he slapped a hand to jugheads shoulder, smiling.

“What! What hick..what are you.” He was twisting trying to find the offending mark. He glanced up at Betty who was beet red and was desperately trying to hide her laughter.

“See Betty, I told you. It’s totally normal to give a boy a hickey, That’s so funny, Betty was just asking me about this at our sleepover last week.” Veronica said laughing handing Jughead her hand mirror.

He snatched the mirror and held it up to his neck. Sure enough, there was a purple mouth shaped bruise on his neck. Snapping the mirror shut he shook his head

“Bacon grease, it splattered.”

Everyone eyed him sceptically as Cheryl walked over

“Oh please, like you cook. Just fess up Jughead, who’s the mystery woman?” The redhead asked.

“There’s no one, you’re all nuts.”

The conversation was stopped short by the first period bell.

“Dude, were totally talking about this at lunch,” Archie said grinning

“Duh” Veronica added throwing a wave to Betty, leaving behind Jughead and Betty as Kevin kissed Betty on the cheek before walking off with Cheryl.

There was a moment of silence Betty smirking at her bright red boyfriend

“So… a tshirt today? No flannel.”

He stared at her dryly

“Wait till all of our friends find out what a little minx you are. You won’t be laughing then.”

Betty shrugged, smiling guiltily and turning on her heels to walk the other way , she quickly turned around and added

“No one told you to wear the worlds sexiest tshirt the day after our two month anniversary festivities.”
She winked and practically skipped off.

He slammed his head into the locker gently. She was gonna be the death of him.

By the time lunch came around the entire school was talking about Jugheads hickey, the rumors were everywhere,

Jughead was seeing Ethel,

Jughead was seeing a girl from central

And of course, Archie and jughead were a couple (that one was Reggie. Tool.)

Slamming his tray on the table besides Betty, she jumped up smiling and meeting his eyes.

The rest of the gang was already there and they instantly turned the conversation to hickeys.

Cheryl of course instigating it
“Well it has to be someone who’s aggressive, obvi, look at that mark.”

Veronica nodded “agreed. I could never do something that good, and I’ve been told I’m a pretty fiery lover.” She flipped her dark hair , smiling.

Cheryl nodded “and we all know how intense I am, but that’s good, even for me.”

Kevin said something that had Archie practically dying he was laughing so hard.

“And we all know it can’t be Betty, no offense bets but we all kind of agree, your not really the most passionate lover.”

Before Jughead could even think he had opened his mouth “try again, she’s pretty much the definition of passionate.”

Everyone at the table seemed to have stopped time, slowly turning their heads to stare at the pair in front of them. Betty was blushing so hard they thought she might explode and jughead was kind of just lost in his own idiocy.

“B..Betty?” Archie squeaked out.

“No way you’re lying.” This time it was kevin.

And Cheryl and Veronica were just staring, shocked.

Suddenly something in Betty snapped and she turned to Kevin.

“Actually, yes it was me. As quiet as you think I am, I am very very attracted to my boyfriend, therefore sometimes I get carried away. Can we please stop this conversation now.” She stabbed a piece of lettuce with her fork.

The table went dead silent for thirty seconds before all hell broke loose.

“Carried away?!”
“How long?”
“How did you get it in that shape?”

Dropping her head to the table, she sighed as Jugheads arm came to rest around her shoulder, tugging her into his side.

“No questions, were dating, going on two months. That’s all you’ve gotta know.” The lazy tone in his voice left no room for argument and the table went silent once again.

Squeezing his hand in hers, she smiled up at him. This was far from over and they both knew that, but for right now, their friends were just gonna have to wait. They were happy, and that’s what matters.

Shaving Cream (Sam x Reader)

Plot: The reader is helping to shave her boyfriend Sams face and accidentally puts a little bit too much shaving cream on his face. Pure fluff. 

Characters: Sam Winchester, reader

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, fluff, fluffy fluff fluff, then some, lots of kissing

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|A Theory pt 2|


GENRE: Smut, Angst, Pure unadulterated nonsense 


My eyes widened at Yugyeom’s words.

“E-excuse me?” I squeaked.

Yugyeom chuckled, burying his face in my neck.

“I didn’t stutter sweetheart” he whispered, heartedly kissing the side of my neck.

“So I raised a sex fiend is what you’re telling me?” Jinyoung tsked again while Yugyeom just chuckled.

“Sex fiend is a bit much hyung” Yugyeom spoke, his shy nature slipping through.

The whiplash with this boy was ridiculous.

“You have no damn right to talk about what’s too much after that” Jackson spoke up, dusting himself from off and standing up straight.

“What was this theory though?” Mark asked with an eyebrow raised.

Why did he have to fucking ask that? I felt my cheeks burn at the question and I began to fidget, lowering my gaze.

“Please. You’ve almost fucked the maknae in front of us and now you’re embarrassed? Really?” JB pointed out, obviously amused.

Yugyeom pulled me over to one of the couches where he sat down, pulling me into his lap and wrapping his arms around my waist. He kissed my cheek sweetly and I had to tone down my heart’s exaggerated reaction so I wouldn’t over think his actions.

“Go on, talk” He encouraged gently.

“Is he seducing her?” Jinyoung asked incredulously.

“What did I fucking tell you?” Bambam exclaimed.

“Look we can discuss Yugyeom’s sex  preferences later. As for right now, answer the question princess” JB said, effectively turning the conversation back to me.

I ignored the slight raise in my pulse at the nickname best I could as I hid my face behind my mass of curls.

“Do I have to?” I whined.

I felt a hand brush my curls away from my neck, placing a kiss to the base of it. The tension from my body disappeared almost altogether but was immediately replaced by sexual frustration and longing. His lips were so close to my spot. A few inches down and I’d be done for. I barely registered Yugyeom’s low and breathy “please” as scenarios involving both my spine and a certain group of boys invaded my thoughts. In my blissed out state I began to talk.

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It’s You

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 555

Warnings: Drinking, fluff

Notes: Just a little drabble I came up with after a drunken conversation with my boyfriend lol. Enjoy! xox

You and Sam laughed loudly as Dean downed another shot, looking irritated.

“You should have answered the question, Dean!” You winked at him, chuckling as you took another swig of your drink. “Okay, what is your Hogwarts’ house?”

“Ravenclaw,” Sam answered immediately.

“Obviously,” You rolled your eyes, smiling playfully at him. “I’m Hufflepuff all the way. Dean?”

Dean lifted a brow and took a large swig from the beer bottle in his hand, clearly thinking hard. You knew that Charlie had ‘forced’ him to watch the films when she was here last.

“Gryffindor.” He answered with a smug smile.

“Alright,” You eyed the brothers carefully, both of them looking a little worried at what the next question would be as you took another sip. “Favourite Spice Girl?”

Sam busted out laughing, smacking his hand on his knee.

“I can only pick one?” Dean sat forward, eyeing you seriously.

“Yes, Dean,” you grinned. “That’s what a favourite is.”

“Damn.. I’m gonna have to think this one through.”

“Sammy?” You lifted a brow as you gazed at him, your heart fluttering a little.

He was smiling that beautiful, bright smile of his; the one that reached all the way up to his gorgeous hazel eyes. You became a little too entranced, Dean sniggering at you until you kicked him under the table.

“Um… the blonde one… Baby, I think?” He looked adorably confused.

“Why?” you asked curiously, noticing how he became a little flustered at your question.

“Well… she’s cute, seems fun… I don’t know…” He ran a hand through his glorious mane of hair and you bit your cheek.

“Geri,” Dean said determinedly, as if trying to convince himself it was the correct decision. “She’s super hot. And I bet she’d be really fil…”

“Okay, good answers!” You interrupted, finishing off your drink quickly and pouring another one.

Dean took advantage of your momentary silence to ask a question of his own. “Are either of you in love with someone?”

You almost dropped the damn bottle as shock set in. That bastard… he knew all about your crush on Sam, though crush was an understatement. “This is because I kicked you, isn’t it?”

“Yes, princess, it is.” Dean winked at you, looking far too satisfied with himself.

Sam was glaring daggers at his brother, his voice hard as he answered. “Yes.”

Your eyebrows rose so far up you thought they might just recede into your hairline. “You are?”

He nodded, gazing at you questioningly. “Are you?”

“Yes,” you breathed, feeling suddenly overwhelmed.

“And that is my cue to exit,” Dean grinned, earning him a dirty look from both of you. His chuckle echoed as he made his way to his room, beer in hand.

The two of you sat in awkward silence for a while, both of you finishing your drinks before anyone said anything. Taking a deep breath, you opened your mouth to speak but were silenced as Sam’s lips crashed into yours, taking you by surprise. You instantly melted and returned it, your fingers running through his hair.

He pulled away from you, a goofy grin on his face as he gazed down at you. “It’s you.”

You returned his grin, pecking his lips softly. “It’s you.”

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Prompt 49 and 50 with Grayson? Xx

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I fucking adore you.” Grayson said sneaking a quick glance in your direction before resuming to stare straight ahead.

He knows better than to let his eyes linger on you for too long as you would scowl him to pay attention to the road.

He often got distracted, sending your heart into a frenzy as you would see a vehicle get too close to you guys.

He would often say that it was your fault for being so damn gorgeous. He says that you’re at fault to his distraction.

“Well that was random.” You say with a small laugh as you look at him, adverting your eyes from your phone.

You two stood in silence for a while now before his spontaneous declaration. He was listening to the music that was coming from the radio while focusing on the road while you were on your phone.

He raised his eyebrow in expectation as he sent you yet another quick glance.

“I fucking adore you too, Grayson.” You say with a shake of a head and a smile on your lips.

He smiled in content as he takes your hand in his before directing it towards his lips, placing a soft kiss at the back.

“Hey, I got an idea!” You quickly said as you repositioned yourself in the seat.

You slightly sat up as you crossed your leg underneath and sat down on it. Your way now facing Grayson, it was easier to speak to him now.

“What is it babe?” He asked glancing towards you.

You had a mischievous smile on, that couldn’t be good news for your boyfriend.

“How about we each take turns plugging our phone to the car and we let a song shuffle and the one that is playing we sing along to it as loud as we possibly can.” You explain.

“Okay…” He agrees to your idea with slight wariness evident in his voice.

“Perfect, I’ll go first.” You say as you grab your phone and plug the aux chord in.

You went into your Disney playlist and tapped on shuffle, this was going to be good, you thought with a sly smile on. 

“Please don’t tell me this is what think it is.” Grayson groans as soon as he hears the small music playing in the background. 

Of course we’re not going to duet a Disney son-” You didn’t even try to finish your sentence as the first verse began and you started singing making your boyfriend make a sound in protest. 

All my life has been a series of doors in my face…” You began to sing as you smiled widely at your very frustrated looking boyfriend. 

He had that very cute frown on, with his kissable lips drown into a frown. His jaw slightly clenching. What you weren’t expecting though, was for him to do an eighteen hundred turn of emotions and start singing yelling the next verse. 

“I’ve been searching my whole life to find my own place…” He continued the song very loudly with a big smile on making you burst into laughter. 

The whole car ride was spent that way, both of you yelling the lyrics to Disney songs, way off key. 

A/N I’m sorry it took me so long to upload, I hope you still enjoyed it, thank you so much for requesting this. As for the other requests they’re coming, I promise ! 

Negan’s One and Only

The continuing story of Negan and Number 6

Catch up with Negan and Number 6 here

Negan x wife (reader - Y/N)

Y/N=your name

Y/E/C - your eye color

Ne - reader’s nickname for Negan

I switch between the reader and Negan’s POV , but I have labeled the changes

Warnings-sexy Negan times & language.

I apologize for the amount of time between chapters, and for my less than stellar writing.

2600 words

Want on or off my taglist? Just let me know!

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oops lots of words



The voice seemed to float from the distance, breaking through the clouds in Dan’s brain only slightly.

“Dan? Dan!”

And suddenly a hand was waving in his face and he blinked, shaking his head, hurtled out of his thoughts.

He puffed air into his cheeks, blowing out and blinking at his boyfriend, who had finished his own milkshake and was currently sucking down Dan’s.

“Hey!” Dan hissed, snatching the cup from him and glaring as fiercely as he could. Phil just shrugged, tossing his plastic cup at a bin and making it.

“What’s up with you?” Phil asked, furrowing his bow, making his eyebrow bar bob and Dan watched its motioned, hypnotized. He had always been fascinated by Phil’s piercings, he knew he would never be able to do that himself.

“What do you mean,” Dan muttered, avoiding his boyfriends eyes and returning his focus to his mostly gone milkshake.

“I mean,” Phil started, grabbing the cup back from him and taking a long sip. Dan made grabby hands, pouting and crossing his arms when Phil didn’t oblige. “I mean you’re acting strange,” Phil finished, handing Dan’s drink back and rubbing his cheek like he was five. “Are you okay?”

Dan frowned, thinking about the question, staring at his black sleeves that were pulled over his hands, way too long for him. He sighed.

“Yeah I guess,” he said vaguely and shrugging, flashing Phil a weak smile. “Just tired I suppose.”

He expected Phil to continue questioning him, he always did, but Phil just smirked.

“I can see why you would be. I really exhausted you last night, huh?”

Dan rolled his eyes, smacking Phil over the head, making Phil groan exaggeratedly, clutching at his head.

“That really hurt!”

“Shut up, no it didn’t.” Dan hopped down from his stool and pulled Phil’s hand, tugging him after him roughly.

“Geez okay it didn’t, no need to be so violent.”

Dan just spun on his heel, pulling Phil after him while walking backwards and flashing him an innocent look.

“Sorry, daddy.” He pouted, widening his eyes. “Do you think you can ever forgive me?”

Phil’s face broke out into a large grin, shaking his head. He reached forward, ruffling Dan’s hair and skipping past him.

“Holy fuck, I love you.”

“Love you too daddy.”


“Okay, sorry daddy.”



Something was up with Dan, and Phil was going to find out what. He had been acting so strange lately, glaring at himself in the mirror and wearing hoods, hiding in the shadows at school and staring at his feet in the halls.

Something was wrong.

Phil had always been there for Dan, it was his job as boyfriend and companion, and he wasn’t planning on stopping anytime soon. He wanted to get a genuine smile out of him again.

It wasn’t until Friday evening that Phil had any idea what it was, though.

He was sneaking in Dan’s window (you know, as you do) when he saw something. Dan was standing in front of his mirror, frowning deeply at his reflection. He had a cute little lip bite going on, his head tilted to the side a bit like a confused puppy.

And he was wearing a dress.

Phil almost gasped out loud when he saw it, almost falling backwards on the ladder. Shit.

It was a mint dress that Phil knew for a fact belonged to his mum. It was tight on Dan, which definitely wasn’t a problem, and went down about to his knee. He looked gorgeous.

He did a tiny spin in the dress, letting a quiet giggle slip as the dress flew up slightly an a satisfying twirl. Dan chewed on his thumb nail, staring at his reflection with a somewhat sad look before unzipping the back and letting the cloth fall to his feet.

Phil climbed down the ladder then, not wanting to be too creepy or surprise dan when he turned around. He had seen him naked MANY times, that wasn’t the problem, but he didn’t think Dan would take too well that he had seen that.

Phil pondered what this meant, and then stopped. It didn’t matter, all he knew was that Dan was happy. And if it made his boyfriend happy, god knew he would do it.


Dan wasn’t having a good day, to be honest. He felt so uncomfortable in his clothes recently, he kept tugging at them and trying to fix what couldn’t be fixed. It felt wrong.

Ever since he tried that dress on on Friday he felt… different. He couldn’t explain it, but he did.

He hadn’t seen a Phil much all day, he hadn’t met him at his locker like he usually did and the only real conversation he had with him was a quick “I love you” and a kiss on the cheek that morning. He seemed happy about something, but Dan couldn’t imagine what. Maybe he got a good grade on an exam or something.

Dan trundled home slowly, taking his time considering he didn’t have much to rush home for.

When he finally pushed through the front door, his mum grinned at him from her seat on the couch.

“Have a good day, love?” She asked. Dan shrugged, slumping his bag off his shoulder and onto the couch.

“I guess,” he mumbled, moving to sit next to her but she held out her hand.

“I think you might want to go upstairs first, honey.” Her smile grew. “Phil stopped by just a bit ago. He’s a sweet boy, he really is.”

Dan frowned. What..?

He didn’t take too much time to think about it, jogging up the stairs two at a time, completely out of breath when he got to the top.

There was a package on his bed, wrapped rather messily with blue paper, a pink ribbon tied around the gift. A card sat next to it, and Dan could clearly see Phil’s scrawled handwriting.

He raised his eyebrows, stepping forward timidly like he was afraid it would explode. Knowing Phil, it might.

Slowly he unwrapped it instead of ripping it violently like he usually would. This was odd, to say the least.

It was a skirt. A lacy pastel pink skirt, that went down to, Dan presumed, his mid thigh. With it was a mint sweater, that Dan could already tell was too large for him.

He stepped back, unable to keep the smile off his face and picking up the card.

“Try it on, bear.” It read, along with a heart and Phil’s signature. “Love, your awesome and caring boyfriend Phil Lester : )”


The second Dan saw Phil down the hall, at his locker, he was running, practically flinging himself at him.

“I love you I love you I love you!” He squealed, peppering Phil’s face with kisses and squeezing him. Phil laughed.

“Jesus, baby, if I knew I’d get this reaction I would have done this a while ago.” He grabbed Dan’s arms, holding him still. “Well, let me see you.”

Dan took a step back, smiling widely and giving Phil a twirl. He had to admit, even Dan thought he looked good in this outfit. The skirt fit perfectly, and the sweater was just loose enough to hang on his chest comfortably. Not to mention how good the colors looked together.

“Wow,” Phil breathed, crossing his arms and leaning against his locker, looking Dan over. “God damn.”

“Well..?” Dan asked expectantly, still not able to stop smiling. Phil met his eyes.

“Baby, you look absolutely gorgeous,” he muttered, pulling Dan closer from behind and kissing gently down his neck. “Seriously, Dan, you look incredible.”

Dan giggled, pulling Phil closer by the shoulders so their chests were pressed together, their foreheads touching.

“Thank you,” Dan whispered, and Phil brushed some hair out of his eyes.

“Anything for you, babe.” Phil intertwined their fingers, smiling fondly. “Shopping this weekend?”

Ride a Winchester

Characters:  Dean x Reader

Summary:  This is for @ilostmyshoe-79‘s SPN Sutra challenge.  Thanks for including me, this was a lot of fun! The position I was given is “Reverse Cowgirl”.  If you haven’t’ tried this position, lawd, give it a go.  It’s one of my personal faves.

Word Count:  3689

Warnings:  SMUT, language, unprotected sex (wrap it up at home kids), also don’t drink and drive

As always, feedback is appreciated.  All those hearts and reblogs make my day, you all are awesome.

Tags are at the bottom.  If you’d like to be tagged/not tagged, please let me know!

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Ride a Winchester

“(Y/N), you ready?” Dean is pounding on the hotel door.

Checking yourself in the mirror quickly, you approve of what you see.  Tight jeans that show off that ass, tank top that is just cut low enough to not be too low and, of course, your cowgirl boots.  You head for the door, pulling it open and greeting the handsome hunter.  

“Yep, good to go!”

Dean’s smile dazzles you, it lights up his whole face.  You would think by now you’d be immune to his charms, but nope.  Every time you see him your heart races, you feel light-headed and giddy like a teenage girl.  Jesus Christ. That jaw, the stubble, those green fucking eyes.  Swoon.

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Dylan O’Brien H.S

“Harry hurry the movie is gonna start!” I yelled into the kitchen so my little boyfriend can hurry his little ass on the sofa. Me and Harry decided to go for a movie night, and after two hours of arguing which movie to watch between ‘'The First Time’ and ‘Independence Day’,we decided on ‘The First Time’ starring Dylan O’ hottie. Two hours of Dylan? hell yes.

“I’m coming! Jesus, ever heard of patience?” Harry said walking into the living room with a beautiful hot bowl of butter popcorn, and himself looking effortlessly beautiful in his low sweatpants and oversized sweater. I feel like I don’t deserve him sometimes. He’s too damn beautiful. “Where there is Dylan, there shall be no patience” I spoke. Fucking words of wisdom bitches. “Oh really?” Harry rose a brow plopping down on the sofa. “Damn yes” I said looking right at him.

Harry rolled his eyes at my comment as the faint light of the movie coated the room and Dylan’s beautiful face came into veiw. How is it possible to be so damn perfect? But that bitch got nothin’ oh Haz, with his perfect hair and gorgeous green eyes. A few minutes into the movie, I felt Harry tug all of the covers off of me, leaving my legs bare. “Harry…” I whined, “give me the covers”  I screeched. 

“Get your own” he argued. “"These are mine!” I argued getting to my feet. “"Well now they are mine” he said, chin tipped high into the air. The fuck he think he is? Queen Elizabeth or something? I leaned down close to his face before whispering, “No cuddles for you then”, looking him straight in the eyes. Leaning in closer he whispered,“Fine I have Mister Cuddles” he said, grabbing the teddy bear from the side of the sofa. Smart ass.

I huffed before walking away to grab another cover from the closet. Sinking down on the sofa, Harry had decided to finally leave the covers for me after I bought another one. “Now you wanna give them to me?” I asked looking at him. “Mister Cuddles can’t cuddle like you” he said, looking at me with wide eyes. Don’t give in. I am stronger than this. Stop it. Stop looking at me like that. Stop it. Not happeni- “Fine you can cuddle with me” I gave in, lifting my covers up for Harry to get in.

He jumped on top of me making me release a small ‘oomph’ before he wrapped his arm around my waist, holding on to me like I was going to let go any second. He nuzzled his face into my neck and mummbles a small ‘Thank You’ which made chills go down my spine.

Even the smallest acts from Harry can give me butterflies and chills and he doesn’t have any idea. I wonder if I have that effect on him? Nah. Even him holding me like this, can bring out a whole swarm of butterflies in me.


An hour into the movie, there came a scene where Dylan was shirtless. And let me just tell you. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? I mean he is hot. But have you seen Harry? He got nothing on Haz. In fact, I don’t even think you could compare them. At all.

“Dylan is really hot” I spoke up. “What y’say love?” Harry asked. “I said that Dylan O’Brien is really hot” I repeated. “I don’t think so” he shrugged. His hot breathe started fanning onto my neck, making shivers go down my spine and goosebumps arise on my arms. I hated the effect he had on me.

 A couple moments later, Harry decided to speak up. “More than me?” He whispered. “Huh? What?” I asked, not getting what he meant. “Is he hotter than me?” He asked. 

“Harry, you’re  perfect, you can’t even be compared to him” I coo’ed, turning towards him. “Really?” He asked, hope lightening his voice. “Yes Harry, nobody is better than you” I said. After a few seconds, I felt Harry shuffling, and in no time, his body had pinned mine down to the sofa.

“W-what are you d-doing?” I stuttered, feeling his hot breath fanning my face. “I love you so much baby” He said, hands trailing under my shirt. “I -I love you to, but Harry the m-movie is playing” I stuttered. “You think that that can stop me love?” He said, his lips coming down to my neck to leave wet open mouthed kisses trailing down my chest.

He knew he what effect he had on me. He could probably hear my heart beating. “H-Harry n-no” I moaned. “Are y’gonna stop me love” He asked, lips just ghosting over mine. “F-fuck no” I gasped, he did things to me. I loved the effect he had on me. “Harry f-fuck” I groaned, before finally he,

Attached his lips to mine.

doctor jin

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  • it’s somebody birthday today/tomorrow tbh it’s still tomorrow for here so like problematic
  • but someone requested this a while ago and i know that i have like college au to finish but guess what i have no sense of consistency ;)
  • and like jin is my bias wrecker and like he deserves something on his birthday (tbh hoseok will get a cake and i’ll post it y'all wait and see it)
  • okay okay but like i LOVE doctor seokjin idk if any has me on snap but i drew him a while ago!! so like definitely a concept near and dear to my heart
  • so obviously, the looks are gonna be the looks he had for dope!! like that hair style was so attractive like someone punch me in the face it was the best hair on him tbh
  • so your girl just had to look at some types of doctors and like wow they’re all so boring and hard sounding tbh shoutout to anyone who is pursuing medical school and best of luck to you!
  • okay so seokjin is gonna be an emergency room doctor
  • as someone who’s been to patient first more than a few times (the ice skating incident of 2k13,,, the broken toe incident of 2k13,,, the tree incident of 2k13,,,) like these kind of doctors are so super important and wonderful and i don’t think they get enough credit!!
  • and that’s what jin would be okay he would actually be so good for the emergency room okay
  • he’s the mother of bangtan yes, so he knows how to handle situations that at first seem very much overwhelming
  • he knows how to deal with people of all age groups too, like don’t tell me that elderly people wouldn’t adore him
  • and he has such a big heart, kids would love him too, so no matter who the patient is, seokjin puts them right at ease no matter what’s happening around them
  • jin can keep a level head and knows how to deal with stress and chaos and sticky situations without losing his mind
  • he would be able to calm everyone down: from patients, parents, friends, family, and the other doctors and nurses too
  • plus he’s so stunningly handsome that he would probably be able to distract people from their pain,,,
  • it took him a while to get through school and have the degree but he’s never wanted anything more in his life tbh,,,
  • he’s good at what he does, and he’s really loved by all the staff too down at the good old emergency room
  • he’s the youngest doctor there but nobody cares about that honestly, like so what if he’s young, he’s good at what he does
  • he usually deals with like the intense injuries tbh like not like wow i’m throwing up blood but i accidentally,,, idk,,, busted my entire face in ice skating,,,
  • he looks smashing in the lab coat btw and he has some cute scrubs too like hello kitty ones, do doctors have those well now they do
  • tbh all the nurses are in love with him and he constantly comes into whatever shift he’s working to find coffee or sweets near his little office area thing,,,
  • he always gets so blushy and excited and sometimes he’ll have crumbs on his lips and he’s just so cute!!
  • okay but how does he meet you,,, that’s the real question isn’t it??
  • well my kids
  • it’s winter break! and you’re like thank god for this i was about to die but now i am alive!! full of joy!! and happiness!! and life!! the sun is shining! my skin is clear!! i’m so ready to be free!!
  • you’ve spent the last few days lounging around in pajamas to like ten but now you’re actually ready to go out and be with friends and do something besides stuff your face with crummy microwave popcorn and binge watch perfection aka psych
  • you’re in a squad group chat with some of your friends right and they’re like!! that is skating rink?? you know like twenty minutes from here? well they have like a five dollar skate friday from 12-5 we should really go!!
  • and you’re like omg why not!! i’m broke but that seems like a really good idea!!
  • do you see where this is going
  • you dress in cute jeans and like seven million sweaters because it’s cold in there??
  • and you have a cute beanie too and probably gloves and your friends tease you because what a cute little muffin
  • you get there, trade your shoes in for skates, and just about internally die because the skates weigh abbott seventy two pounds each and they’re so bulky
  • and you swear your ankles are gonna snap or something or something because they weigh so much
  • but you put them on anyhow
  • except when you walk your ankles cave on in, and it looks rather concerning
  • you all walk out to the rink, and something catches your eye
  • surprise, it’s the skate walkers used for like three year olds!!
  • you grab one and your friends giggle but that doesn’t matter to you because you wanna be #safe
  • you’re not
  • anyway it’s a bunch of age groups out on the ice!! like young kids, to adult couples, and there even seems to be a grandmother…?
  • there’s like a kid who looks middle school age and he’s skating backwards, doing twirls, and figure eights too?? and you’re like wow i’m suddenly self conscious
  • but like it’s actually a lot of fun!! you and your friends hold hands to keep each other going and you hold onto the walls as your knees give out, and your nose is all cute and red and sane with the tips of your ears!!
  • you guys are having a wild time tbh
  • but then
  • oh buddy
  • you haven’t fallen yet, even though your friends have landed their rears on the ice more than enough times
  • and you’re like wow aren’t i amazing??
  • and you smile and skate towards the middle
  • ooh buddy but those skates
  • they totally drag your ankles in all of the sudden
  • you’re so in shock that it takes you a few moments to realize what’s happened but then you look down and yikes, there’s some blood and it most definitely is yours
  • your eyes go wide and you shakily push yourself up and your fingers travel to your lip
  • well yikes
  • your friends race over and everyone has stopped skating to stare at you
  • the pain is there and it’s numbing and it feels like your entire head is throbbing and it’s not just a little cut, your lip is still bleeding and it’s all down the front of your shirt
  • an employee hurries over and helps you off the ice and into the bathroom and they end free skate just like that
  • your friends are panicking and you just blink because you’re losing blood so fast that you can’t think
  • your eyelids flutter as they hold napkins up to your face and you moan quietly because that HURTS stop that
  • your friends are like oh my god what do we do and the ice rink is making you sign wavers so you promise not to sue them
  • you just blink again and your knees are shaking and you mention that you think you’re gonna pass out
  • your friends scream and they race to get you out of there and into the car
  • they speed to get to the emergency room honestly like thirty miles over the speed limit and you just sit in the back and stare ahead blankly
  • guess what
  • you end up in the emergency room where seokjin works!!
  • you run in and there’s a collective gasp from both workers and people waiting to be treated
  • there’s not a lot of people in there, a lady with a young kid, someone hacking up their lung, someone who’s holding their hand to their chest
  • obviously you get priority treatment so you like, idk, don’t bleed to death or something
  • your friends have to wait out in the waiting room and they’re hurrying you in to one of the rooms so you can see the doctor
  • you’re surprisingly very calm, even if you’re not really checked in and the pain is searing
  • the few nurses there go and dab up your blood and help you situate yourself up on the cot
  • it seems like an eternity but the doctor finally comes in, flushed from evidently running all the way to check on you
  • he’s handsome and even though there’s not enough oxygen in your head right now, you can tell he’s gorgeous like that fact is painfully obvious to you
  • he gives you on look over and he’s trying to focus on the injury but damn you’re cute
  • he shakes his head and kinda !! “hi there im doctor kim, i’ll be your doctor for today. surgeon maybe?”
  • and your eyes widen and you “wait what”
  • “ate stitches considered a minor operation? you think i’d know by now.”
  • he leans in close and gently examines your lip, and you kinda just stare because wow this person is absolutely gorgeous and i think i’ve found inner peace in his eyes and actually man i kinda wanna kiss him??
  • jin pulls away and scribbles something out on his notepad thing
  • “well cutie, i hate to be the bearer of bad news but you’re going to need stitches”
  • and you almost laugh because yah right isn’t it just a really bad cut or something
  • “i mean its stitches or plastic surgery, you can take your pic cutie.”
  • you’re not sure whether you’re mentally sound because your brain picked up on the cutie part rather than the plastic surgery part but then the plastic surgery threat actually sinks in and you’re like wAIT A SECOND
  • jin gives you a sympathetic look “i’ll give you a few moments to decide, in the meantime i’ll be grabbing some of the nurses just in case we’re going to actually give you stitches today.”
  • you don’t even need to think about it though honestly
  • “just give me the stitches or something.” you mumble
  • because you can make those adult decisions on your own
  • jin nods and hurries out and you’re just sitting there, life flashing before your eyes
  • and jin comes back and there’s three nurses with him (one is jimin btw, jimin would be an amazing nurse so like)
  • and jin kinda gives you a look “how good are you with needles”
  • hopefully you are not like me and slap the doctor and start screaming and sobbing hysterically when a needle is presented
  • honestly someone save me
  • anyway you give him this look like why the hell do i need a needle but then he pulls out this huge one and you’re like screaming
  • “hey hey, it’s not that bad!” he promises and he nudges the small nurse with the chubby cheeks
  • “jimin can hold your hand if that makes you feel better?”
  • and you’re like well there pal i would rather you hold my hand but at this point you’re taking what you can get
  • so jimin grabs your hand and jin is working with the needle and you’re like omg wth is that nasty smell and you must be making some weird faces because cute nurse jimin is like “its anesthesia…”
  • and you’re like just great
  • so now there’s a bunch of people leaning over you and jin is trying to calm you down but you’re tearing up because needles are scary regardless of who you are
  • and jimin gives your hand a tight squeeze and reassures you that everything will be over soon
  • tbh the only solace you have is in jin’s handsome face like if jin wasn’t your doctor you wonder how you would be doing
  • probably not so hot
  • you squeeze your eyes shut and you nearly break jimin’s hand but hey all in the name of public health right
  • you feel the sharp sting of the needle and you wince but within seconds the pain is gone and you’re like wait that’s all
  • what
  • you open your eyes to find jin smiling down at you and he gives you a kind look
  • “wow you did surprisingly really well. i’m really proud of you!!” and he smiles so so widely
  • and you’re like tearing up because wow the cute doctor is proud of me what did i do to deserve this
  • and you’re like wow this isn’t so bad but ten seokjin grabs something off the table and it looks like a hook and you just about die right then and there
  • “your lip is numbed so it won’t hurt, but we need to work fast so tree get it done before the medicine wears off, okay?” he explains
  • and he doesn’t lean down until you give him the nod
  • he tells you it would be better to close your eyes and so you do
  • you can feel his fingers dusting over your face, but then you assume he gets near your lip because you stop feeling everything
  • you squeeze your eyes shut and you’re getting drowsy because the anesthesia is so strong and the smell is so revolting tbh
  • like you can feel jin’s breath against your face and you’re kinda like yikes but his breath smells like peach blossom tea and it’s actually almost comforting in a sense??
  • you actually feel almost calm? is that a thing? is this actually happening?
  • and guess what??
  • after what seems like hours, jin is like “you can sit up now”
  • and you open your eyes and you push yourself up
  • jin doesn’t even think before he does it, but he gently pushes you back down “hey, don’t sit up that fast, the blood is gonna rush to your head.”
  • you blush and nod and you go to sit up, this time slower
  • but then you find seokjin offering you his hand, and he places his other hand on the small of your back and gently eases you up
  • and you’re blushing so wildly and he’s pink too and jimin coughs “get some” under his breath
  • and jin just stammers an apology and you duck your head and it’s pretty wild
  • and jin is like “come back in three weeks and i’ll take the stitches out for you personally”
  • he gives you a wink and turns on his heel because there’s other patients to attend to
  • once he leaves jimin practically squeals and he’s like omg do you think jin is cute, i bet you do, he totally thought you were cute, lemme give you his number!!
  • and you’re like omg no that’s okay seriously!!
  • but guess what
  • in three weeks you come back to get the stitches out and you cannot be more ready because it was so embarrassing having a giant scab right smack on your face
  • you just want your lips back tbh
  • you walk in to the clinic and you’re like okay just calm, doctor jin is just a doctor you’ll never see again, there’s no need to get so emotional over something that will never happen
  • except jin is in the back panicking because he thought you were so freaking cute even with a busted lip
  • jimin is fixing his hair and his lab coat and jin is chugging tea nervously
  • for once, jin is not composed when he walks into the little room
  • there you are, sitting patiently, ankles crossed and your hands folded in your lap
  • jin comes in and gives a nervous smile and you’re just as nervous tbh and you both just stare at each other shyly
  • he coughs and sticks out his hand “pleasure to see you again”
  • and you shake his hand and then you remember!!
  • you pull a tiny little bag out from the folds of your jacket and you hand it to him “a little something for saving my life”
  • his eyes go wide and he smiles so pleasantly and he goes to open it but oh wait nurses walking in so he quickly sets it near the computer
  • the pain is less searing this time but it still hurts when they have to pull the stitches out and this time seokjin is the one who holds your hand because the nurses get the dead skin off so he has time before he gets the stitches off
  • once he does you gingerly touch your lip and you’re shocked because it’s normal
  • you can’t help it, you get up and you wrap your arms around him and thank him over and over and over again
  • he smiles and the nurses take that as their cue to leave tbh
  • jin is all shy and he’s hiding behind his lab coat sleeves because you’re so cute, you’re even more cute when your lips are okay and he kinda wants to kiss them
  • “i uh…”
  • he just blinks and stares at you and you smile bashfully and he puts his hand on the back of his neck
  • “open your gift maybe??” you laugh and so he quickly grabs it and pulls the wrapping paper
  • and he pulls out some exclusive quality peach blossom tea bags and his eyes go all wide and he smiles all happily
  • and this wave of courage washes over him and he kinda “hey these are seriously wonderful and all, but you know what would make it even better?”
  • you raise your eyebrows and act all innocent “hmm what?”
  • and he smiles “maybe getting some coffee with me when my shift ends?”
  • ofc you agree like how could you say no to that
  • and so like three hours later you meet up with him and he’s in a dashing turtle neck and you deserve he’s a dork and you love him tbh from like moment one
  • like how can you not fall in love with a guy that continues to make doctor puns and then laugh like a windshield wiper
  • tbh you guys end up seriously dating after that and he continues to make bad puns
  • he’s super doting and he always keeps an extra careful eye on you and wraps you in bandages if you do so much as get a paper cut
  • always kisses your lips and reminds you that he’s the one who fixed them back in the day,,,
  • let’s you wear his lab coat all the time too
  • honestly what a sweet pure couple
  • the greatest even
Jealous Baby (Pietro x Reader)

I know I didn’t put this in the weekly agenda but I just got this amazing idea for a Pietro x Reader fic where Pietro wakes up after his healing coma after being shot by Ultron and finds out that Wanda has a new close bond with another Avenger that replaced him while he was unconscious and he thinks that it’s Vision and he gets jealous that his sister has a new man in her life and so he finds out they’re going to the mall to try to crash their “date” but then something he didn’t see coming happens… eep! I’m so giddy with excitement over this! I will also probably make a part 2 for this in the future if I get enough requests for it. 

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Sweet Tooth

Lily and James were best friends growing up, but when he moved away and they drifted apart they thought that would be the end of their friendship. But fate has a funny way of working out, and Lily can’t keep herself away from the brownies in the grocery store.

written for @jilyfest + read on AO3

Lily had gone to the grocery store to buy tea. That was it. Really. She had no idea how so much ice cream had gotten into her basket. Perhaps she had picked up someone else’s by mistake.

Who is she kidding? She wants some comfort food and this was what was happening. It was all her stupid sister’s fault. Having her as a bridesmaid in her wedding and making Lily watch what she ate in order to fit into that ugly purple dress. Lily couldn’t pull off purple. Petunia knew it too. The wedding is finally over now and Lily is flat-sitting for the newlyweds. She doesn’t know why she had agreed to it but the deal was made now so she may as well stuff her face full of the chocolate she’s been craving for months.

She rounds the corner of another aisle, thinking that if she finds some brownies she can make a kick ass sundae, when she sees him. It takes her a moment to recognize the bloke who’s standing with two different packages of cookies in his hands, trying to decide between them. He goes for chocolate chip. That was always his favorite.

“James?” she says his name before she can stop herself.

Her childhood best friend whips his head around and gapes at her. The first thing she notices is that he got new glasses. Then she wants to slap herself because of course he did- it’s been twelve years for heaven’s sake.

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Nightly Stroll

Desmond Miles x Reader (Brotherhood)

Words: 1176

Request: where have you been all my life?? awesome blog, you are very talented!! I would love to see one shots with [Brotherhood] Desmond if possible!

A/N: I’ve finally written a Desmond one-shot! :D Desmond is so adorable!! 

The moon was to your back, casting your features into shadow as you watched Desmond. It was refreshing to see him look this happy, this alive. You exhaled deeply, resting your head on your knee as you observed him. He was laughing about something or another,head thrown back, golden eyes glinting, and looking to you with a raised brow. You just smiled back, eyes shining beautifully in the light. 

You didn’t get to do this much, spend time with him. Normally, he was in the animus, you looking on nervously as he relived Ezio’s memories. Moments like these, where he looked so gorgeous standing under the moonlight, were the only reason you didn’t destroy that damn machine and stop him from ever having to enter it again. Well, that and the fact that an apocalypse was a very real threat. You sighed, sitting up as you swung your other leg to dangle over the edge. The pressure to finish the work had been increasing with each day, the ever looming doom hanging over all of your heads like a storm cloud.

“Something the matter?” Desmond ask, his voice causing you to nearly jump out of your skin. You could’ve sworn he was standing on the other side of the rooftop not even a moment ago, his skills obviously better than they had been when you first met.

“Just thinking,” you shrugged, leaning back on your elbows so you could observe the sky. It was truly breathtaking at this time of night, the stars like unfaltering candles in the darkness of the night, the moon nothing more than a beacon of impossible dreams. The crisp air around you heated with the warmth of Desmond as he laid beside you, looking to the sky much like you had. You abandoned the sky in favor of looking to Desmond. 

He was truly a sight to behold; his dark hair shining brightly, his smooth skin glowing, and his pink lips parted, the scar over them white under the pale lights. You wished it could stay like that forever, the moon glowing above and Desmond by your side. His gaze broke from the sky, landing on you instead. In the darkness, his expression was nearly unreadable, but the intensity of it wasn’t dimmed in the least. Something in his eyes had you shifting closer, his arms coming up to embrace you. 

It was an awkward hug, your chest crushed against his shoulder as he pulled you half on top of him, but it was sweet nonetheless. You and Desmond had grown closer with each passing day; so close to the point that it scared you. It didn’t scare you because of how he might feel or because of how it might affect your friendship. No, it scared you because you were fighting a war, one that could very easily claim one, if not both, of your lives. And war was no time to fall in love. 

But the way he held you, the way his scent enveloped you, the way his chin rested upon your head, the way he took comfort in you, the way he spoke to you, all of it made you realize one simple fact; you were never going to be able to stop yourself from falling in love with him. Every bone, every muscle, every movement, every cell, every drop of blood, every beat of your heart craved for him. It was so much more than a physical yearning, your mind practically screaming out with your heart. 

You wanted every inch of him, but more than that, you wanted his heart. You sighed again, your breath hot against his cheek. It took you by surprise when he inhaled sharply at the action, holding you at arm’s length so he could stare into your glistening eyes. He held the world behind his eyes and the sun beneath his skin. Ever so gently, he rested his forehead against yours, his skin melding sweetly against your own.

“What are you thinking about?” He inquired, his eyes knowing, yet he still held the smallest bit of doubt. His palms were searing your hips as he held them in place, refusing to let either of you move an inch. It was like the rest of the world was frozen, nothing more than a long forgotten memory. It no longer mattered, so long as the two of you had each other.

“Everything,” you whispered, too afraid to ruin the moment. He moved in slowly, not daring to break what the two of you were experiencing. You shadowed his movements, lips meeting sweetly in the middle. It was like the sky you had been observing only moments earlier shattered, the stars falling to Earth in a fiery storm as his lips melted against yours. 

The moon followed as he slid his tongue smoothly against your bottom lip, asking for entrance. As fire rained, tongue met tongue, leaving nothing in this world free of the flames. He was tugging you onto his lap, hands wrapping tightly around your middle to keep you plastered atop him. The Earth was burning in the background, the two of you much too occupied with exploring each other’s mouths and feeling every inch of the other’s body to care. The kiss that had begun sweet had taken a very sudden, very needed turn. 

He kept you atop him as he laid back, intertwining your fingers above his head on either side. Your knees were aching against the stone roof as they were on both sides of his hips, keeping you above him. His kiss was stealing all of your breath, burning your lungs, but you never wanted it to end. You moaned loudly, his mouth leaving yours as he dropped his attention to your neck, nipping gently at your skin.

“Desmond,” you gasped, your back hitting the roof painfully as he flipped you over, perching himself on top of you. His teeth were shining brightly in the light, a playful expression playing across his face as he kept your hands pinned near your head.

“(Y/N),” he parroted, his teeth and tongue gliding over your collarbone, prompting you to arch your back, pressing your body even closer to his. He chuckled darkly against your skin, the ghost of a finger skidding down your back. His touches were like fire, burning you in the dead of winter. You moved into each one of them, keeping your arms locked around his neck. 

With a gust of cold wind, his lips left your neck, his head pulled back far enough so he could look into your eyes. It was almost as if he was searching for hesitation, for some form of denial, smiling softly when he found none. His lips were glistening, hair mussed, and chest moving rapidly as he looked down on you with adoration. You couldn’t help but return his smile. Oh yes, the world might be ending, but you were certain you could find a way to help it. And even if you couldn’t, at least you’d have Desmond.

anonymous asked:

Nr.8 with Eisuke please:)

Hello! This is SUPER late but… it’s here! I hope you enjoy it!!!

Nr.8 - “What do you like the most about me?”

The sun was midway through an attempt to escape through the curtains of the bedroom, casting distracting rays of light onto your face as you stirred in your sleep.

Stretching out, you started to regain consciousness – as you did every morning.

I’m still here. I’m still happy… I still have Eisuke.

A smile slipped onto your face, and you were now fully awake as you untangled yourself from Eisuke’s arms and legs - and the nosy sheets in between the two of you - your eyes blinking into daylight.

Eisuke was still asleep.

With his eyes closed, he looked about as innocent and as vulnerable as a new-born baby; there was a softness to his features – his fluttering eyelashes, twitching nose, slightly parted lips – that even he couldn’t control when sold to sleep… You were sure that your body woke you up at this time just so that you could enjoy the sight.

You couldn’t quite help yourself – reaching out to gently touch his face, your fingers skimmed over his soft cheek, and when his nose twitched again, you giggled mischievously and pulled your hand away, touching it to your own cheek as if to share the warmth.

Eisuke stirred slightly, stretching out a little bit, mumbling something or other. His deep voice sent sudden shivers down your spine, especially when you heard him say your name.

“____,” he mumbled, narrowing his eyebrows and turning over a few more times.

So cute!

“Eisuke,” you replied through a quiet giggle. Your hair tickled his cheeks when you leant forward to kiss one of them – he just looked too adorable right now for you to resist! “I’ll be back in a moment with coffee, okay?”. He mumbled your name once more, quieter this time, and you were smiling as you moved to get out of bed… but then-

“Oh!”. Eisuke’s hand shot out to tug you back down suddenly, and with a yelp, you fell into his embrace, your heart increasing in its beating.

Eisuke just laughed at your perplexed expression, his eyes bright and endearing – clearly quite awake.

You could have cursed at him, but he got there before you.

“You know you’re all the sweet I need this morning, ____”. His eyes explored your own, and you had meant to tell him how cheesy that was, but your brain must have mixed up the command, which is why you instead only blushed furiously in reply.

Eisuke was very pleased with himself, which was all the more evident in the way he moved forward the distance until his lips touched yours, softly at first, until eventually you were running your hands through his messy bangs, your breaths mingling whilst the world stayed silent.

Some good morning kiss, you couldn’t help but think once he pulled away.

“Good morning, ____”. You cursed and damned your cheeks for appearing so red right now, and stammered out a reply.

“Um, g-good morning, Eisuke”. He stayed staring at your for a moment longer, his eyes roaming over your body in a way that you had come accustomed to, taking in every aspect of your being – well, you were sure that your hair was somewhere between messy and disastrous, sleep was still lingering and your eyes must have been a little red… your pyjamas weren’t even all that sexy! Just a random nightdress that you’d found in an equally random drawer! Yet this man – this gorgeous man – looked at you as though you were Aphrodite herself.

And then you just had to ask the question that presented itself in your thoughts, not stopping to think consequentially.

“What do you like the most about me, Eisuke?”. He didn’t seem particularly fased by your question when he leant down to kiss you again, quickly but perfectly.


“More specific, please!” you laughed.

The amusement in his eyes was instantly replaced by concern, and he propped himself up on his elbows to get a better look at you.

She seems troubled, he guessed from the bothersome frown on your face – he wanted to expel it forever.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, his frown matching your own.

“Nothing!”. You smiled convincingly, not wanting him to worry. “Honestly, I’m just curious!”. Another convincing smile later and Eisuke ran a hand through his hair, sighing as he tried to think of something to say.

You watched the confusion on his face and raised an eyebrow.

“…This is taking a while-“.

“That’s because I don’t know what to say, ____”. He looked a little disappointed at himself, shaking his head as though he was completely at a loss. “I’m sorry”.

You pouted somewhat jokingly, folding your arms over your chest.

“Maybe you just don’t love me as much as you thought you did”.

“That’s not true,” he told you, rolling his eyes exaggeratedly at your dramatic reaction. “And anyway – why such a deep question so early in the morning?”.

You didn’t know what else to say – sometimes it just struck you how much he had proven to love you, and your modesty made it difficult for you to understand how that was so possible. All of the women who throw themselves at the great Eisuke Ichinomiya’s feet… and he chose you, just as you chose him. And he has done nothing but choose you ever since.

He took your hesitation as a hint, and he watched the way you pouted your lips in thinking, the way they parted slightly when you breathed, the way they made him want to kiss you endlessly until the end of time.

“The thing I like the most about you, ____,” he began, gently caressing your cheek with his big hand. His eyes were sincere, and he kissed you slowly, whispering “Is your lips” against, well, your lips.

“My lips?” you managed to say, but the words were muffled by your shared kiss. Heat ran down your body at his touch and his words.

“Your lips,” he agreed, smiling in satisfaction. When he noticed your clueless look, he went on with an exasperated eye roll. “I like kissing them,” he began, obviously.

Now it was your turn to roll your eyes.

“Oh, is that so? I couldn’t really tell from the amount of times you’ve already kissed me this morning-“.

“And I like them when you’re lecturing me – it’s pretty sexy”. Your reddening cheeks were all the reply Eisuke needed before continuing. “And when you laugh, and they stretch into the most exquisite smile I’ve ever been lucky enough to see…”. He hesitated a moment, only watching you. “Or when you bite them without thinking – and there are many other things they do that I’m a fan of, actually-“.

“That’s quite enough, thanks!” you exclaimed, well-aware of precisely where this conversation was about to go. You tried not to laugh, but didn’t bother to stop yourself once you’d started.

Good, he thought at the sight of your stunning smile.

“Have I answered your question, ____?”.

You nodded – embarrassed for the most part – through a wry smile.

“I suppose I should go and make those coffees now,” – anything to change the subject and stop him from staring at you in such a way!

You obviously hadn’t learned from the last time, for when Eisuke tugged your arm again to pull you back down to the soft sheets of the bed, you still yelped like a puppy.

Barely giving you a second to gather your thoughts together, Eisuke moved until he was hovering over you, his face only inches away from yours, his sparkling eyes imploring your own in such an intimate way that you thought you might just explode.

“What do you like the most about me, ____?”. The question caught you completely off-guard – especially when paired with his slightly shy tone and serious expression – so you froze like a statue and did nothing but blush at his heated gaze.

This amused Eisuke greatly – no surprises there.

“What’s the matter?” he teased, his voice deceptively soft. “Do you love me so much that you can’t even put it into words?”.

Something like that, your mind urged, but your lips – the ones Eisuke had just confessed his love to mere moments ago – were saying something else.

“Shut up, Eisuke”. With that, you had meant to roll away from him. You were going to leave the room, feel the cold, soothing floorboards against your feet on the way to the kitchen, where you would make yourself and your boyfriend a cup of coffee… but Eisuke interrupted your plans with yet another kiss. His hands found your body, and he held you in a way that made certain that you could not and would not leave him.

His eyes were sincere.

“Answer me, ____… please”.

You succumbed, supposing that the longer you let this drag out for, the longer it would be before you would be able to regain a normal temperature.

And besides, the question was an easy one.

A natural smile fell into place on your face as you reached to place a hand against the left-hand side of his chest… against his heart.

“The thing I love the most about you, Eisuke,” you said, overjoyed when you spotted the warming blush on his cheeks at the contact. “…Is your heart”.

You expected some sort of retort or something, but Eisuke only looked down at your hand on his chest, his eyebrows furrowed together as if he couldn’t quite comprehend what there was to love.

“I have never met someone with so much power and… and influence,” you began, finally finding your words. “… And yet, you still manage to have a good heart – you always have. And I know you’ll never admit that to yourself… but I see it, alright? The guys see it – we all see it, Eisuke!”. His cheeks were burning despite the indifferent expression on his face. You made sure that you had eye contact before continuing. “You’re a good guy,” you told him suddenly, and he actually looked taken aback. “It’s this heart of yours that made me fall in love with you in the end-“.

“Liar,” he spoke finally, and you were grinning just as he was. “You fell in love with my looks first, and you know it”.

“Don’t be so sure of yourself,” you admonished, although you were giggling playfully. “Yes – you’re hot. But that wouldn’t have been even nearly enough without this heart of yours”. He didn’t appear convinced by your words from the raised eyebrow he offered… but he eventually let out a chuckle, touching his forehead against yours with intention.

“You know, ____…”. He hesitated, blinking gorgeous brown eyes. “With my heart and your lips, we could probably be happy forever”.

Did he really just say that?

It took you a minute to pinch yourself and realise that this was reality, before you were laughing like a schoolgirl all over again.

Eisuke laughed with you, and it was almost as though fate had heard the two of you laugh and had realised that the two sounds just sounded perfect with one another – that was a good explanation.

“That,” you said through a smile. “Is by far the cheesiest thing that you have ever said to me”.



The One With The Popsicle.

Summary: You and Chris hadn’t seen each other in three weeks. When he’s about to come home, a storm kept him away. You know you missed him, but you didn’t know how much until you started to lick a popsicle while watching Captain America, which made you absoultely horny.

Author Note: I’m still waiting for your requests!

Warnings: Masturbation, a bit of smut and fluff. Oh, and words (cock, dick, fuck) ;)


You checked your cellphone umpteenth time. The time Chris told you he’d be home was getting closer and you were a mess of emotions, you didn’t know if you were happy, excited, nervous, anxious; actually, there could be a new mening of your set of emotions. All you knew was that you had really missed him this time and that you really love someone for the very first time.

As you put back the cellphone in your pocket, you slightly smile. How this happened? How suddenly Chris Evans crashed in your life and moved all the loveless and reckless ideas you always had before him? His smile, of course, that was the beginning, then that look in his eyes, definitely. That look made you feel like he was the only focus in the entire room and as he walked, making his path towards you, the people started to dissapear. God damn, he was (is) gorgeous, those deep and eclipsing blue eyes. Your cellphone rang, taking you back to reality. Chris.

“Hey” you answered.

“Hey, babe, how’s it going?”

“I just got home, I was at your sister’s”

“Oh, dear Lord, I beg for mercy everytime you got together, I guess the whole world does the same” he laughed, you knew he was kidding because he loved how well you get along with his family, but also, ‘cause something was going on; he always started with a joke before saying something serious.

“Yep, babe, you should. But this time, we didn’t give you the honor of being our topic”

“What did you two talked about? Girl’s stuff? Me?”

“I ain’t gonna tell, mister. And yes, and a bit” you added answering his questions. “why do you want to know?”

“I feel curious, what if you talked about, I don’t know, sex, maybe?”

“Oh, come on, Evans, would you like that I talk with our sis of what we did three weeks ago? Or would you like that I tell you what she tells me about her sex life?”

“Bad thoughts are coming, and bad-bad, not bad-cool, I’ll never ask again”

“Great, so… what’s up?”

“Oh, yeah… I called you because I think I’m not gonna make it tonight. All the flights are being cancelled for the storm.”

“Well… is just another day, right?”

“I miss you so bad”

“I can’t wait to see you, when I said that it’s been three weeks I just relized how much I’ve been waiting for you, Chris” you sighed “but it’s just one day, babe”

“Just a few more hours, I promise.”


“Babe… don’t be sad, I’ll be the first thing (person) you’ll see in the morning”

“I’m ok, are you?”

“Yeah, you sure?”

“Yes, Evans”

“Well, I gotta go, I need to check what’s going on. I love you, doll”

“I love you more, Chris. Oh, and, babe?”


“I’ll be waiting for you”

“And I’ll find the way to be there. I love you”

“I love you too, take care”

“You too”


You were wearing shorts and your favorite Chris’ t-shirt. It felt a warm weather, so you decided to watch a movie. Even when you and Chris had been dating for over three years and living together the half of your relationship, you still watched Chris’s movies when you felt like missing him more than usual. You pressed play and Captain America began.

After the first hour, you paused the movie and went for a snack, you picked a popsicle. When you were licking eat you couldn’t help to think about your boyfriend’s dick. You missed playing with it. You were listening to Chris’ voice, closed your eyes and licked the popsicle, you really wanted it was him instead of the tasty popsicle.

Your hand went down, you opened your legs. You started to rub your clit as you licked the popsicle thinking and wishing it was Chris’ cock.


You’d fallen asleep in the sofa. It was nearly five am when Chris opened the door, he left his suitcase in the hall, he was about to go upstiars when he saw the tv on. Your feet were over the armrest. He smiled when he realized that you were watching his movie. He knew you weren’t a big fan of action movies. He squatted and took a look of your peacefull face. His hand went straight to your hair and started to caress it. You took a deep breath. Your eyes started to open.

“Morning, beautiful”

“Oh, my God, Chris!” You sit up as he did “you’re here”

“I promised it”

“I missed you so fucking much” your arms were around his neck and his hands in your waist.

“I don’t ever wanna leave you again”

“I don’t ever wanna let you leave again” you smiled. He moved his hands and framed your face. He kissed you softly, you also missed his kisses.

“You were watching… me? I knew that you were missing me, but I didn’t realize that it was this much”

“Oh, you have no idea. I started to lick a popsicle and then it came the idea that it was your…” you stopped talking when you realized what you were about to say.

“My what?”

“Your…” you avoided to look into his eyes.

“My dick, maybe?”

“Your dick, maybe”

“So, basically you’re saying that you missed my dick more than me?”

“I never…meant to say that, you’re playing dirty”

“So sad, my dick kinda wants to teach you what’s like to be with the person you’ve missed like crazy”

So, that was your relationship with Chris, going from novelettish to fleshly needs in seconds. Your hand started its way down, you bit your bottom lip and looked Chris while you were doing it.

“I’d love that lesson” you tease.

Two Smoking Guns

Summary: AU: First Day of your new Job, first day of class, should be all peaches and cream, except for the face that your new Boss and your Professor are the most attractive men you’d ever met, and they won’t stop staring at you.

Author: @i4z-0892-imagines

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,209

Warnings: You guys know me, if it was anything serious it’d be in the tags!

A/N: Got this idea, from re-watching “It’s a Terrible Life, and reading another fic in which Sam is a Professor and I was overcome with the desperate need to do this AU. For serious I REALLY need you feedback on this one, I don’t typically do AU’s so PLEASE tell me what you think, if you hate it or not. It’s kind of a slow burn I know! It’ll get more active soon I promise! Message me if you’d like another part, I have a whole arch in mind, but I depend on your approval!

You tugged nervously at the hem of your pencil skirt, and flattened out the frills on the front of your satin blouse, you weren’t used to wearing clothes like you currently were. You much preferred jeans, and a tank top, but with your new job you had to dress professionally, so that meant new wardrobe. But for as strange as you felt wearing it you had to admit, you rocked it. And you rocked it good, the pumps you were tearing apart made your legs look like Da Vinci had sculpted them himself, old school pantyhose with the seam up the back, you were ready to make this job your bitch. You showed up early, readied coffee for yourself, and gathered everything you were going to need for your new boss through the day.

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vivace -

Excite, excite, excite ♪
     ▸ A.M. – One Direction

AU: Musician
Pairing: Nijimura x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Words: 1008 words
A/N: Because I know Niji can sing. I KNOW.

Shitty, shitty, shitty. It had been a shitty day, week, year. God knows. You could barely keep track anymore of the streak of bad luck you’ve had. First your grades. Then your job. Then your friend backstabbing you by going out with your crush even after you talked about him a billion times. You tipped the soda back and gulped it down.

Yeah, laugh at the person drinking soda at a pub. But the pub wasn’t too formal anyway. It wasn’t wild like the usual night clubs and had pretty chill music especially at three in the afternoon. You huffed.

“Rough night?” The bartender, Mac, asked.

“Rough life.”

“Touché.” He laughed. “Well, you’re welcome to stay for as long as you want. It’s slow this time of day and we’re just doing sound checks and stuff.”

God bless Mac. He was your friend from school and he’s been around for you longer than you could remember. While the two of you weren’t as tight as you were before, you could always depend on him to open the doors to you whenever you felt down.

“Plus, new dude’s up today. He’s pretty damn good.”

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Date Night - Hamilton x reader

Originally posted by whenamericasingsforyou

For Anon

You danced across your room adding bits and pieces to your outfit in an attempt to make you look flawless. A week prior to tonight, the one and only Alexander Hamilton had asked you out to dinner. So you had pulled out all the stops to impress him cause well, he is Alexander fucking Hamilton. The man who runs the Treasury department, General Washington’s right-hand man, the man with devilishly good looks and such quick wit. He was the total package and you had fallen fast. You had spent the last hour fixing your hair when you heard a loud knock on the door. You rushed to it, opening it casually. Damn. He looked Fineee. He wore an emerald green jacket, complementing his gorgeous eyes, over a brilliant white shirt, and god did he look amazing. You watch as Alexander’s eyes roamed your body in awe.
“ Damn, Y/N, you clean up well” he breathed
You laughed at his compliment “ You don’t look so bad yourself, Mr. Hamilton.” You replied smoothly. He held his arm out and you took it, walking down out of your home and onto the street.
“ So what would be the plan for tonight, Mr. Hamilton?” You said with the same formality as before.
“ Well, that depends, Miss Y/N,” He said, returning the tone “ Dinner, a late night walk in the park, and if the night goes as successful as I hope, wooing you and you allowing me to court you.” He shot you a brilliant smile and you giggled. Did You continue to walk, to where? you couldn’t care less. You were with the man of your dreams, and that’s all that mattered.