damn good picture

okay hear me out: 

you know those photo series that are like “In The Running For The Next Spiderman/Young Han Solo/Bachelor/Prince Eric/Property Brother”

and it’s just like nine generically handsome brunet white men that might all be Henry Cavill or might all be Matt Bomer or might all be the photogenic runner guy from 2012 for all we know but it’s impossible to tell because they are just so generic?

and you know how nobody really remembers what Moist von Lipwig (slash Albert Spangler where applicable) actually looks like, they just remember the gold hat, or the glasses, or the bountiful ear hair?

what I want is an adaptation where Moist, whenever he’s being an anonymous face or The Man in the Golden Suit or Albert Spangler, is played by a series of generically handsome brunet white men who are swapped out shot-to-shot.


I want to be a reporter. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before.

I’m currently imagining Sherlock deciding he and John need to take a selfie when they’re in bed together after their first time.  Like they’re lying there all content and tangled together, and Sherlock is like “This needs to be documented” and he grabs his phone, and John groans and tries to hide his face in Sherlock’s shoulder because he hates pictures of himself, but Sherlock pokes him in the ribs, and it tickles, and John can’t help giggling, and that’s when Sherlock snaps the picture.  

It’s from their chests up, John’s face half-turned into Sherlock’s shoulder, but he’s so clearly laughing, and Sherlock’s eyes are on the camera, but his lips are resting against John’s forehead, and he’s got this tiny little genuine smile, and even John agrees it’s a damn good picture although he’s less enthused about Sherlock showing it to everyone at Scotland Yard a week later.

I was just staring at a picture of Zayn and he has such a perfect nose…..and eyes…..and lips….and face…..his voice too….and his brain like he’s so smart….damn, his everything is perfect. HE is perfect.

Femslash February

Heather Chandler/Veronica Sawyer (Heathers: The Musical)

five is probably talkin about murder

request from anon for 🛌 from this meme: http://arieryn.tumblr.com/post/163573274398/art-ask-meme-character-emoji


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Manic Monday when the sudden gust of
a nearby Gypsy breeze caresses my thoughts
of you. 

It was like yesterday we went down the rabbit hole
where a voice unknown said “Morgan stop”
as we walked past Driftwood Lane,
number 309 of our secret door followed us home.

A few birds, hovering over the skyline
between me and your Medieval face
we are the commune of each other’s orbit after all.

You used to look like the Vagabond Hotel with these naked eyes
and I know why the Euphoria of you still lingers here,
even after those Marfa lovers tried to bleach me clean.

So where are we going now? 
when Neverland is no longer the place
for us to have our last black barn sin?

D C de Oliveira
-Inspired by 10 episodes of Gypsy-

so i’m looking at halloween costumes online and i saw this listing for a riddler jacket and

look at this dude. look at him. i know hes a model and hes not actually supposed to be the riddler but it what universe is ed that attractive