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Warnings: violence, jealousy, possessive jerome, its not smut but like its pretty frisky. WINK WINK

A/N: Sorry for the wait. I had severe writer’s block and I just really hope you all enjoy this. This kind if turned out longer than I expected.


Your finger lightly traced the rim of your glass as you nodded your head to the beat of the music. You looked particularly bored, well because you were. You wanted some action, something entertaining so you decided to stir up a little bit of trouble. You grabbed your drink and took a sip out of the tiny black straw then looked over at the ginger sitting next to you. You smirked remembering all the crazy times you two have went through together.

It had been so…boring since the red head died, but now that he was back it was time for some fun. But before Jerome died you two had a thing but it was never really established, kind of like friends with benefits. Jerome had an eye for you and it was pretty obvious because he made it clear to everyone. He would constantly flirt with you and would be very touchy feely with you. You didn’t mind of course because you had a “little” crush on him, but you liked to keep it to yourself because you were quite the fan of the playing hard to get game. No, fuck that. You were a tease.

You set your drink down and stood up from the bar stool and quickly pulled down your rather short dress. “Hey, J?” You called him in a sweet voice pressing your body against his. His arm snaked around your waist and he looked up at you with the cutest puppy eyes accompanied with his extended smile.

“What’s up, cupcake?” You smiled at his little nickname name for you.

“Will you dance with me?” You asked in a rather innocent voice, pushing a couple of stray hairs back into his neat hairstyle.

“See, I would princess, but ole’ Romey here isn’t much of a dancer.” Jerome said and you rolled your eyes and pouted. “Alright then. I’ll find someone else.”

You broke away from Jerome’s arm and walked over to the dance floor, making sure you were swaying your hips a little more because you knew he was watching you. The beat of the music slowly started to consume your body making your hips swayed seductively to the lyrics. You let all your worries go and you felt like you were living, of course with a little help from the previous drinks you had before making you feel tipsy.

“What’s a beautiful lady like you doing here by herself?"A very smooth male voice asked in your ear. You turned around to get a good look at him and he was very attractive. Tall, dark hair, perfect smile, dimples and hazel eyes. You smiled and your hands found their way to his abdomen slowly sliding their way up to his shoulders. Pulling him down to your level you whispered in his ear: "Dance with me.”

You turned around and felt his hands rest on your hips, gripping them slightly. Jerome had to do a double take to make sure what he was seeing was actually happening. The stranger pressed his body to your backside to where you could feel his member. You felt Jerome staring bullets into your soul but you continued to grind against the attractive stranger. The whole time you were making eye contact with Jerome. His jaw was locked and his fists were clenched, but he was still sitting in a relaxed position. You felt his lips softy graze your ear lobe.

“Come home with me.” You heard him whisper in your ear. As if on cue Jerome stood up from his seat and made his way over to the both of you shoving and bumping the people that were in his way.

Jerome didn’t hesitate to grab you by your arm and yank you away from the stranger. If looks could kill you would be dead. The guy you were dancing with was none too pleased either. You had to give him props though, he wasn’t scared or at least he did a damn good job of hiding it.

“What’s your problem, man?” It was evident that the guy was highly annoyed from his tone of voice.

“The problem is you, buddy!” Jerome’s tone was very cheerful but you knew he was fuming, and it was just what you wanted. You looked around and noticed that everyone had been focused on the dispute between the two.

“Listen here, I hate to break it to ya, but,” Jerome leaned into closer to the guy’s ear. “She’s not interested.” Jerome started to cackle uncontrollably until the stranger shoved him.

“Oh, that wasn’t very nice.” Jerome sounded like a parent chastising their child. He quickly pulled out a gun that he had his his jacket and pointed it to the man’s head. Then without hesitation, Jerome pulled the trigger.

You were still processing what just happened before you were being dragged out quickly by Jerome. He shoved people out of the way trying to get to the exit.

The exit door swung open because you and Jerome bursted through. The cold Gotham weather hit your legs making you shiver and regret wearing such a short dress. You soon found yourself being slammed against a hard brick wall in an empty alleyway, the only thing that could be heard was the club’s music and the late night city traffic.

Jerome had you pressed against the cold wall with no room to move. His face was inches away from yours giving you a stare that felt like he could see everything you were thinking. You avoided all eye contact with him because you felt guilty, but also so submissive and quite frankly it turned you on.

“Look at me.” Jerome ordered in a very soft voice but you silently refused. “Look at me!” He yelled making you jump. Jerome took his hand and grabbed your face forcing you to make eye contact with him.

“I’m-I’m sorry, Jerome.” You apologized quietly. You didn’t know if it was the drinks or the fact that he could possibly kill you but you felt tears running down your cheeks.

“It’s a little late for sorry, princess.” Jerome wiped your tears, intentionally smearing your makeup in the process. “No amount of tears will help me forget tonight. You know, I’m very disappointed in you” Jerome continued to chastise and tease you, making you wonder what he’s going to end up doing to you.

“You’ve been a very bad girl, and I think you need a punishment.” Jerome leaned in and started to bite on your neck making you bite your lip holding back your moan. His hand slowly trailed down your side and soon found its way under your dress, rubbing your very sensitive area in circular motions.

This was going to be a long night

House of Cards || kth v. jjk [2]

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House of Cards

  The Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Subtitle: V for Valiant  

Characters: Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook 

Categories: Fluff, Angst

AU(s):College!AU, Stalker!AU, Best Friends!AU

Sypnosis: Some people see life in black and white, and others see it in brown and blue, but Kim Taehyung only sees it in red and you.

• ° °•○•° °•○•° °•○•° °•○• ° °•○•° °•

Vision deterred,

For a dream deferred,

Falling deeper and deeper into your deception,

He does not mind the distorted perception. 

Thursday nights were usually dotted with homework due the next day and you cozied up in the library surrounded by your endless amount of homework. This had been a common occurrence since your freshman year in high school and as years progressed, even as a freshman of college in your first week, this made no difference - and Jungkook knew this. He had often managed to frequent his visits early on when you started it; mainly to bug you for the answers for chemistry class but also just to be around you since the two of you were nearly etched onto one another.  

After moving you in with your roommate, Hyejin, Jungkook found himself bothered by how you hadn’t cared to text him. Sure, he knew you could have been preoccupied with school work, but Jungkook knew better.  

Jungkook curses to himself as he takes long strides to be standing in front of your dorm, clad in gray sweats and his infamous white tee. Often times, Jungkook found himself acting more like an overprotective boyfriend, but he tried his best to put that thought out of his mind. His pouted lips display his disapproval when he meets the beguiling eyes of Hyejin and not your usual blithe ones.

“Jungkook, how nice to see you.” Hyejin simpers at Jungkook lashes batting as to further coax him into her presence.

“Hey, can you call Y/n out for me?” Jungkook asks softly, looking over her shoulder to catch a glimpse of you but finds none. Worry adores Jungkook’s contours as he turns back to Hyejin.

“She said she went to the library a couple of hours ago,” Hyejin mumbles before tightening her grip on the door. “You’ll probably find her there.”  

 And with that, Jungkook is left standing alone in the corridor of your dorm house before making his way to the university library.  

 Theaters and parks were more of Taehyung’s ideal places, but libraries would sit well with him as long as he could be with you. The fresh smell of books were welcoming to him as he stared over the top of ‘Time Magazine’; watchful eyes gingerly looking over you as you highlighted key portions of the text. Oh, how Taehyung wished that he could approach you - surely you wouldn’t mind? You never seemed to mind the raven haired boy who often could be seen at your side.  

 For the last few years, Taehyung felt his only sense of purpose in observing you. You were, after all, his only source of light in his dark life that consisted of hiding behind corners and stealthily hiding before Jungkook could see him.  

 The very image of the hot-blooded younger man sends Taehyung clutching the magazine tighter; his jaw subconsciously twitching. Observing you for years had led him to observe Jungkook as well. It dawned Taehyung to think that Jungkook could withstand your presence for so long and not be awestruck - and if he was, he did a damn good job of hiding it.

Oh, but then there also had been the times when he hadn’t done such a great job at hiding it and Taehyung had witnessed it unravel each time.

Bringing him out of his thoughts, Taehyung holds his breath when he catches the sight of Jungkook patting your head affectionately and slowly gathering your things. Taehyung clicks his tongue in annoyance at how fast the younger boy acts. How was he able to find himself so comfortable under your gaze? When Taehyung stood in front of you for a mere minute in your dorm just the other day, it sent trembles down his spine and he couldn’t even bare to look Hyejin in the eye.  

“I’m not done, Jungkook.” You whine to your best friend who is presently taking the purple highlighter from your fingers. The drowsiness is evident in your voice.  

Jungkook chuckles softly as he ignores your futile pleas. “It’s Friday night, babe.” He zips your backpack to a close. “You’d live in the library if you could. How about we go catch a movie or to a party?”  

“First off, Jungkook, it’s Thursday night, not Friday. Secondly, movie, yes. Party? No.” You assert in between yawns.

Taehyung breathes a sigh of relief to himself at your sensible actions. You breathed sensibility and that was one trait that Taehyung adored about you. The only potential downside of this trait would be you rejecting him because of it - and that crippled Taehyung to his core at the thought of it. Perhaps that was why he resorted to himself watching you all of the years.  

“We can watch the movie at my dorm. Plus, my dorm mates are out.” Jungkook wiggled his brows at you.  

This was your relationship with Jungkook; him almost always fringing on the balance that was your platonic relationship. Sure, you are attracted to him, but you also had been attracted to many of Jungkook’s friends. Plus, you knew Jungkook to be all bark and no bite. Most of the time.  

You pushed Jungkook slightly back, a laugh contorting in your throat. “We are not that kind of friends, Jeon Jungkook.”

“You should respect me. I’m older than you.” Jungkook fakes a wince as he rubs his chest.  

“Certainly doesn’t feel like it,”  You cheese this time before yawning once more; displaying your blatant tiredness. Jungkook takes notice to the frequent sighs that escaped you and takes your right hand in his left; his own right gripping around your backpack that he briskly placed everything together in. “You’re too good to me, Jungkook.” You state the obvious with a small on your face.  

Whilst waving goodbye to the librarian, Jungkook chuckles. “I know I am,” He swings his arm with yours, fingers interlocking tightly within one another in content.

Only minutes into your walk and just under a mile away from your dorm, the gentle contact from the rain overhead rises as the two of you do your best to duck under storefronts and restaurant awnings to stay dry.  The mist from the dew drops causes the two of you to giggle like school children while trying to stay as dry as possible without having to sacrifice any of your belongings in the process. The lighthearted fun leads Jungkook to ask,  "Remember the first time we walked home together?“

Chewing on your bottom lip, you shake your head 'no’ in disappointment because it was the truth; you hadn’t. Quite frankly, you hadn’t remembered much prior to when you first met Jungkook in first grade. For as long as you could remember, Jungkook had been by your side – even before the two of you talked (you could not confirm this with facts but was fairly certain of this), Jungkook still was a big part of your life.  

"Gosh, Y/N. You don’t remember the first time we held hands?” His words left you blushing for once, despite all of the cheesy compliments and vivacious actions, his memory had to be what drawn you the most and how sentimental he could be under all of the playboy vibes that he often exhibited. “You were wearing this white shirt with cute blue shorts with ruffles on them – oh, and your shirt had polka dots.” His animated explanation temporarily makes you forget about the current weather. “I don’t remember why, it was probably about something little like that Rowoon kid stealing your crayons or something, but you were crying a lot. I gave you my favorite pencil – it was my favorite because it was red and you know how much I loved that color as a kid – oh and-”

Crying? The proposition has you furrowing your brows in confusion.  "Crying?“

"Don’t focus on the small details, I’m trying to be romantic here.” Jungkook shushes you with a joking smile and you laugh back at him. You nod at him as though to tell him to go on. “And I asked if you lived on Ron Street and you said 'no’ and I thought that was the weirdest thing ever because, at the time, no one ever went on Ron Street because of Mr. Kim. I wiped your tears with my thumb and you-”

“I asked if we could walk home together since we lived on the same street.” You add, the memories now formulating in your mind. “It started raining, like tonight, and we ran all the way home.” In the midst of you telling the story, Jungkook had stopped at the red light; left hand gripping your right one with a soft smile.  

“Do you want to do that again?” Jungkook beams at you. The small glints of tawny in his chocolate orbs are more vivid than ever and you feel your heart swell just a bit. “I promise I’ll give you a head start because you’re a girl.”

Jungkook, so engrossed in trying to prove his superiority, is sworn speechless when he watches you take off in front of him with a sneer. His brows knit together before he suddenly crosses the empty street, watching as your oversized hoodie (it was honestly Jungkook’s from two years ago but you never bothered to return it) flapped in the wind. “Y/N-AH!” Was what he screamed the entire way back to the dorms.  

Dark eyes sauntered over your frame as Taehyung watched you speed in front of the cocky teenage boy. Taehyung also adored your adventurous spirit, too. He loved how your eyes lit up when you talked about what you were passionate about; how your voice raises ever so slightly when you were planning to do something lively. Traits that he came to admire led him feeling the most anguish because it was drawn him to you more and more, and one day, he was certain that he would not be able to restrain himself anymore.  

Caring eyes peered to Taehyung’s own vacant ones; the slightest sliver of a smile on Taehyung’s face once he met your own. Tears stain your cheeks and he runs his fingers through his hair to mask the anxiety that ripples through him like a wildfire. “Masterpieces aren’t meant to be destroyed; they’re to be treated with care; with love; with everything that a father would give to his son.” The reference makes Taehyung wince, but you ignore it anyway. “Let me protect you, Taehyung.”  

“You’re only happy when you’re drunk.” Your lips pressed against Taehyung’s ear with a timbre of disappointment. The idea twinges Taehyung’s heart in response. “You’re overflowing Taehyung – you can’t continue on like this forever…. I hope you last, Taehyung.” You caress Taehyung’s cheek with a strained smile. The pain in your eyes immobilizes Taehyung in an instant and he bites hard on his bottom lip to stay silent. “I don’t want to lose you, Tae.” You smile softly at him, head lying on his shoulder while toying with his fingers. “I feel so lost without you… Why did you leave me?”  

Taehyung gulps hard and he, as he always is in your presence, is left breathless. What could he tell you? How could he make you understand something that he barely understood himself? Taehyung’s grip on your hand softens, but he doesn’t let go. He could never let go, even if he wanted to.  

“I know you aren’t happy, living like this.” You lean away from him and the loss of contact leaves Taehyung whimpering subconsciously. Could you not see how much he needed you – but that was the thing. You did know. You always knew. “I want to help you – I love you, Taehyung. Can’t you see that? But how can I get to you when I’m drowning myself? Does that make sense?”  

Once again, Taehyung is left rendered speechless at your profound you are; how breezily you speak your mind to him. How easily you know exactly what he wants to say and when he would say and make your response on that. “But Y/N-”

You straddled Taehyung’s lap, your hands encompassing his cheeks. “I’m holding my hand out to you but you’re not taking it back – do you like rejecting me? Do you like knowing that I will always be here?” You laugh, clearly in hysterics. “It hurts, Tae, so damn much. I have changed because of you – I have changed because of him. That boy – him, he, can be all of the stars in the universe but that wouldn’t matter because I don’t want a star. I don’t want something that will shine. I want the moon, and that’s what you are. We will align, Taehyung, but only if you want us to.” You move from his lap, collecting your jacket and this time it’s Taehyung’s; it’ll always be Taehyung’s.

“The moon? If I’m the moon, then what are you?”  

You swallowed. “You are the moon; and you liked me because I watched you, observed you, learned to love you and accept you for the precious being that you are.” Tears stream down your face and Taehyung can feel the ice noose around his heart. “But I? I am what you make of me Tae… and you what you want is the sun.”

Empty, desolate, nugatory  - all words that swallow Taehyung whole as he jolts up in his own bed. Sweat coats him; on his cheeks, his face, his chest – it envelopes him and he finds himself hyperventilating. Did you mean what you said? Was it honestly okay for him to come to you? To be there for you just as he had always wanted to?  




And just like Taehyung’s sweater, it would always be yes.  

Knight in Distress.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 5378 <— longest fic ever, yay me

Warnings: ANGST, fluff.

A/N – This is my submission for @chaos-and-the-calm67 #Bev’s Milestone Challenge – the prompt and (3rd) gif is bolded and below. This also works for @mamapeterson  / @mrs-squirrel-chester ’s #SPN FAMILY LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE DAY 2017 challenge(sorta)  based on 12x03 - The Foundry.

Part of my on going series - Daddy’s Nugget.

Opening the door to your daughter’s room, you peeked around the wooden frame, in search of her. ‘Lizzie? Baby, are you ready? We gotta leave soon to see grandma and grandpa.’

'Mama! I need my coat! I can’t find my coat!’ She screamed, frantically pacing back and forth at the foot of her bed.

'Just grab your bag, I got your coat.’ You assured her. 'You didn’t take anything out of you bag did you?’

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Worth it

Ok so I rewatched all the avengers movies so ……. XD yeah it’s had to plus a just love to imagen Tony as a father figure :3

Hope you enjoyed.

Pairing : avengers x reader

Warning : none

Worth it.

You couldn’t belive this .

You were (Y/n) Stark.

Daughter of the infamous Tony Stark aka the Ironman .

So sure you had a couple people try to use you because of your father’s money. But you were very careful who you hand around. But this was just to much.

You had a crush on the cutest guy in school. Ryan Edwin . There was just something about his bright blue eyes that you love …. Well loved .

He asked you out almost 2 months ago and you of course said yes without thinking and you didn’t think at all why was he always making up excuses to borrow money.

It hit you like a ton of bricks.

And of course when you confronted him he didn’t even bother to lie so he said it all .

“Of course I used you . Who do you think I am ? Apart from the money your family has your worthless. ”

It hurt a lot , and it hurt even more when all the people around you started laughing.

That day you returned home broken. You were only 16 and you were really starting to hate your life . Money can’t buy you a friend, a happy relationship or even just a single person who wouldn’t care how many numbers you had on your bank account.

You walked to your room but not before your father saw that something wasn’t right.

He was a great father. Many didn’t believe that the playboy billionaire could rase a child all on his own .

But he did and he did a damn good job .

When you wanted his attention he would not hesitate to leave his lab to go and spend time with you when you were little. Of course he spoiled you too .

But some how you grew up to be a pretty decent person. And he was proud of you .

“Hey there baby girl. Is everything ok ? You look a little pale ” he said with concern, not taking his eyes of you .

You never lied to your father and were not intending to start today .

You looked at him with slightly red eyes .

“Daddy Ryan used me … Just like all of them ” you say , voice shaking.

At first you could see anger in his eyes but soon he just smiled and huged you .
“Hey … it’s ok . The douchebag didn’t deserve you anyway ” he said calmly. You sighed and huged him back.
“Can we stay in the lab all night? I can help you with your new suit … please? ” you asked. Surprisingly you calmed down while in the lad . Seeing you dad work on a new suit or helping him out.

“Of course (Y/n) but right now I need to take care of something ” he said and kissed you on the forhead before leaving.

Sure at first you were confused but as you thought more about it you understud more . You smiled to yourself and left to go to the living room where , no surprise, all the avengers were .

They were about to watch a movie when Nat saw you and seeing you eyes asked what happened. So you told them . You could see how the guys were pissed, even Loki looked really annoyed when you told them .

Sure enough Nat huged you and smiled her rare smiles at you . Thor shared some pop tarts with you . And Clint and Steve looked at you with reassuring smiles .

After watching the movie with the averagers minus your dad you went to the lab . Not a hour later your dad entered the lab .

“I see you hacked my code again ” he smirked at you .

“It was too easy ” you smiled “seriously though … my birthday ? You need to think of a better code ” you laughed.

And that’s how you spend the night. Sure you got like 20 texts from Ryan saying he was sorry but you knew your dad had something to do with that . So after reading the first text you put your phone on silent and continued to work with your dad .

Sure it was hard to find friends. But that doesn’t mean your not worth anything. You had the best family you could ask for .

You really were lucky.

You had your dad , Natasha, Thor , Loki , Steve, Clint and Bruce as you family.

What more could you ever ask for .

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Dexnursey + babies!

“What. Is. Happening.” 

Dex did not sign up for this shit okay? He came to Samwell to play damn good hockey, get damn good grades, and end up with a damn good job after he’s all said and done. He did not come here to have Emotions ™ while watching his obnoxiously annoying d-man play with some random child. He did NOT.

“Coach Hall’s youngest kiddo,” Lardo explains sagely, expression neutral as she keeps a careful distance from the child in question. “I think his wife is out of town or something.” 

“Huh.” Dex is too busy watching the baby pull at Nursey’s hair while giggling to say much more than that. Nursey’s sitting on his ass on the ice, helmet tossed to the side and baby (well… toddler, probably. The kid looks like she’s two or three. Dex would know, he’s been around enough children) held aloft in his arms. As Dex watches, Nursey pulls the kid closer and blows a raspberry on her tummy, eyes lighting up when she giggles. 

Just to be clear, Dex really, really, did not sign up for this bull shit.

“I think I need to leave,” he mumbles, still staring at the spectacle on the ice (and resolutely ignoring the way Lardo is smirking at him). And he is going to leave, once he can stop staring at how big Nursey’s hands look compared to the little Hall-child and stop thinking about how maybe Nursey would be a great dad someday. He’s going to leave, he’s leaving right now, and he’s definitely not thinking about coming home from a long day at work to find Nursey asleep in an easy chair with a little curly haired baby asleep on his chest and an old dog (it’s a Beagle) asleep at his feet. Nope. Absolutely not happening whatsoever. 

“Yo Dex!” God help him. “Check this out.” Still holding the kid, Nursey clambers to his feet, somehow managing not to trip himself or drop the kid in the process. He starts to skate around, sliding backwards and spinning as well as he can in hockey skates. Coach Hall’s daughter shrieks and laughs as he goes, her little eyes wide with excitement when Nursey lets her rest her little feet on top of his skates. 

“This is so unfair,” Dex says, not even caring anymore that Lardo is still standing there and has been joined by Ransom and Holster. No one responds, but then Ransom shrugs and steps out onto the ice, smiling at the little girl as he introduces himself.

“Cruel and unusual punishment,” Holster whispers, his cheeks a little pinker than usual as he stares dreamily towards the ice. 

“You guys are pathetic.” Lardo shoots Dex one last rude look before walking away, probably to do something equally pathetic. Like call Shitty just to tell him about Holster and Dex being pathetic. Pot; kettle. Or whatever. 

Dex glances back towards the ice, and briefly considers just… moving back home to Maine so he doesn’t have to deal with this nonsense any longer. Nursey and Ransom each have one of the little girls hands, holding her upright as they pull her slowly across the ice on her tiny blue skates. They’re both beaming and she’s laughing and yelling for her dad, and Dex might actually die from this.

“I’m going to marry him.” Dex side eyes Holster, deciding eventually that he was not supposed to hear that and he probably should keep his big mouth shut.

Especially since his hypocritical ass can’t help but think the same thing. 

Ok, so you know the ‘’person is carrying an unlikely number of increasingly improbably concealed weapons’’ trope? Well…

Imagine Eggsy taking Harry to officially meet his mum and baby sister. Michelle knows about Harry and is still a bit suspicious, but she’s made peace with the fact that Eggsy has chosen him. Eggsy wants to do the whole meeting-the-parents dinner, even though Harry is older than his mum and it might be a bit awkward but it’s so fucking important to him that the most important people in his life get along. So they pick a Friday evening to have dinner at Michelle’s new flat and Harry is grumbling because ‘’for fuck’s sake, Eggsy, I’m fifty-fucking-five years old, I can’t believe you’re making me have dinner with your mother’’. And Eggsy’s like, ‘’shut it, love, you’re having dinner with me mum and sister and you’re going to like it’’, so finally Harry stops grumbling and even seems hesitantly hopeful that Michelle will approve of him because apparently that’s what matters to him now. And Eggsy’s really happy about it because he knows that it’s uncomfortable for Harry, but he’s making an effort and that’s all that matters.

But on the day, when they’re just about to step out the door to go to Michelle’s, Eggsy notices something. Yeah, Harry might’ve been in the spy game for ages, but Eggsy’s a quick learner. ‘’Harry,’’ he says, ‘’the guns stay at home.’’

And Harry’s like fuck, because he thought that he’d get away with it. He knows he shouldn’t have any use for weapons when he’s meeting his partner’s mum, but he’s carried guns for so long and they make him feel safe (because meeting the parents is fucking terrifying, even if you’re an elite spy). So he sighs and takes off his jacket and then his shoulder holster. And Eggsy’s like, ‘’that’s nice, babe, but now the rest of ‘em’’. And Harry’s like FUCK, because his boy is good. (He’s also super smug, because he trained Eggsy himself and damn, he did a good job.) So he has to, rather embarrassingly, drop his trousers and remove the thigh holster carrying one of Kingsman’s special weapons (something slim enough not to be noticeable when he sits). ‘’Are you happy now?’’ he asks while he’s pulling up his trousers.

And Eggsy just stares at him and he definitely learned that disappointed look from Merlin. So Harry removes the garrotte wire hidden in his tie. But Eggsy keeps looking at him and making him squirm, so he has to trade his cufflinks for non-explosive ones and his Kingsman watch for a regular Tissot.

He fastens his new watch and looks at Eggsy expectantly.

‘’All of ‘em, love,’’ says Eggsy and Harry curses everything and everyone under his breath as he bends down to remove the last two knives strapped to his ankle. Eggsy gives him a kiss and finally ushers them out the door and Harry feels weirdly naked without his arsenal.

Imagine Dean’s reaction when Mulder hits on you at a bar. Dean secretly has feelings for you

Requested Imagine

Characters: Reader, Fox Mulder, Dean, mention of Sam

Pairings: Mulder x Reader, Dean x Reader

Warnings: angst, fluff, jealousy

Word Count: 2,000

Summary: After a strange week, the boys and you head to a bar to unwind. You meet Fox Mulder there. He has been trailing the same case that you and the boys were working on. He buys you a drink and you decide to throw caution to the wind and go with him. After all, he is perfect. You tell Dean not to wait up with a wink, but Dean has much different plans for you tonight. You have no idea.

Things to know: Requested by @themutedfaith Dean had feelings for the reader, but hasn’t admitted them, but when they run into agent Fox Mulder on a case, he realizes that he may have competition when Mulder asks her out. Turns into a competition of the best man wins after Dean confronts Mulder at a bar.

I took some liberties on the story, so it isn’t exactly as requested, but close.

Hope you’re happy with it! Turned out WAY longer than I anticipated, but I got into the story and couldn’t stop!

It had been a seriously strange week. One of the most odd cases you and the boys had run into yet. Dean had been abducted and returned, completely weirded out. When you and Sam finally got to the bottom of the story, you learned that you were facing fairies.

As you sat in the bar, you could still hear what Dean had yelled at you when he had been arrested after attacking what he thought was a fairy.

You and Sam had approached the scene as Dean was being put in the cop car.

“Dean!” Sam had yelled after him.

“What the hell?” You asked as his head was being ducked into the cop car. His response had just about sent you rolling with laughter in the middle of the street.

“Fight the fairies, Sam! You fight those fairies, Y/N!” The door to the car had slammed in his face, the crowd around you thinking he must be crazy. As he sat in the back of the cop car, his head whipped around to look at the two of you and you heard faintly, “Fight the Fairies!” As the car pulled away.

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Master and Mistress - Part 2

Author’s Note: Welp, here it is.

You can find Part One of this story RIGHT HERE!

Joshua tapped a foot upon the floor in irritation as he watched Jan back his way out of his office. It was taking a lot of effort for him to bite back the words he felt bubbling up inside him. Jan did the right thing, it was his duty as his steward to make him aware of any and all wrongdoings in his house – even those of his beloved wife.

He would rather hear of it from Jan, than from the media or worse - one of the other princes. He had time now to contemplate everything, to work out the logical solution to this roadblock they had reached. Yet now Jan wanted to tell him that he, the Crown Prince of Dres Van, was making a mistake?

He couldn’t help but scoff at the idea. Joshua Lieben did not make mistakes. He fixed mistakes, and did a damn good job of it too.

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Like father, like daughter

Originally posted by markpellehgrino

Pairing: LuciferxReader
Word count: 939
Warnings: None

You’d been in love with Lucifer for seven years, with him for six, married for two. Together, you had a five year old little girl, Victoria. She took mostly after her father. Most days, you loved it. Her facial expressions could mimic his perfectly, she had his lovely eyes, and she had an imagination that could put JK Rowling to shame. On the other hand, she also happened to inherit his temper, his attitude when he didn’t get his way….and his powers. He’d done well teaching her how to control them. It wasn’t like you could help. He was a stay at home dad, and did a damn good job. While you were at work, he did the household stuff, did the homework, and dealt with the school.

Until today.

Today you had been called out of a meeting, which thankfully wasn’t all that important, to say that you were needed at home. An emergency you were told, and your husband wouldn’t say what.

Your mind went to the worst place. Was Tori okay? Did something catch on fire? Normal people would be worried. You? You were down right terrified. There were still some hunters that wanted his head on a silver platter. Despite the fact that he’d been living as a normal man for years now, they were still convinced he was pure evil. It made your blood boil. Add on to that that you had a five year old moni-Lucifer at home basically, and it was never far from your mind.

Traffic wasn’t too bad, thankfully. Most people were still at work. Twenty minutes later, you parked in front of your house. Not bothering with your briefcase, you grabbed your purse and ran inside.

“What did his face look like?” You heard your husband ask, amusement in his voice.

Next, there was a small giggle that you knew meant Tori was up to something. “It was so funny, Daddy! He got so scared. His eyes got really wide and he screamed.” That made you wonder what the hell was going on. You followed their voices to the living room. Setting down your things, you looked between the two. “Hi, mommy!” She squealed, jumping up to hug you.

You scooped her up into a big hug, settling her on your hip after. “So. Mind telling me what’s going on?” You looked at Lucifer. His face looked like a kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “Lucifer….” Your tone was warning. “I got pulled out of a meeting to be told there was a family emergency, race home, and now I’m hearing about someone screaming. I highly suggest that someone start talking.”

Tori and her father exchanged a look. “It turns out that Tori may have used her powers at school…” He muttered.

“I’m sorry, what? I could have sworn that you said she used her powers at school!”

“Yeah. That kid, Robby? Apparently, he was being mean to her and Jessica. Tori thought it would be a good idea to kind of…lift him up, swing him upside down, and then hang him from the playground equipment.” He explained, rubbing the back of his head.

You blinked, looking over to your daughter. She looked like she was trying to be all innocent. You knew better. “Victoria Annabelle!” You put her down. “Why would you do something like that?” Turning to Lucifer, you put your hands on your hips. “And you!!! Don’t encourage her to do things like that.”

He put his hands up. “The little cretin deserved it.” Lucifer defended himself.

Sighing, you just hoped that this didn’t lead to some type of inquiry into Tori. “Did they say anything about her powers?” You asked, hopefully.

Lucifer shook his head. “They think that she managed to lift him.” He laughed, earning a glare. “No one but Robby and Jessica saw it. You know Jessica won’t say anything, and who’d believe the class jerk?”

“That’s not the point. You know we have to be careful.” You told him. “There are already hunters who want you dead. Who knows what they would do if they found out she was using her powers against kids at school?” Apparently, he hadn’t thought of that. His face fell, becoming serious. Tori looked like she may cry. “I’m glad she didn’t get seen today, but that’s not always going to be the case.” You sat next to your husband. He put his arm around you, pulling you close.

Tori got down, sitting on the floor by you. She looked at Lucifer, waiting to see what he would say. He winked at her, earning a grin. “Guess I have to work harder to make it less obvious.” He smirked. “I’m still not mad at her.” Lucifer told you. Of course he wasn’t. “In fact, I’m quite proud.” They high fived.

“Well, you better not act this way with the next one.” You told him casually.

“Huh? I didn’t know you wanted more.” He remarked.

You shrugged. “I guess it doesn’t matter now, because in about eight months you’re going to have another one to look after. Let’s just hope this one takes after me.” You patted his leg and got up to change.

“I’m going to be a big sister?” Tori squealed.

“I guess so, kiddo.” You heard your husband say as you started up the stairs.

“That means I have someone to play with my powers with!” You groaned, deciding to pretend you hadn’t heard that. You were hoping that this baby got his eyes, too. Maybe just not his urge to break rules, and get his way no matter what.

Imagine while dating Dean, you find yourself pregnant, and think you're going to be a bad mom

Imagine while dating Dean, you find yourself pregnant, and think you’re going to be a bad mom.

Dean x reader

Word count: 1634

Author: Muffin

Warnings: hm… None really

Being a hunter, you’d never be in this situation. You loved Dean, he loved you, and maybe you two started doing things without protection. Every morning after, it ticked your mind, and you just brushed it off like the usual.

When you had thrown up in secret every morning, you grabbed a pregnancy test while on a run just to make sure. Just to make sure. You brain wracked as you drive to the motel, palms sweaty. You looked down at Baby, still sitting on the seat.

“Hey… You don’t think he’ll freak, right? You’ll always be his baby… But if there’s a little one in there,” you looked down at your stomach. “You’ll be given a run for your money.” And with that, you shut off the Impala, and went inside after locking her up. You slid the pregnancy test in your jacket before entering. “Hi guys!”

Sam’s eyes drifted up to the bag you held, and he gave you a questioning look. “Salad?” He asked. You nodded, taking it out and passing it to him.

“Hey baby.” Dean was immediately up, walking over, kissing you. “Ohhh you sweet girl,” he pulled out two pies, one pecan, his favorite, and the other chocolate, your favorite.

“Save those for the movie!” You called, going to the bathroom, closing the door. Locking it, you unwrapped the box and opened it as quiet as you could. Eyes wide, you looked at the directions, went to the bathroom, washed your hands and watched the stick. You pulled out the old pocket watch from your grandfather, watching the time. “Come on, come on…” You glanced back and forth, pacing, having taken your boots off. You toed the floor anxiously, biting your lip.

And there was the answer. You were pregnant. You lit up completely, hiding your squeals behind your mouth and shoving the stick in your pocket when Dean knocked.

“Y/N, you okay?” He asked from the other side of the door.

“I’m fine, Dean!” You smiled, washing your hands yet again, opening the door. You hugged him full force, and he stumbled a little, hugging you.

“Woah! You okay there?” Dean chuckled, smiling. His hands settled around you, and you smiled, kissing along his jaw.

“I’m perfect. Wait, no I’m not perfect but I’m just peachy!” You stood on your tip toes, kissing his nose. He blushed, and you ran to the couch, sitting down. “You coming to watch Sam?” You asked, and he got up, mid salad, sitting on his bed behind the pair of you.

Dean shrugged at Sam, who gave him a weird look, sitting down with his arm wrapped around you. The movie started, and within two and a half hours, two pies, a salad, and half a bag of popcorn had been consumed by the three of you and Dean was in food coma.

Wriggling out of his grasp, you felt subconscious about your belly, sitting on the bed across from Sam. “Sammy?…” You called softly, watching him look over, sipping on a beer.

“Yeah?” Sam’s eyes met your e/c ones, watching you tear up.

“C-can I tell you something?” You folded your arms over your stomach, sniffling. Moose sat up, worried now. Slowly but surely, you pulled out the test, passing it over to Sam.

“You’re pregnant?” The words came out shocked and a little concerned. Sam watched you break down, hugging you. “Oh god, Y/N… When did you find out?…” He asked, hearing your quiet sobs.

“E-earlier… I was so excited… B-but I’m gonna be a bad mom… All I know is… Is…” Your breath hitched at your past, not wanting to relive your abusive family after your immediate one died in a demon attack. After that, your little brother died when in that abusive hold. “Is the way it was at my Uncle’s and- and the little bit of my dad…” Tears rolled down your cheeks, and Sam held you tight.

“It’ll be okay… You won’t be a bad mom. I promise. You don’t want to be your uncle or your aunt, which will help you…” He rubbed your arm, holding you. “Dean can help too… He knows about kids, I know a little bit… You were there, helping us with the shifter baby…”

You laughed. “I sang it to sleep, fed it, and changed its diaper, it wasn’t a lot.” You rubbed your eyes, make up ruined.

“But that’s the thing… It was. You knew on instinct. You’ll be fine, I promise.” Sam reassured. “I’m gonna be an uncle Sammy!” He hugged you again, and you laughed, feeling at peace for the night.

The next morning came rapidly, and you slept later than usual. Dean had gone to get breakfast, leaving the motel to you and Sam. After throwing up a lot, you emerged, and Sam chuckled. “You aren’t too far along, huh? Maybe a month and a half?” He commented. “I was on google, and it said morning sickness comes along from three weeks to almost 3 months, and you would be showing if you were 2 months.”

“Morning sickness?” You heard the flutter of wings, screaming when Castiel appeared from nowhere. “Y/N is with child?” He asked, eyes turning to you. Scared to respond, you nodded. A small, awkward grin formed on the angel’s face, and you couldn’t help but laugh. “Does Dean know?” He approached you, asking silently to touch your stomach.

You nodded, and smiled. “Not yet. Sam and I were just talking about setting up the place to surprise him.” You told him, shivering as he touched your stomach. “What do you think?”

“Well, I myself do not know much about fledglings, or children, or parties, so do you care if I bring an angel who does know these things?” Castiel tilted his head slightly to the right, and you couldn’t help but aww. He was just so cute!

“No! Not at all, bring them down.” And not a moment later, you regretted your decison. The archangel Gabriel stood in the room, a smirk placed on his lips. “Gabriel, oh geez you-”

“You’re carrying Deano’s baby, I hear? Congratulations!” Gabriel smirked, chuckling under his breath. You hit him, and he winced. “Aww, you think you can hurt me. You’re really cute. Lift your shirt.” You gave him a horrified look, and his eyes widened, laughing. “Not like that, but you know you want to.” He winked.

Slowly, you lifted Dean’s oversized T-shirt up, Gabriel placing a hand on your not-showing belly. “Cassie here was right on target. Month and a half in, good for you!” He patted your abdomen, your shirt going down as you shifted uncomfortably. “I say we go with green. Big banner telling the hunter he’s gonna be a daddy-”

“Can I put something in here? How about no huge banner, please! He’s not like that, he’ll get freaked out…” You sighed worriedly. “And… what about me? I’m scared to death of having this baby!” All three men had stopped in their tracks, Gabe the first to speak.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, I didn’t mean to be so controlling. This is huge in the angel world, really. The righteous man’s girl is having a baby.” Gabriel had a soft smile. “What if…”

Later on that day, the four of you were ready, Castiel being taught by Sam how to play on the game system Dean had insisted getting a while back. You and Gabe were finished making the pie, and Gabe put his hands on his hips. “Well, I say we did a damn good job.” He touched the hot pie, adding the touch it needed. The door handle fumbled, and Gabe cooled it immediately before disappearing.

“Y/N, I’m here, sorry it took so long-” Dean paused mid sentence at the smell that entered his nose. Wow, it was heavenly. (No pun intended XD it just happened.) “Is that pecan pie?”

You turned your head up at his words, smiling slightly. “Yeah! It is! I made it myself… You wanna try it?” You asked, wiggling the pie in his direction. He nodded eagerly, setting the late food down. Grabbing a fork, he eyed it, waving.

“Hey Cas!” He dug in, eyes widening at the taste. Suddenly he was pushed into a vision Gabe had put in the pie, smiling. It was later on in your pregnancy, and he was kissing your belly tenderly, and then it went even farther by showing him holding the hidden baby in his arms… The vision went on, and when his head cleared, he saw Cas, Sam, and you surrounding him.

“So?… Are you in?” You asked, blushing darkly. He shook his head, looking up at you, standing. Dean cupped your head in his hands. “Dean… I’m having your baby.”

“Of course I’m in!” Dean yelled after a minute, kissing you deeply, lifting you off the ground. “Oh my god… A baby…”

“God is not a baby, I reassure you, Dean. She was telling you that she is having a baby.” Castiel nodded, and Sam laughed, rustling his hair. Dean did too.

“A baby… How far are you in?…” Dean questioned, rubbing your arm, a smile on his face as his forest green eyes locked onto yours. You smiled, hugging him yet again, fear kicking in.

“A month and a half… I’m so happy… but I’m really scared, Dean. Birth is nothing to joke with, I have seen too much sixteen and pregnant.” You shook your head. You couldn’t think like this, it was seven and a half months away.

“Baby… I know it will be scary, and confusing, but I will be there to help you… I promise.” Dean kissed you deeply, and you finally settled down. It was time to start your family, and you couldn’t wait.

back by popular demand: kylux aftercare headcanons :^D

ok so obviously Kylo likes it hard. and Hux likes to give it to him hard. Hux is legitimately a hardcore freak so they can get pretty intense more often than not. And Kylo ends up covered in blood and bruises and marks (but he loves it ofc, he begs for that shit) and so depending on how kylo is feeling after they finish hux will help kylo to the bath (he has a nice big one b/c general) and just run him some nice warm water and clean him up and wash his hair and give him sweet kisses and tell him what a good job he did and sometimes if kylo is really needy hux will get in the bath with him and wrap his arms around kylo and just hold him until the water runs cold.

or if kylo is just exhausted after one of their sessions, hux will gently rub his wounds with a warm towel and kiss each and every mark when it’s clean and he will make eye contact with kylo if possible while doing this so kylo can see in his eyes how much he loves and appreciates him and then hux tucks him in bed and kylo always falls asleep almost instantly because hux wore him tf out and hux will kiss each of kylos eyelids before he leaves. 

basically hux has 0 chill during sex and gets sO fucking rough but as soon as he’s sated he becomes an absolute softy and coddles the fuck out of kylo. during sex kylo is his whore, after sex kylo is his sweetheart who needs comfort and affection and hux just dISHES out the praise like holy lord he lets kylo know he did a damn good job 


Silly Antics


Request: Chocobros reacting to the other chocobros doing silly antics? Doesn’t have to have reader but its up to you if your prefer writing with reader. Happy writing!

A/N: I’m so sorry if this isn’t what you were really looking for but i honestly had so much fun writing this omg so I really hope you guys enjoy! It’s taken me like three hours to write lmao rip to meeeeee

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johnny headcannons

Johnny headcannons

- Steve taught Johnny to drive. Steve was 15 and Johnny was 14

- when he turned 15, two bit out a condom in johnnys jacket pocket and once like 7 months later, Johnny needed it

-evie became really close friends with him

- the first time his mother got drunk and hit him, she was crying and he was 7 and she called him his fathers name

- once, dally had some business to take care of in New York and he brought Johnny and Johnny loved it there

- he’s never been scared of the dark

- he was buzzed when he lost his virginity. not drunk, but he was more confident after a drink

- he and soda colored on the desks in 2nd grade

- winter is his favorite season even though the holidays make him sad at home

- he was the only one in class to pass a pop quiz on the motifs of Macbeth in 9th grade

- he loves rollercoasters

- he thought he did a pretty damn good job on ponys hair in windrixville

- dally knows how smart Johnny really is and it makes Johnny so happy to know that someone understands his mind

- he had a crush on Judy Garland when he was little

- when he was very, very young, his mom was still sober and they used to make Christmas cookies together

- Johnny always gave the curtis’s a plate of them because he loved them, but he kept doing it by himself after his mom became really bad all the time to show the Curtis’s how thankful he is for them

- he will kill any bug literally any bug for you

- he loooooves frank Sinatra and he hums the songs to himself a lot

- mr. Curtis gave him Steve and soda the talk together

- he’s allergic to cats but thinks they’re so cute anyway

- his first date was at a drive in and they went out for ice cream after

- he was supposed to have a big growth spurt at age 17, according to the doctor, but he didn’t make it

- he leaves flowers on the curtis’s graves when he can afford it

- he’s really good at swiping things from stores, but he doesn’t feel right about it so he doesn’t do it a lot

- he kicked this socy guy’s ass when he was 14 because dallas told him girls would think it was cool

Good night, Bitch

“I can’t fucking believe I’m stuck out here with you.” Being stuck with Dean Winchester was not something you had ever anticipated. Seeing Dean Winchester again wasn’t ever in your plans. You hadn’t seen him in damn near 11 years and that was by design. Now you were stuck in Dean’s broken down car in the middle of nowhere, waiting for Sam to come get you. He was at least 12 hours away. This was going to be absolute hell. 

“Yeah, well, feeling’s mutual.” Dean snapped.

The two of you absolutely despised each other. You were friends once. Lovers. Until his dad disappeared and he refused to let you help once John reappeared and told you all about the yellow eyed demon. The two of you fought, bitter words were exchanged. You’d called him nothing but an obedient little soldier. You’d said some not so nice things about John Winchester that you refused to take back. Dean had called you weak, a burden, a terrible hunter, a liability. Then he left you in the middle of the night with a note that called you nothing but a bitch. Nothing more to him than decent sex.

“I didn’t ask for you to come on this hunt in the fucking first place, Dean. I asked Garth to send backup and he sent you. As soon as you saw it was me you could’ve turned away and you fucking didn’t. You insisted on coming!” You pulled your legs up to your chest and wrapped your arms around your knees, trying to get warm. It was starting to get cold and the Impala was completely dead. No heat. “So don’t fucking pin this on me!” You yelled through chattering teeth. 

“You’re right.” Dean mumbled, barely audible. “There’s a blanket under the seat…” 

“How many people have you fucked on it?” 

“Come on, Y/N. Work with me here. It’s clean and you’re fucking freezing.” Dean suddenly opened his door and came to the back, sliding into the back seat next to you. He unfolded the blanket himself and threw it over you. He shrugged out of his jacket and tossed it to you, waiting and watching to see what you’d do. 

Hesitantly, you slipped your arms into it and zipped it up, practically melting into the warmth. His jacket still smelled exactly the same as you remembered. Gunpowder, whiskey, and mint. Everything that was distinctly Dean. “Why do you suddenly care so much? I thought you’d sooner see me dead.” 

“No…” Dean shook his head, staring out the front windshield, not meeting your eyes. “I never meant any of the shit I said to you. I just had to keep you away from Azazel. Keep you safe. And the only way I knew how was to make you hate me. I was gonna come back for you but -”

“I changed all my numbers and fell off the grid to stay away from you.” You murmured. He nodded sadly. 

“You did a damn good job. Then Garth called and said this girl hunter named Y/N needed backup close by and I took a chance that maybe it was you.” Dean shrugged. “If you still hate me, I get it.” Dean started to shiver and you shook your head, rolling your eyes. There were a lot of things you’d have to talk about later, like Dean not making your decisions for you, but for now you were focused on getting through the night. 

“You’re freezing, you asshole.” You sighed and crawled on top of him, pulling the blanket with you and cocooning both of you in it. “This should keep us both warm until Sam gets here. We can’t freeze to death. We have 11 years to make up for.” Dean started to speak and you stopped him, pressing your lips against his, taking him off guard. “Goodnight, asshole.” 

“Goodnight, bitch.” Dean chuckled, running his hands through your hair. 

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*heavy breathing* We can recreate it. we have the technology


(scene……… from a fic………. i wrote…………..  it’s 90% from May’s point of view………. sweating……. the rest of it is here)

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Conference Calls and Business Meetings

ship: dean x reader
rating: mature
tags: smut, fingering, oral sex (male receiving), closet sex, quickie, more smut
summary: being Dean Smith’s wife most certainly had it’s perks but not necessarily in the middle of a meeting with your boss.
word count: 2,521
written for: @the-mrs-deanwinchester 7 Days of Dean Challenge
tagging: @ac-dcdean, @mishasmuffin, @imakittehkatt, @aprofoundbondwithdean, @wetsammywinchester

You resisted the urge to sigh in annoyance as you listened to Zachariah drone on about monthly sales goals and projected growth for the year. You truly didn’t understand why you had to sit in on these meetings. Sure you were Mr. Smith’s wife and sure he was prompted to some big shot and you oversaw all the monetary affairs but that didn’t mean that you actually had to listen to what was being told. Yearly goals, that wasn’t exactly your area of expertise.

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