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FBAWTFT characters - May it inspire some people!

“Tina,” Graves sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose. “What, in the name of God, are you doing half naked in my office?” 

“Take off your clothes!” Newt yells. “Now, Tina! QUICKLY!”

“And then he ran into my wand. He ran into my wand ten times.” 

“Gellert, please.” 

“Are you courting me?” Graves asks, incredulous. “Do you know who I am?” 

“Sir,” Tina’s voice is soft, broken. “There’s been… an accident.” 

“Newt? Why is there a mermaid in the bathtub? I need to get ready for the MACUSA’s annual end of the year ceremony, Newt. Newt get that mermaid out of the bathroom. Newt.” 

“If I take into account their glares and raised wands, I’d say that they want to kill you,” Graves says. Credence smiles dangerously. 

“They wouldn’t be the first. Let them come. I’m not helpless anymore.” 

“You are, without a doubt, the worst criminal I have ever heard of,” Seraphina muses.

“But you have heard of me.” 

“Can we not do this now?” 

“Yes we can and yes we will,” Newt growls. “You’ve been putting this off, again and again and I am frankly tired of you playing hide and seek like we’re five years old instead of grown adults.” 

“This is a stakeout. We’re on a mission.” 

“I care more about saving this relationship than the fucking mission.” 

“Aren’t you supposed to do my biding?” Graves asks, incredulous.

“Not interested, thanks. However, your cat looks cute, so I think I’m gonna stick around.” 

“I can’t believe you summoned a demon into our apartment, Tina. What will Mrs Esposito say?” 

“He’s cute?” Tina says weakly, staring at the man-demon-thing with curly hair and freckles currently sleeping on their sofa. 

He’s a demon.” 

“Let go of me,” Credence snarls. “Let go of me or I swear I will kill you.”

“With what? You’re unharmed. You don’t have a wand.” 

“Ahah, very funny. I didn’t know you were capable of humor, Madam President.” 


“You are joking, right?” 

“You’re fired, Mr Graves.” 

“Is that a phoenix?” 


“Why is there a phoenix flying around in the office, burning my paperwork?” 

“It hatched this morning,” Newt says, cooing at the bird. “Come see mummy. Here. Good.” 

“You know what I need? I need a good, old fashioned banging,” Tina slurs, taking off her shirt and stumbling around the room drunkenly until she finally falls on the bed.  

“While I’m not sure who you are or what you are doing in my tent,” a British voice replies, turning on the light, “I’m sure I could help you with that.” 

Tina yells.

“I’m not usually so straightforward,” Seraphina says, “but I’ll be damned if you aren’t the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever met in the entirety of my lesbian life. Can I get your number?” 

The blond waitress - Queenie, her name tag reads- blushes prettily. “U-uh, I, I mean… Sure. Yeah. I won’t be able to text back until 7 though.” 

“That’s fine. Holy shit.” Seraphina takes a sip and burns her tongue in the process. “Thanks for the coffee.” 


Andy + Travel  [Read More]

  "I tend to throw loads of stuff in a bag, then lose it because the kids’ stuff takes precedence. I spent our last holiday wearing the same pair of shorts all week, and I quite liked that. Holidays for me are about dropping anchor somewhere completely new and not being on show.“


Pairing: Theo x Reader (thx for requesting love)

Warnings: angst, moderate language aka swearing, self deprecating thoughts, the reader being practically naked, lots of kissing and a steamy makeout (veering towards smut)

Summary: Y/N is having some self image issues and starts picking out her flaws. Thankfully her boyfriend, Theo, shows her how wrong she is, proving to her that she’s everything and more than perfect in his eyes and every ‘imperfection’ she speaks of is just another thing that made him fall in love with her.

Word Count: 1.1k

A/N: Friendly reminder that you’re beautiful. You hear me? You’re so damn gorgeous, you fucking go girl (or guy)! For every second you’re worried about how you look, I’m thinking about how amazing you look with that hairstyle or those cute shoes. You slay! Okay? You’re not allowed to fight me on this, because in my eyes you’re perfect. For every flaw you pick out, there are people in your life that could pick out 10 characteristics they love about you. Darling it’s all about perspective :)))) and from my angle you’re looking hot goddamn!!!



I sigh, my palms laying against the tile to hold me up steadily as hot water rushes down my back. I roll back my shoulders, trying to force the tension in my body away.

I push one last hand through my hair, turning the metal knob to stop the stream of water and pushing back the curtain.

I step out of the shower, reaching out to the nearby hanger and grabbing the plush robe and set of underwear. I wrap myself in the soft fabric and pull on the panties and bra. I gather my hair to one side, wringing out the excess water, then grabbing the towel on the other hanger to dry my hair as much as possible.

I hang the wet towel back up and tug open the wooden door, leaving the bathroom to walk the short distance to my bedroom, hoping to snuggle into my covers for a cozy night in.

I’m about to plop into bed and turn on some Netflix when I turn a bit, catching sight of myself in the full length mirror. My expression falls, seeing my worn-out features and disheveled hair.

I step closer, examining my face and every imperfection; the way my nose is slightly crooked, my lips are too thin, and how my eyebrows are uneven.

I shrug the robe off my shoulders, critiquing my figure as well. How could someone as hot as Theo be with someone as ugly as me? My breasts were way too small and so was my ass. The stretch marks and veins that normally didn’t bother me, were sticking out like a sore thumb against my pale, lifeless skin.

I bend over, the rolls of my stomach becoming prominent. I grab at the fat between my thumb and forefinger, groaning at the extra weight. I wish I looked like one of those skinny girls in the magazines, but no, I had to be given a terrible metabolism.

I spin on my heel, looking at how repulsive I was from new angles. Small tears start to trickle down my cheek on their own accord.

I hear the front door of the house unlock, footsteps sounding up the stairs quickly and before I know it, Theo’s at the doorframe, shock displayed across his face.

My eyes widen in surprise as well, looking down at my almost naked body. “I guess this is the first of many times I come over without invitation,” he says, a smirk taking over his previously shocked expression.

He starts to saunter over to me, but stops short, a frown filling his pink lips. I realize why, brushing away any leftover tears and avoiding his eyes by looking down at my feet.

Theo raises his hands, cupping my cheeks and guiding my eyes to look into his own, ignoring my obvious hesitation.

“Y/N, what’s going on?” He gently asks, his dark brows pulled together in concern.

My tongue skims over my lip, before I bite on it. Weighing if I should spill the truth or not.

“Babe, don’t even think about lying. Remember, I can hear your heartbeat.” He basically reads my mind, stopping me from considering lying about what was bothering me.

“Why are you with me?” I query, genuine interest coming from my question.

“What?” Theo asks, incredulously. “You cannot be serious right now.”

“You’re way out of my league, Theo. You’re so hot and I’m just…” I motion back to the mirror. “How can you say you love someone as ugly as me,” I reiterate, but disbelief stays plastered across his face.

He rolls his eyes at my words, but I stand my ground, wanting to hear his answer. “Love, you can’t seriously be asking me this. You’re fucking perfect.” Theo’s fingers start roaming along my shoulders then my arms then on my waist.

“Y/N, I can’t believe you think you’re any less than perfect. Every single damn ounce of you is made of perfection.” He backs up towards my bed, pulling me with him, but once we reach the edge of the bed frame he picks me up bridal-style and lays me down carefully on top of the covers.

“Theo, but I’m fat and look at my gross stretch marks,” I mutter, a grimace on my face.

“Baby, you’re not fat, whatsoever. You’re body is so beautiful. Whatever size you are, is the size for me.” Theo starts kissing the expanse of my stomach, then to my upper thighs. “And these, baby, these stretch marks are sexy as hell. Each one is like a tiger stripe, marking your journey as a human being, and that thought, fuck. I just love you so much and seeing you hating yourself, makes me so angry, because all I see in you is how damn lucky I am to be able to witness a fucking glimpse of your beauty.”

“But, don’t you think I have so many flaws? Like my boobs are way too small and my hips stick out too mu-”

“Y/N, how many times do I have to say you’re perfect?” He laughs, his lips moving to kiss the laced fabric of my bra. “These aren’t too small and I’d hate to see them any other way if I’m being honest, because I’m so used to them.” He gives them a playful squeeze, causing a light chuckle on my half.

He peppers kisses along my hip bones too, a stifled moan coming from him. “And your hips, damn, they just, fuck, they’re one of my favorite parts of you.”

“Love, I’ll spend all night kissing every inch of you if that’s what it takes for you to believe that you’re perfect. I couldn’t care less about a number on a scale or the size of your bra. All I care about is your happiness and self love, because baby, I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t love yourself.”

Theo looks up at me with those hazel, but prominently blue eyes, his brown hair looking soft as ever. My hands delve into the strands, tugging them towards me playfully. He smirks at me, crawling up the bed until he hovers over me, my lips planting on his as my fingers tug and pull in his hair.

His hands clasp onto my waist, massaging the tender flesh, while deepening the kiss. Theo runs his tongue over my bottom lip in askance and I oblige, our tongues dancing together beautifully, fueling the kiss with more passion and love than we’ve ever had.

Our noses bump into one another’s as he pulls back a millimeter, both of us trying to even out our breaths. “Youre perfect in my eyes, baby, and that’s all that matters,” he murmurs against my lips between deep breaths.

“Thank god I have you to remind me,” I whisper, so damn grateful to the universe for bringing us together, resting my forehead on his.

“Thank god I even have you,” he replies and I just respond by pecking him on the lips again, savoring the taste of his mouth on my own.

His lips start trailing down my neck, leaving hot, wet kisses down my skin, whispering “perfection” after every single one.

Sincerely Three x Chubby!Reader Headcanons

Warnings: hella cute 

 A/N: yay more sincerely three headcanons! Requests are always open



-connor never had anyone who cared about him as much as you did

-so he never wanted to see you in pain

-he would gladly beat the shit out of anyone that hurt you… unless that person was you

-“connor… i think i gained a few pounds.”

“so? that doesn’t change the fact that you’re beautiful.”

-sometimes people would make remarks behind your back, but they quickly shut their mouths if they see Connor nearby

-Connor once put a kid in a headlock for saying shit about you 

-you had to pry him off of the poor kid

-connor loves every bit of you 


“no buts. i love you and that’s what matters”

-connor makes sure to kiss your stomach when you have sexy times

-he kisses every bit of skin and makes sure to look in your eyes and tell you how stunning you are

-he just loves you a lot okay?

-and he never wants you to feel about yourself because you mean the world to him 


-“i wish i could wear what the other girls wear to school" 

“why… why can’t you?" 

"well im not their size and it probably wouldn’t look good on me" 

"i-i think you’d look beautiful… um, like you always do”

-evan always tried to tell you every day how much he loves you and how beautiful you are no matter how big or small

-sometimes when you began to think lowly of yourself, evan will kiss you and tell you everything he loves about your body

-he actually defended you once when some boys made some remarks, the boys laughed but they never bothered you again

-when you went to the gym to try and lose weight, evan always checked up on you to make sure you were doing okay

-but most of the time he would send you encouraging messages like “i believe in you” and “you can do it” and also “even if you feel like giving up, i’ll still love you no matter what”

-evan really was the sweetest and always tried to make you feel better about yourself

-he just always wants you to see the good things in you because this boy loves you with all his heart and it hurts him to see you so sad

-he always makes sure to text you in the morning and late at night about how surprised and lucky he is to have someone like you

-he is so sweet to you about everything and you can’t help but fall in love more and more with each passing day 


-jared isn’t the most emotional guy on the planet, but he always made sure that you knew he thought you were the most stunning person he had ever seen

-“babe, do you know how beautiful you are? No? well first off…”

-he did that quite often^

-he loves laying his head down on your stomach and falling asleep

-if you ever mentioned you weight, he would shut you up with a kiss and then say 

“babe i don’t know if you know this, but you’re the hottest girl i have ever seen and nothing you say or do will change that.”

-he even agreed to go to the gym with you to help you, even though he insisted that you don’t need to lose weight to be beautiful

-he heard a boy call you mean names because of your weight and you had never seen jared so angry before… you’re pretty sure he would’ve punched the kid to death if you hadn’t stepped in 

“it was worth getting detention for a week y/n”

-he loved to go clothes shopping with you so he can see you in many different outfits that made you look so cute

-every time you would show him a new outfit he’d respond with


-you frequently had to apologize to the store clerks but you loved how supportive he was

-despite what people say, jared does have a soft side but he only reserved that side for you -he just loves you a lot and if proving that to you meant he had to show real emotions, then he’d do it in a heartbeat

Marrying Barry Would Include...

 × Him being extremely nervous and self-conscious 

 × You freaking out because you’re about to marry Barry Allen 

 × Iris being your maid on honor 

 × Cisco being the best man 

 × even though he really wanted to be thw flower girl 

 × Barry gulping every two seconds because damn do you look gorgeous 

 × Him holding onto you for dear life as you kiss to seal the deal 

 × Him not being able to stop grinning the entire time 

 × Caitlin and Iris diving into the wedding cake 

 × Barry holding you as close as he possibly can during your first dance 

 × Joe asking to dance with you 

 × Kara coming to the wedding 

 × Oliver coming, too 

 × and Barry getting really excited about it and the five of you dance together 

 × Everyone forcing Barry to serenade you 

 × Which ends in you crying and not letting his arm go for an hour

Self Made

I had no clue on how to make one so I had to look it up. So if you have done it and I didn’t do it correctly. SORRY!

Hope everyone enjoys!

Yours and Y/N anniversary was coming up so you wanted to do something for her, but didnt know what to get her. So you went to the guys.
“I need some gift ideas for Y/N for our anniversary”. Happy said taking a swig of his beer.
“How long you been together”. Jax asked
“Going on five years, longest relationship I’ve ever been in”.
“Then you should go all out, make her a dildo of you dick”. Tig said
“What the hell are you talking about”? Asked Juice.
“You know, you take plaster and put your dick in it and let it sit and then when its done you pour silcone or latex in the mode and wait then you have a self made dildo”.
“You know way to much about how to make one”. Juice said shaking his head
“I give them out for christmas presents to the ladies”. Tig winked
“That might be a good gift”. Happy thought about it.
“Your really not going to take advice from Trager are ya”?
“Yeah, maybe”. “Y/N’s always saying she misses my dick when I’m away, so it will be like having me home when I’m not”. Happy said getting up
“If you need any help, I’m your man”. Tig said raising his beer
Happy just looked at him and walked off. “Really”? Juice asked
“He might need some help, I was just trying to be nice”. Tig rolled his eyes.
Happy went to a sex shop that was recommended by Tig. He bought the kit and drove to the clubhouse. He couldnt let Y/N know what he was doing.
“Trager, get in here”. Happy yelled down the hall
“What’s up brother”?
“I read the instructions but I’m not getting it”. Happy let out a huff.
“You mix this with water and mold it to you”. “Then you let it set and pour the silcone and wala you have two of the same dicks”. Tig laughed.
“Okay thanks”. “Now get out”. Happy nodded to the door
Tig closed the door. Happy done what Tig told him to door. It felt like hours for the mold to get hard. He had to keep his erection at his best, so he thought of Y/N. He pictured her on her knees and how she looked squirming at his touch. Finally it was finished. Happy was so proud of himself.
Two  Days Later.
You walked in seeing Happy on the couch with a box with ribbons.
“Hey sexy Daddy”. You kissed his rough lips.
“Damn little Girl, you get more gorgeous every time I see you”. Happy pulled you into his lap
“You pantie dropper you”. You said laughing “So whatcha got in the box”?
“Its for you”. “I was going to give it to you on our anniversary but I’m going to be on a run”. He looked down at his feet.
“What, why does Jax always have to miss shit up”. You got up crossing your arms
“You know the club comes first”.
“Yeah I know that but I thought maybe one time I could come first”. You walked away
Happy followed with the box in hand.
“I’m sorry, we can still celebrate when I get back”. “Here”. He gave you the box.
“I know this is not going to make up for it but its a start”.
You open the box pulling  back the tissue paper, you pulled out the dilido
“What in the world have you done”?
“I made it”.
“You made me this, from what”? You eyed him
“From my dick, you always begging me to come home and fuck you when I’m on a run so I thought you could use this”.
“Umm who helped you”?
“Trager helped with the instructions, no one else is seeing my dick”. “Its your and only yours”.
“Thank god”. You grabbed his shirt and kissed him roughly.
“So you going to try it out”? Happy asked excitedly
“Maybe, only if you watch then come join”. A devilish grin came across yous and Happys face.
Happy couldnt stand him self as he saw you pleasing yourself. He lasted about five mintues and then jumped you. It was a very satisfying part one of your anniversary

But You’re Gorgeous. (Grant Gustin Imagine)

REQUEST: I know the Ice Bucket Challenge is over and done with, but can I get an imagine where Danielle Panabaker nominated Grant Gustin for the Ice Bucket Challenge, and the female reader (who is the lead singer of a pop punk band and Grant’s girlfriend) was nominated by the drum player in her band, and she and Grant do the Ice Bucket Challenge at the same time? The reader is slim, but not in an unhealthy way. 


I hope you enjoy!!

Warning: Body shaming, insecurity :(

Originally posted by imgoingfullnerd

Jeremy, your band’s drummer, posted his Ice Bucket Challenge and nominated you to do so. He then texted you to wear something cute to show off your summer body that you worked so hard on. But the comments on his video bashed you. Some saying that he could’ve chosen a girl with more curves, some calling you a stick, some even saying no one wants to see the rib cage of the girl that probably starves herself.

Although the accusations were untrue, they still hurt. You tried so hard to be a good influence. You ate healthy, worked out with your boyfriend, Grant who played the Flash on the CW, and promoted the healthy lifestyle with organic food. Not that you needed to do all that hard work, but it made you feel better to do so. But the comments that others’ made on your body made that good feeling dissolve into insecurities.

Grant came into your shared bedroom with a big smile as he watched Danielle’s Ice Bucket Challenge. “She nominated me.” Grant laughed.

“Yeah, Jeremy did too.” You gave him a small smile. Grant frowned a little at you. “What?”

“We’ve been dating for six months.” Grant said, in a sassy yet stern tone. “That means, I can tell when you’re sad. So what’s wrong?”

“I want to do it, the challenge, but people are going to say something about me being so skinny again.” You sighed, meeting his green eyes.

Grant rolled his eyes. “Screw those guys. I mean I’d want to look just like you if I were a girl. And if I were a guy, wait I am…” He laughed a little which made you laugh as well. “If I weren’t dating you, thankfully I am, I would want you to be my girlfriend. Because have you seen yourself in the mirror? Damn girl.” Grant commented in his weird, dorky way. He then pulled you into a kiss.

You pulled away, “They don’t think that.” You sighed. “To them, I’m all skin and bones. Not beautiful. Not damn girl worthy.”

But You’re Gorgeous.” Grant told you. “Now let’s do this ice bucket thing!”

Even through your protests, Grant managed to convince you to get into a cute two piece. “I’m Grant Gustin and I’m with my beautiful girlfriend, (Y/N) (Y/L). I was nominated by Danielle Panabaker.”

“And I was nominated by Jeremy Lauren.” You then listed people who you wanted to do the challenge next and Grant did the same.

Your friends dropped the bucket on you two. And the two of you started laughing. “You’re gorgeous.” Grant laughed. “STOP THE HATE AND CURE ALL THE DISEASES.” Grant screamed as he put his arm around you.


*** This ones for all my fellow shy girls out there that stutter trying to order food from a drive thru and barely have social interactions, much less do the do. 😂💘 No actual smut for this one but let me know if you guys want that, this part just got too long. 🔥🔥***

“Who’s the new girl?” “I don’t know. She came with that one croweater Kozik’s been after.” Tig nodded and looked back over at you, a smirk playing on his lips. At first glance, you didn’t seem too out of place but after watching you for a couple minutes, you stuck out like a sore thumb. With everyone around you laughing and drinking, you sat on the couch, hands folded awkwardly on your lap. Jax was sitting next to you, getting a lap dance from a croweater and you stayed looking forward, smiling shyly and scooting over when Jax’s knee hits yours as he opened his legs giving her more room. You stayed still, observing everyone around you enjoying themselves but Tig stayed watching you, fascinated.

He watched as you smiled whenever someone would smile at you and then go back into your shell. You slowly sipped from your drink and politely turned down new ones from whoever offered. A croweater suddenly walked up to you, leaning down and putting her mouth by your ear softly and Tigs smile widened. It faultered a bit though as you nodded at whatever she said and she hugged you in a friendly way before sneaking off to the dorm hallway where Kozik was leaning against the wall, waiting for her.

Tig continued to sip his beer and spectate, searching around the room as he saw your face suddenly go red and you looked down at your lap. Following your eyes, he laughed to himself. Hap was sitting on the couch across the way, legs spread wide as a blonde is kneeled in front of him, her lips wrapped around him. Looking back towards you, he watched as you tried to find anywhere to look except at Happy. The innocence radiated off of you and the thought of a virgin sitting in the midst of nothing but sex had Tigs heart spreading up. Sons were scattered all around you, some making out, some receiving oral. Off in a darker corner, one of the prospects had a redhead bent over the arm of a couch and Tig’s legs seemed to have a mind of their own as they carried him over towards you.

You felt his presence and looked up, a small smile on your lips instinctively. He squatted down beside you and leaned against the arm of the couch next to your hand. “Hi Babydoll.” “Hi.” He smiled as your blush returned and brushed his thumb over the back of your hand. “Want to go outside? It’s quieter, not so much…” He motioned to Jax who was now having his belt buckle undone and you nodded quickly. Tig smiled again and stood, holding his hand out to you. Placing your smaller hand into his, you stood and began to follow him outside, your cheeks going pink once again as he continued to hold your hand.

Finding a more calm, isolated place in the lot, you sat down beside him and took a deep breath. “Better?” “Yeah. It was getting kinda stuffy in there.” “Yeah. Never seen you around here before. I’m Tig.” You nodded and took a sip of your drink, Tigs eyes on you as your lips closed around the rim and you swallowed. “Y/N. It’s my first time.” Tig nodded and couldn’t help the craving to give you a couple of other firsts tonight. “Parties aren’t really my thing. I don’t get out much.” “You came with Genevieve right?” You nodded and smiled before taking another sip and his suspicions of her being a friend were answered. He decided to play with you.

“Her and Kozik are always running off together. Fucking each other until the sun is coming back up.” You sputtered as you choked a little on your drink, Tig smirking. “You and her seem close. You should join them. I’m sure neither of them would mind.” You shook your head quickly. “Oh, no.” Even though he already knew the answer, he asked anyways. “Why not, boyfriend wouldn’t like it?” “I don’t have a boyfriend. I actually never have.” You laughed but then swallowed as Tig’s hand settled on your thigh, rubbing gently and squeezing every now and then. “That’s a damn shame. Gorgeous girl like you and no man to worship her?”

You laughed nervously, Tig on a roll. “You don’t know what you’re missing, baby. But you’re a good girl right? Are you a good girl?” The low tone of his voice and hand now moving a little higher made a shiver run down your spine. You hesitated before you nodded slowly and he smiled, his other hand coming up to smooth over your hair. “Good girls deserve rewards. They deserve to be taken care of.” Tigs hand left your thigh and came up to cup your cheek, his thumb brushing over your pout gently.

“You want me to take care of you? Want me to show you how good you can feel?” Tigs pants tightened as you looked up at him with wide, innocent eyes full of wonder. You didn’t know if it was the alcohol or the spell that he had you under but you nodded again and he smiled before leaning forward and pressing his lips against yours, slow but passionate. You found yourself kissing back, terribly no doubt, but Tig didn’t seem to mind. Being Tig, he seemed to get off on the simple detail and he stood, reaching out for you again.

He walked with you into the clubhouse, his arm securely around your waist and leading you back to his dorm. He locked the door as you walked into the room and he turned around to face you, your hands clasped together in front your body awkwardly. He made his steps towards you slow and as he got closer, you couldn’t help the weird sense of excitement you felt bubbling up to the surface. He closed the gap and lifted your head by the chin, your eyes locking with his. “You sure?” You swallowed and nodded. “I don’t want to…you know, like I don’t want…” “We won’t have sex.”

You nodded and blushed again for the hundredth time that night. Tigs arms wrapped around your waist and one hand slid down, taking a gentle but firm handful of your ass. “We can go as slow as you want. It’s all about learning. Whatever you want to know, I’ll teach you babygirl.” “Anything?” He nodded, loving the sparkle in your eyes. “Anything.”

anonymous asked:

Can you do a headcannon of the KBTBB guys coming home one night and seeing MC waiting for them in new lingerie??

(Yasss, bae. I fucking love lingerie, it makes me feel so sexy, yo~)

Eisuke: Once Eisuke entered the spacious penthouse bedroom, he froze in place once he saw her sitting on top of the bed, clad in a tight corset with matching panties and fishnet stockings. His devilish eyes studied her body up and down, finally fixating his gaze on her innocent, blushing face. His lips contorted into a sly grin as he took a seat on his throne like chair. “If you’re bold enough to approach me in such an audacious little ensemble, then you wouldn’t mind entertaining me,” he challenged.

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The Intern.


You and the group stood around, waiting to be assigned to a resident.

Nerves and anxiety filled you, but you were also excited to start this journey. It was something you’ve wanted forever.

Luckily, you and the small group befriended one another during the long week of touring around the hospital.

You couldn’t help but grow closer to them, they were like family.

“Oh my god, is that them?” Izzie muttered, catching all of your attention.

You snapped your gaze up, and felt your stomach flutter. They were-

“Gorgeous. Damn.” Izzie continued.

You and the girls nodded simultaneously as the boys huffed and rolled their eyes.

“We are here to work.” Alex stammered. “Not drool over the residents.”

You nudged his side, chuckling from the annoyed statement. “Is someone jealous?”

He scrunches his nose and furrowed his brows. “No.”

“We can look, just not touch.” Cristina flashed a wink.

Your stomach constricted as you all belted out in laughter. That was until you heard someone clear their throat from behind.

“Okay, rule number one; don’t bother sucking up. I already hate you, that’s not gonna change.” A short, dark woman exclaimed. She looked down at her clip board, pursing her thick lips. “Hodgens, Yang, O'malley, and Carev. You’re with me. Let’s go.”

You waved goodbye and watched them fade into the crowd.

“Hi, I’m Dr. shepherd. Welcome to Seattle Grace.” He smirked. Making you weak in the knees. Man was he handsome. “Padan, Jones, Grey, and kepner.”

Meredith flashed a smile, and left with her group. Standing close to her resident.

“And then there was us.” Izzie stammered, gently bumping into you.

“Jacobs, Stevens, Y/L/N, and Speight.” A rough voice barked from behind, causing you to jolt in your stance.

You and izzie shred a glance, and you noticed the small smirk on her face.

“Ladies! Come on, I don’t have all day.” He stammered.

He began to walk, which you followed behind.

“I’m Dr. Winchester. I like long walks on the beach, and I’m an Aquarius.” He said sarcastically.

You all chuckled, feeling the tension in the air loosen.

He stopped mid way down the hall, making you crash right into him. Your heart stopped as you two made eye contact for a brief moment. His glistening green eyes were breathtaking and the freckles that covered his cheeks popped under the light.

His lips curved, making your breath hitch. You were lost in his gaze, falling into his trance.

But he cleared his throat, and turned his gaze to the guy behind you. Snapping you back to reality.

“Sammy, Sloan is looking for you!” He croaked.

You looked back, and couldn’t believe your eyes. He was tall and his shaggy hair covered his face. His thin lips pulled up, exposing his teeth.

“Great.” He stammered.

He closed the book and started down the hall. Before you knew it, he was gone.

“Come on minions. Let’s get started.” Dr. Winchester muttered.

He shoved his hands into his lab coat pockets, and began walking.

“I don’t do cry babies, so don’t get too attached to the patients. If I ever see you cry, I’m kicking you out of my OR. Got it!” He exclaimed.

You all nodded in unison.

“Good.” He exhaled.

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Josh praising you during sex and being possessive bc you're insecure about your body?? (thick thighs, chubby stomach, etc)

*ok first of all before i begin, lemme just say something… BIG. GIRLS. ARE. FUCKING. GORGEOUS. LIKE. HOLY. HOT. DAMN. ok thank you

“Look at this gorgeous body,” Josh murmured as he slid his hands up and down your skin. He peppered kisses all over your stomach, then lowered his head down to your thighs, kissing the insides of them.

“Mmm feels so good,” you moaned.

“You’re beautiful,” he sighed, gently pushing open your thighs a little wider before closing his eyes before pressing a light kiss to your center. “So wet for me too. God baby, you’re perfect.”

“Please,” you mumbled. “More.”

“Anything you say, princess,” he replied, glancing up at you before sliding his tongue up and down your folds, starting to eat you out, making you gasp. His mouth worked wonders on your pussy. When he sucked on your clit, you squirted, moaning out his name as he licked up all your juices.

“You taste so sweet,” he hummed when he pulled away from your face. “Ready for my cock?”

“Of course,” you replied. He climbed ontop of you, taking your face in his hands and pressing a kiss to your forehead before slowly sliding into you. “Such a good girl, fuck, you feel so amazing.” He began to rock his hips up to meet yours, sliding his hands down your body and massaging your breasts. “You are so gorgeous.” He began to move faster and faster, causing you both to cum, wrapping your arms around each other before feeling your bodies shake with your orgasms, then collapse into each other. “So beautiful.” He repeated. “And to think that I’m lucky enough to have you all to myself.”


Reaction: When you’re being jealous but refuse to show/admit it


“c’mon i mean i know that girl probably fell in love with me at first sight but you know i only love you right??”

Junhoe would be kind of happy over the fact that you are jealous and probably tease you about it at first, saying stuff like that of course the girl fell in love with him because he is so handsome (although he really thinks that) so he can see your cute reaction just getting more jealous but end up laughing and pull you close to give you a passionate kiss to show you that you shouldn’t be jealous at all cause he loves you that much.


“yahh, you are jealous aren’t you? i know you are.” *laughs*

Bobby would poke your body and tickle you till you admit that you’re jealous. He really enjoys seeing you being jealous because that shows that you really do love and care about him, so instead of pretending not to be jealous, he rather sees you jealous because it’s cute. At the end when you admitted it in an upset tone, he would say something sweet to make up for all the teasing.


“i mean that girl had gorgeous eyes and sweet smile, and damn did you look at her hair– i am just kidding” *mehrong*

Yunhyeong would love to tease you for a short moment but just in a sarcastic, over-dramatic tone because there is no reason to be jealous at all. He would make you admit your jealousy with words and laugh when you admitted it because he knew you’d gave in. He thinks it’s cute though and would reassure you with lots of cuddles and sweet kisses that you don’t have to be jealous at all.

You are love anon ♥

- moyo