damn genius writers


I admit seeing Yuto run while Yugo is zipping around on his D-wheel is a bit silly but it’s actually good world building. This duel shows how the rules between their two dimensions are so different. Yugo uses a D-wheel which Yuto doesn’t have as it’s not native to his dimension so he has to run. It shows how the two dimensions have differences in their culture and shows the viewers without the characters saying a word.

Link rearranged

So I organized the blog a bit. I replaced the answered ask link at the bottom of the blog with the general tag index. Said index has links to each specific episode, each season, the openings, endings, foreshadowing, ships, answered asks and the tags that I have added like God Damn Genius Writers and My Name is Yugo going forward if you want a laugh. I did this to better organize the blog so if anyone wants to search for something, it’s much easier.