damn enablers you know who you are

what the writers of the originals wanted to do;

•they wanted to show how dark and edgy they are in comparison to their mother show
•they wanted to have high ratings and be deemed as being “creative geniuses”
•write the characters however way the want, write their fave ships regardless if the general audience hated it or not

what the writers of the originals actually did;

•they centred the show around the concept of love interests and ships rather than showcasing the bonds of family, sure they have a few klelijah scenes here and there but we rarely get to see the other siblings and their insight into the complicated history and relationships they share with their family, there’s barely any meaty, deep family moments which includes rebekah, kol and finn along with klaus and elijah, the five of them never really appeared to be in the same damn room at the same time……..and the fact most of their interactions are in relation to their love interests ugh
•whether you love her or hate her you can admit that the writers managed to show that their biased when it comes to hayley, hell they casted her before any of the actual mikaelsons, we don’t know the story about what happened between phoebe and claire or why claire left but they replaced the female lead, who was an actual mikaelson, with her, and they give her more focus than almost every member of the family and “abilities” which enables people to dub her as “flying jesus”…
•they managed to carelessly annihilate fan favourite characters by destroying their characterisation to fit their own fantasies, apparently some of the writers admitted to disliking some of the characters when they were on tvd, they claim it’s all character development but there’s a clear difference between writing a character who is nothing but a mere shallow of who they were and all of their compelling attributes which made people interested in them now removed and character development
•a few examples includes klaus, do you remember back in the glory days of tvd when people were absolutely terrified of him - he was an urban legend and in s3 of tvd he was utterly fascinating and complex but in the originals he’s a mess a weeping mess at that, there’s nothing wrong with crying but not all the time, especially if you know his character, he’s reduced to a shadow of his former self
•another prime example is kol, he quickly became a fan favourite in tvd because he was a character that was fascinating much like klaus but in other ways, he was cheeky, outrageous, slightly psychotic, vain, all in all a trouble maker with a boyish charm who underneath it all felt as if his family didn’t care about him -like he didn’t belong, two deaths, a body swap and a resurrection later most of those qualities were pretty much stripped away and he was only all about davina, I didn’t mind davina as a character it’s the fact that the writers used that ship to in a way “disneyfy” him, I could also rant about elijah….
•the writers retconned a few canon events that were established in tvd such as tatia and her death, in tvd her blood was used to help turn the originals into vampires by esther and she subsequently died because of this/esther but in the originals they changed it and apparently elijah killed her? kk
•the writers forget the existence of henrik mikaelson, with the youngest mikaelson sibling never being mentioned verbally or through flashbacks
•the writers frequently would feud with and antagonise the fans, in particular with fans who ship klaroline and fans who love kol
•so the writers manage to end up with lower ratings because of ooc characters, weak plots although there is some potential with marcel, being ship infested and rather repetitive at times, and the fact that a lot of people would rather watch it if there was no baby plot because let’s be real here babies and vampires don’t particularly mix well.

Gazi the wasteman

This wasteman known as Gazi is calling Africans who corrected him and our parents coons on twitter, saying he knows more about African history than us. (x)

The audacity of this man. This is all because he is too arrogant to admit that once again, he fucked up and was talking outta his ass. Nothing says Pan-Africanism like calling Africans correcting you on your nonsense coons. See this goat.

I’ve said it plenty times, people like Gazi do not respect Africans. They are collectively dismissive towards Africans, even regarding matters of Africa. If you aren’t going to defer to Africans on matters of Africa, then what are you even doing? Who exactly is the authority here? Motherfucker, it’s not you. Sometimes you need to shut up, sit down and listen.

Even when people like Gazi are clearly wrong, they cannot save face and admit that they are. Maybe he’s too imbecilic to know that he truly is a joke. Maybe he thinks he’s smart. Nevertheless, people like him will doubledown in all their wrongness and they will be quick to insult Africans. It always goes down like that. For all the dashikis they will wear, all the “ase” “uhuru” and everything else they will spout, for all the Orishas they worship, for all the Fela they will listen to, it’s still basically just a dress rehearsal. It’s no different than a white girl wearing a headdress at Coachella. They might act like they are interested in you, but they aren’t. They just like the cool aspects of your culture. They get really dismissive when you have the gall to assert yourself and challenge them on their misconceptions about where you fucking come from.

They want to claim solidarity, but what does that mean when you’re insulting the people whose cultures you adorn yourself with? You call us coons, then twist your ashy mouth to say “Ase” while wearing a dashiki and butchering Yoruba. Fall the fuck back.

Nothing is wrong with learning more about Africa. Not at all. I know of no African person, Nigerian or otherwise who would not welcome real and genuine people. Are you kidding? It’s just that this fake bullshit of I know more than you about yourself is wack, paternalistic and fucking insulting. Gazi is no different than a white man in behavior and tactics. They want to tell you about yourself. They want to colonize and usurp your identity. They are the experts on you, your people, your culture and your land. If you dare to correct them about where you are from, then you’re a fucking coon. What?

People like Gazi will say they want to get in touch with Africans. Yes, us Africans. You know, people from the continent the likes of him claim to want to connect with. Alright. One thing though; if you are insulting Africans, what the fuck and who the fuck are you connecting to?

When you can’t take corrections from people who are from places you aren’t from, then you need to take a step back and reevaluate your position, and maybe come to terms with the fact that you might be wrong. That’s easier said than done, and for a dickhole like Gazi, that’s damn near impossible.

This joker is gonna go around telling people that Nigeria means “Nigger Area” because he read it on some clown’s hotep blog. Again, I don’t even blame Gazi at this point. It’s his enablers. I really don’t know how anyone with functioning brain cells can see all this and still say “Yeah, this man makes sense to me.”

If Gazi makes sense to you, please do us all a favor and don’t reproduce. Ya kids are gonna be the ones tormenting our children in school, calling them “African booty scratcher”, calling them all kinds of names, insulting them, their parents, acting like you know more than them about themselves and making them feel like shit. They’ll probably insult Muslim and Christian kids to boot and ask em why they ain’t praying to the sun and writing in hieroglyphics.

In short, fuck Gazi and everything he stands for. If you ride with him, then fuck you too.

Kindness Day

I originally planned on calling this the Kindness Challenge… but this honestly shouldn’t be a challenge. For anyone. Period. So, instead, this shall be known as kindness day. I truly hope you all choose to participate in this nobel and worthy cause. Also I’m sorry this is so long. I got caught up in the moment. Bolded items are key points.

Despite our best efforts to provide a loving place for the Animal Crossing community, hate messages continue to hurt our beloved crossing friends. People continue to anonymously attack and hurt each other over petty reasons. I’ll be completely blunt: it’s immature, unnecessary, and these people need to grow up.

So, I’m starting Kindness Day. Here’s how it’s going down.

  • Reblog this post. Reblogging shows your support for kindness to all. Reblogging means you are taking the pledge to show kindness and promote kindness. Reblogging also means you get assigned a super nice person. I guess kind of like a secret valentine, but there’s more to this than just nice messages. And it won’t be as secret.
  • Kindness Day will be February 15th, because why the hell not. It will give everyone time to do their secret valentine things. Because on February 15th… (here’s the catch)
  • TURN OFF ANON. No exception. If you reblog this, your anon will be TURNED OFF ON FEBRUARY 15th! And if it’s not, I will personally hunt you down and find you and harass you nicely on anon until you turn it off.
  • No, but seriously, just turn it off.
  • TURN
  • IT
  • OFF
  • Anyways. On this day, you should refer back to this post, check the notes, and go to the blog of the person on the note list who is above you. If you’re at the top, go to the first person on the bottom. Feel free to pick more than one person! I don’t care who it is or if you like that person or even know them. You go to that damn blog and you send them nice shit.
  • It’s okay to be like, hey, I’m not a creep, this is for kindness day. 
  • Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new bff out of this.
  • Remember, there’s no anon option (or there shouldn’t be.) It’s okay, you don’t need to hide. You’re being nice, why would you want to hide that? I want everyone to see all the nice people in the world.
  • Publish all your nice asks. Tag them Kindness Day.
  • If anon is enabled on your person’s blog, please refrain from using it. 
  • Anon being off is really to prevent the haters. We want no haters on this day.
  • And if you do get hate - DELETE IT.
  • besides, deleting the message means you win. they’ll never know if it got through to you. they want you to respond and be upset. responding to hate messages just feeds the fire. JUST. DELETE. IT.
  • If I see someone publishing the hate, I’ll spam you with butts.

This really turned out to be unnecessarily long, so I’ve bolded the main points for your convenience. It’s quite simple, really, so let’s make this happen.

Disclaimer: Kindness Day should be every day. I’m dedicating a specific day for this to help promote kindness for everyone - whether it’s sending kind messages or simply deleting the hate. It all counts and helps to provide a brighter community. So, even though these are the rules for one day, try to apply these ‘rules’ to your every day life, online and out in the world.

Disclaimer Part II: If you ever see something you do not like or agree with, MOVE ON FROM THAT POST. Please and thanks. There is no reason to attack someone over a personal opinion. If it bothers you that much, there’s this nice button that says unfollow. Don’t get butthurt if you lose a follower. It’s just a number. Don’t turn it into a dramatic thing. You may not be attacking someone on anon, but it’s still petty drama crap and there’s no petty drama crap on kindness day.